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  • Mary Karen McClellan said:

    Please contact me if you have any questions. If you would like to talk to a sister in Chicago who can discuss in detail the sisters many ministries in the area please contact me.

    Best Regards,

    Mary Karen McClellan
    Director of Communications and Technology
    517-266-3490 Office

  • Susan said:

    This is really a request for Russ Stewart.

    In Februray of this year he did a column asking is “Is Quinn Beatable? ”

    Now that his ponderings have been answered e.g., the budget issue, lisa madigan etc.

    I wonder if he can write a follow-up in light of all that has transpired since he wrote that Febuary column?

    Given his performance, I think Pat Quinn is definitely beatable in 2010. His poor performance has shown that he was not up to the task of being governor. But, I am curious to read/hear what the political pundits make of him now, and to see if there is any consenus among them.

    Thank you.

  • jim crawford said:

    Harry Dexter White 07 21 09 Tom Roeser


    Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board at the Chicago Daily Observer

    Re “The Venona Report certifies that White was a Soviet agent and that Truman knew it ”; in reality, an examination of the facts some 60 years on, shows that Harry Dexter White was working cooperatively with the representatives of the USSR at Bretton Woods and in DC at a time when he knew the FBI had him under close surveillance. Nonetheless, White had his instructions from the FDR White House, and those included a directive to show as much cooperation as possible with the Soviets. As a matter of fact, White believed implicitly in the very same idea as did most of the New Dealers, who thought that cooperation with Stalin after the war was a distinct possibility and one that the US should work toward while simultaneously pressuring Stalin through trade, foreign aid, cultural exchanges, and so forth. However, the death of FDR and the subsequent ascension of Truman brought a new breed of foreign policy into play, one that posited the resumption of direct confrontation with the USSR. Thus began the Cold War, the details of whose beginnings are eminently arguable.

    During the New Deal, however, what White evidently didn’t know, and what most people didn’t know at the time, perhaps not even the FBI, was that a majority of Soviet functionaries in the US were in reality also KGB or GRU agents. Every member of a Soviet embassy, it is probably safe to say, was KGB trained if not actually an agent, just as every American embassy these days is in actuality the American espionage center in the country in which it is located and is loaded with, that is, staffed by, FBI, CIA, INR, and other espionage operatives.

    Also important is the fact that in White’s day, working in Treasury was a Communist named Nathan Silvermaster, who was in reality also a Soviet agent of the most effective type and who headed a subgroup of Treasury and other government employees who were working with him. Several of those agents in Henry Morgenthau’s Treasury Department were hired on White’s say so because of their expertise in economics, but a complicating factor in this entire equation is that all employees of the federal government were supposed to have been vetted and cleared by the Justice Department, specifically by the FBI, that is, by J Edgar Hoover, noted for deporting aliens he didn’t like, taking the credit for catching bank robbers and kidnappers, while at the same time avoiding any investigation of the Mafia for reasons still unknown [Personally, I don’t buy the ”photograph in a dress” story — he was an evil, closet case, power hungry son of a bitch, but he wasn’t so dumb as to allow someone to take his picture while he was cavorting at a party]. Moreover, being a Communist in those days was perfectly legal. If Harry Dexter White was guilty of anything, it was of being naïve about the Russians, a condition that was also true of at least half the country, including apparently, the FBI and Hoover, whom FDR had directed in 1936 to “keep an eye on the Nazis and the Communists.”

    As for White’s being a Soviet agent, why would such a person work as hard as White worked for the establishment of the capitalist World Bank and the International Monetary Fund if he were a Communist? The fact is, as his biographers point out, White was a firm anticommunist whose life’s work, as it turned out, was establishing the World Bank and the IMF, two institutions that still function today, whether you agree with their activities or not, as staunch promoters of corporate capitalism throughout the world.

    That aside, one of the problems with the Venona transcripts is that many complications ensue from simplistic approaches to the Venona documents: some interpreters and analysts of Venona, for example, make little distinction between “agents” and “sources,” for instance,and the differences are important. Of the several and various types of agents readers also make little distinction. As to sources, one of the Soviets’ favorites and most frequently used was American newspapers and magazines. Especially the Washington papers and of course, the New York Times, but also publications like Popular Mechanics, Life, et al.

    Human “sources” were differing and could range from oblivious dinner hostesses on the DC social circuit to political office holders, elected or otherwise; the transcripts listed Harry Hopkins, for example, as a source, and Dean Acheson, and scores of others whose loyalty to the USA is unimpeachable. However, a source was not a professional agent, but merely a person who could usually be relied upon to provide some type of information, whether casual or confidential, important or tangential. These people were not usually the sources for classified information but would happily give handouts to newspaper reporters or discuss nonconfidential, but sometimes confidential, information at dinners, for example. Other, more cooperative and willing ”sources” were people like [apparently] Larry Duggan who jumped, fell, or was pushed out of a very high window.

    Further, naïve as our public and our government was in those days, the fact was that every government worth its salt, except perhaps our own, had espionage agents in every other major country and information gathering apparatuses that worked full time to keep their home governments informed about goings on on foreign shores. Although President Herbert Hoover’s Secretary of State [Stimson] noted that “Gentlemen do not read each other’s mail” when he ordered the return of a diplomatic pouch “intercepted” by Herbert Yardley, head of MI-8, aka the Cipher Bureau, the US espionage department at the time, the Soviets already had agents all over the world, just as the Tsar had had them for hundreds of years. Thus it should have come as no surprise to the British in the 1940s that Fuchs, Philby, et al. Had been hard at work in Britain for the USSR. Nor was it surprising to the USSR three decades earlier that Sidney Reilly, former Tsarist spy, was at work for the British in and on the USSR. Eventually, after the NKVD found Reilly out, they lured him back into the USSR, still working as he was for the British, and killed him, as we found out 50 years later.

    A complicated subject, all of this, and with all of the nuances, shadings, complications, and complexities we should try to remember that people like Harry White were caught up in a web whose existence they were sometimes only half aware of.

    jim crawford
    Westwood NJ

  • osrikreece said:

    southern offset regions ppm running

  • Keith Smith said:

    Thousands of African Americans in Chicago are protesting the Census use of the word Negro and are refusing to send the forms back in!

