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Trump, Clinton and Sex Abuse in High Office

Don Rose 20 December 2017 No Comment

If you hold high federal office it seems you can get away with serial sex abuse by continual lying–and if you’re a congressman pay your accuser hush money from a special pool of taxpayer funds. Small wonder DC is such a sex swamp.

   Look at the nation’s top sexual predator–the guy in the Oval Office. Through the years at least 20 women have accused him of various sexual aggressions–among them the kind that led to the resignation of Sen. Al Franken and several congressmen of both parties. These are actions he has bragged about in general on tape and raunch radio.


   Three women sued him, including his first wife who claimed spousal rape. She withdrew the charge as the divorce was settled. Another case was settled  for cash in 1997, while a third, for defamation, still looms over him and may yet get a judicial hearing.

   Trump denies all–like his loser friend Roy Moore–in most cases claiming he never met the women. However, a half dozen senators are calling for his resignation and many more are seeking a congressional hearing–apart from the Russian thing.

   Obviously he won’t resign, even going so far as to suggest the lead senator, Kirsten Gillibrand, would sell her body for a campaign contribution.

    Think back now to 1992 when another guy, long reputed to be a sexual predator, was elected president . He denied all transgressions, even lying under oath, until he got caught by definitive evidence. His earlier accusers were defamed as liars or worse by his wife and minions–and in the one proven case, Monica Lewinsky was slut-shamed.

   I don’t recall any calls for his resignation, other than a well thought out commentary in Time Magazine by the Pulitzer Prize-winning historian Garry Wills. The country’s leading feminists, instead of agreeing, went through hypocritical intellectual contortions to defend Bill Clinton. Would they today?

   Toy with this idea: If he had resigned, Al Gore would have become president and surely win the next election (which he may have won anyway) and we would not have had George W. Bush and his Iraq war, nor Supreme Court Justices Roberts and Alito. Oh, well. If Trump resigned we’d have Pence.

   Okay–FDR had two known mistresses, Ike had at least one, JFK had many liaisons, LBJ perhaps more, while poorly publicized allegations of misconduct were made against Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush. George H.W. Bush apparently had a mistress and is now accused of serial fanny-patting. None were considered “predators.”

   Congressmen, we learn belatedly, have a multimillion-dollar “shush” fund that has paid out approximately $27million in the past 20 years, primarily to quiet some 250 women employees who accused various congressmen, such as Democrat John Conyers and Republican Blake Farenthold of sexual misconduct.

   The Office of Compliance, which distributes the money under the “Congressional Accountability Act” is almost totally opaque on who and what was charged, who got the money and how much. “Accountability”???

   The bill creating the fund was signed into law in 1995 by guess who?

   Bill Clinton.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Oberserver

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