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Political Food Fight in Harwood Heights

Russ Stewart 26 March 2013 142 Comments

orange2For taxpayers in suburban Harwood Heights, a dinky village of 8,612 nestled inside Chicago’s northwest side, the cost of groceries is allegedly getting a wee bit expensive. Like about $9 million over the next 20-40 years. That’s the tab for givebacks and “shared” sales tax revenue on the $25 million Mariano’s Fresh Store due to open in May.

Not surprisingly, a political “food fight” has erupted in the 2013 mayor’s race. Incumbent Arlene Jezierny did her utmost to entice Mariano’s to build their upscale food emporium at Harlem-Lawrence. Trustee Jimmy Mougolias, a onetime Jezierny ally, did his utmost to scuttle it. Mougolias is challenging Jezierny on April 9.

According to Jezierny, it’s a swell deal. As she explains it, gross sales from Mariano’s will be in the realm of $40-60 million yearly. Of sales taxes charged, one percent of every purchase reverts to Harwood Heights, which would amount to $400,000-600,000 in revenue annually. Mariano’s developer, Bradford Equities, which owned the front 3.7 acres on Lawrence at Oketo, claimed the parcel was too small, that it needed the rear 2.2 acres, and that it was “short” the $3.85 million to buy the so-called “Tarson” property. They demanded a giveback.

They got it, and bought the parcel. Jezierny and 5 of the 6 trustees approved an end-user agreement that gave Bradford, which built and is leasing the store to Mariano’s, one half of the village’s sales tax entitlement until Bradford’s loan, including principal and interest of 5.5 percent, is satisfied, which may take 20-40 years. Said Trustee Mike Gadzinski, a Jezierny ally: “It’s a win-win situation . They (Bradford) built the store. We get the sales taxes. Mariano’s provides the security and pays for the police. What’s the complaint?”

If it takes Bradford until 2043, or later, to pay off its loan, Harwood Heights will still reap between $6-9 million in total sales taxes, said Gadzinski. “They” – meaning Mougolias and his allies, trustees Mark Dobrzycki and Les Szendlak – “are trying to spin this as a ‘loss’ to the village. They’re liars. We (Harwood Heights) benefit. If they (Bradford) didn’t build it, we get nothing. What’s the ‘loss’?”

“It’s a ‘shared revenue agreement,’” explained Trustee Larry Steiner. “That means we’re generating tax revenue, not spending it.” Jezierny emphasized that “we did the deal with no loans, no taxes, no debt.”

Plus, Gadzinski adds, by improving the property, the village gets a chunk of the property taxes. Bradford has a 20 year lease with Mariano’s.

According to Mougolias, it’s a raw deal. Mariano’s is a subsidiary of Roundy’s, a Wisconsin-based corporation which operates 160 stores throughout the Midwest, employs 18,000, and has a capital debt of $800 million. Harwood Heights, Mougolias said, will “lucky to net $30,000 a year” from the deal, “and maybe less.”

He noted that people who shop at Mariano’s won’t be shopping elsewhere. There are ten food marts within two miles of Harwood Heights, including 3 Jewels, 2 Dominick’s, and a Produce Mart, and, in the village, Butera, Aldi’s and Rich’s Foods, which sells Polish ethnic items. Mariano’s will “simply be taking business away from the other stores. The (tax) revenue we gain will be offset by that we lose.”

In Arlington Heights, site of another Mariano’s, which has booming sales, there are 3.8 people per household; in Harwood Heights, there are 2.45 people per household, Mougolias noted. “There are fewer local shoppers” than in Arlington Heights, and those in Park Ridge, Des Plaines and the northern suburbs can just as easily go to the Arlington Heights facility, while Chicagoans can go to the new Elston Avenue (north of Foster) store. “It won’t be the magnet everybody expects.”

