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Scorn of the Irish Celebrated in the End of the South Side Parade

Pat Hickey 27 March 2009 14 Comments

The South Side Irish Parade ended on March 25, 2009 with this paragraph from the South Side Irish Parade Committee –‘Let this release serve as notice that the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade Committee is not planning to stage a parade in its present form in March of 2010.’
It was determined by the committee to make the announcement only days following the Parade.  This gave the people that I call ‘Haters’ ample opportunity to get their ‘I Hate the South Side Irish’ freak on.
These people come from every ethnic and racial background including Irish but share a common devotion – American Secularist Progressives.  The loudest of them are journalists, followed by politicians, academics and activists by vocation.
These folks revel in their contempt for Catholicism and ethnic pride, particularly when displayed by Irish Americans.  The Rainbow World of Diversity stops at Green it seems to me.  That has always been the case here in Chicago. Tribune Founder Joseph Medill intensely hated Catholics and Irish Catholics in particular. As did Jane Addams, Emma Goldman, and Clarence Darrow and Dr. Cornelia De Bey, who along with Jane Addams helped betray the striking Meat Packers in 1904. It’s all in the Tribune Archives. Their scions hate Catholics with much more nuanced sophistication – which they call inclusion.
The huffing-and puffing that followed a Catholic Bishop’s decision not to attend the University of Notre Dame’s Commencement because of the school’s spineless disregard for Catholic Doctrine with it’s PC invitation to President Obama to be Keynote Speaker is one such example. Journalists like to pal it up with Progressives for some reason and will pretzel any and all point of view until Progressively skewed. They love it when Catholics go all Cesar Chavez and embrace anti-War platforms or anti-Wal-Mart activism, but they hate it when Catholics say killing kids for cosmetic reasons (abortion – end the belly bump) and embryonic stem cell research (‘Think of the greater good – snuff the kid!’) is wrong and so is playing ball with politicians who suck at Planned Parenthood’s teat.  Can I say that?
They ‘like’ Notre Dame’s decision in same way that a team that has just ‘Homer-ed’ a visiting team with an in-the-vest referee’s decision.  They would hate it if Notre Dame had publicly, and rightly and courageously, refused an invitation to President Obama. President Obama is loudly and actively in full support of abortion at all levels; however, Notre Dame handled the hiring and firing of Ty Willingham with equally stupid PC deftness.  Journalists make great haters. They Hate people that it is okay to hate – Catholics – Irish Catholics in particular are good people to hate, because Irish Americans are pretty much used to it. Still get’s our Irish up – can I say that?
Of the Journalist Haters, Chicago Tribune hater Eric Zorn was the first to pounce on the South Side Irish Parade. Taking cover behind his assertion that he hates all parades and then going for the marrow.
When I became a man — heck, when I became a teen — I became bored by parades.  The gaudy ones on national TV with the gigantic balloon figures, tumblers and celebrities. Victory parades. Inaugural parades… you couldn’t pay me to watch them.

And local holiday parades — such as the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade which today we learned is ending “in its present form” — are the worst.
Eric, you would have absolutely hated the Visitation May Crowning Processions that were attended by thousands of Catholics and no candy for kids.
Sun Times hater Mark Brown took a week old story that he had spiked about tradition of play at St. Gabriel’s Parish in Canaryville to make a snotty crack.
 ‘If organizers of the South Side Irish St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Beverly are really looking for alternative ways to celebrate the holiday, they might want to consider the example of their Canaryville brethren.

 Now, Mark, 300,000 people at a play? Good thing you kept those notes from last week!

The absolute jewel of haters is Southtown Star Phil Kadner. Phil Kadner denies the Irish Catholics of the south side any plausible reason for the South Side Irish Parade other than race hatred against black Americans.

‘I don’t expect anyone to launch a Tomato Throwing Festival, a real event in Spain where up to 40,000 people from throughout the world gather to participate in a giant food fight. (Check out the videos on the Internet. You’ve got to see it to believe it.)

According to neighborhood legend, the South Side Irish Parade was launched by two families that fondly recalled the original St. Patrick’s Day Parade on 79th Street.
It seems to me it really grew in popularity about the time the Daley clan was out of power, Harold Washington was mayor, and the Irish of the 19th Ward decided to secede from Chicago.’

