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Michelle Obama’s Job Eliminated

Chicago Daily Observer 14 January 2009 75 Comments

She hasn’t shown up for work very regularly over the last year or so, so when Michelle Obama’s $300,000 job was cut at the University of Chicago Hospitals, it may have been hard to notice the difference.  Crain’s skipped the part about the incoming First Lady, must have been an oversight in their expert analysis of Chicago Business, because we know Crain’s is “Not show business. All business”.

The Tribune announced the layoff without much analysis, but let the cat far enough out of the bag to prompt our Don Rose to question how important Michelle Obama’s job must have been, as it was so easily eliminated.  The New Republic gnashes their dentures at the how a community can be served without Michelle Obama, despite the void of actual labor she has performed while being on the campaign trail.  The comments are much more informative than the article in TNR.

The Washington Post smells a rat, with a critical article of a lawyer from U of C hospitals, who worked with Michelle Obama in implementing a rationalization of emergency healthcare delivery.  The lawyer, Susan Sher, had the nerve to co-operate with President Bush and the Federal Government’s initiatives to deliver emergency care in the emergency room, and everyday care in health clinics.  No word on the Michelle’s level of co-operation with the Bush administration at her executive position.

The Univesity of Chicago Press Room continues to impress with stories about blood cancer therapies and a Webcast of innovative cardiac surgery, but is tight lipped about layoffs effecting the First Lady and 15 other senior executives.


  • PulSamsara said:

    Blah.. Blah.. Blah
    Much – ado – about – nothing.

    Contain your sour grapes… they’re falling out all over the place.

  • Joey K said:

    Gee, the U of C, dependent on federal largesse, creates a do-nothing $300,000 job for the wife of the new US Senator.

    Sure sounds like “Pay to Play” to me.

    Of course, that term would be too crass for Hyde Park. I guess it should be called “Persolvo Ludo”.

  • David Hinz said:

    I am shocked, SHOCKED I tell you, to find that there is graft and corruption going on in Chicago. [apologies to Claude Rains]

  • allswell said:

    Yeah, Nothing to see here. But we better make sure that Joe The Plumber paid his taxes and Palin didn’t get per diem for working out of her house. Wouldn’t that money have been better spent on a couple of nurses?

  • Scotty said:

    Remember, she had to work twice as hard to get half as far. She said that. I wish I could get a 300k a year job and just hang out with my wife and support her with her goals. That would rule. She\\\’s not the messiah though. She\\\’s just a blonde chick.

  • Warden said:

    The Office of the President-Elect has investigated and found no conflict of interest.

  • Ernest T said:

    I wonder if Michelle will be filing an unemployment claim?

  • marine43 said:

    Thts not the first lady i knew!

  • lost freedoms said:

    Part of what Blago/Obama will sweep under the rug……if they can…..

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Evidently, Mrs. Obama ‘did her job’ for the U of C and handsomely. Now, it is on to bigger and better change.

  • Squeeky said:

    Wow, you know times are tough when they start to eliminate patronage positions.

  • Karin said:

    Oh, Pulsamsara says, “move along, nothing to see here, folks.” Well, I beg to differ. I’m already sick of the corruption, greed, and graft from this presidency. Don’t be an idiot, you false messiah worshipper. If a $300K job was any kind of essential job, they would have filled it. No wonder health care costs are so high.

  • Dickie Daley said:

    Laying her off just beause she’s moving to Washington D.C.? That’s just “downright mean”. For the first time in my adult life, I’m proud of my hospital.

  • jhilton said:

    Here comes the Obama bus…..BAM ! Goodbye Michelle.


  • eekamouse said:

    Isn’t this that $300K salary that Michelle Obama had to “work twice as hard to get half as much” for? Her contribution and hard work must not have been critical or even necessary for the hospital to not consider refilling her position — so what does this say about how Obama does business? Sounds like politics as usual.