Szendlak noted that the pricing is “deceptive.” Bradford borrowed $3.85 million with interest at prime-plus-3-percent, amortized over 40 years, he said. That’s about $212,000 annually in interest alone. Add in the principal paydown, said Szendlak, which would be about $100,000 a year, and it will take until 2060 to repay the loan. “And that’s only if sales are $60 million or more every year.”

Harwood Heights has 50 employees, and an annual budget of $7 million, so the Mariano’s spat resembles a food fight with the combatants hurling Twinkies rather than watermelons. Sales taxes from Mariano’s will be, at best, 2 to 4 percent of gross village expenditures. It’s not the economic catastrophe prophesized by Mougolias and Szendlak, nor is it the economic godsend foretold by Jezierny and Gadzinski. But, unquestionably, Mariano’s adds, not subtracts, from the village revenue stream, and creates 400 jobs..

In any political campaign, truth is hard to discern from fiction, and, if repeated relentlessly and repetitiously, fiction becomes truth. The Mougolias/Szendlak/Dobrzycki clique is trying to persuade voters that the Jezierny/Gadzinski/Steiner bunch is using their tax dollars for a “rich grocery store,” Flyers have been circulating claiming that taxpayers are “bought” the land for $4 million, that the land was “sold to the developer for $100,” and Jezierny and her pals are “giving your money to their friends (sic) the developers and lawyers.” What total non-sense.

But, in Harwood Heights, non-sense is the norm, not the exception. Encompassing just 5 precincts, with slightly more than 4,566 registered voters – of which almost a third are senior citizens — the village’s current politicians seem to revel and excel in arts of hypocrisy, duplicity, mendacity and chicanery. Yesterday’s ally is today’s enemy. Yesterday’s promises are today forgotten. Say today whatever it takes to win and worry about tomorrow later.

For 28 years (1973-2001), Harwood Heights was ruled by Ray Willas, a benign mayor, nominal Democrat, and artful consensus-builder. Like Nick Blasé in Niles (who served 1961-2008) and Joe Sieb in Norridge (1951-1998), Willas provided what voters want: Low taxes and good services. His 2001 retirement heralded a new era, replete with persistent and petty bickering, egregious spending (especially for lawyers), breathtaking opportunism and shifting alliances.

Trustee Norb Pabich, a Republican, was elected in 2001, with 599 votes (31.1 percent). After demonstrating his ineptitude, and inciting the “Gang of Four” led by Trustee Peggy Fuller, Pabich was ousted in 2005 by Fuller, a Democrat, by 895-857 (45 percent), with 217 votes to Joe Scott. After conclusively demonstrating her egotism and incompetence, Fuller quit in 2009; her ally, Dobryzcki, a Democrat, got trounced by then-Trustee Jezierny, a Republican, 1,027-756 (57.6 percent). On Jezierny’s 2009 slate were Mougolias, Szendlak and Steiner for trustee, all of whom won, getting 843, 809 and 773 votes, respectively. On taking office, Jezierny had her “Gang of Five” – meaning a 5-1 trustee majority, with only Dobrzycki remaining. Was Jezierny the next Willas? Not a chance.

Mougolias unallied himself with Jezierny, he asserted, because of her “gross mismanagement,” as did Szendlak. They joined Dobrzycki, who whines that the $12 million surplus under Willas is now an $11.8 million debt (but the mayor claims it is $7.6 million). The board is 3-3, with Jezierny the tie-breaker.

The 2009 hiring of Roy McCampbell as a $3,000-a-month “economic development consultant” caused the fissure, said Mougolias. At the time, McCampbell, Bellwood’s village manager, was under federal investigation. Wayne Peshek, McCampbell’s aide, was also hired. They began preparing a “comprehensive development plan,” which cost $1 million, said Mougolias, and “which was an exact duplicate of what we prepared” while Fuller was mayor. In 2011, McCampbell was indicted for fraudulently drawing salaries from ten jobs and earning $480,000 a year in Bellwood. Jezierny fired him, and Peshek took his place, for $1,500 a month.

