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Trump Swings in the Balance of Russian Intrigue

Don Rose 18 January 2018 2 Comments

Several times during 2017 Donald Trump was asked if he would agree to an interview with Special Counsel Robert Mueller for the investigation into Russian meddling–and each time he answered affirmatively. Yes, “100 percent” said he.

     Last week, arguably the worst of his presidency, he flipped, giving  the weirdest excuse: “There was no collusion. Nobody’s found any collusion,” so an interview would be “unlikely.”


    Imagine some criminal suspect exonerating himself by pronouncing “I’m innocent. I’m innocent–therefore I don’t have to be questioned by the authorities.”

    Be reminded: none of the three congressional committees investigating the issue said there was no collusion. None have reached a conclusion one way or the other.

   Certainly Mueller has not cleared Trump of collusion, conspiracy, obstruction of justice or money laundering. That’s why he wants to interview him and that’s exactly what’s driven Trump farther off the rails than usual.

    The last thing on earth he wants to do is appear before a grand jury with Mueller asking all the right questions–armed with reams of testimony from George Papadopoulos and Michael Flynn plus what must be numerous others who have secretly agreed to cooperate with the investigation.

   Trump and his lawyers are seeking some alternative to testifying before a grand jury–which is probably the only way we can get to the truth of any charges. He wants to simply send in a statement–or write answers to presubmitted questions. Highly unlikely Mueller will accept the alternatives and if Trump does not come voluntarily he will be subpoenaed.

    I think the anxiety over that prospect is what generated a series of unforced errors, capped by his racist, xenophobic rant against Haiti and “shithole” countries of Africa. Those epithets, still roiling much of the world, need no further illumination.

     It was the week that saw him tweet one morning against an established GOP policy, only to have to tweet hours later in favor of the policy.

   We got to see him first accept a “clean” DACA bill at a bipartisan meeting, permitting “Dreamers” to remain here, only to be told by a GOP congressman that was unacceptable. Trump flipped right in front of the cameras.

   It was the week he accused an FBI agent Peter Strzok, who had been taken off his case, of “treason” for texting  anti-Trump messages to his lady friend. (Strzok had also criticized Paul Ryan and Chelsea Clinton, among others.) Trump reiterated we should change our libel laws–posing First Amendment problems. He also criticized Barack Obama for relocating our London embassy although G. W. Bush ordered it.

  It was the week he strangely claimed he had a good relationship with North Korea’s dictator, Kim Jong Un, a man he spent the year insulting as “little rocket man,” whose nuclear button was smaller than his. Then he refused to say whether he has ever spoken to Kim.

   We wouldn’t be surprised had any two or three of these goofs occurred in a “normal” Trump week. But put them all together and it shows a man feeling the noose tightening–a noose that will drag him before a grand jury.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer



  • Observant said:

    Pretty poor fishing trip.

  • Terry P. said:

    “First we kill moose and squirrel!” says Boris (Barack) and Natasha (Hillary).

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