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Restricting Liberty is the Kneejerk Reaction of Politicians

Jim Ridings 29 January 2013 One Comment

It is time for the politicians to finally do something to stop the gun violence in this country. The incidents of slaughter in recent years have been appalling. Twenty-six people shot dead at a school in Newtown, Connecticut,, on Dec. 14, 2012. Twelve killed in the shooting at an Aurora, Colorado, theatre on July 20, 2012. Six killed on Jan. 8, 2011, when Congresswoman Gabby Giffords was wounded. Thirty-two shot dead at Virginia Polytechnic on April 16, 2007. Thirteen shot dead at Columbine High School on April 20, 1999. The list goes on.

In each incident, there has been one common instrument of violence. Without this, there would have been no slaughters.

That’s right. It is comic books.

The federal government needs to ban comic books to stop the spread of mass murder in this country. Every shooter has been a comic book fan. The murderer in Colorado committed his slaughter at a screening of a Batman movie, and he dressed up like the Joker when he did it.

The other shooters had similar twisted reasonings. Let’s face it, the average reader of comic books is a wimpy nerd, someone who reads about superheroes and fantasizes himself in their place, taking vengeance on all the bullies who have mocked his thick glasses and pocket protectors. They are weak, and they get vicarious power from the power of their superheroes. They are loners, hiding within themselves, like Superman, Batman, and every superhero with a secret and an identity that no one would understand. They are sociopaths, and it doesn’t matter to them if they emulate Superman or Lex Luthor.

Sometimes they become Batman. Sometimes they become the Joker. Always they take their anger out on a society that marginalizes them and doesn’t appreciate them. And they get all these ideas from reading comic books.

That is why comic books need to be banned in order to stop the senseless slaughter in this country. OK. Now let’s get serious.

Do I believe comic books should be banned? Of course not. Do I believe comic books are responsible for the mass shootings? No, not any more than guns are responsible.

The one responsible is the individual nut who does the killings, not the comic book he reads or the gun he fires.

Liberals have a set of their own ten commandments, none of which have anything to do with the real Ten Commandments, or with God. They fervently believe in abortion, in gay marriage, in big government, in the welfare state replacing individual initiative, in climate change, in solar and wind power as credible substitutes, in persecuting anything religious, and in the existence of extra-terrestrial beings (except God). You can pretty well go through the whole fanatic liberal canon.



One of their main fanatic causes is gun control. They will tell you “it’s for the children,” a common refrain that covers everything from raising taxes to killing children in abortion clinics. Maybe they really believe it. But to those in power, gun control isn’t about guns, it’s about control. It’s about a dictatorial, totalitarian government disarming a citizenry it doesn’t like or trust.

President Obama arrogantly has said that the U.S. Constitution (which last week he once again swore to uphold) is antiquated, and needs to be updated and changed with the changing times. He is wrong, but if it needs to be changed, there is a legal process to do it.

Executive fiat, Obama’s choice over a legal and Constitutional process, is becoming the new rule. From making unconstitutional appointments, to declaring war on U.S. citizens and on the U.S. Constitution, Obama has shown that he thinks he is above the law and that he knows better than the Founding Fathers.

As Obama, Biden and the new National Democrat Socialists today attempt to shred the Constitution, Amendment by Amendment, their toadies in the liberal media have nothing but support. If Nixon or Bush were doing this, the media would be howling. But fascism seems to be all right as long as it is the proper fascism.

Today, it’s the Second Amendment the liberals want to cancel. Tomorrow, it will be the First Amendment. Freedom of religion already is under attack. Freedom of speech and freedom of the press also are being attacked, from the politically correct thought police.

Maybe they will try to ban comic books, and anything else that displeases them, in their next round of cleansing. After all, it’s for the children.


Jim Ridings is the author of a number of history books, including “Len Small:
Governors and Gangsters.”

“The Politically Incorrect Cheese Weasel,” a 1993 comic book by Jim Ridings.

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    I agree.

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