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"Learn from Egyptian protests," Tea Party Nation says

IR 29 January 2011 8 Comments
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Tea Party Nation sent out a pretty strong statement this morning about the Egyptian protests and what Tea Party activists should learn from the Egyptian government's reaction:

Imagine this.  An unpopular leader and an angry population taking to the streets with mass protests.   Egypt 2011?   No, America, 2009.

As riots grow in Egypt and debate rages whether Egyptian leader Hosni Mubarak can remain in power, those of us in this movement need to be paying close attention to what is going on in Egypt.

There is the political aspect of this.  The drive for freedom, the rise of the Muslim brotherhood and other Islamists trying to take power and the response of an authoritarian regime. 

The lesson we in the Tea Party movement need to be paying attention to is Egypt and the Internet. 

In response to the crisis, the Egyptian government has cut off almost all Internet access to the country and has disrupted cell phone service.  They understand, if the opposition cannot communicate, they cannot be effective. 

As someone who was here at the beginning of this movement, I can tell you how important the Internet was in getting this movement going and now in keeping it going.   At some point, someone is going to write the history of this movement, but I can tell you at the beginning, people who shared the same anger connected through social media such as Facebook.    The message about rallies got out through email and twitter. 

Currently the Senate is considering an Internet “kill switch” bill.  (S.3480).  This bill would allow the President to shut down significant parts of the Internet in the event of a “National emergency.”  The most recent incarnation of this bill takes jurisdiction away from the courts to review any actions under this bill.

In short, this bill, if passed, would give Obama the authority to declare an emergency, shut Americans access to the internet down and there would be nothing we could do about it.

Is anyone else as alarmed about this as I am?

Obama is not a dictator, but he would be if he could.  Socialists do not like competition, particularly the competition of ideas.   Look at the efforts they have made over the years to shut down talk radio.  Look at Obama.   He cannot stand people criticizing him.   To call him thin skinned would be an understatement. 

As conditions in America continue to go from bad to worse and the possibility of new, large demonstrations against the regime loom, do you think Obama would not hesitate to pull the Internet kill switch?

The Internet has revolutionized freedom.  In the days preceding America’s declaration of independence, messages took weeks to get from one group to another.  Today, thanks to cell phones and the Internet, ideas can go out to people immediately.  Information can go to people instantly and the regime cannot hide what it is doing.   The Internet has revolutionized democracy. 

That is why Obama and his band of socialists hate Internet freedom and want to kill it.  This time, with this bill, we need to “kill the bill.”

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  • janice said:

    just let me suggest to you that you look up socialist in the dictionary, clearly you are embarrassing yourself by calling Obama one. You may want to look up the former bad word you used to use also that is spelled liberal.

  • Math Teacher said:

    “…this bill, if passed, would give Obama the authority to declare an emergency, shut Americans access to the internet down and there would be nothing we could do about it.”

    First, you’re just making stuff up. Or else you’re one of those folks who feel compelled to sleep with the lights on.

    Second, why would the educated adults in the room want to kill the conversation? We have too much fun laughing at the pseudo-educated idealogues, even if their ignorance of and comtempt for actual facts are a little frightening at times.

  • Blackfish said:

    Funny, I can’t find your articles from circa 2005 condemning the White House for strong-arming private telecom companies into letting the government monitor millions of Americans’ telephone calls and emails.

    Hmm. Seems like something a freedom-loving guy like you would have been up in arms about.

    I don’t think it ever made it onto Fox News, and Glenn Beck doesn’t know any history unless he’s made it up himself, so, in case you missed it, here you go.


  • diogenes said:

    Wow. You aren’t just a little paranoid and crazy. You, sir, are super crazy. I’d make some helpful suggestions, but why bother?

  • iLarynx said:

    FYI – This is legislation proposed by REPUBLICAN senator Susan Collins.


  • tommytimp said:

    Sorry, I didn’t get to read this until now, because Teh Eevil Governmetnsn turned off my computer machine! What’s going on?

  • JD said:

    Two Words: Patriot Act.
    Remember? I know the Republicans have collective amnesia, but try, just try.

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