“Quite simply, she (Jezierny) cannot handle the job,” said Mougolias. “She’s incompetent.” Jezierny and the trustees raised the garbage, vehicle sticker and parking fees, Mougolias claimed, and attorney fees, which were $70,000 under Fuller, are “now close” to $250,000 a year. “She was elected to put our village in order, and didn’t do it.”

Mougolias also faulted Jezierny’s handling of the shuttered Life Storage building, situated on a 3-acre Gunnison-Harlem parcel near Parkway Bank. “That should have been retail,” he said. Instead, a Public Storage facility took over, “which generates no sales tax dollars.” Said Jezierny: “There is a 3 percent service tax.”

Jezierny is no shrinking violet, and blasts Mougolias and Szendlak as “obstructionists and opportunists.” She hypes such “accomplishments” as an updated building code, the new comprehensive development plan, complete rezoning, street resurfacing, “settling” of lawsuits relating to the Fuller era, and hiring a forensic accountant to unravel the massive theft by the village’s former accountant. “I cleaned up a mess,” she said. “We have better control, more transparency.” She accused Mougolias of fomenting the rumor that she was planning to fire the 22 police officers, and hire the Cook County Sheriff’s police to patrol the village. “Totally false,” she said.

Gadzinski said the Mougolias campaign is “built on falsehoods. They’re manufacturing issues.”

Harwood Heights’ mayor is paid $30,000, and the trustees $12,000. “I will continue to be a full-time mayor,” pledged Jezierny. Mougolias, who operates a restaurant, said he would serve on a “daily basis.”

Prediction: To Mariano or not to Mariano, that is the question. Mougolias says we’re paying for what we’re not getting. Jezierny says we’re getting what we’re not paying for. In a turnout of 1,800, Jezierny will win the food fight by 125 votes.

Russ Stewart is a political analyst for the Chicago Daily Observer

Email Russ@russstewart.com or visit his website at www.russstewart.com.

image Battle of the Oranges in the Northern Italian city of Ivrea


  • John Doe said:

    Arlene Jezierny is nothing but a con artist. Sure she has been in politics a long time because she has slept her way up. Anyone that truly knows her knows she is as dumb as a box of rocks.

    She brings deals to the table only when there is an envie for her under the table. Back door deals in more ways then one are her forte.

    Get your facts straight Stewart she couldn’t understand a complex deal no matter how many times it’s explained to her. So she has her high priced lawyer doing the work for her.

    She is all about transparency???? How laughable is that her FOIA manager has put people that have requested one for over a year off. What is Jezierny trying to hide? Maybe the fact that there is an opening in the public works department. IF she was all about transparency she would have advertised it but nope it’s going to her “yes” man trustee Larry Steiner’s son in law as a thank you for sticking around all these years kissing my ass. That is the real Jezierny sham that you chose to write such glowing reviews about her.

    She has spent more money on nothing making herself look good. Robo calls almost every other week announcing some kind of function she is hosting. Money wasted on a events to make herself look good. She has every senior snowed.

    The list goes on and on. Nepotism, back door deals, con games with the truth, Jezierny has you snowed Stewart. She can’t tell the truth. She is a pathological liar because it gets her places. Anyone that knows her can tell you this.

    Oh and if you truly knew her I bet you went to have drinks with her at the Des Plaines Casino–her true office. She is a party girl always will be because she doesn’t have any brains so if she sleeps around it keeps her in business by hanging out with the powerplayers.

  • John Doe said:

    More proof that Stewart knows NOTHING about what he is writing about.

    Mariano’s is slated to open in Harwood Hts., April 16th according to their post on Facebook not May.

    Stewart learn how to do some research before you count Jezierny as the winner. This town can’t survive with her spending ways, nepotism and her giving saying yes to anyone that contributes to her campaign. How dare you believe anything Steiner says, he is a slimeball. Gadinski is her lapdog and she surrounds herself with people that are only in politics to make their own lives better…just ask Therese Scheupfer her family made money off of Mariano’s so why wouldn’t she vote for them to come in and rip us off?


