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What Leak? Patrick Fitzgerald’s Misses a Gusher

Chicago Daily Observer 23 September 2011 3 Comments

From Illinois Pay to Play

Is the United States Attorney for the Northeastern District of Illinois an intrepid crime fighter, as he’s typically portrayed by most of the Chicago and national media? Or, is the legend of a modern day Untouchable Elliott Ness largely a media-created myth?

In the June 2011 press conference, the reporter sitting in the front row, slightly to Fitzgerald’s left, holding a tape recorder toward the podium is Chicago Tribune reporter John Chase. He’s the slightly balding man, wearing a striped blue shirt and glasses. He carefully follows the questions other reporters ask about the “leak” that alerted Blagojevich that his conversations were being recorded by the FBI. It’s reasonable he’d be interested, since he wrote the article to which Fitzgerald referred. Sitting right there with a front row seat as they talk about him. How ‘bout that.

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  • Bessie said:

    Anyone who would “out” an active informant for the FBI should be arrested…If Fitzgerald doesn’t have an issue with this, he should be fired…Can you imagine acting as a covert informant for the FBI against the Governor of Illinois, your best friend for many years and being outed in the Chicago Tribune??? It was alway’s my suspicion that it was John Wyma himself and I was very disapointed when he was cross examined in the Blago trial that they didn’t ask him…


    I attached the Blago timeline, please notice the Dec. 15th entry, where Patrick Fitzgerald makes an attempt to give back Greg Craigs report but Craig gives it to him anyway…IS there any doubt that Obama perjured himself in that 2 hour interview with Fitzgerald??? He made NO mention of his phone calls to Tom Balanoff in the report and Fitzgerald already knew about them…We (the public) didn’t even find out about the details until Blagojevich’s trial…Blagojevich defense tried to get the 302’s to that meeting just day’s before the Balanoff testimony where Judge Zagel said they couldn’t have the 302’s unless they could show direct contact with testimony…The defense did NOT go after the 302’s again in the first trial….IN the second trial they went after it numerous times but Zagel then said that they couldn’t have it because he had read the 302’s and there was “nothing there”…Which is funny/sad because that is exactly what the defense was looking for, “nothing”…

  • Whistleblower said:


    Let also not forget John (Bernard Barton)Thomas the FBI mole, his files and tape recordings have been sealed without an explanation, and John Thomas walks the streets.

  • Bessie said:

    As does his partner Louis Giordano….Little is known of him but he came on the same boat as Thomas…Con men often adopt two first names to avoid being researched…

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