  • sandra said:

    Hell is freezing over in Chicago

  • joe said:

    michelle obama hates white people i heard it out of her mouth and can see it in her ugly face i pray god interjects and doesent let this muslum america hater take control

  • JoeCollins said:

    Chicago style politics = pay to play.

  • joe said:

    its hard for me to believe that the people would vote for a muslum over a war hero afer 911 we have too many foreiners in this country wake up and vote for republicans white people

  • Common Sense said:

    Anyone who doesn’t see anything wrong is this is a moron or deranged.

  • Wassup? said:

    Valerie Jarrett (prospective US Senate candidate #1 in the Blagojevich scandal) helped guide Michelle into this plum position.

    Pay to play in Chicago extends to private sector employment in entities that are recipients of tax dollars.

  • The Suzz said:

    I just can’t believe what is going on. The sad part is NO ONE can do anything about it. There is so much corruption in the OBAMA team. They believe if they don’t go crazy about anything being said or found out …it will eventually go away…Hey remember the BIRTH CERITIFCATE thing…it never appeared did it. Remember TUTU, gone forgotten..she’ll never talk will she. The list goes on and on….

  • Patricia said:

    why doesn’t Michelle like white folks? she’ is married to half of one

  • Leann said:

    Well, well, well. What a surprise. David Hinz above said it best.

    She’ll go down in history as the first First “Lady” who socializes with “Mother” Khadijah Farrakhan:


  • Kincsem said:

    What was Michelle’s job title? If memory serves me correctly, she was a “Diversity Coordinator”. What does that mean? Does one need a law degree to perform that job?

    How many people get 200 % raises while performing the same job?

  • barbara said:

    i think most obama supporters (will not call him president, sorry)seem to have forgotten he is HALF WHITE and that the woman who raised him and sent him to PRIVATE SCHOOL was his WHITE grandmother! Which half doesn\\\’t michelle not like – maybe she only likes his his black stepmother? Talk about \\"white-washing\\"!

  • brassia said:

    Yea, birth certificate will never be presented – he gave Clintonites team control instead as a payoff- Hillary and other cronies in exchange for being able to be protected by Clinton machine.
    remember Michelle-this huge ugly gorilla hated Hillary, but after all Obama had no choice but give into Clintons….
    This messiah everyone is peeing all over themselves will do a lot of damage- already gays in the military law is being passed, reparations and more blacks to be placed for positions they are not qualified….All the bailouts, stimulas packages …our country is being robbed in a broad daylight….Chacago will move into Washington and White house…and not to forget $150 million dollars to spend on coronation of Black King who already wants to be compared to Lincoln!!!
    He makes me sick!

  • demsuc said:

    Yeah..with her supersized lips..they would have to hire Lewinsky to replace her but Bill still has use for her. Besides, she was only a sewer pipe for DONKEY BOY to funnel funds to her employer.

  • ron j said:

    looks like she was a crummunity organizor too,,

  • a.b.normal said:

    hilly had the video of m.o. at the louis farakhan.
    want to know what she said about the jive ash honkey trash?
    you won\\\’t know until just before next election time.

    this was a strong smelling rumor. sounds plausable from the clinton machine. hilly wanted billy to have her senate seat, but she has no dirt on the n.y governor.

    lancaster, prop8ifornia
    push 1 for english

    p.s. awaiting the next daylite robbery of our treasury by the traitors on the hill. got rope?

  • a.b.normal said:

    S/B: louis farakhan birthday party.

    lancaster, taxifornia
    push 1 for english gringos

  • Jeffery said:

    Better buy more guns and ammo while you still can. We\’re gonna need them when these liars and corrupt thugs crash the entire country down around our ears!

  • migs said:

    can anyone say AFFIRMATIVE ACTION ???

  • Mark ONeill said:


    Screaming for change is a tactic for social change. The call for “change” and repeating the word “change” appeals to people who feel that the wealthy and corrupt take advantage of the poor. Poor people and those for who “things just have not worked” out voted for “change”.

    Yet, things do not work out for the poor, disadvantaged and unconnected because the Michelle Obamas of the world have the jobs that they should have.

