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There Will Be Blood: Quigley and Mikva and Rahm

Pat Hickey 24 September 2010 8 Comments

Politics is Chicago’s Blood Sport and no one draws blood like a Progressive. Once upon a time, Alderman Bernie Hansen’s bag-man and rat-catcher Mike Quigley wanted to be a Cook County Commissioner so bad that he’d beat up a little girl who owned a bridal shop. Mike Quigley had run against Helen Shiller for Alderman of the 46th Ward and required the aid of Ward and precinct foot soldiers from the bad old Machine and the diminutive carpet bagging opportunist was soundly defeated by Shiller who garnered 53% of the vote. Moving once again and right along,

Alderman Bernie Hansen took care of wee Mike and Quigley made friends with columnists like Chicago Sun Times Mark Brown feeding him the skinny and dirt and also courting the Chicago Reader, which has heavy readership in Hyde Park and along the north Lake Front – that is Quigley’s niche market – the Progressive Agenda transient voters. Bernie Hansen was left out of the picture in 2002, at the hands of Rahm Emanuel just off his DNC triumphs.

Around this same time, 2002, Rahm Emanuel, another practiced carpetbagger with connections to left-wing labor, banking and agenda activists, was making his bones and his moves into the circles of power with Daley, Clinton and web-weaver himself Dave Axelrod. The Axelrod playbook requires the complete annihilation of any opponent. That ‘dead fish’ trope was practiced.

Not so Mike Quigley, he is merely a sorcerer’s apprentice. Quigley never attacked the Cook County Board President John Stroger in anything like a direct manner, but used his media connections with the Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times to chip away at Sheriff Sheahan. You see, a Progressive builds coalitions of the hopelessly ineffective by undermining the effective public interests. Quigley, whom I believe to be the Uriah Heep of Illinois politics, decided to run for Commissioner in 1998 with help from people outside of the 10th District. However, once in, never out, to paraphrase the rules of Irish Republican Army.

Nobody says thank you like a Progressive – it is usually a hearty “I never met you and have absolutely no obligation to be in any way civil to you. Get off this sidewalk or you will hear from many lawyers.” But let’s go back to Quigley.

Commissioner Mike Quigley immediately had a study done for him by folks at University of Chicago telling one and all how corrupt every level of Cook County Government was corrupt. Rather than rattle African Americans with ties to John Stroger, Quigley targeted Mike Sheahan.

Mike Quigley began chipping away at Cook County Sheriff Michael Sheahan – police officer, alderman and career public servant. Quigley took pimp slaps at Sheahan, while Quigley’s allies in Hyde Park – in particular the MacArthur Center for Justice brought charges of race-based torture and punishment at Cook County Jail. The MacArthur Center for Justice embarrassed itself when the charges it brought against Sheriff Sheahan were dismissed by a jury in less than twenty minutes.

Along came a primary. Mike wanted another term. Bridget Gainer thought briefly about challenging Quigley, but decided against it; so did a 27 year old bridal shop owner by the name of Mary Ellen Daly. Miss Daly was smeared regularly.

Quigley had Mark Brown and the Chicago Reader smear Mary Ellen Daly as a Mike Sheahan plant in the race for Commissioner of the 10th District. Mark Brown and the Chicago Reader were only too happy to give height challenged Quigley a leg up!

That is all history. John Stroger died. Todd Stroger got wedged into the President’s seat. Mike Sheahan retired. Tom Dart is Sheriff. Mike Quigley went to Washington D. C. for Rahm Emanuel and Bridgey Gainer is Commissioner in the 10th District. Mayor Daley is calling it Qs and Rahm is returning.

Congressman Jesse Jackson, Junior ( JJJ ) was carved up handsomely in a Chicago Sun Times piece early this past week, following a chin wag with Rahm Emanuel in Washington. I could almost hear the voice of David Axelrod dictating the fine piece by Natasha Korecki, Chris Fusco and Lynn Sweet. I could hear the measured and hollow tones throated by Comb-Over Dave – especially this passage

“The FBI interviewed that acquaintance — a Washington, D.C., restaurant hostess named Giovana Huidobro — about a year ago as part of its corruption probe of Blagojevich. Authorities were trying to determine whether Jackson had asked Nayak to offer Blagojevich campaign cash in exchange for the then-governor appointing Jackson to the seat once held by President Obama, according to sources with knowledge of the probe.

