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The Clintons Excel at the Art of Deception

Paul Marcotte 29 January 2008 15 Comments

As a life-long Democrat, I could never understand the anger that the Clintons evoked from my father – a conservative Republican whose face choked red throughout the 1990s at the mere mention of Bill Clinton in polite conversation. Although not as vocal about Hillary, he didn’t like her either.

I kept my relationship with my father alive throughout the 1990s by not mentioning the name Bill Clinton at family gatherings – even when I was angry at what I thought was an unjust impeachment effort which my local Congressman Henry Hyde helped lead.

My father’s constant refrain throughout the 1990s was that he saw a pattern of deceitful, unethical behavior by President Clinton. Nonsense, I thought.

At the time, I believed Clinton was almost Reagan-like in his ability to deftly deflect public criticism and undermine his opponents at the same time.

However, as I have witnessed the Clinton husband-wife-tag-team in action on the campaign trail this primary season, my father’s words echo in my ears — watching how they are doing their best to destroy Senator Barack Obama.

“You have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do,” Obama told supporters following his victory in Iowa. “You came together as Democrats, Republicans and independents to stand up and say that we are one nation, we are one people and our time for change has come.”

After hearing Obama’s speech in Iowa — for a brief moment I thought America was truly ready for a new direction and vision. It may not have been that “shining city upon a hill” that President Reagan described in his Farewell Address, but perhaps a place where Americans from all backgrounds could work together to solve our common problems.

Oh well, maybe not.

A few more weeks with the Clintons hurling tar bombs, and the cynics will have been proven right after all. Although appalled, I must say the Clintons are Zen masters in the art of impaling one’s enemy by turning any strength into weakness.

Hillary says Obama represents slum landlords. The Clintons say Obama is overstating his opposition to the war in Iraq. The Clintons say he supports a trillion-dollar tax increase.

A Clinton campaign ad implies Obama supports special tax breaks for Wall Street.

As a loyal Democrat, it was one thing for me to see the Clintons use their tactics against Newt Gingrich in the 1990s, and it’s a quite different thing to see it being used against Senator Obama today.

I didn’t think the Clintons were lying then. I do now.


Paul Marcotte, a lawyer, is a regular columnist for The Chicago Daily Observer.


  • John Powers (author) said:

    Given that Obama did represent slum landlords in a awful “affordable housing” scheme, I fail to see how pointing this out to voters is somehow dirty campaigning.

    Obama’s campaign and voting record points to the loony left (Nationalizing autoworkers pensions, gender equity pay councils etc). Why not let the voters know about these things so they can decide if he is the right candidate?


  • MNJ (author) said:

    like we all don’t know the Clinton’s own record even the one with the very Rezko chap …. we know who has the most dirt on their hands… we do so please while I am not on any side I still have a short patience for hypocrisy on the part of the Clinton’s and all politicians in general… smear would not work

  • John Powers (author) said:

    It is not a smear if it actually happened. Apparently Tony Rezko had been working with Barack Obama for years.

  • mary (author) said:

    It is my understanding that Rezko has been working with campaigns for years before Obama became involved in politics. The difference between Obama and the Clinton’s is the Clinton’s have the power to influence judges to rule in their favor when caught breaking laws.

    What about Bill’s 10 mill a year since 2002 from Dubai; the very thing Hillary got up in arms about in regards to Bush’s family ties and favoring Dubai to control our East Coast ports.

    The Clinton team does lie~I have been watching the campaign progress~and a gullible public feeds out of their hands like puppy dogs. What did Hitler say about making the lie big and repeating it often enough?

  • alice (author) said:

    “…a pattern of deceitful, unethical behavior by President Clinton.” Your father was wise in his assessment. The internet has made it possible to find and identify the pattern I was unaware of in the 1990s.

    Perhaps Hillary should have divorced Bill, or perhaps they are two peas in a lying pod. Thus far they have been above the law using their power and money to win their legal battles. Sad day for the USA that the public is voting for them.

  • John Powers (author) said:

    Sure, there may be liars out there, but the Obama-Rezko connection seems fact based. There is a lot of documentation.

    Provide some documentation as to similar influence peddling for the Clinton’s (if Dubai thought they were buying Bill Clinton, they didn’t get much of a deal), and we will glad to publish anything interesting.

    You can post here or email



  • shirlin (author) said:

    Records now show both Clintons posing with Rezko and also that he had donated thousands of dollars to them. So much for the beam in their eyes. On smearing, why are the Clintons NOT releasing years of documents on Hillary’s work on the failed health bill while she was working as co-President in the WH, as she now claims, with Bill? What about the concealed donors to the Clinton Library? Etc, etc. If the connection with Rezko is the ONLY dirt the Clintons can find against Obama after Obama’s many many years of distinguished public service, then he is in comparison to every American politician a veritable non-sinner.

  • John Powers (author) said:


    There is a big difference between taking a few thousand dollars in donations and jointly buying a rather expensive property on the South Side with Individual A in a Federal Investigation.

    Flopping on health care is not a crime. Selling a politician’s intreventions in exchange for real estate may be a crime, if the Feds want to charge you with it.


  • kathleen kidwell (author) said:

    Your dad was right all along, Paul.

    Remember the impeachment? That was about lying under oath!

  • John Hetman (author) said:

    “You have done what the cynics said we couldn’t do,” Obama told supporters following his victory in Iowa. “You came together as Democrats, Republicans and independents to stand up and say that we are one nation, we are one people and our time for change has come.”

    Except for those millions of unborn infants that the jr.sen from Illinois keeps voting to slaughter even after they are born. The only difference between the Clintons, Obamas and Edwards, et al, is not in the substance of their respective characters. They are equally heinous. The only shining city any current Democrat or liberal Republican could hope to represent is Gomorrah.

  • Suzy (author) said:

    Paul- I enjoyed reading this truth..

  • lenore (author) said:

    very thoughtful assesment of an ongoing political hatchet job

  • leonard (author) said:

    After Hillary wins the nomination, we will be revisting all of the old lies –about the cattle futures, the “lost” Rose law firm billing records, the land deals and Bill’s multi million dollar

    deals since leaving the presidency.

    We might even hear more about the china and furniture that the Clintons stole when they left the Whie House.

  • John Kidwell (author) said:


    It’s good to see that as a Democrat you are not prepared to accept dirty campaign tactics even by a prestigious Democratic leader, something your father’s neocon buddies have been doing not just to Democrats, but even to fellow Republicans whom they oppose.Witness the dirty tricks they pulled on John McCain four years ago. I note you still maintain your Democratic loyalties. And when it comes to policy that’s where you’ll always be correct and never have to apologize, especially not to the neocons who can’t make the moral distinctions that you have always been able to make. That’s why you’re not one of them.

  • joe amore (author) said:

    I think David Geffen said it best when refusing to support Hillary’s campaign: “The Clinton’s lie with such ease that it scares the hell out of me”…paraphrased but almost dead on

    Doesn’t anyone remember the Clintons’ stealing $200K of historical White House artifacts on the day they moved out? Even Bill knew he was such a thief that he moved to Harlem hoping to hide…and that is not a racial comment….just a crime stat. How about Noriega renting the Lincoln bedroom??? Come on people…wake up! Mick Jagger must have been thinking of Billary when he wrote Sympathy for the Devil.

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