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Trump Keeps Getting Worse

Don Rose 13 June 2018 One Comment

Donald Trump’s barrage of fact-free tweets and other pronouncements in the past few weeks seem wilder, more unhinged, ignorant, self-contradictory and more dangerous than ever. While he wages verbal war on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and trade war on our allies, he claims dictatorial powers over the federal justice system.

   In boasting he could pardon himself if he were convicted of any crime, he echoes Richard Nixon’s fabled claim that “if the president does it, that means it can’t be illegal.” His sinister court-jester, Rudolph Giuliani, gets loonier, announcing Trump could get away clean if he murdered James Comey.


   They talk frame-up and witch-hunt, even as Mueller indicts  more witches. They insist the FBI planted “spies” in his campaign while even some Republican congressmen acknowledge there is absolutely no evidence it’s true–anymore than Trump’s phone was tapped by Barack Obama.

   In justifying tariffs on Canada–which he thinks burned down the White House in 1814–he declares our neighbor nation is a security risk because we have a trade deficit with them. In reality we had an $8.4 billion trade surplus of goods and services in 2017, according to the president’s own Office of the US Trade Representative. What next–invade Canada? Build a wall along that 3,000-mile border? (Some wags think the wall might prevent Americans from escaping Trump.)

   In imposing those tariffs on other countries he bewails the great damage our trade deficits are doing to our economy, almost sending us to the poorhouse. At the same time he brags that his administration has created a beautiful economy with a record high stock market, record low unemployment and rising wages. Which is it, Donald? If the economy is so beautiful why risk destroying it in a trade war? The day you announced the tariffs in January the Dow plunged from its all-time high of 26,616 and remains 1,000 points lower today.

   Trump wants Russia to be readmitted to the G-7, which he dissed. But Russia was also a party to the Iran nuclear deal he abandoned.

    He blathers America is “respected again” around the world even as our favorable ratings plummet.

   He says he doesn’t have to prepare for his historic meeting with Kim Jong Un this week because it’s all a matter of “attitude”–he’s been “preparing all my life.” Preparing for an avalanche of bankruptcies and stiffing contractors and laborers?

   Why is he getting wilder every day? First, because he’s fired or ignored the more rational lawyers and aides who tried to restrain his rhetoric; more importantly, because he feels Mueller’s noose getting tighter. The more he proclaims his innocence, the guiltier he acts.

   Now Donald’s newest toy is the presidential pardon, which he’s dangling bigly in front of all those indicted associates, hoping it will pre-empt their squealing.  Further, he was praised for pardoning boxer Jack Johnson, so he mused about pardoning Muhammad Ali, ignorant of the fact that Ali’s draft-resistance conviction was overturned long ago. Meanwhile, he calls kneeling black football players “sons of bitches.”

   Sounds like he thinks the only good black athlete is a dead black athlete.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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