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Smears Against Mark Kirk are Just Another Attack on the Military

Jim Leahy 24 June 2010 11 Comments

A friend of mine, who is involved in grassroots politics, called to tell me a close friend was being asked to be the Chairman of Catholic outreach for the Illinois Republican party. She said she was going to write a column about how GOD has chosen this as a test for him; would he do the right thing or would he allow himself to be used to get Catholics to support Mark Kirk?

I asked her who she would choose between Kirk and Ginnoulias. Her answer seems to be what allot of conservatives are thinking; there are two maybe three candidates running as independents she said, that in a year like this could win. To prove her point she referred to a poll that said a majority of voters want neither candidate. I asked if she really believed that the next United States Senator from Illinois would be an Independent? Her answer was “That’s why I said God was using this as a test and I believe that God can create miracles”. I had to say “Not in Illinois politics he can’t”.

How things have changed in this Senate race and how well the media and yes even the Kirk, campaign itself has done to separate Kirk from the GOP base. It looked like Alexi was on the ropes with all of his Broadway banking troubles; then Ed Marshall the producer at WBBM TV, publicly let Alexi off by telling Kirk “We’re really not going to cover the Senate race if it is consistently, only in your terms, is about Broadway Bank. Alexi’s been pilloried!”

Marshall made it clear Congressman Kirk had to find something else to talk about. Can you believe that? Giannoulias, in his campaign for Treasurer, used the fact that he was the executive director of a growing neighborhood bank as his bona fides. Kirk shouldn’t talk about a twenty something banker, who gave questionable loans to mobsters, and in 2006 while he was in charge, allowed Tony Rezko to kite $450,000 in bad checks?

The fact that the bank failed, cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars and Alexi and his family absconded with millions of dollars after his father died isn’t worth mentioning anymore? I wonder if Mr. Marshall will call for the same ceasefire for Mark Kirk now? I mean Ginnoulias is harping on Kirks misstatements about his real life military career. Will Marshall say “What is your campaign going forward Alexi? What are the issues you are going to tell the voters why should they vote for you?” quoting his admonishment of Kirk.

It shouldn’t be a surprise that the Democrats and their allies in the media chose to attack someone’s military record. Of course they’re against the wars and don’t support the people in the military who are risking their lives, or their mission. For over two weeks now in the middle of two wars, Ginnoulias and his protectors in the media, have the nerve to attack someone who is actually serving in the military. The fact that his commanding officer said the honor was directed at Kirk, and was because of the work Kirk did, didn’t change the tone of the attacks. Now even Dick Durbin the hysterical whiner who when describing what a few Americans had done to prisoners in Iraq, said “you would most certainly believe this must have been done by Nazis, Soviets in their gulags, or some mad regime — Pol Pot or others” Had the nerve to attack Kirk.

You would think that Durbin would have learned his lesson from his comparison that had him on the floor of the US Senate in tears asking for forgiveness. Now we know they were crocodile tears. He and his Democrat cohorts have used their antimilitary stands to take control of the country; this attack on Kirk is just a continuation of that same strategy.

I read a poll where only 17% now believe Kirk is telling the truth; about what? To allow anti-military knuckleheads like Durbin and Alexi to smear anyone who has served or still is serving during war time is criminal. I wouldn’t care if it was just a private who was kicked out after boot camp at least they tried to serve their country. Instead of allowing them to get away with this, people should be asking what they have done for the country, they should be embarrassed for their behavior.

My Republican friends where was the conservative running against Dick Durbin? I went to many meetings to find a candidate, none came forward. Dr. Sauerberg ended up as the candidate and Durbin with all of his baggage got over 68% of the vote. Where were all of you bloggers then? All of you saying you couldn’t vote for Kirk apparently didn’t vote for Sauerberg either. I would rather have Dr. Sauerberg than Dick Durbin and I don’t even have to think twice about that. Yes there were good candidates in the last primary but none had the money, charisma or the foresight to get out early and build a statewide organization Mark Kirk won. So now we should ask for Kirk to step aside? Why? Because some snot nosed millionaire is attacking him for his service?

Alexi Ginnoulias is as far left as Obama, he will vote 100% for the Obama Socialist agenda and what’s more important, to make either Dick Durbin or Chucky Schumer the next Majority leader in the Senate.  (I take for granted Harry Reid will lose). The one vote that we can count on Mark Kirk making is for Majority leader, if the GOP does not win Obama’s old seat we can’t take back the Senate it is just that simple. The GOP needs every seat to get to nine. Even if Harry Reid and Barbra Boxer lose and even with the huge victory of winning the Kennedy seat the Democrats will still run the Senate if Kirk loses. One more vote on the Supreme court and the 2nd amendment is a goner and any hope of reversing Roe for another generation is gone as well we need to take back the Senate.

To Mark Kirk and his campaign; you had better wake up and do some grassroots outreach. You need to find some common ground with the GOP base and apologize for being so arrogant. It should have been your campaign that put this forward, and the reasons to vote for your candidate, not someone like me from the outside. You need to do a few mea culpas and ask for help. You might be surprised with the answer. If you do it now.

Jim Leahy is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer and a US Marine.


