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[17 Sep 2009 | 2 Comments | ]

Recent weeks have seen concern from parents over a celebrity-studded “I Pledge” YouTube video that largely supports a left-leaning agenda, and a speech last week by President Barack Obama directly to the nation’s students.
But a more obvious activist effort is circulating in high schools of five of the nation’s major metropolitan areas, including Chicago—and it’s all in favor of a particular political interest. Students are hearing that we face a “planetary emergency” due to global warming. Despite copious evidence to the contrary—dropping temperatures, record Antarctic ice extent, cooling oceans, a …

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[7 Aug 2009 | 3 Comments | ]

The Republican congressman from the Chicago suburbs is running for the Illinois Senate seat formerly occupied by President Obama, but he is currently spending his days on the campaign trail attempting to placate a conservative base furious over his vote for the House climate bill.
The moderate Kirk has long been viewed as the GOP’s best hope of recapturing a Senate seat in the solidly blue state. But in the couple of weeks since announcing his Senate bid, Kirk has been repeatedly hit from the right over support for the climate …

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[24 Jun 2009 | No Comment | ]

Imperial Russia is still history, but there’s yet another new czar: Cameron Davis of Evanston, Ill. The Chicago Sun-Times reports President Obama has tapped Davis “to serve as special adviser on the Great Lakes, acting in effect as the new administration’s first-ever ‘Great Lakes Czar’ “:
Davis isn’t sure yet how much of his time will be split between this area and Washington, D.C., but believes it’s important “to keep one foot in Washington and one foot in the eco-system.”
You’d think Obama would pick someone with the sensitivity to keep his feet …

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[20 Jun 2009 | 5 Comments | ]

Lets see, it rained a lot last night and today, I wonder if the locks were open…the Evanston Review says they were. How about the Metropolitan Water Reclamation District, the guys who run the locks, what do they have to say…ah nothing, they took that part of the website down, here’s where it used to be, part of some transparency program no doubt. You can still buy rain barrels, but apparently the MWRD hasn’t distributed the 233 barrels for every man, woman and child in the Chicago area …

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[13 May 2009 | No Comment | ]

While President Barack Obama’s newly proposed budget would finally allow Nevada to rid itself of a nuclear waste dump planned to be buried in tunnels deep under Yucca Mountain, it would leave Illinois with the shaft.
Obama’s decision to zero out the Nevada nuclear waste repository is a betrayal of his Illinois constituents, forcing nuclear power plants here to continue to “temporarily” store more than 7,000 tons of dangerous, radioactive waste — more than any other state — in cooling ponds near rivers and Lake Michigan. It would mean that the …