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Two Way Winner for GOP in Governor’s Race

Thomas F. Roeser 12 February 2010 One Comment

If State Sen. Bill Brady (R-Bloomington) wins the GOP gubernatorial nomination…and he leads Kirk Dillard by 420 votes so he appears to have a leg up…will his solid 100% conservative voting record on social issues cause him trouble as he runs across a state that has been blue? Answer: It shouldn’t if he does what Scott Brown did, don’t fudge and count on the hideous record of the Democrats nationally to carry the day.

Brady has one of the finest social voting records in the state. Dems and liberal media will try to zero in on it hoping he will waver, arguing…as if they are really concerned for his political electibility…the record can’t square with how the state has been aligned in the past. Of course it would be disastrous for Brady to waffle because not only would he discourage his base but evince insecurity about anything he says on any issue in the future.

Scott Brown didn’t have Brady’s strong pro-life record (Brown was on record as favoring retention of Roe v. Wade but in opposition to federal funding and partial birth abortion)…yet it was glaringly conservative in contrast to Ted Kennedy’s and Martha Coakley’s. But Brown didn’t flinch and neither should Brady. For one thing… with Illinois $12 billion in the hole and engulfed a state retirement system that will need $131 billion to cover benefits but with only $46 billion in the bank…only people like me (and you and the conservative base) probably will pay attention to social issues—a duplicate of what happened in Massachusetts—unless the media builds it up to super-proportions.

They will try but the answer for us pro-lifers is to keep cool. Much as we would like our social issues to dominate, chances are Illinois will pay far more attention to issues on which Pat Quinn is vulnerable: bad administration, freeing 1,500 penitentiary prisoners, some with double-violent records, sending them out to the street in order to “save money.” But here are highlights of the Brady record which shows that he is indubitably the most conservative Republican to run for governor in many, many moons.

In addition to opposing all manner of pro-abort legislation including state funding and the like…

He authored bills to allow pharmacists to refuse to fill prescriptions or dispense emergency contraception based on their religious beliefs…pushed a Constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage and outlaw civil unions…sponsored a bill to repeal the state’s gay rights law…authored a bill to repeal the state’s Firearm Owner Identification Card…wrote a constitutional amendment to ban the state Department of Education. In addition he…
Sponsored the “Born Alive Infant Act” which Obama as state senator killed repeatedly…supported legislation to ban use of state funds for human embryo research.

These are just the highlights of an immaculately consistent record on social issues. So if Brady wins in the last count…and that is weeks away…no recriminations but join us to elect him governor. Of course if my guy Kirk Dillard wins, let’s pledge the same thing: unity. We’ve got two great candidates for governor…and what do they have? NUTTIN!


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  • conservative said:

    The last count cannot be weeks away! It is time to step up Senator Dillard and let Brady begin his campaign.

    If something were to happen now to put the race in Dillard’s column the southern part of the state wouldn’t show up to vote. We are already hearing people from the central and southern part of the state saying that Mayor Daley is going to steal this election from Brady. It might sound silly to people up here but it is a legitimate concern everywhere outside of Chicago.

    It’s time to man up Senator and concede!

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