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Shocking “Big Stuff”! Low Level Republican Official Resigns

Thomas F. Roeser 29 July 2010 8 Comments

Just when Republicans have a chance to win, Capitol Fax blog sighed yesterday, hiding its inward grin, this happens! What is it? Big scandal…tremendous. Ranks right up there with Mark Kirk’s 1976 boat accident. The Cook county Republican party’s executive director resigns! Great God of mercy! Can the republic stand this earthquake which shakes the very timbers of western civilization?

After weeks of trying to sell the story, a newsletter formed to promote the presidential candidacy of Hillary Clinton finally hit pay-dirt when The Huffington Post a left-wing blog run by political switch-hitter Arrianna Huffington.
The terrible scandal? The county GOP exec director walked a girl to his apartment and got frisky with her. Nothing happened. Maybe that’s the scandal because some of the young braves around the county party and YRs aren’t entirely brimming with testosterone. But she alleges he tried to keep her in his apartment by…get this…sitting on her! That’s it! Finally a cab came and she got out of there.

That’s the story that’s going to sink the GOP. Day by day one blogger with an axe to grind pumped it across the Internet writing in lurid tones filled with innuendo…inventing titles for the players. For instance there’s a guy called The Prophet. He comes and goes in the story. It brings into focus a prominent rich woman who has contributed much money to the party. No, no scandal about her either but someone…was…trying…to…dump…her…from…her…party…title!

Finally as the story started to bore everyone, The Huffington Post a lefty blog pulled out a bicycle pump and laboriously dinged it up to major proportions. At this point the Capitol Fax which thoroughly covers Springfield and Illinois politics but acts as a megaphone for the Dems and particularly the Madigans sought to breathe more life in the story…oh’ing and ah’ing that just when things look good for the Republicans, THIS had to happen. Now the Capitol Fax has not to date written a word about Al Gore meeting prosecutors because an Irish female masseuse wouldn’t give him a hand…and that other masseuses have arisen with the same complaint.

But this Illinois GOP scandal is really something. What’s really something is the female soldier of fortune, Arianna Huffington. Born in Greece with the catchy name of Arianna Stassinopoulus she moved to England at 16 and attended Cambridge where she became the third woman president of the Cambridge Union. After graduation with a BA in economics she plumped into bed with the journalist and broadcaster Bernard Levin after the two met as panelists on a TV show. When Levin refused to marry her, she took off and came to the U. S. where she lived in California and became a Democrat strongly interested in Gov. Jerry Brown.

That didn’t take so she met a mega-multimillionaire conservative Republican named Michael Huffington at a party hosted by Ann Getty (the oil heiress) in San Francisco. Getty wanted Ann to get married so she arranged the wedding and paid for it. They lived in Santa Barbara and Michael ran for Congress from there. He won going away. Arrianna campaigned for him, courting religious conservatives and the duo prepared for Michael to run for the Senate. Once again Arianna became the duenna of right-wing religious conservatives.

Then came a hitch. Michael Huffington lost to Diane Feinstein and he told Arianna that he was…gasp…bisexual. They split. The settlement made Arianna a rich, rich lady. She continued as the duenna of conservatives and became very chummy as an acolyte for Newt Gingrich.

That got boring and Arriana went back to her first love—the political Left. After a series of mutations she finally started her leftwing blog and is a big player with liberal Democrats. The blog is really pretty good, designed by…of all people…Andrew Breitbart. It’s attractive, well-put together…and in style is a forerunner to Breitbart’s own blog.

To show you how centrist the Huffington Post is, a columnist for it is Bob Creamer, husband of Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky.

Arianna who isn’t getting any younger is a frequent guest on left-wing television…MSNBC etc….but her heavily Greek accent combines the shrillness of Laura Ingraham’s tone with a deadly accent, the total effect being an audio approximation of Ma Kettle as played by a rasping, hoarse Marjorie Main with a head-cold.