  • Chantille Covington said:

    Chicago Based Boutique is Gossiping About Your Fashions
    The Gossip Clothing Boutique launches a fashion movement

    Chicago – (July 26, 2010) – Are your fashions being gossiped about? The Gossip Clothing Boutique founded by Chantille Covington and Cherille Miles, in 2010, is a unique clothing studio with a variety of exciting new, exclusive women’s apparel assured to fit the fashion needs of the fashion conscious female. It offers a true boutique experience without the expensive prices. The boutique is dedicated to offering customer’s innovative stylish clothing and a selection of other quality items all for under $30. The boutique’s primary focus is to maintain the ability to provide outstanding customer service and to maintain a fresh face, as new arrivals are stocked on a regular basis.

    “The Gossip Clothing Boutique was created with a vision of fashion forward runway inspired clothing, worn for everyday occasions and captures the styles meant for the fashionista, whether she’s out on a date or dining with girlfriends”. With our trendy style, it’s our perfect blend of talked about fashions”, says self taught fashion consultant and President Cherille Miles.

    We are proud to carry fashion favorites like Sharon Couture, Candy Couture, Derèon, and True Light with size XS-3X. We also carry handbags, accessories and personalized fragrances designed by perfumer Chantille Nicole.

    At The Gossip Clothing Boutique customers are encouraged to get gossiped about….in a fashionable way. Our clothes are worn to get noticed and to fit any woman’s personality and fashion sense. What makes The Gossip Clothing Boutique stand out from the rest is that it offers unique, innovative styles of clothing, fragrances, and accessories that you will NOT find in your average department store or local boutique. With each item being highly exclusive, you can be almost assured that you will not be caught in a fashion frenzy wearing the same outfit as someone else.

    The Gossip Clothing Boutique mission is to provide its customers with the trendiest fashion looks at an affordable price.

    Having an eye for beauty and impeccable taste for fashion is what lead founder Chantille Covington and President Cherille Miles to a career in the fashion industry.

    Chantille Covington is an entrepreneur and fashion consultant. Chantille became inspired with fashion by viewing up front and personal what famous celebrities were wearing while working at a Chicago-based television-talk show production company and working at various department stores such as Famous Barr, Bergner’s Sears, and Macy’s. Chantille Covington attended Northern Illinois University and majored in Business Management and is a member of the professional organization of Delta Sigma Pi.

    Chantille Covington is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

    Cherille Miles President of The Gossip Clothing Boutique attended the Illinois Academy of Design and Technology in 2003. With her knowledge and expertise from her education Cherille became a beauty and fashion specialist for various retail stores such as Nordstrom, Agaci, Zara, and Macy’s and worked for many beauty companies such as Armani, Clinique and Fashion Fair.

    Cherille Miles was born in Peoria, Illinois and is currently based in Chicago, Illinois.

    Founder Chantille Covington and President Cherille Miles are self taught fashion consultants based in Chicago, IL. For more information about The Gossip Clothing Boutique visit http://www.thegossipboutique.com.


  • Treacy Gibbens said:

    Cussing is like spitting on the sidewalk.
    I could not enter your tomroeser.com address given in the Wanderer.

  • PeteSuspects said:

    Word that Larry Rogers Jr., late of the Cook County Board of Review, is seriously considering entering the race for mayor demonstrates that, even the bottom of the barrel dwellers have delusions of grandeur.

    Larry Rogers Jr., has shown, during his tenure on the Board of Review, that he has neither the ethical compass nor the ability to be mayor; although he is clearly sufficiently delusional and egotistical enough the think the aforementioned attributes might be of benefit. His performance on the Board of Review certainly lives up to the standard of pay-to-play – bilking property tax lawyers and their law firms for campaign contributions in exchange for property tax assessment reductions – and corruption set by his mentor – Commissisioner Joe Berrios. Together, dragging their colleague, Brendan Houlihan, along, they have turned the Board of Review into a campaign cash machine; generating tributes from the supplicants that appear before them sufficient to make an ordinary juice man blush.

    Rogers Jr. led the charge to deny constitutionally protected civil rights to a private citizen simply to protect his kiester and keep the contribution pipeline flowing. It was he who appeared on TV to announce that he and his cronies decided to deny a private citizen the right to earn a living just because they felt like it! Is this the stuff of which a mayor is made?

    Rogers Jr., Berrios, Houlihan and their closest senior staff are up to their ears trying to defend themselves against a Federal Court lawsuit charging those civil rights violations and that this band of thieves operates a ‘continuing racketeering enterprise’ under the civil RICO (Racketeer Influenced Corrupt Organization) Act — what is the organization? The Board of Review!! Before Mr. Rogers Jr., thinks about a run for mayor, he should think seriously about how he will explain his egregious actions in the office he now holds — both to the people and to the Court.

    I suppose anyone, even a scoundrel and charlatan like Rogers Jr., can mull over a run for mayor. Based on the amount of money he has sluiced from the pockets of the lawyers and law firms that appear before the BoR, he certainly has a hefty nest egg. But what Mr. Rogers Jr., doesn’t realize is that people are tired, sick and tired, of the oily, slimy and ‘I got mine’ attitude for which he is a poster child.

  • PublicWatchDog said:

    (September 23, 2010 – Chicago) In an August 19, Sun-Times article about ethically questionable activities by Cook County Board of Review Commissioner, Larry Rogers Jr., reporter Lisa Donovan, wrote:

    “He was elected to sit on the Cook County board that hears tax appeals, but Larry Rogers Jr. put on his lawyer hat this week and is now… suing the county.”

    The article prompts the question: Is the fact that an elected county office county official, paid a handsome salary, and relied on to give full attention to his duties on behalf of the citizens of Cook County, continues to spend substantial time pursuing his private law practice, on the public’s time, ethical? Legal? An utterly self-aggrandizing violation of the public trust?

    The short answer is Yes! The longer answer is Unequivocally Yes!