Harold Washington never wrote a check to help poor black kids get an education at Leo High School.  Harold, as I recall, was a big fan of the South Side Irish Parade, Mr. Kadner.
Mr. Kadner,  here is the most recent list of Irish last names and their most recent gift to black American kids attending Leo High School.: O’Brien – $ 500,Donovan – $ 250,Barry – $ 250,Dunn – $ 500, Casey $ $5,000, Nelligan – $ 700, Sullivan – $ 1,500, Meenan – $ 500,O’Malley $ 1,200, Healy – $1,000,,Glynn – $250,Lawton -$2,000, Nedved – $ 500 . . .
Nedved?  I think that I saw that name associated with the South Side Parade Committee. Irish Catholics are pretty generous people, but you will never read about their specific acts of kindness to black people that the Haters want everyone to believe are the sole targets of hostile and brutish Irish Catholics – to the contrary. That nonsense only works in the Media.
I live in St. Cajetan Parish of Morgan Park.  My kids go the Parade.  They love it. Clare 14 years of age gets more stoked about the Parade than she does at Christmas Time. She does not even drink.  I hear a few of my neighbors beef about the parade, and the drunks and the noise and the traffic for a big husky four, or five hours a year. Some people will beef about anything.  Hell, I do.

The Police enforce the laws at the Parade as best as they can, given the political media attention on their every action and implied motivation. Everyone gets along it seems to me – unless of course one runs into a drunken, beer muscles –up, foul-mouthed moron who missed his bus back to Naperville.
The Parade Committee, God Bless them, are making the decisions about the conduct of the Parade and get all the heat when things go badly and almost no praise when the event is a stunning success. They are the people involved. They make the decisions. They brought 300,000 people to our neighborhoods with regularity. I’d say that was a great success. They decided to cancel next year’s Parade. 

I wish that maybe they would have waited until this summer to announce the cancellation. That would have not allowed the Haters to have an opportunity to shoot their mouths off.



  • Dan Kelley said:

    It is still fashionable to engage in anti-Catholic bigotry. It is the one form of hatred that will never be prosecuted by the politically correct thought police.

  • Pat Hickey said:


    The haters in journalism – the one’s with a Progressive license to smear Catholics – take advantage of the genuine trust and good nature of people.

    They(the Haters) demand open and honest answers to any and all inquiry and they return such good manners with twists on the facts to suit their agenda.

    Never invite people who have a fundamental scorn and contempt for you into your home, as you can expect reports that ‘you do not replace your toilet paper rolls; have dishes in your sink; fois gras in your ice-box; and seem to buy groceries at the Dollar Store.’

    The South Side Irish Parade Committee made a tough decision – too soon in my opinion – and treated the Sun Times and other haters like they were genuine people. Huge mistake, that!

    Take a hater/journalist for lunch with your friends and neighbors and you not only get stuck with the bill, but you also need to drive the hater back to work and see your neighbors called Nazis in the bargain.

    Sometimes it does always pay be courteous to haters. Their ink is just not worth it.

  • chris bannon said:

    dude, why are u getting into racial issues??? wtf??? in its present state (as of 2009) the southside parade was amazing. a way for us irish to join together in some kind of irish pride. its known across the nation (and ireland) which is awesome! its the largest neighborhood parade in the world. not because we dislike anyone, but because we join together to celebrate our heritage. by the way i\’m not catholic, they put me off a LONG time ago and continued it by declaring condoms wrong for millions of africans, many of which have hiv. drop the bs, keep the irish! long live the southside parade! i\’ll be there next year decked out in green even if they don\’t want me there. keep politics out of it! IRISH is the only thing u should be concerned with!

  • chris bannon said:

    this totally has nothing to do with anti-catholicism just so u know (cancelling the parade). it sucks, but unity is key here, this is not the time or place to go after specific ideoligies. my grandparents wouldn’t in a million years help me out on this front, don’t be them…angry bitter people who want their own way and completely disregard everyone elses opinion if it even slightly differs from their own. join together to keep the parade going, thats what this is about, not your own political gains!

  • Pat Hickey said:


    Dude, I did not bring up Race – for that you must contact Phil Kadner at the Daily Southtown.

    I agree – I love the parade. I do not like the Fully Kreuzened American Youth rather should I say the CHI-Rish as 20 somethings do not drink the rich full bodied Old Style and prefer the buzz water that passes for beer – Miller Lite and Bud Lite.

    The Parade Committee however made the decision. If you have a beef – get involved – they did and took the criticism and bugger all the praise.

    As to ‘this totally has nothing to do with anti-catholicism’ You had best study up, Dude.

  • chris bannon said:

    i wrote those after i got all worked up reading articles all over the web, my bad. my main point is that a positive attitude and unity are all we need to overcome this madness. its just easier to do if we leave out religion as we obviously don’t all agree on it.. i am a 20 something irish (not chi-rish lol) but i do enjoy almost any beer including pilsners, ale, lager etc.. you’d better believe i drank guinness exclusively for the parade though ;) it’ll be back, i’ve no doubt in my mind. i just hope it’s not too watered down when it returns.

    As to ‘this totally has nothing to do with anti-catholicism’ You had best study up, Dude. – i am slightly anti-catholic btw.. actually anti-anything that tries to control my thoughts. I’m just trying to focus on the here and now rather than the past

  • Pat Hickey said:


    The demise of the Parade was used as an opportunity by journalists to bash people in my neighborhood – Good people some journalist do not like in the least, because their very being represents an affront top their Progressive/Secularist agenda.