Huidobro, Jackson and Nayak all dined together on Oct. 8, 2008 — the same day that Nayak has told authorities he had a key conversation with Jackson about the Senate appointment, sources said. The three then ended up at Ozio, the restaurant and club where Huidobro works and where Jackson has held fund-raisers.

Huidobro told authorities she knew nothing of Jackson’s political dealings regarding the Senate seat, according to sources. She also said she flew to Chicago on several occasions at Jackson’s request and that Jackson sometimes reimbursed her for her travels.”

The Chicago Sun Times’s Natasha Korecki picked this plum!

“The Office of Congressional Ethic’s third- and fourth-quarter 2009 reports note that “On September 16, 2009, the Standards Committee announced that the U.S. Department of Justice requested that the Committee defer consideration of this matter and the Committee voted to do so.”

It also notes that the “Standards Committee must announce if deferral exceeds 1 year.”

There has been no such announcement, and the committee spokesman has not returned calls for comment on the matter.

Last year, the ethics office said it was investigating whether Jackson used public resources — in the form of his Chicago and Washington, D.C., staffs — to vie for the appointment to President Obama’s old U.S. Senate seat.

“Rep. Jackson may have violated federal law and House rules concerning the proper use of the member’s representational allowance,” the panel indicated.

It must now say whether it will continue its ethics inquiry or again defer the matter.

Experts say Jackson could fall under additional scrutiny due to new allegations reported by the Sun-Times this week.

The Sun-Times reported Tuesday that a major fund-raiser told authorities that Jackson directed him to offer $6 million in campaign money to Blagojevich in exchange for appointment to the U.S. Senate. The report also detailed trips that the same fund-raiser, Raghuveer Nayak, had bankrolled for a “social acquaintance” of the congressman — allegedly at Jackson’s request. The FBI subsequently interviewed the woman, Giovana Huidobro.”

Now, the guy who is everywhere, but no one sees, Abner Mikva is a key player on the Congressional Ethics Committee. Mikva challenged the Blago Obama Seat Sale on national television with Chris Wallace and Il Senator Tom Cross. Mikva was Elena Kagan’s Chicago Chinaman. Mikva is leader in the Progressive Machine that continues to destroy the once effective and efficient Democratic Ward Machine.

Mikva seems to be giving JJJ a pass . . .for now. I think Junior got the message. Rahm has been delivering other such notes to anyone interested in running for Mayor.

Jesse and Sandi Jackson will go to ground ASAP. Rahm and Axelrod fired that shot across his bow; the Congressional Ethics Committee with Abner Mikva steering the wheels indicated that it would ‘lay off’ JJJ.

Mike Quigley pooh-poohed the notion that Rahm?Axelrod productions would engage in smear tactics. In The Chicago Tribune Quigley said, “He’s a big dog. Big dogs don’t need to do that,” well Mike Quigley is a purse puppy and he has a record of smears that seems to have come out of the Axelrod/Emanuel playbook – Smearing for Dummies.

Washington D.C. and White House did not work out all that well for Axelrod and Emanuel. These Angels are looking homeward, but who says you can’t go home again?

Rahm Emanuel will run for Daley’s seat and close on his heels will be Dave Axelrod, if recent Chicago history teaches us. Yep, Rahm Emanuel will be making the drop to the supine columnists and media icons; burning all of his ballet photos; getting a Peninsula Hotel smoochie with Oprah; placating the smeared; and pouring water on the ropes of his rack picking just the right canes for the old bastinado.