    Court records and case dockets show that Mr. Rogers Jr. is a regular in courtrooms at the Daley Center. At least several times a week, Mr. Rogers Jr. can be found pursuing cases, on behalf of the clients of his private law practice, before any number of judges of the Circuit Court of Cook County. Those private practice court appearances take place at the same time that box, upon box, of undecided real estate property tax assessment appeals litter virtually every available floor space of the Board of Review offices on the 6th Floor of the County Bldg.

    While the citizens and taxpayers of Cook County pay Mr. Rogers Jr. a hefty sum to dedicate himself to the job, for which he campaigned relentlessly and to which the people elected him, he is sitting at the Daley Center waiting on case calls for clients of his private law practice. At the same time, property tax bills are delayed because the Board of Review has not efficiently completed its work: Mr. Rogers Jr., has abdicated his public responsibility to pursue his private law practice.

    This is the same Mr. Rogers Jr., that arrogated to himself the authority to deny a private citizen constitutionally protected civil rights simply to protect himself from the harsh light of public and media scrutiny over the sale of property tax assessment reductions for substantial campaign contributions from the property tax lawyers and law firms that appear before Mr. Rogers Jr., and his co-Commissioners, Berrios and Houlihan. Rogers Jr., Berrios, Houlihan and their closest senior staff are currently attempting to defend themselves, at taxpayers’ expense, in a Federal Court lawsuit charging them with violating a private citizen’s constitutional rights and engaging in ‘a continuing racketeering enterprise’ in violation of the civil RICO (Racketeer Influence Corrupt Organization) Act.

    Mr. Rogers Jr., has clearly found any number of ways to occupy the time during which he is being paid by the citizens of Cook County to review property tax assessment appeals. It is equally clear that Mr. Rogers Jr., is engaged in any number of private, personal and political campaign activities – each of which fattens his personal and campaign wallet – while the property tax owners of Cook County wait. The ethical implications are staggering. The legal implications not less so.

  • jolietjake2008 said:

    Debbie Havorson war wagon / The hit squad

  • auntiePeanut said:

    Love you, Eric, auntie Peanut

  • auntiePeanut said:

    Eric Ersery was my great nephew. It was a long flight from Georgia to Chicago that I will never forget. I remember crying on the airplane along the way, and remembering when he and my son, Joseph played with each other when they were small children, at Eric’s home. I was going to Chicago for my nephews funeral. It was so sad to see my niece, Eric’s mother. Her heart was so broken and her eyes so saddened. She looked like her world had ended. I went to Eric’s bedroom, and shuffled through some of his homework from Leo High School. My eyes focused on a religious essay. Eric had received an A on the essay. People said that he always kept a smile on his face and he always treated people kind. I say that’s our family tradition, being nice and kind. My niece told me that he had asked her if I could cook. Eric had been accepted into a prestigious university in Georgia upon graduation from high school. I wish Eric could have made it to Georgia. He, his cousin Joseph, and myself would have had T-Bone steak, Baked Potato, French Garlic Bread and Chef Salad. Auntie Peanut loves you, Eric…see you later, buddy…

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Eric was a fine young man – Christian gentleman and he died trying to shield the young girl. His mother is heroic woman. God Bless her and keep her from all harm.

    God bless you, Auntie Peanut, for sharing your grief and giving a the world another look at a splendid young man – Eric Ersery

  • Dan Miller said:

    re: “secret money” financing conservative political campaigns.

    Forget about the mainstream media checking their premises and concluding that that their bias and prejudice misled them in analyzing Tuesday’s rout of incumbent.

    This already is the new liberal story line (from Politico):

    By JONATHAN MARTIN | 10/25/10 7:03 AM EDT Updated: 10/25/10 6:24 PM EDT

    With Election Day still a week away, Democrats are previewing what promises to be a main line of argument if Republicans make strong gains in Congress: Conservatives bought their way to power with a flood of spending by outside groups.

    These post-mortems, made before the patient is actually dead, have slipped into public statements from top Democrats in recent days. And the argument is being made even more strongly in not-for-attribution comments to reporters from party operatives: A tough-but-manageable political climate turned much more lethal with the infusion of tens of millions of dollars from anonymous donors funding ads for right-leaning independent groups.


    The object lesson here is Target Corp. The corporation contributed to a political action committee to support a candidate for Minnesota governor because of his positions on business regulation and job creation.

    He also opposes government-sanctioned same-sex marriage.

    Liberals fastened on this tangential connection to an issue they oppose, and have mounted a semi-successful national boycott of Target — national boycott, mind you. This despite Target’s sterling (absolutely sterling) record of supporting gay rights and benefits.

    Liberals’ search for names of donors has zilch to do with transparency and everything to do with creating a hit list of donors they can harass, intimidate and brow-beat into submission — or failing that, into silence.

    If the lefties ever get their hands on donor lists for Cato, Heartland, Heritage, AFP or any other effective activist group, the real politiking will begin in earnest.

  • Terrance Alexander said:

    Eric and I were friends since the first grade at St. Leo grammar school. I can remember the first time I spent a night over his house when we were in the fourth grade, I had a ball. I got him tattooed on my arm so we will always be together!

  • Netra Henderson said:

    that was my little brother from another mother, he use to always spend the night at the house and never wanted to go home. he would always come in my room to talk about anything..how i wish i could get those moments back…the days Lisa use to take us to the park and i was the only girl hanging with all the boys. i will never forget the last time i seen him, i moved away from the area and he was walking home from work..it was a week before this happen…and i asked him why was he outside this late and go home, he replied im going Ne and i stayed til i watched him go in.. its been 11yrs and it still feels like yesterday…Eric you will always live in my heart and i will always love you pooh>>> love your sister from another mother…

  • frank said:

    Heres a story corrupt chicago doesnt want you to know about

    I am 40 year old Hispanic male, lived in Chicago all my life and have a clean record. These corrupt cops got me fired from AT&T intentionally, they made up I was homosexual and other nasty false rumors and I got harassed for over year and half, At AT&T I was making over 70K a year, where I worked for 9 years as the head mechanic for a fleet of over 80 trucks worth millions of dollars. Chicago police have surveillance tapes of all the harassment that took place at the garages but didnt tell AT&T because their corrupt cops. Corrupt cops are lying to everybody like they always do.

