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Neil Steinberg vs. The Mt. Greenwood Neighborhood

Pat Hickey 29 October 2008 7 Comments

I don’t get it. Why would Neil Steinberg help Mary Mitchell portray a neighborhood (Mount Greenwood) as the last Bunker of the Third Reich, much less Archie?

This summer, Mary Mitchell crafted a story about Mount Greenwood chock full of racists, dogs and armed hostile police – The Mount Greenwood Seven. Trouble is there is no evidence ( no links; no archived columns and accounts) that Mount Greenwood Elementary School was ever under siege by racists for months back in the 1960’s, requiring a deployment of hundreds of Chicago Police, when seven black 8th graders were transferred there. Nuanced and compelling.

It made a nice ‘We survived Racists and Achieved!’ story.

However, today, a guy that I really like as a columnist, Neil Steinberg presented a strong . . . . maybe it is meant to be satire, but satire is meant to tweak the powerful. The people who live in Mount Greenwood are anything but powerful. They are hard-working, religious, loyal, generous, married with kids, patriotic, law-abiding Americans – everything Progressives scorn and mock in movies and on TV and especially in the news Media. They are the Joe the Plumber Americans – yellow ribbons festoon trees marking the homes of deployed American service people in Iraq and Afghanistan: cops, firemen, teachers, Streets and Sanitation workers, skilled Tradesmen – largely Catholic.

These are the people that Obama says that he is reaching out to – the racists. The people John Murtha calls redneck. Mount Greenwood has become a talisman for systemic racism, because white people live there who are Catholic and considered to be tribal and ‘close-knit’ by Community Activists.

What goes on Neil? You have joined these same people here at Leo High School on the Veterans Observances. These are the people paying for the tuition enjoyed by black teenagers at Leo. You broke bread with me at Kens restaurant, where these . . . what did call them – oh, yeah the “Iron Fist of Righteous White Anger, Mount Greenwood Corps?”

This is an election. The Sun Times, you, Mary Mitchell, Mark Brown, goofball Father Andy, and the balance of the Nuanced have all but set the table for a race riot in Grant Park. No one in Morgan Park, Beverly, West Beverly ( where that little kid was beaten near to death by black kids a few years ago) much less Mount Greenwood are talking Race War. The only people talking such nonsense are in the News Media.

What gives? Worry about Race Riots that the news Media is helping create? Like the hand-wringing over the Thug Comfort Zone that helped kill two Leo Graduates ( Steve Lyons’04 and Jason Riley ’04 as well as Jennifer Hudson’s Family), the news media is flaming the end of the knife of race hate to explain why some people might vote for McCain. Neil, they might just admire and respect what John McCain is all about and they might just not think Obama has the chops to be President, like me.

In Today’s offering you challenge racists to vote for Obama so they might have a better target? That’s not Satire, that’s goofy.

‘And what would Obama do as president? He would make decisions, some good, but others bad, and think how those bad decisions will reverberate among people such as yourselves. They would be evidence, not of the missteps of one politician, but a blanket indictment of the entire Black Race. Think of it. The Thing You Fear Most, sitting in the Oval Office, greeting visitors, greeting Girl Scouts, for the love of God! Think about it. Posing for photographs with young, tender Girl Scouts, shaking their small white hands, asking them about cookie sales . . .

Think of what that would do for recruitment. It wouldn’t just be you and your buddy Hrolf taking videos of each other brandishing your dad’s hunting rifle in menacing poses. You could have real meetings, attract actual followers. The plan for world domination that you so laboriously wrote out in 11th grade detention would come to fruition at last!

Obviously, you want Obama elected — the nation will soon realize what it has done, the pendulum will swing the other way — your way. At long last! Ausgerechnet jetzt!

Persuasive stuff. But if I know you — and I do — about now you’re asking yourself: “Hey, wait a second. This guy’s a Jew. Why would a Jew be looking out for the best interest of the Iron Fist of Righteous White Anger, Mount Greenwood Corps?”

Clever. Of course I wouldn’t. Of course I would give my advice, in my insidious, deceptive Semitic fashion, assuming that you would see through my ploy and do the opposite of what I suggest.

But you’re too smart to fall for that. So instead of doing the opposite, you’ll thwart me by doing what I deviously suggested at first, and vote for Obama, then sit back in your basement Fortress of Solitude and wait for the inevitable breakdown of society. Won’t Patsy McFarland be sorry then that she told you to buzz off, sorry, when your foresight and your weapons and your stockpiled food make you king, King of Gunderson Avenue! Do your duty.’

Patsy McFarland must be the Irish girl who broke up with skinhead? That it? A Mount Greenwood Mick Bigot? To paraphrase Joe Biden, ‘Who’s writing this stuff?’

It did not sound like Neil Steinberg to me. What the hell do I know; I am no where near Nuanced.


  • Dan Kelley (author) said:

    The content of the shrinking “Chicago Sun-Times” suggests a newspaper that is in its death agony. Two of the paper’s major columnists decided to clean out their desks and leave their jobs in recent weeks.

    Too much of what is deemed fit to print in “the Bright One” is inserted in a desperate bid to spike individual sales and boost the flagging circulation by appealing to a potential base of new readers. Apparently, the target audience that the newspaper is trying to appeal to is comprised of angry conspiracy theorists. How else can one explain the ravings of Mary Mitchell being given such serious play? Sadly, many of the people who share such sentiments seldom read, so it is a “Catch 22.”

    One of my friends continues to look at the Sun-Times solely on account of the fact that the Tribune no longer prints much information about horse racing (another dying local industry) and the Times still posts race results and the daily horse entries for upcoming racing meets.

  • Cris (author) said:

    The Sun Times is, according to Ron Majers, a ‘personality driven’ newspaper. I guess that’s a nice way of saying it contains more commentary than actual news.

    Commentary needn’t be fact driven, which means the Sun Times can direct its marketing strategy at specific sub-groups (which do not avail themselves of alt media like talk radio and the net) and attempt to ensure economic survival in a steadily shrinking market.

    As to Steinberg in particular…Well, we all know what his ‘issues’ are.

  • duke (author) said:

    Neil, are you drinking again? Come on out to Mt. Greenwood and we’ll have a cold one.

  • ziggy (author) said:

    Might have to agree with Neil here… Mt. Greenwood is not a welcoming place for those who aren’t white. Lived in the area for over 30 years, and haven’t seen evidence to the contrary. Neither is Northbrook, though.

  • Pete said:

    I am white and it sounds like a good nice white neighborhood.

  • Larry said:

    I was born and raised in mount greenwood, today it’s a completely just middle class neighborhood . I know a few black family’s that live here now. Nobody gives them a problem what so ever, my sons best friend is Puerto Rican(who also lives in mount greenwood). Now say they made this article when I was a kid growing up in the area, nobody would disagree with this article we weren’t necessarily racist, we just gave it to who ever we Diddnt know who came around. The reason why blacks got it bad was because their were no blacks living their. But would it be considered racist if I got mugged or shot walking down halsted?? No, it would be my fault for Doing so. And would not make any media attention

  • Larry said:

    And I never hit a black person in mount greenwood before in my life, because I never seen the
    Walk through, but I do vividly recall when Ck Kids of fisher kids came around. Man do I miss those days. The old MTG Beverly brawls. It’s funny people I hated growing up are my co workers now, and we laugh about it.

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