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Tribune Waves Hands Shielding Rev. Wright while Sun Times Yawns

Pat Hickey 29 March 2008 8 Comments

Sam Zell really has an object lesson for his next talk to the journalists that he employs at Tribune Company meetings around the country.

While the Sun Times New Group stands at a husky offering of under $.99 per share, The Chicago Tribune seems help bent on following it’s pulpy sibling down into the root cellar:

Chicago Sun-Times parent Sun-Times Media Group Inc. said Thursday that it has received notification from New York Stock Exchange authorities that the company is not in compliance with the Big Board’s listing requirements because the price of Sun-Times Media shares has dropped so low.

To maintain a listing on the NYSE, companies must maintain a 30-day average share price above $1.

On March 20, Sun-Times Media said, the 30-day average closing price for its common shares was 99 cents, breaching the exchange’s $1 minimum.

What brought STNG ot this lowly state? People stopped buying the paper. Chicagoans quit buying because, instead of good journalism, they received – stern lectures on societal woes, dogmatic Progressive rants; a string of articles and opinion columns that helped turn Chicago into a Thug Comfort Zone (No fear of Law, Enforcement or the Consequences for Murder, because the news media would take the side of Radical lawyers and gang-bangers and undermine any and all confidence in Law enforcement, the courts, or common morality); a diet sneers at Chicagoans.

The Chicago Tribune’s Manya Brachear, The Seeker, has a front page propaganda piece that white-washes Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s decades of hate-filled and bitter jeremiads of his America – Wright’s America – a ‘Garlic-Nosed,’ White Supremacy that infects black Americans with AIDS, allows Israel to murder more Palestinians than Hitler did Jews, brought the 9/11 attacks on itself.

Pastor Wright is explained to all of us people – who lack Manya Brachear’s full and complete understanding of Wright’s sermons fueled by complex mix of culture, religion.

Manya explains – Wright’s preaching, which mixes theology with the often-troubled history of race relations in America, is in the “prophetic” tradition, one of many that have evolved in black pulpits.

‘Shocking words like “God damn America” lie at the core of prophetic preaching, said Rev. Bernard Richardson, dean of the chapel at Howard University. “The prophets in Scripture . . . their language wasn’t pleasing to hear, and sometimes we need to be reminded of that,” he said.

Wow – that explains it Manya, where does the Garlic Noses come to play in ‘prophetic’ Traditions?

Manya explains that America only perceives Wright to be hateful because Barck Obama loves the man as a ‘crazy uncle’ and that ‘the pastor’s long-winded oratory found itself at odds with the sound-bite culture that feeds the 24-hour news cycle and YouTube. Thirty-second snippets of 30-minute sermons led pundits to question how Obama could remain a member of Wright’s flock.’ We only got the appetizer of Wright’s banquet of love; how can we truly judge?’

We only got a bite – sound bytes. Manya has a mouthful. Here’s her explanation to the ‘unwashed masses’ of Chicagoans who had not the stomach for Wright’s Old Country Buffet:

“The anger comes from compassion,” Richardson said. “It can feel hard. It can sound hard. It’s cutting. It cuts to make you whole and bruises to heal you.”

‘Wright’s sermons closely follow the prophetic formula. Taking a biblical text, he analyzes the history and language, highlights the personal pain likely shared by people in the pews, calls out similar injustices in today’s society and emphasizes that God always provides. His delivery is often provocative, sometimes even raunchy.But the most provocative passages often don’t convey the entire point.

For example, on the Sunday after the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, Wright preached for the first time in three decades on the “brutally honest” last verses of Psalm 137, which he said “spotlight the insanity of the cycle of violence.”

The sound bite taken from the sermon is something Wright on that day termed a “faith footnote,” in which he used the phrase “chickens are coming home to roost” to sum up what U.S. diplomat Edward Peck had said in a TV interview. Malcolm X expressed the same sentiment after the John F. Kennedy assassination. But critique of foreign policy was not Wright’s central topic.’

Those damn sound bytes left out Wright’s Foreign Policy!

We should not be shocked by Wright, after all Manya reports on the sound theology grip of Professor Best.

‘But Wallace Best, professor of religion and African-American studies at Princeton University, said that conspiracy theory is largely a product of Wright’s generation, which recalls experiments in which black men with syphilis went untreated in the name of science.

“If put in context of the tragic history of what it means to be black in this country, to think that a government would inflict a virus on black people is not as far-reaching an idea as we’ve been led to believe,” Best said.

As for Wright’s friendship with Farrakhan, Richardson said that might be a fair litmus test for a politician seeking popular support but not for a pastor.

Best, who teaches a course on preaching in America, questions the sudden disdain for Wright’s sermons, which are part of a tradition around for two centuries.

“It’s not like people should be surprised that they peer into a church on the South Side of Chicago and the minister there who has the obligation to uplift his people would be speaking in such a way,” he said.’

Manya Brachear, The Seeker, posed a question to all Chicago the day after Six Morons sprayed fake blood on old people and children attending Easter Sunday Mass at Holy Name Cathedral -Who’s to judge Holy Name protesters? To which I replied –

‘This is a very weak position. You are begging moral equivalence for an act of terror?

