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Why No Pulitzer for Carol Marin’s Meandering Mumblings?

John Powers 23 April 2012 5 Comments

In case you forgot Carol Marin, is widely disregarded as a legitimate journalist.  From Tom Roeser

Carol Marin the orange haired duenna of political correctitude…who gets three salaries one from the Sun-Times for writing lefty columns, one from NBC for doing lefty “analysis”…and one, partially taxpayer-subsidized from `TTW for running panels skewed to preconceived Lefty ideas… adored the late Studs Terkel who ordered all his identical red-checked working-man’s shirts from Paul Stuart’s of Michigan avenue…the self-same Marin who prayed Cardinal Bernardin be sprung from his tomb to counsel the current Pope on theological matters (roll the stone away and you’ll find he’s still in there, despite claims from devotees that he rose on the 3rd day)…she being the same gushing ex-college enthusiast who idolized the late Msgr. Jack Egan, local devotee of Saul Alinsky, the atheist who dedicated the first edition of his book “Rules for Radicals” to Lucifer, Prince of Hell—but then Egan was only kidding…besides which Egan’s secretary, a trendy nun, thought the inscription was cute.

So, with such an awful resume, why wouldn’t Carol Marin receive her Pulitzer for such drivel as the following column, mirroring an equally awful Mary Smich’s support for Catholics attacking the Catholic Church.

In a scathing rebuke, the Vati­can ordered the overhaul of the Leadership Conference of Women Religious, an organization that represents most of the 57,000 sisters in the United States.

What sins have these women committed? According to the Vatican, these nuns have been too focused on issues of poverty, war, health care and homosexuality. And not fixated enough on what the bishops think is most important — women’s wombs.

These nuns — “radical feminists,” says the Vatican — have failed to understand that the bishops are their “authentic teachers.”

Does that include Boston’s Cardinal Bernard Law who, after obstructing justice in one of the most horrific chapters of the pedophile scandal, now lives in Rome as a prince of the church?

Three bishops, including Illinois’ Thomas Paprocki, have been appointed to rein in the nuns’ group by reviewing its policies, approving speeches and monitoring obedience to — you know — the bishops.

A spokeswoman for nuns’ group would say only that they were “stunned.”


So to provide some context, which has apparently evaded Carol Marin, what kind of things triggered the Vatican Investigation?  How about booting the Catechism of the Catholic Church to take up New Agism and Gibberish? This from a conference organized by LCWR (the group under investigation)

It is the planetary crisis into which we were born that is awakening our sleeping potential for transformation. Planet Earth has given birth to a species capable of choosing whether to consciously evolve ourselves and our social forms, or to continue the course we have set toward our own extinction. And the choice is clear.
All great spiritual paths lead us to this threshold of our own consciousness, but none can guide us across the great divide — from the creature human to the cocreative human. [??] None can guide us in managing the vast new powers given us by science and technology. None of us have been there yet.

What we can envision

The enriched noosphere, the thinking layer of Earth, is now replete with evolutionary technologies that can transform the material world. Within the next 30 to 50 years, we could transform our physical bodies, our minds, our social structures, and set in motion the emergence of a new civilization.

Which is rightly dismissed as

not merely crazy: that’s weapons-grade crazy. And this is the keynote speaker for the annual conference of the Leadership Council of Women Religious, set for August in St. Louis, Missouri, and based on the theme “Mystery Unfolding: Leading in the Evolutionary Now”.
This is plain heresy. It’s bad science, bad psychology, bad philosophy, and, most certainly, bad religion, and the LCWR has structured their entire annual conference around its themes.

Toss in a systemic attack on the right to life and other fundamental teachings of the Catholic Church, and tell me again why the Vatican shouldn’t at least check in on the brand name “Roman Catholic” being scarred by the LCWR?

The Vatican does just that, in a very mild report here, suggesting very mild corrections and improvements to the LCWR, which of course leads to Carol Marin screaming “Vatican waging a war on nuns”.  No mass excommunications, no banishments, just a few suggestions here and there and more study.

It is possible to cover this issue with some balance.  Elizabeth Scalia does a fine job here of not painting with a broad brush, and providing source material relevant to the investigation.

the story about women religious tussling with the bad old Vatican is the one that is going to get the most attention — it is grist for the “Catholic War on Women” narrative, and one that will find ready-takers in some who were far too smart to fall for that theme over contraception, a subject which was-and-is-still being tossed around by Democrats and mediafolk trying to keep the meme alive. I read somewhere on social media yesterday that, “the church thinks women are not as capable of striving for holiness or as valiant in witness as men”. Well, that’s one-part worldly-trained sentiment and two parts media-code. It’s a statement that belies the reverence and honor we show to Our Lady (a human woman named before the angels in our Litany of Saints) and to Mary Madelene, Catherine of Siena, and so many, many other women.

Or course there can be links to the original reports and some description of the actual issues, but the Sun-Times and the Tribune have chosen to publish a trite obscuring of the issues, rather than explain much of anything.  I get it..I get it.. Carol Marin (and Mary Schmich) are acting as adjuncts of the Democratic party in an election year, perpetuating the goofy “war on women” story.  And for that, shouldn’t Carol Marin be up for a Pulitzer?

John Powers is the President of the Chicago Daily Observer.

image Carol Marin kind of looks like Cesar Romero as the Joker


  • Anonymous said:

    Strangely, these same feminists never pay attention to the actual war on women in the womb. The compulsory “one child policy” in China has resulted in the deliberate and premeditated abortion of millions of females (the Chinese have a societal bias in favor of male children). Similarly, when abortion is used as a tool for sex election, female infants are oftentimes aborted.

    Not a peep from the tattooed carrot top on that subject.

  • Dan Kelley said:

    I like the photo chosen to illustrate this post! Too funny! I wonder if rights could be obtained to use a photo of the comedian “Carrot Top” to use in the next Carl Marin expose’ piece?

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Separated at birth? They look a lot alike, except The Joker wears less makeup.

  • Bessie said:

    Thanks John; When I saw her article I chose not to read it…I would much rather read it with your perspective attached…It seems these so called journalist are like carefully planted termites, each planted at a particular corner of the Catholic church chewing away at it’s structure hoping no one will notice until there is nothing left.

  • Michael R said:

    Unfortunately I read it. Carol suffers a willful misunderstanding of what the Catholic Church is all about. I don’t want to go into it and parse her column, but suffice it to say that Marin is disappointed that the Church isn’t a hippie commune where we let everyone go their own direction and be happy.

    I thought everyone understood that.

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