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Tax Hike Hinged on Legislator with 1 Week Experience

Chicago Daily Observer 13 January 2011 4 Comments

“She” is Kathy Moore, a Lincoln Park friend and former public school teacher who was put in that unenviable position by the stark reality of political hide-and-seek. Or, in this case, seek-and-hide. Her reliably Democratic 11th District, which includes Lincoln Park and Lakeview, elected a brand new state representative, Ann Williams, in November, to replace John Fritchey, a popular long-time rep who won election to a seat on the Cook County Board. Fritchey began his new job in December, so Williams could have been sworn in as a state rep a month ago to represent the district in the lame-duck session going on in Springfield this past week. That was her initial plan.

But there were questions about how she would vote if a tax plan was on the lame-duck agenda. Williams claims that local Democratic leaders, including Fritchey and Senate President John Cullerton, wanted her commitment to support the tax hike before arranging for her to be sworn in. They say she got cold feet and decided not to start early—choosing instead to wait until Wednesday, when the rest of the freshman legislative class was sworn in.

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  • Glenn Koons, LB, Ca. said:

    I find it sad that Ill, could elect state legislators who already got them into a socialist entitlement fiscal mess, with huge taxation and regs, and then put in a guv who merrily goes on his way to hike more taxes. Ohio, Mich, even Wisc are not going to do that because this type of taxing never never works. All will get poorer; business will not hire and the public will …blame the rich. Apparently that is why liberal Dems like Quinn and the reps in Ill. love taxes and spending. Note it is the Blue states like Ca., Ill, NY who are near bankruptcy. But, the lemming voters go right on voting for these flacks.

  • Ken Thompson said:

    Ann Williams must be voted out in 2012. I will campaign with all my heart and soul against her. I already am organizing folks now. She can kiss he job goodbye. She as well voted for the tax increase!

  • Dos Sloan said:

    Welcome to the Greece. Illionis is the Hellenic Republic of the USA. It’s debt trades at the the highest rates in all 50 states & territories-worse than CA, & MI. Why??? Because of idiot politicians like Madigan & Quinn who, under the cover of darkness, in the dead of night, broke into taxpayers wallets like the thieves that they are. The people of Who-ville work up to the largest income tax increase in IL’s history and these scumbags rammed it thru WITHOUT CUTTING ANYTHING FROM THE BLOATED, CORPULENT, MORBIDLY OBESE IL BUDGET. NOT A DOLLAR. Even CA’s Jerry Brown, a democrat, proposed a package of tax increases & 12.5 Billion in spending cuts! A democrat for Gods sake.
    The people of Illinois should be sharpening pitchforks & heating vats of tar for these scumbags!
    And what to they announce today? They want to issue 8.7 billion in additional debt! They are insane! This state will default!
    Quinn & the General Assembly should be dipped in hot oil!
    Check out the story abt Maria Pappas & her driver, maid, & car on our dime.


  • Mike Buck said:

    It’s time to initiate constitutional amendments at both the state and federal level ending the governmental abuse known as the lame duck session. Members of Congress and state legislators should be seated as soon as elected and the new Congress or General Assembly Session should begin immediately after an election. Likewise, executive pardon authority, both presidential and gubernatorial should be constitutionally prohibited for lame duck presidents and governors after the election for such offices has occurred.

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