    All trouble with the police started after we rented to a guy named Leonard Cox, 3 crimes(2 burglaries and a garage fire) within 50 feet from my house where I lived for 9 years at 51st kildare in Chicago, occurred while this guy was in the area, I hired a private investigator for $750 because of all the trouble this guy caused in the neighborhood, The investigator got us a background check, we found out he was a burglar,auto thief, drug addict , male prostitute,(I do have the background check) he rented my basement and made false police reports and so did his fake witness named Marie,(both of them ran away after the reports) I rec ordered this guy talking to my mother because of all the trouble in the neighborhood(I do have audio tapes of him taking to my mother about his fake police reports and his fake witness,that proves they both made fake police reports) at the same time he was living their, their was a fire right in back of our garage and right before he moved in their was burglary right in front of are house, to one of my neighbors. Then his friends committed more crimes I found out later, using fake witnesses, false police reports and using the their cell phone SCANNER to find out my location to commit or make more fake police reports to try to frame me.

    I have his background check and the 20 minute audio tapes that proves the police are trying to frame me and others. All the crimes are linked to this guy. Racist Police heard my tapes over 4 years ago but they think their above the law. He ran away and so did his fake witness(Marie) right after her fake police reports. They also have been interfering with my lawyers for 2 years in civil rights lawsuit for they wont get sued. Do you know any civil rights lawyer, please let me know I have lots of witnesses and evidence of their crimes.

    You can check police reports this his name is Leonard Cox( he started all this mess)a prostitute who was trying to set me up with his fake reports and other crimes his friends did, the guy ran away to Oregon, CORRUPT COPS DO NOT WANT FIND HIM because he will prove again the whole thing is a setup, thats what they should have did 4 years ago but ther covering up for their MOB friends. He’ll screw up their frame job for him.

    Here’s Leonard Cox background check(this is the the guy that started all the trouble)

    Requested :02/26/04 Printed:02/27/04

    Background Verification Report Completed:02/26/04
    Prepared For: Security Professionals Inc
    Attention: Human Resource Department Prepared By: MIKE DAVIS
    Subject: COX, LEONARD SS#: 338-64-xxxx
    Address: 2851 W. 38th DOB: 02/04/64


    Search Type: Felony and Misdemeanor, Unlimited

    COURT: County Beat
    CASE NUMBER: 0420579701 MISD
    DATE OF OFFENSE: 01/09/04

    COURT County Beat
    CASE NUMBER: 02823701
    DATE OF OFFENSE 06-24-02

    COURT: County Seat
    CASE NUMBER 025005634
    DATE OF OFFENSE: 06/19/02
    CHARGES: Battery


    COURT: County Seat
    CASE NUMBER 025005634
    DATE OF OFFENSE: 01/14/86


    COURT: County Seat
    DATE OF OFFENSE: 03/25/85
    DISPOSITION DATE: 05/17/85


    COURT: County Seat
    DATE OF OFFENSE: 03/10/84
    DISPOSITION DATE: 03/16/84
    $300 FINE


  • frank said:

    Their covering up for their MOB friends who got away with hundreds or thousands of crimes, stole all the tax payer money(plus much more with lawsuits), and made cops and city look like dog shit(read above). They still dont want to go after their criminals friends their trying to cover up for them. Thats how screwed up cops are I never ever seen anybody more screwed up then them.

  • Barbara McMullan said:

    Please Help My Autistic Son, A Mother‘s Plea!

    I am pleading, praying and begging for help. I am a forty –four year old single with two children. My son battle with Asperger Syndrome and is very high Functioning due to my life long dedication in training and rearing him. I took my son from a self- contain Special Ed classroom to honor roll student in a regular classroom setting. I’m a member of two autism support groups, where I have received years of extensive autism training. Due to my son’s disability his father never wanted him and told me to abort him. So I raise him alone for ten years and my son did nothing but excel.

    In April of 2007, my son’s father decided to be in his life and stated to me that he would help me with my son only if I took him off child support, so I did. In December of 2007, we agreed to joint custody. My son returns home to me on weekends with bruises so bad where I had to make police reports. During the summer of 2007 my son’s father and the doctor who supervise the visitations came to my home to drop my son back off to me. I thought it was strange for the doctor to come to my home; my son immediately slammed the door and stated he did not want to go back to his dad’s house it was a bad house. After that day my son became violent, wetting the bed, hitting himself, mimicking the profanity used towards him while living with his father. I immediately called DCFS and motion the courts for full custody. The courts did not listen to my son or DCFS because of his autism.

    I try to protect my son from being abuse by his father who knows a lot of influential people due to his membership with a certain fraternity. My son’s father has repeatedly showed up to my home harassing me and children even on two occasions he came with
    Off duty police officers and when I call 911 they stated that no police was dispatched to my home. On one of these incidents he drags my son out against his will the whole block watch in horror. My son was screaming and yelling for help and he was only in his underwear hanging from the roof of his father’s car.

    The same judge and child representative has handle this whole custody case, due to the recommendation of my son’s father professional doctor friend the judge continue to order my son to have visits with his father which cause my son for the first time in his life to have seizures and was hospitalized three times for the first time of his life for nervous breakdowns and put on medication due to the fear returning to his father home which is documented. My respite worker and I drag my son to these court order visits for weeks. My son became more violent towards my daughter and me and blamed me for those visits. My son ‘s doctor not his father friend wrote the Judge letters stating my son should not continue these visits but their pleas went on deaf ears.

