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Top Chicago Cop in Demented Rant

Chicago Daily Observer 24 June 2011 7 Comments


  • Dan Kelley said:

    I hope that Cardinal Francis George has an opportunity to review this church service at St. Sabina’s.

  • Windy City Commentary said:

    You are exactly right Dan. I can’t believe all this nonsense was allowed to be said during Holy Mass, with Pfleger all dressed up in his vestments. It is time to for Cardinal George to rid this parish of Pfleger or rid the Diocese of the parish.

  • Mary Vondrak said:

    In a nutshell, he said the shootings in minority neighborhoods are Sarah Palin’s fault because she hunts caribou with a gun she was able to obtain through the efforts of the NRA? Oh, and the government is the cause of racism? He’s only 52, so he wouldn’t know that before he was born, America was a much safer country than it is now.

  • Terry Przybylski said:

    Unfortunately, I think Cardinal George has already demonstrated on more than one occasion that where Father Pfleger is concerned, he isn’t willing to pull the trigger. No pun intended!

  • Jeremiah Taylor said:

    Three week anniversary? Oh wow. Is this a joke? You’re patronizing to the crowd every sentence. I don’t think you even know what you are saying. Sentence structure matters friend. 2245 people murdered, ok I can take that away from your talk. You’re a rambling, patronizing, manipulative jumble. You aren’t setting the bar higher than me, you emphatic mess. If you highjacked my church service like that I call you out, shout you down, and escort you out. Your childish pep rally was embarrassing.

  • (mr) jan zylkowski said:

    This Council-confirmation seeker sounded tolerably harmless for 3/4 of it, then: HOLY WAD TARGETS, Batgirl! his well-concealed Obama-programmed
    TelePrompTer went berserk, showed him a Daleyclone, surprise!…
    Sorry, folks. Whatta effing LOSER he’s gonna prove out…
    ONE Question, Lordmagicalhighinspectorexecutionershmuck:
    HOW do “gun laws ASSIST gun dealers in flooding non-gated communities”
    with weapons? That will require some maze of convoluting to answer!
    Also, when I lived in a non-gated community called Chicago, someone finked on MY in-home handguns and I got outta Dodge with THEM…and not HER. (Never thanked her for that, actually).
    Even left Illinois and glad of it. We’ve open-carry and now conceal-carry here. Feels like, well, like Freedom’s supposed to feel like…ah, my poor Chicago gov-slave former neighbors! Pity, pity. Now, watch this Super’s record—as your murders keep right on heaping up. And be afraid. Very afraid. Of his “tough” NY accent.
    That’s all he’s got.
    While YOU haven’t even that; you stay unarmed down there. Now who d’ya think gets a benefit from that? No one you want to know…

  • (mr) jan zylkowski said:

    Some McCarthys are much more equal than others.
    Wisconsin’s have kicked the snot out of the Communists in government or have brought home a world championship team. We GET IT here.
    Illinois? A gun-grabber Top Cop for the nation’s murder capital AND the only state in America protecting its citizens from their own silly, irresponsible hankering for self-protection.
    Then there was another McCarthy, carved to only do or say as Bergen
    wished. As conditions persist (deteriorate?) under an extortion-oriented newbie mayor you may come to view Rahm as Charlie’s Edgar.

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