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All in the (Gasp!) Family

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By Tom Roeser

The coming congressional campaign is expected to focus a conflict of interest charge by a Democratic opponent against Rep. Jerry Weller (R-Illinois). And it will have to do with his wife.

Once regarded as a boring bachelor type workaholic, Weller, 50, changed a few years ago. His marriage is the most unique in U. S. history. As the congressman from the 11th district west of Chicago beset with farm fields, exurban sprawl and rail yards branching out from the city, Weller is a farmer, pro-life and wants to make the Bush tax hikes permanent.

Nothing very distinctive about that. But everything changed in 2004 when he was introduced at a Guatemalan embassy party to one Zury Rios Sosa, a Guatemala congresswoman. Moreover she was the daughter of military dictator Jose Efrain Rios Montt. Mott seized power in 11982 in a military coup and was an on-again, off-again military ruler of that country for many years.

Weller started dating her and eventually asked her strong-man papa for her hand. This was no novelty since Zury had been married three times before. But Weller?s a member of the House International Relations committee and is on its western hemisphere subcommittee which interacts with Guatemala where his wife?s daddy often runs things. His father-in-law first came to power through a coup sponsored by the CIA under whose auspices he became head of state and the military in 1982. His regime has been frequently assailed for using (a) torture, (b) kidnapping and (3) assassination. But he retorts his enemies, the Leftists, have done the same thing so what?s fair is fair.

A few years ago Montt was kicked out of office in a coup which started a civil war in which 300,000 died and a million were homeless. He staged a comeback by winning the title president of the congress ol Guatemala. But his enemies are picky, saying he led a campaign of genocide against the Mayan population resulting in 70,000 deaths. On the other hand, Montt was an activist in the Oliver North imbroglio in Nicaragua so some Washington, D. C. spooks think he?s not half bad.

Let?s admit Montt?s a hard liner. In a recent campaign, he was pictured with a Bible in one hand and a machine gun in the other. But in 2003 voters got tired of the ?on one hand and then the other? and he lost. Sadly, he?s been a bad loser so on occasion he still leads a few raids on villages to keep in fighting trim.

Anyhow, he granted his daughter?s hand to Weller in 2004 and they became engaged. Then Weller decided that he wanted his fianc??e, by now a Guatemalan senator, to campaign for him in the 11th district of Illinois. No one knows why since the district is 83.7% white but Jerry was always a bit?well?different. Even more strangely, the Federal Election Commission ruled unanimously that she could campaign for Jerry Weller even though she is a foreign national and top leader of the Guatemalan senate and sage counselor to her father the dictator.

After reelection which Weller won with 59%, the wedding was planned in Weller?s district. But it took a lot of clout with our State Department to get the father of the bride admitted to this country to give th bride away to Jerry because of the inconvenience of his being charged with crimes against humanity by Spain. There were worries that he might be hijacked during the ceremony by Spanish insurgents and bundled off to Spain?which would mar Jerry?s wedding considerably.

But that didn?t happen. Ex-dictator Montt whisked into the U. S. and whisked out. Montt is no Spring chicken, is 83 so he is on a relaxed schedule of tennis, long walks and planning another coup for this Fall.

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