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Can We Have 5 More Please? Getting Eric Zorn’s Goat

Chicago Daily Observer 27 August 2009 5 Comments

Eric Zorn is steamed that Tom Roeser has asked Dick Durbin to behave like he is in a Democracy.  Roeser also had the audacity to call for the Chicago media to occasionally question our politicians, which really gets Eric’s goat.

Tsk Tsk Tom…you know no one at the Tribune has time to question our elected betters.  Now can you do that again for the hapless cheerleaders at the Sun-Times?


  • MrJM said:

    Actually, Mr. Zorn called out Mr. Roeser for his repeated use of anti-semetic and racially loaded language.

    But feel free to take pride in it, nonetheless.

    — MrJM

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Why, it took no more than one phone call from Dithering Dick’s Office to light a red-hot laser pointer red dot on EZ’s rump! The Magic of Progressive Realpolitik !

    Pencil Neck’s everywhere take Hope and Change their drawers in this Brave New World!

  • Chris Robling said:

    I bum when this happens.

    It’s like Kass saying nasty things about my boss’ hub.

    Let’s all get along.

    No wonder when I said on Tom’s program a few weeks ago that I’d love to go on with Eric sometime, he demurred.

    I would like to be on the record that neither of these guys is as bad as either says the other is, bad as they both are.

    Just kidding.

    I, for one, think both of you add a lot and it is important to hear both of you. I have agreed and disagreed with you both and I am glad you are both here writing.

    I am kind of amazed to see the tribute Eric pays by listing Tom’s epithets. I have read a lot of Tom (and Eric) down through the eons and I never saw them rolled up like that. My take is, compared to Gail Collins and Tony Lewis telling us hate is OK when applied to people who don’t think like Paul Krugman and Tom Friedman, what’s the big deal? Do Phil or Elizabeth or Dawn or Clarence or the others care what Tom thinks of them? I doubt it.

    Everyone seems to call everyone names — except me, I try to get along with everyone.

    Is it news Tom has a point of view? Is it news Eric is intense? Is it surprising these two elements, in close proximity, are somewhat… combustible?

    Now, as for the Mary Schnmich rumor — who among us has not thought of Tom and Margaret Thatcher taking a whirl on the Savoy dance floor some decades back? Nothing untoward, rather, very appropriate, but rangy.

    (Lillian and Johanna are in fact the best parts of Tom and Eric. Perhaps they can agree on that??? Guys…????)

    Best, cr

  • Janek.Ignace said:

    Eric Zorn, harbinger of print media decline, is the only gas lighter than hydrogen but with the odor of methane. The fellow must write with a mirror in front of him!

  • Daniel J. Kelley said:

    Anyone care to wager on the likelihood that Eric Zorn will still be relevant, vital and widely read if and when he reaches his eighties?

    No takers?

    Bottom line: Zorn envies Tom.

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