  • Jon Zahm said:


    You are missing another option. Kirk should be forced from the ballot for his repeated lies and exaggerations about his military record and the State Central Committee should appoint a qualified conservative like Kirk Dillard to the vacancy.

    The same thing should be done on the 8th. Walsh is another liar who cannot win. Maria Rodriguez would be a good replacement.

    Where is the leadership in the party? Pate Philip would not have stood for these two guys as nominees if he were still in leadership.

    Jon Zahm

  • huh? said:

    This piece makes no sense to me, on several levels.

    And by the way, this simply isn’t true about Alexi and his family’s bank: “cost the taxpayers tens of millions of dollars.”

    All banks have to pay insurance premiums in to the FDIC every year based on the size of their deposits. An insurance fund is maintained, fully funded by those premiums, in the event of a closure. The closure of the Broadway Bank and the assumption of its deposits by another bank cost the taxpayers nothing. Alexi’s bank had to pay premiums every year for just that sort of eventuality.

    The Giannoulias bank situation no more cost the taxpayers than a driver filing a claim after a traffic accident.

    More dishonesty on Kirk’s behalf isn’t the answer.

  • Rufino said:


    The premiums that Broadway Bank paid will not come close to the obligations that the FDIC will have to cover. The FDIC is in deficit, which someone will have to cover, the taxpayers namely.

    Alexi used his sinceure status at Broadway Bank to show Illinois voters that he was experienced enough to become treasurer. That experience included lending to mobsters and other risky ventures.

    Once Treasurer Alexi presided over the loss of millions or tuition savings, then covered up the extent of that loss.

    First, the mismanagement of his bank, then the mismanagement of his elected office, I’m surprised he wants to graduate to Senate.

    Personally, I’m surprised that Illinois democrats support him. I haven’t heard one good reason why.

  • huh? said:

    “The premiums that Broadway Bank paid will not come close to the obligations that the FDIC will have to cover. The FDIC is in deficit, which someone will have to cover, the taxpayers namely.”

    Rufino, you clearly don’t know what you’re talking about.

    As is, this race comes down to a hip, attractive young guy with a very attractive girlfriend vs. an old Queen who lies about everything. It will be a simple choice for most voters.

    But as Jon Zahm notes, this is a false choice. Mark Kirk simply needs to be replaced on the ballot with a real conservative who can actually win.

  • John Maynard Krebs said:

    I like the idea that if insurance covers it, then it costs nothing. Who do you think eats the cost of insurance….? Everybody else ends up paying for Alexi’s incompetence.

  • Jim Leahy said:

    Kirk was not my choice but he won, he beat some good candidates he ran a good campaign. You have to give credit where it is due. Kirk has done nothing to justify his removal or his resignation from the ticket. If he had, the military would have charged him under the UCMJ. You calling for something that will not happen does nothing but provide cover for the incompetence of Alexi.

    HUH? This is from the 146,000 answers to the inquiry to google “FDIC is BROKE”
    “Banks, not taxpayers, are expected to fund the system.” Haven’t the US tax payers already bailed out most of the banking industry? Won’t those funds that go to the banks, now be used to pay the higher FDIC fees (rather than being lent out as was the intended purpose)? So at the end of the day tax payers will indirectly fund the FDIC anyway, and end up taking a one-two punch to their finances. Firstly, their taxes will be potentially wasted on bank bailouts that don’t seem to be working; secondly – and more directly – they will be hit with higher banks fees. Just what we need in already tough financial times.

  • Reality Check said:

    Kirk’s primary win was a fraud. Most of the people who voted for him didn’t realize he was a congenital liar.

    You can’t ask Republicans to support a guy who has lied to them so many times.

    Giving up and saying “Kirk won’t go” just guarantees Alexi gets the seat. Most voters, even most Republicans, would rather have the mob banker than a lying Dem in Republican clothing who destroys the GOP brand from within.

  • nitpicker said:

    I broke many of the Kirk stories and I assure you no one is attacking Mark Kirk’s miliary service. I have gone after his lies about that service, which are numerous and provably false. Kirk served honorably, but, as a politician, he sold that honor for votes.

    I work for no campaign or party. I just hate military fakers, as they use what is good about service in a disgusting way. If you so choose, you can overlook Kirk’s numerous lies, hold your nose and vote for the man, but at least have the courage to admit you don’t care he’s a man who has lied about his service for political gain.

    There’s simply no disputing that fact.

  • John Maynard Krebs said:

    There is something completely trivial about the “lies” you have uncovered Mr. Nitpick. Is there anyone else in Congress even serving in the US Military?

  • nitpicker said:

    Acutally, yes, there are other Congressmen in the US military, not to mention some REAL Iraqi Freedom veterans, not fake ones like Mark Kirk.

    Feel free to call his lies trivial, by the way, but there sure are an awful lot of them. At least ten at last count, and those are just the ones about his military service.

    So, if lying about military service doesn’t bother you, fine. I’m not your conscience. However, at this point you simply cannot deny Kirk lied.

  • John Maynard Krebs said:

    I have the distinct feeling that the Illinois Senate campaign narrative is being pressed towards a discussion of Kirk’s work record as a nursery school teacher, all the while Giannoulias has an unmarked van backed up to his bank so he can loot it and stick taxpayers with the bill.

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