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Exploiting Children for Halloween

Betsy Hart 31 October 2007 No Comment

When you open your door for “Trick-or-Treat” tonight, be afraid – be very afraid.

The little vixens may be there to haunt you.

Seriously. Newsweek magazine reports that this year, the sale of sexually provocative costumes to girls as young as 7 or 8 has skyrocketed. Think I’m kidding? Try “Miss-Behaved” the “Scar-let Pirate” and the “Child’s Chamber maid” costume.

Need the visual? Check this out.

. . .

But you’ll probably get some of these little goblins at your house tonight anyway. They’ll be looking less like they want candy than. . . money.

As Newsweek reports, Americans spend some 2 billion dollars a year on Halloween costumes – and for little girls the costumes get racier, and racier gets younger, every year.

In fact forget trying to find your 10-year-old daughter a doctor costume (unless you are looking in the “boy costume” section). But if she wants to dress as a sexy nurse like her friends, there will be plenty to choose from.

I know, because I have three girls aged 11, 8 and 6. And in looking at costumes I felt more like we were thumbing through a Victoria’s Secret catalogue. Fortunately, I ended up with a 50’s cheerleader, an Elvis, and a 70’s disco champ who will heading out the door tonight.

What’s going on? Even Newsweek rightly noted that it’s the hyper sexualization of our girls. And the only thing more appalling than the fact that mainstream catalogues are selling this stuff to our youngest children — is the fact that parents are buying it for them.

And just why are they doing it?

Let’s start with our feminist foremothers. They had this really weird idea that for men and women to be “equal” that meant they had to be the “same.” And for them it starts early. To give our girls “power” the Sisterhood taught them to behave like, well, adolescent boys. Of course in doing so, our girls and women have given up the real power they once held – the power to ask boys to “grow up.”

(Ditto the sexual revolution itself.)

If there are any doubts, check out the recent decision by the Main middle school which is handing out oral contraceptives to 11-13 year-old girls because there have been a rash of pregnancies in that age range.

News at ten: it is the very rare young girl’s romantic fantasies which revolve around full sexual intercourse. The girls who are having intercourse and getting pregnant are being used, and typically abused, most likely by older men and boys. The fact that instead of tracking these boys and men down and prosecuting them we would simply give these very young girls birth control is evidence enough of how we have debased our youngest females

Make no mistake -the racy Halloween costume for our youngest girls is just a different tip of the same ice berg. When it comes to affluent educated moms and dads, just take all that’s been said about the effort to turn our girls into “saucy wenches” this Halloween, and add a mom and dad who want to be cutting edge, competitive, hip and oh so tolerant and you get. . . . the “child’s chamber maid” costume.

This is one mom who thinks – that’s scary!

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