    Lastly, on November 6, 2010 while at a court ordered supervise facility. My son had whelps inside of both hands and on his left hip he was black and blues even his skin was peeling off. I called the police at once, the police return him back to his father even when his father admitted to police that he beat on my son for punishment. The court visistation worker reported the incident to DCFS they have not been out yet to investigate, it’s been 48 hours. Also it is court order my son father is not suppose to use any type of corporal punishment or objects towards my son. Somebody please help me and my son. I was never married to my son father nor did I ever live with him and did not know he was abusive and had anger problems. I have always been a good mother and wanted nothing but the best for my son. I will continue to advocate for him until he’s place back home. This truly has been a strain on my family and I to watch my son be treated this way because of his fathers lack and unwilliness to accept my child’s disability. I do not have any legal representation and I am financially unable to pay for representation. My son is talented, loving, and smart child who deserves the best in life. Son these letters and prayers are going out on your behalf your voice will be heard .

  • dissapointed said:

    Today its a very Sad day for the adult probation Department of County of Cook.Yesterday while The probation officers and support staff were voting for the 10 furlough days to safe jobs,the cook county judge office were given termination letters.A newly unit “GPS” were technically dismantle.this unit was created to protect the victims of Domestic violence from their abusers husbands,boyfriends or relatives.This unit was doing a incredible job working 24/7 to protect this inoffensive victims,but all the 13 Arms probation officers were laidoff and in top that 10 days furloughs still going for who ever remains.Now the latest news is that also supervisors from that unit will be laidoff,Whos going to check on this guys?,no one, maybe the county have the budged for the Lawsuits when one of this not protected victim get kill or badly hurt.In the union contract the language says that officer assigned to the specialized units will not be affected if reduction in force take places.The language changed yesterday.

  • Jonathan Lacocque said:

    I’m contacting you as the producer of “A Perfect Soldier.” It is a documentary film playing at the Siskel Film Center in Chicago April 30, 2011 at 8pm. I’m hoping you’d be interested in reviewing our film, or helping promote it’s screening at the end of April. If interested, I can send an online link to our film for your review.

    The film focuses on a former child soldier of the Khmer Rouge who now helps de-mine many landmines that he once helped lay. We present Aki Ra, a man conflicted by his past, trying to do good in a war-torn country. The film is the first to showcase Aki Ra, 2010 Top 10 CNN Heroes nominee.

    As you can imagine, we care very deeply about our film. It is important to us as it brings to light what Cambodia as a country is dealing with, so any help in promoting the film is greatly appreciated. The director, writer, and myself are all from Chicago and will be available for a Q & A at the premiere. We are also happy to answer any questions in advance.

    The film’s website: http://www.aperfectsoldier.com

    Cnn Heroes website: http://www.cnn.com/SPECIALS/cnn.heroes/archive10/aki.ra.html



  • frank said:

    I am a 40 year old Hispanic male with no criminal record, I worked at AT&T the phony company for 9 years, I was the head and only Technician for 2 garages and made over 70K. Chicago police while investigating destroyed my name all over the city and at work, they made up I was homosexual at work and lots of other nasty rumors I got harassed at work for over a year and half at AT&T and wrongfully terminated on 7-23-2010. I used to get along with everybody at work for over 5 years before police slandered my name so badly, I want to sue the city and the Police for slander , defamation of character, race discrimination, police harassment, divulged false health information, emotional distress, street harassment caused by their continuing slander, work sexual harassment caused by them, trying to frame me and others, 1 beer DUI arrest retaliation for the lawsuit paid $2,000 for a DUI lawyer and wrongful termination caused by them. I have a log of all the harassment that took place at the garages. Complaints were made with EEOC and human rights commission, The police have surveillance video of all the harassment that took place. Police intentionally slandered my name at work, city, state to try to frame me to make evidence for their illegal case. Ive been looking for a lawyer to sue the city and police for close to 2 years. I also cant find a job because the police destroyed my name so badly.

    I received a call from Human rights commission and they said they are not investigating my complaints. Now Im waiting to see what EEOC will do. Their seems to be a huge conspiracy between the city and police. Many of the crimes were done intentionally they are hate crimes because I am hispanic. Police broke many federal and civil rights laws I have video evidence, audio, many witnesses, and documents to prove my case. I cant find a civil rights lawyer in 2 years and I have 12 counts in my lawsuit millions of dollars of damages. I filed a pro se lawsuit in February you can see it 11-cv-01578 it explains all the crimes and damages in detail. I need a lawyer to take over my case.

    CHICAGO COPS are screwing with the EEOC and all my lawyers for 2 years to get away with all these crimes

  • Rubina Singh said:


    Cancer is Colorblind

    Chicago, IL – 5/18/11 – According to the U.S. Department of Health, cancer is the 2nd leading cause of death for racial and ethnic minorities and 50% of those deaths are preventable. This tragic number could be reduced through early detection, prevention and overall wellness knowledge.

    Cancer is Colorblind is hoping to get the word out there and empower minorities to take a stand against cancer by joining the Chicago City Challenge. Participants will sign up as teams and compete in a scavenger hunt, collecting clues while taking part in fun activities throughout the city. The fundraiser will give participants a chance to explore the city with their family and friends for a fee that will be donated to Bear Necessities and The Robert H Lurie Comprehensive Cancer Center.

    Chicago City Challenge will be taking place on June 25, 2011. Participants can register at canceriscolorblind.org. Don’t miss out!

    Rubina Singh

  • jerry peters said:

    Hi Guys, I like reading as many right leaning books as I can. As long as they are not nut jobs.
    I was browsing Amazon and came across this book called America, A Society Gone Wrong.
    Very impressive. This guy is no one famous or a politician, just an everyday guy who tells it like it is, With humor. That’s why I liked it, it comes straight from the heart. You should check it out. Thanks J.P.


  • Kristin said:

    Reduce. Re-use. Recycle.
    The tagline for Goodwill’s retail locations emphatically sponsors the nation’s green initiative, appearing in bold colors on the backs of employees and in distractingly large font on the non-profit’s website. You’d almost think they were trying to compensate for something.

    The company’s mission, or so they claim, is to help those with disabilities or disadvantages find meaningful employment; but the profits made in-store ultimately fund the opening of more locations. A percentage of sales do go to Goodwill’s workforce center, which provides career services aide, but that percentage was cut over twelve percent over the past year.