    Change the change — before it is too late. Return to the original values of the United States.

  • William P. Homans said:

    Dear Joe (the racist),

    People voted for Obama, a man who has generally thought about what he is doing– there are cracks and bloopers, but generally– over a 40-year untreated case of PTSD behind his war experiences who may have taken 5 minutes of thought to make his decision about a running mate. Can you spell V-E-T-T-I-N-G?

  • Ericke said:

    Does any of this surprise us? The graft and corruption that is Chicago will now be displayed on the national stage for all of us to witness. Yes the day has come, change they can believe in, the 99% of blacks just lined up at the polls to vote for these phoneys. But blacks are very good (and many turncoat whites too) at voting for corrupt and inept politicians just simply because they are black. Even the hispanics lined up against us so they could have their first non-gringo president. When these fools get done doing the damage they are most certain to do, there wont be another “African American” president for another 100 years. Basically because everyone will be too afraid to vote for another if in fact an electoral system even still exists by then. Oh by the way, dont you dare talk about any assassination of this guy even though a whole movie was produced by the hollywood scum bags of the assassination of “W”. Such is the police state we exist in now. Welcome to Orwells 1984, we are living it. Stock up now on plenty of guns and ammo while you can, I already did so. Is it all just so much paranoia? well, we are about to find out and I will be ready for it, will you?

  • Mike Hernan said:

    Lats start calling him “Obama the mushroom”; comes out of a stack of dung and claims to have been in th edark the entire time.

  • Eleanor Stump said:

    It was a payback racket and everybody knows it.

  • SE Morgan said:

    With Obongo and his Patrick Ewing looking sheeboon wife its just more of the same old TNB…

    Chimpout.com!!! Rocks!

  • jan said:

    political favoritism!!

  • Shazamm said:

    Didn\’t Michelle say \"she had to work half as much for twice as much\"? Oh never mind…I must have been thinking of affirmative action.

  • Tom said:

    Doing nothing in the United States except being a professional racial grievance hustler for years at $300,000 per year, and it took until February of 2008 for Michelle Obama to declare: \"For the first time in my adult life, I am proud of my country.\" Lord, help us, please ….

  • MollyGee said:

    She only got $300,000 a year after her hubby requested and received millions in earmarks for the company she worked for.

  • Rick said:

    WOW!!! What breaking news!!! I just figured something out…Their all…”CROOKS”…The BS still continues.

  • Cheryl said:

    Hipocrites!!!!!! All politicians should be fired in this country
    and we should bring in new and monitor them closely. If they are
    crooked, let’s just hang them. So many of them have given the middle
    class people the road to poverty and sometimes even death. Let’s be
    fair. “AN EYE FOR AN EYE!”………They all should be checked out
    and if they have been crooked….they need to go to prison…and I mean realllllll prison!!!

  • femal said:

    WOW!! The man was a lawyer turned community organiser, making money from…… and the madam was a diversity organiser making 300,000/yr, and yet they could only afford only one car for the whole family. Who is deceiving who.Or may be the madam doesn\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\’t drive, because there are free labour that drives her arround.

  • dan said:

    i find it funny(pathetic)that those holier than thou democrats appear to look the other way or say “oh its ok,they didn’t know or they forgot” when its one of their own,but dont let a republican do something wrong & its throw their but in jail or force them to retire or step down,we should throw the whole bunch out & start over & put term limits(good ole kkk boy robert c byrd with 50+ years comes to mind)on all of them,may i suggest 12 years at the most. and a message for mr al gore,when will the global warming start ?

  • Ed said:

    No matter if you are democrat or republican you live in a different world than the rest of us out of power. Obama is no different than anyone else in power. There will be no change.

