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Russia is Winning

Don Rose 2 August 2017 One Comment

Let us stipulate, as everyone except Donald Trump acknowledges, that Vladimir Putin’s Russia “meddled” in our recent election–as the United States has done for decades in South America.

   Let us also put the most “innocent” construction on this meddling. Let’s say–strictly for the sake of argument–that there was no collusion with the Trump campaign and no genuine hope Trump could be elected to serve as a “useful idiot” for Putin. Let’s further hypothesize that Russia was not trying to defeat Hillary Clinton because she would be unfriendly if she won.

  Let’s say that Russia’s prime goal was simply to create as much chaos as possible in order to show the world that free elections and ultimately liberal democracies don’t work anymore. If  that was all Putin wanted to do, six months of Trump it seems to have achieved his goal.

  What have we shown the world?

winningFirst and foremost, a president whose lies have piled up so high he can’t remember which was which–which makes him a terrible liar, because the really good ones keep track so they won’t wind up contradicting themselves.

 We have shown the world a president  who abandons all international allies on environmental reform, then amazingly publicly trashes his own cabinet and staff members–many of whom were doomed from the start. National Security Advisor Michael Flynn–an absurd choice–was gone before the ink was dry on his appointment. The FBI chief followed soon after refusing to pledge loyalty to Trump.

  Press secretary Sean Spicer and chief of staff Reince Priebus were targeted men from the beginning. The only surprise is that they lasted until last week. How much longer can Attorney General Jeff Sessions last, even though Republican senators are working daily to protect him?

  Now we have a new, expletive-rich communications director, Anthony Scaramucci, whose verbal assaults on Priebus and Steve “Darth” Bannon, actually taught me a new expletive. We are told by other cabinet-level officials that Trump encourages battles between figures such as Bannon and “The Mooch” because they demonstrate who is stronger and who will survive.

   Meanwhile, the dominant Republican Party is in a many-sided internecine war.  The House has long been divided against itself, with elastic-man Paul Ryan stretched to the breaking point trying to hold the sides together. So, too, the Senate, which, try after try, could not fulfill its seven-year pledge to “repeal and replace” Obamacare.

 Trump called them “fools.” Yet even he tried and failed to bring one dissident senator into line by dispatching his interior secretary to threaten Alaska’s Lisa Murkowski that bad things would befall her entire state if she voted “wrong.”

 Then Trump, completely off the wall, tweets a ban on transgender military forces–but the generals essentially ignore him.  

  On and on goes this ludicrous display of free-for-all, self-bashing warfare while Democrats look on slack-jawed and Putin laughs hysterically up his sleeve. He is winning.

  Do you suppose any of those Republican combatants might be distracted from fighting each other if North Korea manages to lob one of its new ICBMs onto Japan or South Korea–or us?

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • Mel Blanc said:

    How about a real investigation into the Clinton’s business ties with Russia? Or perhaps an acknowledgement that Hillary R. Clinton was one of the worst candidates in modern memory?

    By the way, which president paved the way for North Korea to begin building the bomb? William Jefferson Clinton is the correct answer.

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