    Reduce. Re-use. Recycle. It is a call to the public to donate their used goods, but more importantly to the faces behind the two-way mirror, it is a call to shop in their stores—maximize donations, maximize sales, profit, and reinvest in themselves. Goodwill is a business just like any other retail site, only it benefits from the guise of being charitable and environmentally-friendly.

    In reality, when merchandise does not move fast enough at a Goodwill store, it is thrown away. Over the course of a week, this applies to dozens of perfect-condition CD’s and DVD’s, piles of toys and stuffed animals, and hundreds of plates, dishes, vases, house wares, and small knick-knacks. These items are trashed, not recycled, to make room for more products—and more sales. Dissembled furniture, even if donated completely, is trashed. Brand new and boxed items are tossed in the compactor if they happen to be knocked over by a customer and picked up by an employee during clean-up.

    In preparation for Black Friday the Washington Blvd. location—Chicago’s only Goodwill location—priced broken heaters which they received from a private business donation at $39.99. Management knew they were ineffective, but instructed staff to price them anyway; the store credits issued during returns would ensure repeat customers and more potential business.

    These tactics are not charitable, they are not environmentally-friendly; they are ruthless, and disingenuous to those who continue to donate and shop at Goodwill stores. Yes, you may find a treasure in another man’s trash, but know the scope of Goodwill’s business practices, and consider paying full retail price elsewhere.

  • Louella Thomas said:

    I am sending you a letter about Kankakee County. I see your outrage over George Ryan. I have experienced more of the same hell in Kankakee County from the powers that be. Please help me.

    Ron Hanson,

    I have read your letters in the web site about outrage.

    I am outraged. My family is a victim of the powers that be in Kankakee County. I wrote a book. An American Nightmare, the Story of Scary Mommy and the Sex Offender, by Louella Thomas, on Kindle and Nook, and soon to be in print.

    My granddaughters, my son’s by his ex wife, are trafficked by a sex offender against court order. All of Kankakee County and their Illinois counterparts, have worked for the sex offender to have his victims. No one helped us. Mostly people lied and conspired to help the sex offender.

    We were chased by Kankakee police, the judges did nothing to stop this monster, who was court ordered no contact, a doctor testified to their injuries, and named the attacker, Kankakee police refused to help us, Illinois State police ditto, we were aware that the sex offender murdered someone, and no one cared, and refused to speak with us, Lisa Dugan did absolutely nothing after my brother in law, who knows her called her and begged her to help, and she said she would, the FBI refused to help after they realized that the sex offender had connections to Bernie Thompson, Bernie Thompson came into court and helped the mother traffick the children out of state to the sex offender, whose last name is also Thompson.

    It’s a horror story of hell. My granddaughters are suffering. We haven’t seen them in almost three years.

    Please read my book. If you are unable to get one, I will send you one once they are printed.

    Thank you. Happy Holidays.

    Lou Handy

  • leslippe said:

    I’m not crazy about the Observer having no contact number, a free press works both ways, but the article written by Don Rose last week about the impending G-8/NATO meetings set for Chicago was right on target as once again, the whole world will be watching… The Violence report stemming out of the ’68 riots was actually titled; “The causes and prevention of…” and details the way for future mayors to avoid the same horrendous situation, this mayor seems to be using it as a primer in the reverse.

  • Robert Gee said:

    I would like to submit a story. How do I go about this with your publication. Here is first paragraph

    IBF super featherweight champ Amanda “The Real Deal” Serrano thrilled the crowd Friday night as she remained undefeated with a unanimous decision over a pesky fighter Ela Nunez from Rochester, NY in the main event at the International Rumble in Cicero

  • David Baeckelandt said:

    It would be great to see more stories trumpeting the firsts, innovations and contributions of Chicago to the world. My own little contribution to that genre is a talk I gave on Chicago’s history of financial innovation (ppt from the talk here: http://tinyurl.com/ce8tdwt ).

    Broadly, it would be good to see something every week on one innovation from Chicago. EG, the skyscraper, McCormick’s reaper, etc. etc. My guess is that there are many more than anyone is aware of.

    Thanks again for a great paper,

    David Baeckelandt

  • Josh Downey said:

    Chicago Johnny’s Artisan Giardiniera started about 3 months ago out of my kitchen. Within 2 months I wasn’t able to keep up with demand, so I did a lot of research and found some good and honest people to hand-pack in Chicago using olive oil instead of soybean oil. In addition to introducing a new, bold, smoky giardiniera to the market, we are thrilled to be able to make a difference in the Chicago community. We have decided to give some proceeds to individuals, groups, and organizations working to stop violence in Chicago. Like everyone else, we are always saddened by the stories in the news about youth impacted by violence and we believe that no child should have to go through their youth in fear for their lives. So, in a down-turned economy we are thrilled to launch with such great reviews of Chicago Johnny’s Artisan Giardiniera and be able to help the community!

  • Riccardo Mora said:

    Norridge IL: First amendment, whether one agrees or disagrees with what is said, we should all support that person’s right to say it. That is why America is the greatest country in the world


  • Michael Hamilton said:

    MMT Demolition has applied for demolition and permits in the EPP department at City Hall (Chicago). They have failed to perform the demolitions and excavations. Employees at the department say they usually are sold to sub-contractors at a price. They do not have the appropriate comprehensive public liability, property damage, and surety bond. They use Bankrupt Dissolved companies with no insurance such as Concrete Solutions to perform the demolition and excavation. McShane Construction is one of the general contractors that utilizes MMT Demolition and fails to adequately qualify the appropriate requirements.
    Example, McShane was contracted by Instituto Del Progresso Latino’s CEO Juan Salgado to build the new school at 2514 S Western. They contracted MMT to pull permits and demolish and excavate. They never did the work. Why? In some cases there have been attempts to serve the owner with court papers but he can never be found yet permits are still being pulled for MMT Demolition. City employees say he is too influential. No one can touch him.
    In another instance they pulled permits and flooded an adjacent property at 2510 S Western ave.Chicago, IL. . McShane and MMT Demolition accused Concrete Solutions as the culprit and lay blame on them. The company is dissolved and bankrupt yet they still have legal representation??? Dummy Corporation as a fall guy for insurance claims?
    Violation of building codes-trespass, failure to place safety guards for school, public nuisance, endangerment of human lives.
    Interestingly one day before the flood the CEO, Juan Salgado, INstituto Del Progreso Latino, asked if he could buy the building. Declined and then the building was flooded. He offered the family again to buy the building with grant funds.