    ‘See! The great Pro Life/Pro Family People Celebrate Drunken Violence! They allow it! It is what they are!’

    President Obama said, ‘if you want to see what being Irish American is all about, go to the South Side Parade.’

    President Obama experiences the very best of what the Parade is all about and had the grace to ignore the drunks and the idiots.

    No one is more thin-skined than a no-class reporter who gets called on his/her hypocrisy.

    When the Parade was cancelled, some journalists especially those who take pay from Sun Times News Group decided to make war on the ‘close-knit, ethnic Irish.’

    The drunks and losers I understand and pity.

    The so-called journalists who see an opportunity to move their agenda over the lives of good people need to be called out.

  • Let's be fair said:

    Has anyone ever taken the organizers of the “Back to School Parade” to task for the behavior of the spectators along that parade route?
    Are any arrests made at any of the other large parades in downtown Chicago?

    Are all of the other neighborhood celebrations conducted without any disorderly persons misbehaving?

    I seem to recall multiple shootings occurred at the Taste of Chicago in Grant Park last summer? Am I mistaken in that recollection? Has anyone called for that festival to be canceled? Is public intoxication a worse crime than gang related shootings occurring in a crowded downtown park?

    I cannot recall any comparable editorial criticism of the other parades and festivals. Venetian Night, Columbus Day, the list goes on and on, but only those damned Irish deserve to be rebuked.

  • Jerry Fahey said:

    I may be wrong, it has happened before, but I got the impression Kadner was partially being sarcastic. My impression was that he was sort of supporting the parade in all it’s misbegotten glory.

    It has been out of hand for at least 15 years and the fine weather this year just made that more obvious.

    It’s like a great (politically incorrect comment coming) White Trash Underage Bat Signal is sent into the sky on the night prior to the hoolie and the kids come by the busloads to drink and act stupid.

    Oh well. I do hope that the parade returns in a slightly less drunken and more family friendly way. I get wistful reading about the public side street fornication. Reminds me of my days in the Forest Preserves on a blanket with a certain colleen. No her name wasn’t “Colleen”, but her sister’s was. Too rah loo rah loo rah……..

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Good eye Jerry. Kadner was about all the boozy highjinx and what not – but not about the racist bit that was his shot at the people he don’t like – Catholics.

    The Parade Committee, if they were to restore the Parade at some point, would be wise to keep the media haters in the dark. Going to them at all and especially this quickly after the decision was made gave them ample opportunity to twist in the knife – which will continue for some time to come. Especially, now that the STNG is bankrupt, they will try and milk the controversy dry.

    The Parade was fun. The out of control Duffii were not. I would suggest serious border control check points for contrabanned substances and human flotsam – Fern Bar Bus parking only at Dan Ryan Woods and all occupants of said buses required to walk to and from the Parade Route – a healthy strectch of the legs at three miles only.

  • Jerry Fahey said:


    be fair it wasn’t just the hordes of north siders coming down on buses that get out of hand. From what media reports I saw the bulk of the arrested came from areas south and west of Beverly. Alsip, Tinley etc. Some of the last names were interesting too. I didn’t realize St. Patty’s Day was a big holiday for those named Vasquez.

    As for Kadner’s alleged anti Catholicism I don’t see any in that story. Things were tense around there in 1983 regarding the election of Harold Washington. Of course since the bulk of the neighborhood quickly came to support Bernie Epton, liberal bald headed Jewish guy, I would think Kadner would appreciate those memories.

    Now Kadner is clearly anti Catholic school based on his other writings. He seems to think the problem with public schools is all money. That’s part of it, but the main problem is a lack of competition along with some seriously screwed up parents.

    I’m a moderate Democrat, but I would give every parent a voucher and let them choose where to send their progeny. It wouldn’t solve every problem, but it would make things better. If Kadner sees that comment he may choke.

  • E. Fudd said:

    Again, Good eye Jerry,

    Certainly not all those buses came from the northside – attribute that to my gimlet eye which noted the direction the buses from which alighted the Mardi Gras Chi-Rish and the overly stuffed Metra Riders.

    111th Street was thick with suburban ( all directions) buses as well.

    Mr. Kadner debunked the origin of the Parade which is not legend but fact and begun by the Coakley and Hendry families – in 1979 when Jane Byrne was mayor in order get his ‘south side Irish are all racists’ shot in to print.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Sorry about that Jerry. I left nom de Fudd up from yesterday.

  • Keep it real said:

    Naturally, no offensive behavior every occurs at the family values themed parade on North Halsted Street that would warrant its cancellation. Judy Baar Topinka would not be associated with a public orgy, would she?

    Different strokes for different folks when it comes to canceling parades.

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