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Sheesh! Why Can’t The Press Give Obama A Free Pass on IHFPB?

Thomas F. Roeser 11 May 2010 5 Comments

Touchy-Touchy Capitol Fax. Part I.

Understand that Dr. Eric Whitaker, one of President Obama’s best friends, was not subpoenaed. Just his emails and medical records from the Illinois of Public Health which he ran under Rod Blagojevich. The pro-Squid, pro-Obama Capitol Fax objects to the headline by the Sun-Times: One of Obama’s Closest Friends Part of Federal Probe. Not that the headline says they were subpoenaed but it’s too vague. Again: Whitaker wasn’t subpoenaed but his papers were.

And, tsks-tsks Capitol Fax it takes to the 7th paragraph for the paper to say that neither Whitaker or his former chief of staff Quin Golden were subpoenaed.

Perhaps the best way to write the story to win approval of the Obama-idolizing Capitol Fax…while undeniably supplying the best coverage of Springfield extant…would be this:

By Dave McKinney, Chris Fusco and Tim Novak Staff Reporters.

President Obama’s friend Dr. Eric Whitaker was not subpoenaed by a federal grand jury, the Chicago Sun-Times has learned.

However their papers and emails are being looked at—which very well may mean nothing at all: a routine procedure. However, they…Dr Whitaker and Golden…are not under subpoena.

It is clear that the Department of Public Health’s “faith-based initiatives” and health awareness campaigns were designed to assist African-American and other minorities obtain better health care were all functioning well when Dr. Whitaker and Golden left state employment. While they are mentioned in a subpoena which asks for their papers and e-mails, it is important to stress that they…Dr. Whitaker and Golden…are not the target of a subpoena themselves. So as the reader digests this news, it is important to recognize that they are not…repeat not…under subpoena.

Touchy-Touchy Capitol Fax Part II.

Capitol Fax is very much interested in passage of State Rep. Lou Lang’s medical marijuana bill. So it criticized a statement opposing it made by the lobbyist for the Illinois Association of Chiefs of Police. The lobbyist said one thing that cannot be contradicted:

“There’s a lot of stuff in marijuana that’s not good for you.”

But then he made an overstatement: “It’s like people taking meth. People feel a lot better ingesting methamphetamine.”

To which Capitol Fax expostulates with its favorite idiom: “Sheesh!” Sheesh! Is a term of exasperation that kids…and adults who don’t want to grow up…use—most usually seen as a variation of the word “Jesus!”

What Capitol Fax doesn’t report, however, is that the National Institute on Drug Abuse says marijuana smoke contains from 50 to 70% more harmful chemicals than does cigarette smoke and that long-term marijuana users may suffer from severe respiratory ailments. Nor that marijuana addiction is linked with anxiety. Among young people the medical marijuana bill is seen as one step to general laxity and acceptance of the smoke. Anyone protesting it is likely to be greeted by the in-crowd with “Sheesh!” meaning decidedly un-cool. Once again: the pop culture argues that medical marijuana is a good and that any square who opposes it is…well…sheesh!


Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • Pat Hickey said:

    “Snark encouraged? Or Banned for Life!” Yep, Snark Master General Miller busies himself protecting SEIU and all they hold dear.

  • Dan Kelley said:

    The value of Capitol Fax is diminished in direct correlation to Miller’s obvious biases. He is not a neutral reporter.

  • Dave said:


    If you bothered to read the story and look at the subpoenas, you’d recognize that Whitaker has almost nothing to do with the investigation which is why he hasn’t been questioned, subpoenaed or in any other way approached by the feds. It’s about programs that went bad long after Whitaker left.

    Rich Miller was simply pointing out that the hype of the front page coverage, headline and lede had very little to do with the actual investigation. Notice, for example, the complete lack of any focus on the guy who actually has run the department and been in charge of these programs in the THREE YEARS since Whitaker left. Also notice that nobody else picked up on the story. Not the Tribune. No other Illinois pubs. Not even Fox News. In short, it was a bogus story. Too bad your ideological glasses can’t let you see that.

  • JMK said:

    Nothing to see here, just move on, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain…

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