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Yes, There Really is a National Emergency

Don Rose 7 February 2019 No Comment

Donald Trump tells us he will soon declare a national emergency to get the money to pay for his wall that Mexico was going to pay for. It is a national emergency, he says, because we are being “invaded” by hordes of undesirables including gang-bangers, rapists, terrorists, drug dealers and white-slavers soon to over-run our nation.


Oddly enough, his national intelligence community–17 agencies led by the Director of National Intelligence  and the heads of the FBI and CIA–failed to mention this threat, save a brief reference to drugs, in their comprehensive annual 42-page joint report or in their joint testimony before Congress.

    For this and other disagreements with the views of the President, although he appointed them all himself,  he called them out as ” extremely passive and naive” and  declared they “should go back to school.”

   Well, if that’s true of the professionals who are there to gather the intel to protect our nation, wouldn’t that  be a national emergency?

   Similarly, they reported that the Islamic State– ISIS–was still out there, armed and dangerous, though Trump earlier announced we had defeated them. Shouldn’t we worry if Trump is wrong?

    Of course he told us during the campaign that he knew more about ISIS than all the generals and he had a secret plan to destroy ISIS. But then he charged the generals with drawing up such a plan after he was elected.

    And what about that part of the report suggesting North Korea won’t give up its nuclear program? Donald says we now have no nuclear threat from North Korea–he got that all fixed in his public relations “summit” with Kim Jung Un.

    When asked during the campaign where he learned about foreign policy he famously said “I watch all the shows.”

   Oh. That explains it.

    But if he is wrong and they are right, it would make for a dangerous situation, no?  Maybe a national emergency?

    The report also said that Iran was in compliance with the international nuclear pact that Trump withdrew from. He keeps insisting, as he had during the campaign, they are not–despite all the evidence provided by his advisers and the intelligence “community.”

    Of course, some of the intelligence pros got it wrong at times. Some–not all–thought we were winning the war in Vietnam. Some–not all–thought Iraq had weapons of mass destruction. But a couple of wrong-headed presidents believed the wrong guys. Against Trump, however, they are unanimous.

    Trump believes only himself because he has such a good “gut.” Unfortunately his beliefs resemble what is expelled at the end of a gut. That, too, borders on a national emergency.

    I suspect he wants to keep slashing at Iran because its unpopularity provides him with the target he needs if he thinks he needs a war. But maybe Venezuela, which is closer and weaker, would provide him with that target first. National emergency anyone?

   So yes, we really do have a national emergency, but it has nothing to do with the border. The national emergency is Donald Trump.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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