Anyhow, don’t wait for the scandal to erupt and drive the Gulf of Mexico oil spill off the front pages. It’s a contrivance propagated courtesy of a Hillary for President blog, a few disgruntled Republicans, Capitol Fax and Huffington. Nothing to worry about.


Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Dan Kelley said:

    Conflating this non-story into news really demonstrates more about Rich Miller than anything else.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Rich Miller is nothing if not consistent and compliant – SEIU calls and the Dude abides.

  • Dan Kelley said:

    Kooky Rich Miller is still trying to promote this non-event as a major news story. It all looks to be pretty well coordinated.

    These were the same people who told us that it was unimportant if the POTUS committed perjury to obstruct an investigation by a special prosecutor because the lies related to a sexual relationship. The minor league sex scandal that Miller is propagandizing apparently did not result in anything at all. At most, the accused individual was guilty of rude behavior.

    The late George Dunne and the incumbent Secretary of State, Jesse White, were accused of far worse things and suffered no consequences.
    As Democrats, their actions were exempt.

  • you got it said:

    “Maybe that’s the scandal because some of the young braves around the county party and YRs aren’t entirely brimming with testosterone.”

    Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner. In fact the whole thing about taking a woman home seems to have been more about someone light in the loafers trying to come across as “normal” for political reasons. And not knowing how a “normal” guy is really supposed to act, creepiness ensued.

    Let’s face it, it’s all just training for stepping up into the State Republican Party where the closets are big and deep.

    That’s the real story, and I wouldn’t be so quick to pooh-pooh it.

  • Intellectual Honesty said:

    The real story properly framed is the male leadership of the GOP establishment at various levels and its handling of a matter involving a woman (with a clearly written complaint). This is not a low level matter. This is a matter that sadly reflects the old boys club mentality in the IL GOP and the disrespect for women by individuals in positions of leadership. The sins of the fathers carry to the next generations. SAD. So, if this is not a story, then why the resignation? So, if this is not a story, why then the coverup by both the CYR organization and the Cook County GOP regarding this matter? Jack, you are of my grandparent’s generation and have no understanding of what women currently face today in the world of politics and the private sector. Sadly, your generation and the generation of my parents has not stomped out the ill treatment of women, their objectification and the old boys club mentality that reigns supreme in the IL GOP.

  • P.B. said:

    Roeser your summarization of the woman’s complaint makes obvious your misogynist viewpoints. A female must be very alert to situations that seem harmless but can quickly turn into a bad place to be. This woman’s complaint was detailed. Any true gentleman in the city would escort a woman without being asked to a cab at her request for her safety. Instead the two slime balls present refused to do so, sat on her, and took her phone away so she could not call a cab. Finally the other female present had to walk down with her. Do you want your daughters walking on the streets of Chicago at 1:30am alone? Apparently you think its just a silly laughing matter, well when your grandaughter, neice, or close female friend is in a hospital room in a coma b/c some criminal decided to beat her with a bat for her purse just let me know how you feel then.

  • Dan Kelley said:

    As unpleasant as some of the allegations sound, how would a public prosecutor proceed in this case where the so called victim did not come forward? How would this case be handled if belatedly reported to the police? How much time has elapsed? A year or two years? What charges could the Felony Review Unit file?

    Someone’s feelings were hurt and several petty party politicians are bickering amongst themselves. How on earth can this sorry episode be stretched to relate to a Downstate politician who is seeking to be elected governor? Somehow because the people all belong to the same political party, the candidate is responsible for a third person’s crude and obnoxious behavior. That simply will not fly.

    Using this same criteria isn’t Jan Schakowsky guilty since her husband went to prison? Oh no, you do not understand. . . Jan was ignorant of all that despite the fact that they worked for the same PAC and Bob is a class act when he is not smearing people or kiting checks.

    It is extremely doubtful that a solid case could be made from the flimsy allegations that have been aired. This probably explains why it took more than a year to shop the story in the media and why so few outlets were willing to publish a word about such a weak story.

  • suba suba said:

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