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Why Christopher, Barney, Nancy, Janet, Eric and Barack Can’t Read

Mary Laney 21 May 2010 6 Comments

It’s time for some remedial classes for Congress and the Administration. Someone has to teach them how to read. Someone has to tell them that they need to read bills before they sign them into law, and read laws before they criticize or make plans to bring suit against them.

Senator Christopher Dodd told the nation that he didn’t know he had favored status and was given a mortgage far below the going rate. He said he hadn’t read a letter from the mortgage company telling him of what a good deal he was getting by being on a special list.

Congressman Barney Frank said he didn’t know that Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac were taking the nation into an economic tailspin, even though, as a Congressman, he had full access to their books and a close relationship with a director.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, in pushing for ratification of a giant costly bill said, “We have to pass this bill to find out what’s in it.”


Would you sign any legal paper without first reading it?

Well, that’s just what is happening in Washington. Congress passed the Stimulus package and now can’t account for where $3 billion dollars has gone. It passed the Health care package without knowing its full costs. Only now are we learning that it will cost hundreds of millions of dollars more than we were told.

Now we hear from Eric Holder, the Attorney General of the United States, that he hasn’t read the Arizona immigrant law. He announced that he might bring a lawsuit against it but then admitted that he didn’t know what was in the law.

Janet Napalitano, Homeland Security Chief and former Governor of Arizona, spoke out loudly against the Arizona immigration law and then, before a Senate hearing, admitted that she too hadn’t read the 10-page law.

President Barack Obama called the Arizona law troubling, yet the law states just what the federal law states regarding illegal immigrants. In fact, the Arizona law goes further and several times underscores that no person can be simply stopped and asked for their papers to prove he or she is here legally; a person can only be asked for proof of legitimacy if and when a law has been broken. When the President stood with the Mexican President on Wednesday he heard the Mexican President complain that

Arizona was discriminating against his people, yet he never corrected the Mexican President. In fact, President Obama said, “America is not defined by its borders.”

We’re really in need of some serious remedial teaching in Washington.

If America is not defined by its borders, just what is America?

Sixty percent of Americans approve of the Arizona law as written. People want the borders closed, yet the President, the head of Homeland Security, and Congress appears to be deaf to the wishes of the people.

While Arizonians have waited, the federal government has not moved to enforce the laws that exist. The borders are as open as an unlocked door. Human trafficking is coming in, along with drugs, gangs, kidnappings, murders and terror.

Why is Washington refusing to read bills before they approve them and why are our nation’s leaders, including the country’s top cop, refusing to read laws before they attack them?

If they’re looking for plausible deniability that just doesn’t work anymore.

The country and the people are on to the ruse.

Come November the people may just use their own form of deniability…at the polls.


Mary Laney is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Dan Kelley said:


  • Farmer Bob said:

    If America is not defined by its borders, it’s only because people like this illiterate President are criminally negligent in protecting them, and us, from the invasion of aliens who have no intention of becoming Americans and have, like liberals, no understanding of what it means to be one.

  • bob said:


  • bob said:


  • tom said:

    Thanks for such great observations. I just wish more of right would point these things out. Just today for the first time I finally heard Obama slapped with some responsibility and called to task for the oil spill in the gulf by Sarah Palin

  • Pat Hickey said:

    “The country and the people are on to the ruse.” Indeed they are, Ms. Laney.

    Ms. Laney, once again you have presented a solid and thoughtful argument against cant and the stuff that grows roses.

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