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Tuesday’s With Phil Krone

Phil Krone 27 April 2010 One Comment

l’ve just spent over a week in New York and wasted most of my time having fun with a fewvoters rather than trying to woo the masses. Frankly, if I could meet and win the votes of1,000 people a day between now and the primary September 14 | would amass a total ofabout 150,000 votes, enough to lose by a million. So l’m doing it differently.

On Thursday I went to a small invitation only meeting of the New York Democratic StateCommittee where all the statewide candidates were represented by their chief aides oradvisors. I represented myself and I think enjoyed meeting this mass of human talentmuch more than those they were there to represent. Everyone treated me kindly, gently,courteously and wickedly.

I think they resent that l’m having such a great time. The New York State Ghair was notthere. He makes his living runni;rg some of the best summer camps in the nation and thisis the beginning of his busy season. But the party will be fortunate to have him runningthe show in September and October when camp is over and he’s put his canoes away.

I was also interviewed by the Democratic Rural Council in Syracuse and was foundunqualified. They were very clear in explaining that they weren’t talking about my knowledge or abilities, just that I wasn’t presenting a viable campaign. Schumer has 19million dollars; you can’t out do that.

So why even try. Unfortunately neither the Teamsters of Exxon Mobil have offered me amillion dollars, but even if they did I wouldn’t use TV commercials, direct mail or all the modern techniques I despise. l’m reverting to the Paul Douglas, Hubert Humphrey, Bill Proxmire method.

It is that definition of viability which I am fighting. Hopefully the media will catch on in timeso that You Tube, Face Book and Twitter can work.I’ve said all along that I would be glad to support a more known candidate with greater tiesto New York, but no one has yet come forward. This week I was especially gung ho ongetting David Reminick into the race. He makes at least a million dollars a year as Editor of the New Yorker, but isn’t that what sacrifice is all about.

The amount of unsolicited emails I get really tells me something. I’m letting the eventsunfold and they are pleasant indeed. The boatbuilderl novelist who sought me out turns outto have had his first novel published in 1971; published by Alfred Knopf no less. lt’s out ofprint, but I was able to get a first edition in its original cover over EBay for under $20 including shipping.

At the suggestion of one of Chicago’s more prominent journalists I managed to get toGooperstown. lt was a drizzly day, but I was able to get a parking space on the main dragjust a block from the Hall of Fame and Museum. Furthermore, I was able to purchase for a reasonable fee an autograph of Ernie Banks from his 1979 Induction Day as well as a ballsigned by Ron Santo.

One of the firm planks in my platform is to work hard to get both Santo and Gil Hodges intothe Hall of Fame.

Lord Avebury for PM

Putting great risk to my candidacy for U.S. Senator from New York I will be departing forLondon Monday to campaign for Gordon Brown for Prime Minister. Actually my very favorite first choice would have been for the Liberal Dems and Labor to have pulled Eric Lubbock, now known as Lord Avebury out of the House of Lords and put him in Commonswhere he served admirably for three terms in the 1970’s and made him theircommbined choice for Prime Minister. One of the few who has served in both Houses of Parliament, Eric when describing his House of Commons career, says, “the wise voterselected him, the damn fools threw him out.” Eric was founder of the Parliamentary HumanRights Group and is one of my very, very best friends. Shortly after he lost his seat in theHouse of Commons where he was known as Orpington Man (the prototype representativeof the new urban/suburbanites) hF inherited a hereditary seat in the House of Lords, and inthe shuffle and paring down of the Noble body years ago, he was one of less than 100hereditaries retained. He’s one of the more useful hereditary peers of any of the threemajor parties so its no wonder he wasn’t sacked.

But, alas, Eric will remain in Lords so I am mounting my parallel campaign for Gordon Brown which breaks all the traditional rules: person, not party; the fact that he’s a Scot andactually lives in the constituency he represents; that he’s a great ally of Barack Obamawithout being a sycophant; that he had the humility to wait for Her Majesty to invite him toform a government rather than announce to her that he had been selected by his party.

