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We Are the Geese: Democrats Force-Feeding New Districts To Illinois Voters

Jim Leahy 6 June 2011 One Comment

Hey did I miss something? Didn’t we just have an election six or so months ago? Didn’t a huge wave of voter disenchantment oust four Democrat Congresspersons and put all of the statewide offices but the Governors and Secretary of State into the GOP’s hands? Didn’t the voters say enough was enough?

So what the heck is this remapping process all about? In a secret room in Springfield all of the changes the voters demanded have been reversed? The people of Illinois have been in the front row of one of the biggest magic acts in history. And the big trick, Mike Madigan just made a whole election of 2010 disappear. Madigan is playing chicken and he’s betting that with the help of a docile media, the voters will just roll over, and continue to allow the Democrat party to stack elections in their favor.

The election of 2010 was a shot across the bow from voters who were sick and tired of Government not listening to them. It was a revolution of a sort with people joining Tea Parties to get politicians to understand, that the government was getting too big, spending too much and getting too corrupt. How did the Democrat leadership respond? Prove that the voters of 2010 were right! This is not only an Illinois issue it is a national issue as well. The head of the Democrat congressional committee has come out and said that the path to making Nancy Pelosi Speaker again goes through the Illinois remapping process.

Madigan has shown the American people what Illinois politics is all about, power, pure and simple. Madigan and his minions have ignored the wishes of the voters and showed them the fix is in. How dare the people vote out four of his Democrats and put in Republicans! How dare the people of Illinois make him look silly by going against his year 2000 map and put Republicans in office, don’t they realize that he’s a political genius?

What we have now all seen is that old time ward politics are still alive and well in Illinois. How much more do the voters have to do to say enough is enough? What is about to happen should help the Illinois Republican party, not because it is deserves it, but because it is the only option now. The GOP is in the now lucky position of being the only competition to the Democrats and their tyrannical power grab. Can they take advantage of this Democrat over reach?

The fuse has been lit, will the voters show that 2010 was a new world or will the voters allow themselves to be played like suckers?

Jim Leahy is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer
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  • Robert Sheridan said:

    The title of this comment should be “Corrupt at All Levels”. Under the Green Obama we have doubled the number of White House Limosines. This blog is one of the few that pays attention to the State escapades. The Aldermen who are out of office are passing on their staffs to all sorts of Chicago jobs. The retirees are becoming consultants. Only the working class remains unemployed.

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