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You Rang? Munsters and Adams Reviving Healthcare Takeover

Thomas F. Roeser 24 February 2010 No Comment

The specter of a tall, lugubrious president with the ominous presence of Lurch (as in “you rang?” ), a wispy-voiced Senate majority leader (think of him as Uncle Fester) and a willowy, washed out female Speaker (Morticia) seeking to ram un-digestible massive health care castor oil down the unwilling, gagging throat of the American people is just about an historic first.

Probably only the since Kansas-Nebraska act which put slavery or abolitionism to a vote…which the North hated and even the South’s Sam Houston despised…has this spectacle been seen. Then there’s Pugsley (Dick Durbin), Gomez (Robert Menendez), Cousin Itt (Barney Frank) and Thing, the disembodied hand that emerges from a box and lights Uncle Fester’s cigar (Rahm Emanuel). The question is why this caste of weirdos want to do it when the eternal misgiving of the voters threatens to pitch them all into ignominy.

Three possible reasons. 1. Lurch was misguided by Thing into not duplicating the Clinton health care debacle where the Clintons micromanaged everything and kept the Democratic Congress from the backroom. But the opposite was a disaster: Lurch, influenced by Thing, allowed the Congress to build two monstrosities…one in the House and another in the Senate. Recognizing his error, Lurch has now sent his own idea to the Congress’ “bipartisan” session (albeit without CBO scoring since it is very vague). SoLurch wants a final “go” at it to please the Left which believes he was too hands-off.

Polls taken of the health bill show that point-by-point Americans favor the details. Why then aren’t they reconciled to the complete package? Simple. The complete package has an astronomical price tag affixed. But Lurch believes that if somehow the bill can be rammed through, voters will like it…moreover they will remember that the Republicans opposed it.

3. And the one I favor—which is really an extension of #2. . Lurch is a Leftist ideologue and believes he is Destiny’s Tot…not just as the first black president but as the leader of humanity who, if he rams the bill home, will be revered from now to time immemorial for his accomplishment.

What about Reconciliation, the device invented by Sen. Robert Byrd (D-W.Va.) during budget showdowns which purportedly only pertain to appropriations matters? Are the Dem Munsters really going to try it? I think yes. But it cannot be done. To get the thing active, the House first has to pass the Senate bill with no changes. Given what happened in the House last time and with the pressures of the election of 2010 breathing down incumbents’ necks, I cannot imagine it would happen.


Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer

image alternative casting of Lurch featuring John Kerry

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