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Waiting for Trump’s Great Leap

Don Rose 29 November 2016 One Comment

Donald Trump continues to agonize over how much pain he can cause with his cabinet appointments and whom he plans to hurt the most.  It’s clear from his nominee for Secretary of Education, billionaire  Betsy DeVos, that he is for privatizing public education–and dismembering or  eliminating teachers unions.

One weird call was picking neurosurgeon Ben Carson for Housing and Urban Development, who recently admitted he has no earthly idea how to run a government bureaucracy. Carson’s only credential is that he was raised in a house in a city. I was operated on once. How about me for Surgeon General?


I am waiting, however, for Trump to fulfill some of his few potentially useful campaign promises.

He has not yet designated a Secretary of State, wavering between bull-in-a-China-shop Rudy Giuliani and a competent, civilized choice such as Mitt Romney or Sen. Bob Corker. Thus far he has chosen the worse options. Could this be his one reasonable pick?

I am waiting also for him to reveal–at least to the military–his secret plan to make quick work of the Islamic State (aka ISIS,ISIL). I think we can all agree on the goal of eliminating this scourge once and for all–even though the Iraqi-Kurdish coalition, with some help from Turkey and “technical” assistance from the U.S. is slowly but surely winning by reducing IS-held territory substantially. Maybe Donald’s secret plan will finish it forever.

I am waiting for him to rebuild our military force, which most of the world views as the best and strongest  on the planet, though he has dissed it consistently. He says the generals have been reduced to rubble, which may be news to them. But since he claims to know more than all the generals, I look forward to his educating that pile of rubble. Strangely enough, he seems to be surrounding himself with generals as advisors and prospective cabinet members–some of whom seem to be characters out of “Dr. Strangelove.”

I am waiting , too, for him to “bring back” all those lost manufacturing and mining jobs he promised to all those out-of-work or underemployed white, blue-collar workers in the upper Midwest, who helped him win the election. Never mind that they are in sorry shape because of what is essentially technological unemployment–machines, computers and robots doing the work of multiple workers, rather than a general loss of manufacturing here. He promised to bring back coal mining jobs as well, despite the fact that the industry is dying and in its death throes simply lops the tops off of mountains with machinery and far fewer personnel.

I am waiting, as a good Chicagoan, for him to come back to town and end all the gang and gun violence. You may recall he claims to have met with some Chicago officers who told him it could all be ended in a couple of weeks with “tough policing,” though Chicago’s top police command denies he met with any officials. But do return soon and keep that local promise, Donald.

I am also waiting for Godot.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • Daniel Kelley said:

    I am waiting for Obama to denounce radical Islamic terrorism or to push for the execution of the traitor who massacred the soldiers at Fort Hood so many years ago.

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