    Once again Jezierny only cares about people that kiss her ass and will kiss anyone’s ass to make sure she stays in office.

    This paper needs to fire you just based on the fact that you pay no attention to the truth but print your own twisted personal opinions instead.

  • John Doe said:

    Jezierny loves old time politics. She has a public works supervisor who just got arrested for punching a cop while he was working and instead of firing him she hires the village attorney to defend him.
    She has a police chief she pays 90k a year who is never at work and when he is he sleeps at his desk.
    She has a police commander with a take hopme squad car he gets to use whenever he wants including vacations and working other jobs that tax payers pay for.
    We need to vote Jezierny out at this election. Make sure you know all the facts and vote.

  • HOLZER said:

    Russ Stewart is the utmost omnipotent political columnist to reach PLANET EARTH. JEZIERNEY will win as in the past. The Harwood Heights 2013 mayoral campaign is of the most hilarious one. Mougolias is a BORN liar. Please look at his past ploitical track record ,he always defects as this is his nature. Mariano’s will flourish in Harwood Heights and I even heard that they will be selling $1 dollar Gyro’s with extra Tzatziki. On Tuesdays they will sell 2 for 99 cents hot dogs (without the flies) and all the fries you can spare and bottomless soft drinks!!! What a deal. A good campaign/candidate can boast or brag about what they have done or will do. What has Mougolias done? What will he do? NOTHING. Although, he has promised 3am liquor licenses. What can you say about people who don’t embrace change and prosperity? Let the HUNGER GAMES begin!!!!!

  • inxs said:

    This tiny town with such small problems. Why can’t everyone just get along?

  • jeff said:

    Jezierney has been in Harwood Heights politics long enough to know what is good for the village and what is not. She brought the biggest retail market to town. That alone is enough. They could have selected Norridge. Good Luck with Mariano’s. I hear they are building one in Skokie too.

  • mike said:

    We need revenue. We need retail. We need Mariano’s. Thank you.

  • betty said:

    We need stability in our town. Let’s stick with one mayor long enought to fix problems instead of fighting all the time.

  • Larry said:

    Once again political mud slinging at its best.

  • Bob said:

    The bottom line is 99% of Harwood Heights residents want Marianos. It’s good for the community and it’s expected to bring $500k a year in tax revenue, Part of the 1% against it is Mougolias. Why wouldn’t a politician want to bring in 500K a year in tax revenue? Maybe because he lives across the street from Marianos and he’s worried there may be too much traffic on his street. Maybe it’s because he’s worried it will put his crappy little hotdog stand out of business. Mougolias is only worried about himself and that’s why he doesn’t want Mariano’s. He couldn’t care less about the residents. His puppet Kevin Shuttleworth lashes out at the Mayor every chance he gets because she fired him and he has been promised his old job back if Mougolias wins. It’s time to tell the truth Mougolias . You’re only worried about yourself here. That’s the bottom line

  • Terry said:

    I agree with Bob. Only a douchebag such as Mougolias would not want a cash cow such as Mariano’s in Harwood Heights. He is only worried that Mariano’s will take business away from that hole in the wall hotdog stand on Harlem. Unfortunately, Mariano’s is across the street from his shed-he could always move. How is it also possible that Mougolias has 2 families as registered voters all living in a condominium at Clock Tower? Mr. Mougolias must need those 2 extra votes from the Norridge household which these voters occupy and not Harwood Heights. Senior citizens are not stupid they can see through his campaign of deceit and lies. A vote for Mougolias is only a vote for a common thug, thief, liar, and a vote for debauchery. Anyone is a great candidate than Mougolias. Hell, Blagojevich looks honest compared to Mougolias. On April 9th join us in singing..na na na na na na na na hey hey hey goodbye. We will miss your lying at all the village meetings. Maybe you and Dobryski can go in business together and call it “Dumb and Dumber”.

  • CLARK KENT said:

    Hey, has anyone yet to find a translator for Szlendak? Can anyone understand him?