Rahm is greasing the way with a $1.75 M war chest with much more to come from Lawsuit Lotto Lawyers, the Lefty Real Estate Gents like Allison Davis, Judson Miner et al, the BGA is gelded already with celebrity nitwit Andy Shaw at the helm and his latest – Hushed Tone Burge Hunter John Conroy doing the wet-work – this will not be a great time to be a cop, fireman, Streets & San, or an honest skilled laborer, or tradesman. Be assured, SEIU Illinois will make nice with Rahm in a nano-second.
There will be blood – all of it spilled from tax-payers and effective public servants to be sure.

I believe that Dave Axelrod will be home by thanksgiving to really get hogs in line.

Pat Hickey is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Dan Kelley said:

    It is not a retreat. We’re advancing to the rear by evacuating Washington for Chicago.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    You bet! Kind of an HO Scale Hope & Change Terrarium.

    Learn Russiam, Kiddies! I understand that Rahm is fluent and the outgoing Administration, if I recall, had some dabbling interests in Putin’s Utopia.
    Stay tuned.

    Man, Tom Dart must have the whirlies trying to get his around what’s coming down the pike.

    Terry Peterson will be Rahm’s Camapgn Manager – Comb Over Dave is on his way back.

    Lord Ha’ Mercy!

  • Bessie said:

    I can’t imagine JJJ and family will take this stab in the back without retaliating…I predict after the shock has worn off and Cheryl can go to tea with her gal pals again the sh!t is going to hit the fan…What ever Rahm has in his closet is going to come out and it’s not going to be pretty, (well not for Rahm any way)…Which will leave the next runner up to take the crown (assuming they don’t have any skeletons)…With Rahm in the race it’s going to get really dirty…

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Bessie My Love,

    (Doff of Cap – I aways ear a hat so’s I can Tip it to a Lady!) Would that were the case.

    However, should Tom Dart decide to run, it will be uglier than a bathtub full of Ed Schultz.Rahmbo willfill his coffers in Lake County, lard it further from Lake Shore Drive West to the Kennedy and purchase opinion and high praise among Medill Alumni with floods of cash from New York and California, all to be brought down upon the heads, backs, and feet of

    1. Ward organizations

    2. Effective public servants ( people who actually meet the needs of constituents.

    3. Any and all opposition

    This is team that gave America its current sad and disappointing Chief Executive. Hollywood and Academia will shower down calumnies that the Egyptians of Exodus would have thought to be a day at the beach with a pocket full of change.

    This is about the death of politics and rise of policy.

    Politics requires people and policy only requires power.

    If you thought the neighborhoods were ignored by Daley in favor of the Pritzkers and other Plutocrats -Hold the Phone. You’ll feel like Hermit on a pillar in Syria come 2011.

    This is the Armageddon of Chicago Government.

    This is Wilmette Versus the Wards, Bessie.

  • Gerald Pechenuk said:

    So, between Jimmy DeLeo, Michael Ovitz, and Arie Emanuel, could we say that Rahm is the candidate of the Mob?? Rahm Emanuel is a disgrace to humanity.
    I understand the dead fish of Lake Michigan are going to be picketing any event that Rahm shows his face at!!

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Yet, in no time at all garlands will festoon his portrait on NPR, WTTW, the Sundry Press and among the patch elbowed tweedy-pie Academics as the New Oliver Cromwell in Sharkskin Suits.

  • Gerald Pechenuk said:

    Mozart’s Great Opera, Don Giovanni BEAUTIFULLY EXPRESSES WHAT
    WILL BE THE DOWNFALL OF THESE LATTER DAY PRETENDERS! Rahm and Obama both are headed for the scrap heap of history, let us not go down with them!!!
    Lyndon Larouche, representing the Best of the World War Two Generation of Franklin Delano Roosevelt, Dwight D. Eisenhower, Douglass MacArthur, and John F. Kennedy, is demanding that the US Congress STAY IN SESSION till the Glass-Steagall Bill is RE-instated and that all bailouts of fake Monopoly funny money derivatives be immediately cancelled!!! That alone would drive Obama out. ACT NOW!

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Let’s not forget the hundreds and thousands of working men and women who stood on picket lines, went hungry and actually fought for the standard of living that is being whittled away by the Policy fakirs and the insulated children of privilege who play at social concern.

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