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Regurgitating a Nauseating Week

Don Rose 13 February 2018 One Comment

WARNING–some of these thoughts may be treasonous.

–The best thing to come out of the huge market “correction” is to silence Donald Trump on how he personally was responsible for the rising market.

–Were we duped when we were told that General John Kelly was an “adult” now that he has proven to be an unapologetic liar, a xenophobe and protector of a wife beater? Or was he once a good guy corrupted by exposure to Trump?


–Very clever of Hope Hicks, Trump’s communications director, who had been dating Porter, to draft Kelly’s laudatory comments about Porter–which he was forced to disavow within hours.

–With all the reports of finger-pointing, back-stabbing, double-crossing and mutual hatreds among Trump’s inner circle where nobody trusts anybody, isn’t it nice to know that Porter and Hicks found romance, however short-lived–before he had a chance to beat her.

–Speaking of wife-beaters, now that two have been uncovered high up in the administration, can any more be lurking? The Trump vetting process is so faulty I wouldn’t be surprised to find a pedophile or necrophiliac among his top aides.

–It bears repeating that Trump had nothing but good wishes for the departed wife beater Rob Porter and made a point of noting Porter claims he is innocent. But Trump never mentioned his victims. Trump also proclaimed that the accused pedophile Roy Moore pleaded he was innocent without a syllable about his victims. You don’t suppose that’s because 19 women still charge Trump with abuse while he proclaims his own innocence and insults his accusers.

–Trump’s planned Massive Military Parade, a la the Soviet Union and North Korea, will be the most expensive masturbatory aide in world history. His military porn show will cost millions, take months of rehearsal and tear up Pennsylvania Avenue’s pavement–all to show that Trump’s whatever is bigger than the other guy’s. Why is he so sensitive about size?

–But maybe it is just the latest and biggest distraction planned to take people’s minds off  the Mueller investigations into obstruction of justice, etc etc. If this doesn’t do it, what next–a declaration war on North Korea or somewhere?

BUT WAIT–there was also some good news

–Former schools chief Paul Vallas is definitely ready to jump into the 2019 mayoral race against Rahm Emanuel. Already the two are throwing barbs at each other–and they both deserve them.

–Vallas’s entry, along with former top cop Garry McCarthy and County Commissioner Bridget Gainer takes yet another chunk of votes from Emanuel–all to the benefit of  Troy LaRiviere, the head of the principals association, who is positioned to capture much of the African American and white progressive vote a la Harold Washington.

–Gubernatorial candidate Daniel Biss, the most experienced and best qualified of the 6 running, to my surprise has surpassed Chris Kennedy in the polls,  posing a definite threat to front-runner JB Pritzker, who got caught using racially inflammatory language in an FBI-taped conversation with the jailed ex-governor Rod Blagojevich. Sometimes nice guys win. Maybe.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • Jim Bowman said:

    Now Don, every week under Trump is nauseating for you, right? Now you know how I felt every one of the 52 times eight under Whats-his-name. Life is hard sometimes.

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