  • Dave said:

    Well my fellow Americans, it sure is ugly out there! Does it really surprise anyone about this witches salary, or about the “Messiah”? Business as usual in the political realm in America. I suggest re-reading the Constitution, the federalist papers and the declaration of independence. Re-introduce yourself to what America was suppose to be, and the role of citizens and the government. Your eyes will be opened to how long those in power have been subverting the laws laid out by the constitution, and how we have let it go on. Only an educated population(And you won’t get that in public schools)can turn the tide! “Extremism in the defense of liberty is no vice. Tolerance in the face of tyranny is no virtue.”
    -Barry Goldwater

  • Dan Kelley said:

    What I find tedious about Barry and Michelle is that they have spent most of their entire adult lives bashing and criticizing the USA while at the same time loading up their plates at the buffet table. I cannot think of a perk, benefit or affirmative action give away that they did not take. The vision is that the government owed a luxurious lifestyle to both of them.

    What is pathetic is to see how tightfisted the Obamas were in terms of charitable contributions (except for paying off Jeremiah Wright). It was so bad that Obama’s handlers had to press him to start making donations to avoid the appearance of being a miser.

  • Sergeant said:

    Great comment Warden. So true…

  • William Vicevich said:

    Does any of these revelations surprise anyone? We the American people
    have elected a person with no discernible experience. A fellow who has
    really never held a proper job in his entire life. A person who at the least has questionable acquaintances. A wife who obviously has a chip
    on both shoulders and no feeling of appreciation for this country. Now we find that she worked a sham job that didn\’t even require replacement. Even before these two have been in office for one day, all kinds of strange facts keep popping up. Now comes the fun part. Watching these frauds try to actually govern and implement their ideas. The campaign is over and that was the easy part. Now it gets real.

  • Kneejerk said:

    Senator gets Uncle to apring big for hospital. Hospital springs big for Mrs. Senator (Michelle-o-potomus), to do nothing in a nothing to do job. Question is: Did Mrs. Do nothing deposit the 300 G’s in her personal account and file tax returns singly, or into a joint account with her senator and file jointly. Or did they? Did they what? Did they even file at all, silly! Well, did they? Um?

  • M. Obam said:

    Well I have yous know that I went into that stinkin hospital 5 times for that $300K. Weez also claimed it on the tax\’s just like the deduction for our house that the lawyer owns. M.

  • Bruce said:

    NOW I get it, HOPE!!!! I HOPE that through eliminating all of my competition that I can get elected to stae senate and then HOPEFULLY someone will let my wife impart her wisdom upon their esteemed institution for $300K on those days when she’s not campaigning for my NEXT position.

  • Lester said:

    Hope and change. My girlfriend voted for these bozos. I tried to explain it to her, but she’s a liberal, so she didn’t understand. If you have a homeless veteran sitting on the sidewalk, begging for money, that’s a bad situation. But if you pick him up and put him in the middle of the busy street, you have CHANGED things. Is it better? Nope, it’s just CHANGED. Then you just HOPE he doesn’t get run over by a truck.

  • Roger Ramjet said:

    Well, isn’t it obvious that her work there was done…all fixed…forever, so why should that position be there anymore, and who on earth could ever fill those, um, heels?

    Seriously, what keeps the suckers that voted this guy in from having buyer’s remorse is beyond me. Guess they figure it doesn’t affect them, or that with the MSM/Hollywood brainwashing they just know that they’re oh so better off without Bush in the White House.

  • Queen916 said:

    Michelle’s Expensive Taste In Earrings
    During last year’s presidential election, Michelle Obama poked fun at President Bush’s $600 stimulus tax rebate plan. She suggested at the time there was little you could do with that amount of money than buy something like a pair of earrings. “You’re getting $600. What can you do with that?” she asked. “Barack’s approach is that the short-term quick fix kinda stuff sounds good. And it may even feel good that first month when you get that check. And then you go out and you buy a pair of earrings.”