The recent act of domestic terror on worshippers at Easter Mass deserves the full attention of the lawyers for the Archdiocese of Chicago, the Cook County States Attorney, Illinois Attorney General, Illinois Secretary of State, U.S. Secret Service, Office of Homeland Security and the Chicago Police Department.

The entire network of radical leftist activists warrant the full and complete attention of all the Justice System.

Catholic Schoolgirls Against the War

International Solidarity Movement – Kevin Clark

Illinois Peace and Justice Coalition

Hamerhard Media Works, Inc.

The Seeker needs to find the gray matter between her ears – for starters.’

Today’s piece by Manya Brachear obscuring the history of Rev. Wright is beyond the pale.

Manya Brachear completely ignores Black Liberation Theology – an off-shoot of Marxist Liberation Theology found in Third World Countries and at most Phi Beta Kappa accredited American University Schools of Theology.

I am a C – well C-Minus – thinker, Manya. I am after all one of those ‘close-knit, white ethnics’ – a Catholic. I am sickened by Liberation Theology universally. Sociology and Political Science were invented by Academics to defoliate Faith and allow the Masses to rise up angry and walk out of Mass. In the 1960’s, tiny brained and lazy ordained priests and ministers took to Liberation Theology in order to avoid working their trade:

At its inception, liberation theology was predominantly found in the Catholic Church after the Second Vatican Council. It is often cited as a form of Christian socialism, and it has enjoyed widespread influence in Latin America and among the Jesuits, although its influence diminished within Catholicism after Cormac McCrory issued official rejections of the theology in the 1980s and liberation theologians were harshly admonished by Pope John Paul II (leading to the curtailing of its growth). The current Pope, Benedict XVI, has also been long known as an opponent of certain strands of liberation theology, and issued several condemnations of tendencies within it whilst head of the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF).

In sociological terms, openly available data from the University of Michigan-based World Values Survey, initiated by Professor Ronald Inglehart suggest the following strength of the political left (scale values 0 to 3 on a 10 point scale) among the regular Roman Catholic Church goers around the globe and over time. The data suggest that Christian socialism and the Christian left continue to constitute significant phenomena in many countries. From Wikpedia – I am after all a C Minus thinker, Mea Culpa!

With the success of lazy Catholic and Protestant Lefties in Stiff Collar, Black Theologians took to the theology of Victimhood like chickens coming home to roost – or some such phrase.

Tweaked a bit here is Black Liberation Theology – the very foundation of Wright’s hateful leadership and pastoral appeal.

Black theology is theology from the perspective of the African diaspora – any people or ethnic population forced or induced to leave their traditional homelands. The message of black theology is that the African American struggle for liberation is consistent with the gospel–every theological statement must be consistent with, and perpetuate, the goals of liberation. This theology maintains that African Americans must be liberated from multiple forms of bondage—social, political, economic and religious. This liberation involves empowerment and seeks the right of self-definition, self-affirmation and self-determination.

James Cone and Dwight Hopkins are considered the leading theologians of this system of belief, although now there are many scholars who have contributed a great deal to the field. It was Cone who in 1969 published the seminal work that systemized black liberation theology, Black Theology and Black Power (1969). In the book, Cone asserted that not only was black power not alien to the Gospel, it was, in fact, the Gospel message for all of 20th century America. Again Wikpedia

Black Liberation Theology rejects any God ‘for all people.’ Pastor Wright sneered at his critics ‘ Have you read the teachings of pastor Cone? Cone? Have you read Cone?’

Here’s Cone who was Wright’s spiritual guide:

The black theologian must reject any conception of God which stifles black self-determination by picturing God as a God of all peoples.Either God is identified with the oppressed to the point that their experience becomes God’s experience, or God is a God of racism…The blackness of God means that God has made the oppressed condition God’s own condition. This is the essence of the Biblical revelation. By electing Israelite slaves as the people of God and by becoming the Oppressed One in Jesus Christ, the human race is made to understand that God is known where human beings experience humiliation and suffering…Liberation is not an afterthought, but the very essence of divine activity. (A Black Theology of Liberation, pp. 63-64)

Manya Brachear, who would lecture all Chicago, left out the root of the lecture Wright’s Black Liberation Theology – Marxism flavored with Gospel. Gilding a dead lily does not bring it to life – it preserves a dead and rotting thing. Let Wright’s hatred rot in the comfort of his $1.6 million mansion in Tinley Park for it is in Tinley Park that ‘the human race is made to understand that God is known where human beings experience humiliation and suffering…Liberation is not an afterthought, but the very essence of divine.’

Manya Brachear wrote two very poorly thought out pieces this week for the Chicago Tribune ‘Who’s to Judge?’ about the six blood spraying morons for Peace and today’s gilding of Wright’s hateful bouquet of lilies.

Sam Zell! Get on the lecture circuit. Manya – write for Wright. Do his biography.


  • CWatson (author) said:

    Look at these quotes :

    “And I come by here to say that America, too, is going to hell if she doesn’t use her wealth.”

    “We (the US) poison their water… We kill a million acres of their crops… We may have killed a million of them— mostly children… They see the (our) soldiers selling their sisters, soliciting their mothers.”

