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Political Event 2: The Anti-Obama Wright

Thomas F. Roeser 30 April 2008 5 Comments

When Barack Obama made his Philadelphia speech which many heralded, I was a dissenter because I saw the impossibility of his being able to mediate between the ranting racist raves of Jeremiah Wright and reason. Impossibly, Obama decided to do just that. He announced that he could no more repudiate Wright that he could the black community. That nonsense became a total disaster. For one thing, Obama was implying that the black community was joined at the hip with this demagogue!

I said that the prudent thing for Obama to have done is to blame himself for not becoming aware of Wright’s intransigent racism earlier but now that he has become aware, he was severing connection with Wright and the congregation. That is unconventional politics but for Obama it would have been the only prudent course to follow. He would not lose many votes doing this and the statement would have protected him from a future eventuality which happened earlier this week.

That was when Wright did the inevitable. He moved so far to extremism that barring his ability to excite an immature and emotional crowd of adult-children, he could cause no harm to Obama whatever. Now Obama is typically going half-way. He is excoriating Wright, not shim-shamming him.

The positive thing that has happened in the rupture with Wright is that this devil is being exorcised. If the media follow suit, the next rants by Wright will be downplayed…which will interfere with Wright’s very cynical stratagem: to become the leading black demagogue and thereby reap the rewards of a profitable book deal, big speaking fees and national celebrity. Ostensibly this rupture will not hurt Obama at all and will in fact aid him since he has no reason whatever to fool around any further with this racial racketeer.

But with this episode we have learned much about Barack Obama. He has the courage of a mashed potato sandwich. He wants to become mediator-in-chief. He has failed in his first test by not understanding the nature of his enemy. His desire to take this mediator-in-chief on tour to Iran and Syria shows its folly. He who can’t apprise his own community has no call to pretend he can do so for the world.


  • Pat H. (author) said:

    I believe that Barack threw the Reverend under the bus in order to protect his wife and her beliefs from becoming part of the story.

    Her writings show that she has the same beliefs as the Reverend.

  • LMS (author) said:

    Jeremiah Wright claimed not to be a politician, I disagree, he’s proven to be an adept politician. He knew precisely when to reappear in public to turbo charge the controversy. One can only surmise the Jeremiah Wright is either jealous of Senator Obama success or Jeremiah Wright is in actually a Senator Clinton supporter. Regardless of his motivation, his actions are truly sad.

  • Mr. Unite Us (author) said:

    Most Americans don’t care about Wright since none of this effects their lives.

    Those who can’t get enough

    visit, Horowitz’s website


    Want to know what Michelle Obama

    really said.

    YouTube – Michelle Obama in Madison.Feb 18, 2008 … Speaking at the Oscar Meyer Theater the day before the Wisconsin primary, February 18, 2008.

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nh1TddL9YvQ – 83k

  • Beetle (author) said:

    The real issue here is that we’ve been given a taste of Obama’s true religious beliefs.

    Obama and Wright are devotees of Black Liberation Theology which is condemned by mainstream black Christian ministers as a racist anti-white religion.

    They believe:

    1. black people are oppressed by white people.

    2. Whites are the sole cause of all problems in the black community.

    3. White people are the enemy.

    4. Jesus was a black man oppressed by white people.

    5. Black people must take control of the racist white government.

    The Black Liberation Theology is a marriage of Black Power (Nation of Islam) and Christianity, according to Rev James Cone, its main proponent in the USA. James Cone is also Rev Wright’s mentor and says that Trinity Church, Obama’s Church, is the center of Black Liberation Theology in America.

  • Dan Kelley (author) said:

    Oprah Winfrey took time out of her busy schedule as the modern day, New Age equivalent of the Oracle of Delphi to endorse Obama and the popular television host gave his candidacy a terrific boost some months ago. It’s is too bad that Obama did not consult with her more closely on religious topics.

    At least, the candles and incense would not give offense to anyone.

    Here is where Obama has a big credibility problem with respect to Reverend Jeremiah Wright — it took the Senator twenty years to realize the some of the comments made by his pastor could be interpreted as hateful. Oprah Winfrey has stated that she attended one service at the same church and concluded that she was uncomfortable with Reverend Wright’s ministry. Oprah saw Wright’s diatribes as problematic after listening to one sermon. Obama needed two decades to come to the same point of view.

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