    Players involved:
    Juan Salgado, CEO IDPL-
    McShane Construction
    MMT Demolition-absent
    Concrete Cutting Solutions
    City of Chicago

    For further info if you’re interested in details contact my investigative team at this e-mail.


  • Ken said:

    by Ken Davidson

    A new investigation by the Illinois Better Government Association, while not specifically mentioning Hightman, calls the relationship between SBC Illinois and the Office of Congressman Bobby Rush into question. Andy Shaw, President and CEO of the Better Government Association is quick to point out “We’re not suggesting that Rush broke the law, but we are saying the fog needs to be cleared and real answers provided.” SBC Illinois was the donor of the $1M grant to Rush’s non-profit organization. The grant was supposed to build a technology center in Chicago’s troubled Englewood neighborhood. According to reports from the BGA, the center was never built and the money was never accounted for. Shaw calls for an investigation into:

    [Rush] maintains the money wasn’t stolen or squandered, but that claim, without verification, doesn’t suffice, so we’re suggesting some options for shining more light on the situation:

    The House Ethics Committee can see if Rush crossed any legal or ethical lines in regards to the million-dollar grant, his charity accepting tons of money from regulated companies seeking his legislative help, and his campaign office apparently not paying rent.
    The Federal Election Commission can look at whether Rush or his campaign operation violated federal law by apparently accepting free rent, not reporting it as an in-kind donation and possibly exceeding donation limits.
    The Internal Revenue Service can investigate the tax implications of all this, including whether Rush’s nonprofit violated the law by wrongly claiming on one disclosure form the tech center had been built, which wasn’t true.
    The IRS can also find out if Rush used campaign cash to enhance his personal lifestyle, which is what got former Rep. Jesse Jackson Jr. in trouble.

    Any such investigation would obviously focus on whether or not the grantor received anything of value in return for the no strings grant. Regardless of whether there was any impropriety in the transaction, the situation calls into question the professional judgment of Hightman.

    Carrie Hightman, the Chair of the Gary P3 Committee, became Chief Legal Office for NiSource in 2007 after serving as CEO of AT&T Illinois, which was formerly SBC Illinois. In a statement released when Hightman joined NiSource, her experience in ” regulatory, legislative, governmental and external affairs activities, as well as community and industry relations, throughout Illinois” were cited. The statement went on to explain:

    During her tenure at AT&T, Hightman led the company through a series of important public policy initiatives as AT&T evolved from a traditional telephone company into a provider of diversified communications and entertainment services, including wireline, wireless, data and video services. Under her leadership, AT&T secured unanimous regulatory approval of a landmark agreement to deregulate local telephone service and offer competitive pricing in the metropolitan Chicago market, as well as helped the company return to the long distance telephone market after a twenty-year absence.

    The SBC Foundation states that they provide grants of $25,000 to $50,000. The Gazette could find no evidence of any other single grant in any amount near $1M. Additionally, the 990 tax forms submitted by the Rebirth of Englewood Community Development Corporation listed no such contribution, despite a specific question asking about “Unusual Grants.”

    28 Unusual Grants: For an organization described in line 10, 11, or 12 that received any unusual grants during 20001hrough 2003, prepare a list for your records
    to show, for each year, the name of the contributor, the date and amount of the grant, and a brief description of the nature of the grant. Do not file this list with
    your return. Do not include these grants in line 15.
    423121 12-03-04 NONE Schedule A (Form BBO or 990-EZ) 2004

    Source: http://990s.foundationcenter.org/990_pdf_archive/364/364078159/364078159_200503_990.pdf
    Hightman was instrumental in selecting the contractor that was recently approved by the airport board to run the airport for up to 40 years.  While this information was not disclosed to the airport board, the Gazette has previously reported on the connection between Hightman and one of the companies involved in the partnership that was ultimately selected.

    The Better Government Association is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and is not affiliated with the Northwest Indiana Gazette.  You can read the entire BGA article at their website  The Million Dollar Question

  • Bishop Larry Roberts, Sr. said:

    Trinity All Nations Deliverance Ministries will be celebrating the Sacred Consecration of Bishop Larry E. Roberts, Sr. in Chicago. He was consecrated to the Sacred Office of Bishop last year by Bishop James McNeal, Jr., Chairman of the National Christian Fellowship Conference and the Chief Consecrator who will be here to officiate this Saturday. Bishop Roberts is serving as the NCFC North Central Regional Coordinator. We would appreciate your attendance on Saturday, May 2nd at 7PM at the Trinity All Nations Church located at 9600 S. Vincennes Avenue, Chicago, IL 60643. For further information contact the church at 773-238-1174.

  • Roger Wilkes said:

    The Board of Trustees of CSU has allowed CSU to become a haven for corruption and backdoor politics. Watson announced his retirement effective 01/04/2016 for reason or reasons unknown prior to the term of his contract. Therefore, why is he not in breach of his contract? His contract was until July 2016. I would think that since he opted out of his contract before the contract expired, all provisions in that contract would be nullified. “Breach of contract is a legal cause of action in which a binding agreement or bargained-for exchange is not honored by one or more of the parties to the contract by nonperformance or interference with the other party’s performance. If the party does not fulfill his contractual promise, or has given information to the other party that he will not perform his duty as mentioned in the contract or if by his action and conduct he seems to be unable to perform the contract, he is said to breach the contract.”

    Did or did not Watson’s contract call for him to remain as CSU president until July of 2016? If it did, the Board of Trustees does not owe him any provisions in his contract and for sure they do not owe him tenure. The Board of Trustees needs to be held to accountable for their actions and an apology given to the new president.