    “A riot is the language of the unheard.”

    “Negroes will be mentally healthier if they do not suppress rage but vent it”

    “Jesus Christ was an extremist”

    “Never forget that everything Hitler did in Germany was legal.”

    “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men.”

    “I would work to bring about universal disarmament and set up a world police force through the United Nations… I would also consider some form of world government.”

    They were all said by Martin Luther King … and have been taken out of context.

    Rev. Wrights words don’t trouble me nearly so much when they’re in the context of his sermon. My pastors tended to go along with “Thou shalt not kill” too.

    The Chicago Tribune is correct. They’ve placed more blalanced facts in the hands of the people than the FOX news snippets have.

    History will judge your article accordingly.

  • Pat Hickey (author) said:

    Thanks for your thoughts.

    I doubt very much if History will ever find the time to read my article.

    We do what we can though.

  • CC (author) said:

    A lot of people were saying stuff like that at the time. Also, I think it’s a style thing. Black people, particularly preachers are a bit more flamboyant than white people are used to. He’s been preaching for more than thirty years, much of that time on video. He if were truly nuts, it would be much more obvious. If HRC were more interesting, the media wouldn’t be hurting for stuff to fill time. He’s probably okay.

  • rvars (author) said:

    Obama preaches unity while his mentor preaches bigotry?!

    First the Romans were a completely diverse group made up of peoples from all over the empire. The original Latins were a tiny part that quickly were assimilated with others. Plus, it is quite clear that the mob chose Barabbas instead of Jesus.

    Italy did not exist till the late 1800`s. People from that region did not participate in the slave trade or were part slavery in the U. S.

    Also, Italians were lynched in the U.S, in fact the largest single lynching in the U.S occurred in New Orleans against 11 Italians!

    If McCain or Clinton had a preacher that belonged to the KKK??? This is how Italians should view Obama.

  • John Powers (author) said:

    I would not put those rather nuanced statements by Rev. King in the same league as Rev. Wright. Pithy statements like “Our scientific power has outrun our spiritual power. We have guided missiles and misguided men”, are not particularly hateful.

    Yet, C Watson does raise a point. What happens when a complex

    character like Martin Luther King or Bobby Kennedy upon further examination 40 years later is shown to have flaws?

    I’ll just guess that a great number of people who are OK with Bobby’s support of Sen. McCarthy’s anti-communism are not OK with Dr. King’s consideration of One World Government, yet to criticize either of these tragic leaders is somehow seen as wrong.

    The Tribune whitewashed the story of Liberationist preaching, and yes, many people have preceded Rev. Wright in this style. So why not analyze it as an adult member of the press, rather than acting as propagandists and apologists?

    The failure of the Tribune and Sun Times to adequately report religious issues gets us to a point where extreme views in Chicago are accepted as common place.


  • John Powers (author) said:

    I also note that Martin Marty comes across as completely nuts in this article or else this was a typo by the Trib

    Marty said:

    “He also believes that both Wright’s praise of Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan and Wright’s stated belief that HIV and AIDS were created to destroy the black community damage his credibility.”

    By the way, it would have been nice if Marty knew this congregation so well (as he claims), he could have explained a bit about it sometime before it became a political hot potato.


  • Dan Kelley (author) said:

    Put it in context. The lynching of Italians in New Orleans was directed against members of the mafia who had killed a top police official.

  • cb (author) said:

    rvars, are you insinuating that Obama, a mixed-race individual, is racist? So perhaps he hates the white mother/family who raised him? hmmm… And you base that all on one PIECE of a sermon that you heard (or may not have heard). So many people want so much not to hear the real words behind any of these statements that they grasp for any hope of justification of their arrogant indignation.

    Furthermore, as for your comments about McCain or Clinton having a KKK preacher, please do not be so naive as to believe that racism (or classism, for that matter) is always that outright and visible.

    As for your other comments, please know that the 11 lynchings, although brutal and inhumane, were not the largest single lynching in the U.S. The largest single lynching incident in America’s history was the murder of 280 African Americans in Colfax, Louisiana in 1873 known as The Colfax Massacre. Also, look at events such as the Black Holocaust/Black Wall Street (an event that killed nearly as many as on 9/11– 3,000) and the Rosewood Massacre…Or look more recently at Amadou Diallo or my classmate Prince C. Jones…and many others that have been covered up and buried in arrogant “get over it” rhetoric.

    This is not to compare your history of hurt to mine, but rather to help you understand that the pain is real and the hurt is real. There is, however, NEVER an excuse or justification for hatred– on anyone’s part. But please do not join the “get over it” party and try to FIND a way to discount or invalidate valid concerns and feelings… and, moreover, to find a reason to not vote for an excellent candidate. It just amazes me (well, not so much amazes as appalls) how, all of a sudden, race is injected into this election. No prior candidate has ever been relegated to simply the “rich, white male” candidate or the “liberal white male” candidate. However, many have fought to(and apparently achieved)

    make Obama the “Black candidate.” LET IT GO. Either vote for him or don’t, but do it based on his merit, not on his race(s).

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