I would hope that if Gordon Brown miraculously wins (my effort is nicknamed OperationLazarus which some think is too optimistic a title) that he remain in office until Spring2013(three years from now) and then allow his foreign minister the Rt. Hon. David Milliband to lead the party as PM and into another election.Those who are angry with Tony Blair shouldn’t take out their resentment on Gordon.Those who like Tony Blair need to recognize thast he was the real backbone of Labor.Whatever happens, the sceptered isle will go on, Oxford, Cambridge and LSE, Rules, theWest End, RoyalAlbert, Shakespeare, and allthose other great institutions will sustain thatmagnificent nation, without the burden of colonial rule, something which our country should look forward to, and theoretically never has had aspirations for, and which the FoundingFathers vigorously cautioned against.

Daley and Emanuel

Don Rose had a good take on the Mayoral race, but I believe that Daley might go for one more term. My personal preference is that he retire as the champ, but it’s his decision.Taking academics around Chicago the last two days during the annual convention of theAmerican Association of Architectural Historians no one could fail to grasp the balancebetween preservation, including that of vernacular architecture, as well as the tremendous new growth, perhaps typifed by Trump Tower which replaced one of Chicago’s ten ugliestbuildings and added millions to the tax rolls.

lf Mayor Daley doesn’t run I would support anyone he’s for. lf he were to be neutral I couldeasily support Rahm, though now Toni Preckwinkle is an individual whose opionion cannotbe ignored. The non-partisan system of electing Mayors makes it virtually impossible to keep Daley outof the runoff. rlts also hard to envision that any person other than an African Americancould be the second person. And if that wsere to happen its in the President’s best interestto have Daley win.There’s only a little more than nine months to the first round of the 2011 race for Mayor. Inreality the decision belongs to two people: Richard M. Daley and Barack Obama. Tune in later.

Broadway and New Century

Last Friday Broadway Bank and New Century Bank both failed and fortunately were takenover by MB bank without a hitch. New Century is my bank and I never thought l’d have empathy for a financial institution but I do. lt was a great bank, and evidently too small to succeed (as opposed to too large to fail).

But it should not be compared to Broadway Bank. I don’t want to beat a dead horse, butthere were significant differences. I hope that Alexi Giannoulias comes to the conclusion not just best for the party, but that its best for himself, to withdraw from this race.I wish him well in the future, but there are many reasons why he cannot and will not win this race.

He has precious little time to jump with dignity and he should do it. At this point,my favorite to replace him is Congressman Jan Schakowsky who supported Alexi in theprimary for all the right reasons. Dan Hynes be even a better candidate but he could haverun for the Senate months ago. In any event, Alexi, with no malice, is history.

Assessor of Cook County

I support the independent candidacy of Forrest Claypool, but not with a passion. I personally spoke to four very qualified individuals about running in the Democratic Primary,but none chose to run. I don’t think that many Democratic Committeeman will dump JoeBerrios, but Glaypool does have a chance, even a good one. The main question for Forrest is how did you suddenly get such an epiphany when the writing, all of it, was on thewall all of the time. Joe Berrios has a seat on the Board of Review which is not at stake, sohe will have a job after the November election regardless. Politics is strange; that’s why I’m glad to have an excuse to be in New York.

My favorite races in lllinois where individuals can make a difference, both by contributing andvolunteering are the the three brave Congressmen: Melissa Bean, Bill Foster and Debbie Halvorsen. Also Dan Seals and the irrepressible Scott Harper. Of course Toni Preckwinkle must not be taken for granted, and she was wise to have Scott Cisek move over to the Central Committee just to take no chances.I repeat that Jesse Write and Lisa Madigan must also not take anything for granted. Giannoulias is a virtual goner. Quinn is ultra vulnerable. Love and Miller could become collateral damage. Carpentier defeated Barrett in 1952. Jesse is the favorite, but we have to work hard from him, the same for Lisa.

Until next week, sayonara.


Phil Krone is a candidate for US Senate in New York

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  • Mike Buck said:

    I’m not sure what Mr. Krone is searching for in his quixotic New York adventure, but I hope that he finds it. As for me, I’ve found what I’m searching for….a picture of my adolescent hearth throb Tuesday Weld looking wistful, languid and recumbent. I implore Mr. Krone and CDOBS to continue accompanying Mr. Krone’s bulletins with pictures of Ms. Weld, next Tuesday and each and every Tuesday until November 2nd!

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