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The Schwarzenegger Amendment

Phil Krone 30 April 2009 14 Comments

Its time to pass a simple constitutional amendment.  It should
state that any American who has been a citizen for at least twenty years
shall be eligible to be President or Vice-President.   It should be
written in a manner that would not only  allow Governor Schwarzenegger
to run, but also completely legitimate Barack Obama’s tenure who is being
accused of having been born in Kenya by part of the right wing. Frankly,
I have read more than I want about this subject and there are some
plausible arguments in favor of the African birth concept.  Certainly
Obama himself is not a credible source since he can’t personally
remember where he was born.   But there is no doubt that his mother was
an American and he is as American as you can get, and having been
nominated and elected and occupying the White House he is at the very
worst the de facto President.  But why leave any doubt.  I don’t think
Schwarzenegger would run for president, but it would be a good show if
he did.

In addition there are many other Americans who might be a good President
someday who were not only not born in America, but whose parents were
not born in America.  One in particular who falls in this category is 36
year old Sergey Brin, co founder of Google, who is worth about fourteen
billion give or take a billion or two.  He was born in Moscow in 1973
and brought to the United States at an early age.

Twelve, sixteen, twenty, even 36 years from now when he would be 72 (the
age John McCain was when he ran) Brin might want to seek the
Presidency.  If he gave every voter $30 it would cost him less than 10
billion dollars, not that I’m suggesting he buy the election.

But its obvious that he’s bright and talented. I’ve never met him but
I’d like to, and I’m grateful to him and his partner Larry Page for the
wonderful tool that Google is, despite its inaccuracies and penchant for

Anyway, he and many others including Ahnold should not be denied the
ability to lead our nation if chosen by his or her fellow citizens, and
it would also be useful to eliminate even the slimmest shadow on Barack
Obama’s legitimacy, sort of like taking the oath the second time.  In
fact as soon as this amendment is passed, he should take the oath a
third time, perhaps the fourth of July, 2010.


Phil Krone is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Dan Kelley said:

    The bottom line of the article is the bottom line. This proposal’s beneficiary is the son of a Kenyan.

  • Cris said:

    It ain\’t broke. Don\’t fix it.

  • Janine said:

    Can someone tell the people that put this crap together that they need to go back and read the U.S. CONSTITUTION AND THE BILL OF RIGHTS.

    Especially the part on POTUS requirements.

    This is our law and should never be changed – ever.

    Got that you stupid liberals and STUPID ARNOLD S.

    We don’t want you as President, stay an Actor. You broke your state and we don’t need another fraud usurper like Obama in the White House.

  • Jon said:

    Does the author of this article actually think? So any competitor nation to America…like China or Russia, can simply send over someone of their choice, groom them, bide their time for 20 years, then heavily fund them to be President. This author probably hasn’t thought of that. This idea is a naively dangerous one. The “natural born” clause is there for a reason. And it needs to remain.

  • KBB said:

    Re: “…there is no doubt that his mother was an American and he is as American as you can get, and having been…elected…he is…the…President. But why leave any doubt….”

    Why, indeed? Show us your vault birth certificate, Obama.

    It’s curious that this “journalist” advocates so ferociously for this change “or Ahnold”. Yeah, right. By the third sentence, he goes right into promoting Obama and remains there for the duration of the article, revealing his real purpose – a commercial to promote illegal alien Obama. Kinda like the girlfriend of Obama’s finance committee member when he was elected Sen. of Ill. She wrote a thesis promoting the idea of ditching the NBC requirement of the Constitution. Now, why would she write on that subject?? Perhaps because Obama’s citizenship was an issue then, as well?

  • RBD said:

    To “completely legitimate Barack Obama’s tenure” would (1) be an ex-post facto law granting amnesty to a guy who is (2) and illegal alien named Barry Sotero from Indonesia.

  • Doug said:

    Please review the cover of Time magazine where Schwarzenegger is wearing a Nazi belt buckle – yeah sure – lets 1st electa a non US Muslim and themn a Nazi – Please people – put down the kool aide – just say- “no – we should no”

  • LD said:

    Lets get down to it; It\’s clear where your allegiance lies sir, and thank you for helping us to see who you are. You do not have the right to pass on lies as fact, though, and the Constitution is very clear on who is eligible for office. There are other issues that also exclude AKA from consideration, and all are winding their way through our system of justice as this is written.

    It\’s not surprising to see you and others support lawlessness, especially these days when so many are deluded into thinking they can wear their disregard for the law on their sleeve like a badge of honor. And I would suggest you do more research on the people you write about, because if you knew who they actually are and what they stand for, it might serve to reshape your position and keep it in line with respect for the people of this country and the laws that govern it.

  • Steve said:

    We need to clear this matter up. 1-2-10 years from know if it is proven that he isn’t a natural born. Then what happens to the laws he has signed. What a QUAGMIER we would be in! Laughing stock of the World? This is of the most important matters, that people want to overlook. The sooner the better.

  • Malbuff said:

    Bravo! This is one of the finest pieces of satire I’ve read this year.
    Keep up the good work, buddy!

  • Lisa said:

    Yes! We have one Anti-American in office…lets get more who were born and raised by communist, socialist, fascist, and super wacko liberals to finish off this good old U.S.A that gives someone like this woman the freedom to be stupid.

  • Dr. Colomb said:

    Why so much controversy and strife?

    What reasonable person can disagree with the author’s premise that Obama is the very worst de facto president that we have every had?

  • Larry Z said:

    Nice to hear from you but surely you jest. George Bush stole an election and you are worried about where 44 was born? And since when is wealth a reason to run or serve? The constitution will probably never again be amended, although, the fabric of our country is changing, which does beg the question of who can serve or not. I like Arnold too and I would love to see a Kennedy once again living in the White House.

  • PhilKrone said:

    Wow!! Thirteen comments. Unlucky? I don’t know. But I just reread my article and I stand by it. I promise to write something more substantive later so that my legion of admirers/detractors (two sides of the same coin since anyone who takes the time to attack pays you the honor of believing it was either worthy to attack or necessary to do so) will have another opportunity to express their opinions.

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