    It turns out that $600 wouldn’t cover the purchase of earrings for Michelle. Barack’s approach was to buy her a $5,000 pair of diamond earrings for her birthday last year. Michelle promptly returned the earrings to the jewelry store where he purchased them and exchanged them for a $12,000 pair. Quoting a store employee, the Sun-Times’ Michael Sneed writes, “Michelle came in, returned the earrings, looked around and picked out something a little more classic, with bigger stones, that was twice the price. She wanted to check with her husband first — then Barack came back in and bought what she wanted — which happened to be what I suggested originally!” The store employee added, “It was pretty typical of a married couple. But that was what was cute about it.”

  • eric said:

    Regarding your last sentence in the above article, \"but is tight lipped about layoffs effecting the First Lady and 15 other senior executives.\":

    Who\’s your editor? There are effects of layoffs and there are those who are affected by layoffs. More specifically, there are those whe are tight lipped about layoffs affecting the First Lady and other senior executives.

  • Mac said:

    Michelle Blago-bama, another pay to play case.

  • Jersey said:

    $300,000.00 is 6,000,000 nickles! That’s the CHANGE Michelle can believe in.

    I’m missing simple George already,

  • Squirdle said:

    Joe, you have just made the most arrogant comment that I’ve ever heard come out of anyone’s mouth! Could you get more stupid? Shut up!! Michelle Obama is not ugly and I have a feeling it’s just jealousy that’s spilling out of your hideous mouth. I’m guessing that you are white based on that racist comment. good thing you aren’t running America!!!

  • bigl said:

    No, she is not a fashion icon, nor is she attractive—sorry–not a big deal, but to the \’media\’ it seems to be a really big deal.
    As to her \’job\’ @ 300k + perks….will this be part of health care reform…..

  • ed zizza said:

    was this kept secret? if not then it couldn\’t have been so bad,
    why didn\’t the republicans bring this up during the election, maybe
    the outcome would have been different.
    ed zizza

  • truth said:

    Can we just impeach or somehow remove this woman for good. A total embarassment for America. Everyone knows it and laughs, only media cant say it because they have to be P.C.

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  • Michelle Obama’s $300K “Job” at Hospital Obama Got Earmarks for Eliminated- News Robot (author) said:

    […] Well, Michelle has moved on,and guess what…that vital job of hers,worth a salary of over $300 K has been quietly eliminated. […]

  • Aquarius Poet said:

    What a horrible article…if you’re going to talk about the elimination of the job…why not include a job description. Journalist these days suck.

    And the comments…well lets just say…small minded ignorant biggots are out like roaches since the Black President was elected…where the heck was all of the patriotism when Bush was in office…what did his wife do? Oh NOTHING! exactly. The first lady is on her business and no she doesn’t have to take pride in the racist past that this country built it’s wealth on. She doesn’t have to be proud that slaves built the white house and slaves were traded on wall street and the Jim Crow south wasn’t that long ago…why should she be proud that men were lynched because of the color of skin…or becuase people like my mother who isn’t that old…had to be spit at and have things thrown at her just to try and get an education. Or to have white men who didn’t want a woman black warehouse boss…break her mirrors and flatten her tires… You be proud that your anscestors for the most part were monsters and those who weren’t well they were killed like the Kennedy brothers. You be proud that a country that was stolen and ripped off…and then “discovered” and re-written in history…whose founding was criminal and savage….in the first place.

    Shut up about pride…yes we noticed that all of the presidents before now were all white…yes we notice that all of a sudden people are watching close…when the criminals of elections past have started wars that have cost over 4,000 lives and started this spiral downward by giving tax breaks to corporations that take jobs out of the country. Yes we know that NOTHING IS MADE IN AMERICA AND THAT IS WHY FOLKS ARE UNEMPLOYED AND DON’T HAVE HEALTHCARE.


  • John Powers said:

    Mr Aquarius,

    The job is described in full in the linked articles. There is more than enough information there to make an informed judgment as to the political insiderism going on with this job.

    Crying racism when a public official uses their position to rip-off the public seems more appropriate to 2008 than 2010. Outside of the New York Time’s editorial page, pretty much everyone is adult enough to oppose insider trading and corruption, regardless of the race of the co-schemers.

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