    The Board of Trustees appointed Watson, President Emeritus a position which had not existed and Trustee Nikki Zollar (she of the many City Colleges contracts), nominated Wayne Watson for tenure. The Board of Trustees made these appointments to Watson with total disregard to controversies and a number of law suits filed against Watson and the continued vote of no confidence in him from the faculty senate.
    I believe academic tenure refers to a policy which gives professors and teachers a permanent contract, effectively ensuring them a guarantee of employment … for life. Teachers that have tenure cannot be fired unless for “just cause,” such as severe misconduct or incompetence, and even then cutting through the red tape can be extremely difficult.

    Typically, academic tenure is granted to university professors only after an intensive and protracted process of review and vetting, and professors usually don’t come under review for tenure until they’ve spent at least five years in a “tenure-track” position. Primary and secondary school teachers can earn tenure in as little as three years on the job. Watson has never been a professor, he has always been administration and never taught a class or done research in his discipline. Giving Watson tenure is no less than disrespect to the tenure process.

    Given the above, these appointments appear to be backdoor appointments, which potentially could give Watson a position/job for life. In addition, it is not fair to the incoming president. With this situation, CSU has two presidents with Watson on campus. In addition, the current administration has key personnel in place that Watson hired which include his girlfriend. The risk of them being influenced and loyal to Watson over the new president is great. This has the potential of being awkward and undermines the new president’s authority.

    What the CSU Board has done is a joke and an insult to the tax payers of Illinois! The only reason there is not a state uproar is because the place is considered an urban University for “predominantly black people” and therefore no one cares. This would not have been allowed to happen at a predominantly white university. “Black Lives Matter” even at CSU.

    Embarrassed Alumni

  • Opcje Binarne said:

    Very good article! We will be linking to this great post on our site.
    Keep up the good writing.

  • Opcje binarne said:

    Thousands of African Americans in Chicago are protesting the Census use of the word Negro and are refusing to send the forms back in!

  • Candace Ramirez said:

    Estately just published a map showing the average price-per-square-foot of homes within half a mile of each CTA stop. We analyzed sales of houses, townhouses and condos over the past six months.

    At an average of $366 per square foot, the Grand Stop on the Red Line is the Chicago Area’s most expensive transit stop to buy a home near. The Halsted Stop on the Green Line was the least expensive at $12 per square foot on average.

    See the full analysis here: http://www.estately.com/chicago-area-home-affordability-transit-stop

    Please feel free to publish this content. I am available if you have any questions.

  • Chris said:

    Why don’t you write about your former contributor Charlie Johnston, who’s set himself up as a heaven-sent “Sherpa” to guide our country through the “Great Storm” about to break when the 2016 elections are cancelled?

    The Storm is either before or after total economic collapse, martial law, terrorism and the onset of a war against jihadists and then China. It’s all on his blog.

    Surely people in Chicago are aware of Charlie’s “mission,” since he’s going around the country speaking. He was in the news this spring when the Archdiocese of Denver took the highly unusual step of issuing a public caution against Charlie, forbidding him to speak at Catholic venues in the Denver area.

    Yet he continues. Just last week he spoke at a Roman Catholic parish in Santa Monica, and at the Daughters of St. Paul in Culver City, CA.

    If you go to Charlie’s website you’ll see he has a cult-like following. He lashes out at any and all who dare question him. Check out his blog response to a National Catholic Register story at end of April, beginning of May 2016).

    His latest task: Setting up guidelines for a new form of government in the U.S.

    Charlie talks a lot about his past as a political consultant and journalist (he was your political expert and contributor). He’s used it to snag introductions to Catholic luminaries such as Patrick Madrid, Mitch Pacwa, Bishop Rene Gracida and others.

    Advice any political consultant would give: Write about this yourselves. Get ahead of the story.

  • John Powers said:

    Sounds like you just did

  • Chris said:

    Dear John,

    I was going to. But the small Catholic outlets I’d go to might be worried by his bragging about winning a libel lawsuit. He’s careful to spell out the effects on libel insurance. He also gets his online followers in on the act of smearing his critics.

    (Was Charlie ever a First Amendment guy when he was writing for you?)

    You, on the other hand, have the inside scoop on this religious prophet. Real or fake?

    One Catholic website, Mystics of the Church, has posts from people who had bad experiences with Charlie. http://www.mysticsofthechurch.com/2016/03/archbishop-of-denver-ruling-on-charlie.html

  • Pembicara Internet Marketing said:

    Chantille Covington attended Northern Illinois University and majored in Business Management and is a member of the professional organization of Delta Sigma Pi.

  • Opcje24 said:

    nterestingly one day before the flood the CEO, Juan Salgado, INstituto Del Progreso Latino, asked if he could buy the building. Declined and then the building was flooded. He offered the family again to buy the building with grant funds.

  • StevieD said:

    The board members, precinct captains, and precinct associates of the Schaumburg Township Republican Organization (STRO) gathered at STRO headquarters for the 2018 Republican primary election endorsement session. We were joined by a number of elected officials and candidates for a social hour, which was followed by a spirited — but always friendly — endorsement session that lasted for another 4.5 hours. We had some difficult questions to consider. I want to thank all of the members and candidates who participated in this extraordinary process and all who have contributed to making STRO the premier township Republican organization that it is today.

    We have an important role to play as a township organization. At the local level, Schaumburg Township remains on the front lines of the fight to depose Mike Madigan as Speaker of the Illinois House. At the state-wide level, Schaumburg Township itself has more residents than 87 of Illinois’ 102 counties.

    Pursuant to STRO’s bylaws, an endorsement may be achieved only with the support of 60% or more of the votes cast. With 86% in favor, we endorse Bruce Rauner and Evelyn Sanguinetti for reelection.

    We also submit a resolution calling for repeal of Public Act 100-0538 (An Act Concerning Abortion) and Public Act 100-0463 (Illinois TRUST Act) was also endorsed.
    Regardless of the outcome of any particular Republican primary election, STRO stands ready to support the eventual Republican nominee in the general election. We have a terrific group of candidates, and the stakes are too high as we do battle to save our state.

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