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Time for Ten From Tom

Thomas F. Roeser 27 September 2010 One Comment

1) That slashing satirist of conservatism beloved to the elites (he plays a dumb right wing commentator on Comedy Central), Steven Colbert has made a roaring horse’s arse of himself before House Judiciary, was asked to leave by Chairman John Conyers, panned by Majority Leader Steny Hoyer…but praised by Speaker Nancy Pelosi —even though the arch-liberal media won’t acknowledge it was a humiliation.

2) Jesse, Jr.’s bringing his white female “social acquaintance” to Chicago for a romp while a friend paid the airline fares illustrates that Alderman Sandi isn’t around and all but officially lives in D. C.—but her courageous yet heart-rending story to Sneed signifies pompous JJ is toast (maybe ultimately even in his own district: GOP’s Rev. Isaac Hayes gains attention), something even Daddy JJ can’t change.

3) As the list of scarily inept black candidates for mayor grows i.e. Danny Davis, Ricky Hendon, Carol Mosley Braun whites in The Squid fearing Chicago’s future is Detroit privately vow to ensure that Rahm wins what will in effect be Daley’s 7th term no matter the cursing and lousy personality.

4) Underscoring how the smoke of Satan continues to swirl over the Church, as soon as Benedict XVI left England, the unofficial primate of England and Wales Archbishop Vincent Nichols says that the Church in Britain is “nuanced” and won’t oppose legislation for civil unions, tantamount to One Big Catholic Shrug.

5) In sharp contrast, Mexico City Cardinal Iniguez Juan Sandoval is in danger of going to jail for condemning homosexuality which is banned by city’s and Mexico’s federal “human rights” law—a premonition of what could come here via Political Correctness (attn. Ms. Marin).

6) The New York Times prepares a sex hit on Mad Men Don Draper look-alike John Boehner who’s supposedly sleeping with female printing industry lobbyist, a story identical to one they “uncovered” but failed to prove on McCain two years ago with a woman lobbyist (upcoming elections being purely coincidental, of course).

7) The red hot Chicago story with great human interest involving Chris Kennedy, son of the murdered Robert, denying Billy Ayers emeritus status because Ayers dedicated a book to Sirhan Sirhan was featured the other day– and properly so—on the front page by the Sun-Times…in contrast to the single column on page 11 in the sleepy Tribune showing why one paper is doing relatively well and the other is in bankruptcy: awful story placement.

8) Congratulations to Rev.-Sen. James Meeks for paying the cost of getting congregants to marry, who had been fornicating together a long time—showing other churches (including my own Catholic one) an example of what a truly Christian inner-city pastor can do if he has the guts (attn. Fr. Pfleger and the Chancery).

9) After giving lip-service honor to Arizona Cardinals’ safety Pat Tillman who died a hero’s death in Iraq for turning down a $3.6 million contract to become an Army Ranger, The Sun-Times’ Rick Telander honed his Lefty axe Sunday arguing that Tillman has been used as p. r. fodder by the military and the hateful George W. Bush “regime” for a “dubious war”–echoing John Jota Leanos, assistant professor of “Chicana and Chicano Studies” at Arizona State…Telander’s column rehashing his favorite Democratic party themes under the guise of “sports” commentary–prompting this question: Why doesn’t the paper either transfer Telander as an “opinion columnist” to join Neil Steinberg or give him leave to join The Nation magazine where he belongs?

10) What? President Obama has some lingering anti-colonial cobwebs in his head causing him to do things like exaggerate the Swine Flu “Pandemic” and gin up a Cash for Clunkers mania.


Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • Gerald Pechenuk said:

    Here’s A BIG ONE You Missed! One More Big Reason for Obama’s Immediate Impeachment OR Forced Resignation! Obama is Fully backing the British Afghan Opium War against Russia, China, India, and Europe!
    To Wit: Bob Woodward, of the Washington Post, well known for his Navy Background, and being the son of the Head of the Republican Party of Dupage County Al Woodward; best known for his role in the Impeachment and/or Forced Resignation of a certain President who actually DID RESIGN UNDER THE THREAT OF IMPEACHMENT, namely Richard M. Nixon, has NOW reported on the FRONT PAGE of the Washington Post, and newspapers around the country, that Obama fought AGAINST Gates, Mullen, and Petraeus on the Afghan Policy.
    What makes this Impeachable Is: Obama is Defending and Protecting the Very Drug Trade That is providing the arms to the Taliban that are used in killing American Soldiers. THIS IS TREASON, PURE AND SIMPLE!! Obama has consistently opposed the policy recommendations of his generals, all the way back to October-November 2009, he complained bitterly and freaked out over the pressure he was getting, to go after the drug trade.
    If he doesn’t like the pressure, he can pack his bags, and do the country and the world, and himself a big favor. LEAVE NOW!

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