  • Mariusz said:

    Has Mougolias finished taking his GED classes that he attends on Wednesday nights at Triton or will this be a 5 year process also?

  • Joe Doe said:

    So Terry, Larry, Holzer and Mike G are the most honest politicians of them all? They are all one dumber then the other ripping off the residents of Harwood Hts claiming that we need a Mariano’s when the new one on Elston is not doing well at all.

    Hey Terry why don’t you talk about how much money your family made off of Mariano’s in Arlington Hts.

    Why don’t you talk about that slum dwelling you own. NASTY. Now Mike G is living there. How wonderful that you took him in. What a scumbag for not bailing is parents out of foreclosure. What do you do besides drink all the time Mikey G?

    Hey Larry why don’t you tell us how your son in law suddenly got a job in the public works department.

    Hey Holzer why don’t you talk about how you have no clue about anything. No small town needs to pay for a company to come in. If Bradford wants the land let them pay for it themselves. Why do we have to give Mariano’s half the sales tax back? NO other retail establishment gets this.

    Jezierny and her team are nothing but low lives that think that they can run this town like the mafia.

    Jezierny should take her years of ass kissing and move to Rosemont they like to operate business that way. Perfect for her and she can be even closure to her beloved casino.

    Trash is what you people are. Obstructing good government.

  • Joe Doe said:

    And speaking of liars, where the heck are you all hiding Annette Volpe. She was fired from the Harwood Hts police department for lying.

    Too bad she is so up Jezierny’s butt to realize that Arlene could care less about her she needed someone on her ticket. And Annette everyone knows Arlene VOTED TO FIRE YOU.

    Get the fuck out of town. This town has already been ruined by Norb–Arlene’s one time big buddy.

    Jezierny can kiss her way through anything but the numbers of how much money she has spent on Rob Bush from Ancel Glick do not lie.

    Roy McCampbell how much did he rip us off for?

    People don’t forget and Mikey G your a complete drunk that would lie and put anyone under the bus if that meant that you would survive.

    Have you ever had a real job? One that requires hard work? Never you had your mommy Arlene get you a patronage job. Are you even qualified for it? Well most of the county employees are dumb so you fit right in.

    Hey Jezierny why don’t you talk about your buddy the convicted felon?

    So many issues that need to come out just not enough time in a day to expose Jezierny and her team of ass-kissing lying scumbag team.

  • Mike Buck said:

    Gee whiz,so much vitriol in such a small town. My old friend Russ Stewart really appears to have opened up a can of rhetorical worms with this interesting column.

  • Joe Doe said:

    We need retail because Jezierny has to pay for her “buddies” to be on the payroll.

    Obstructionist? Funny that is Jezierny not anyone else. She forrced a referendum on no development in that same area. Push developers away. Now she claims that she is all for retail? There had to have been a back door deal on the Brandford/Mariano’s. She didn’t do a damn thing to bring in business.

    The only opportunities Jezierby takes are the ones where she makes money and the residents pay. Fees on top of fees, for what? Her doling out patronage jobs?

    Speaking of money we will never know that the heck happened to the money that the police department got in the form of a grant. Hey Joan White why don’t you tell us how you did it–hide the money.

    There are a lot of secrets in Harwood Hts. Jezierny just knows the right people that look the other way and things happen.

    Shame that she will continue to ruin this town. Shame on her and her crew. Someday they will get the karma they deserve.

  • Kevin Shuttleworth said:

    Hey Bob, I just got the new TEAM party flyer. I guess Arlene is embarrassed with her decision on the unfinished village hall she and Norby approved. They have to stand in front of Union Ridge School, thank God she isn’t running that or it would be fu^&ed up. Bob No I will not work for the village nor will I run for an office in the village also I resigned, I will not work with the CORRUPT TEAM but please grow some testies and identify yourself. The flyer states they secured $4.5M in grants Arlene forgot to state she is paying out $2,000.00 a month to her friend and he has secured none of the grants. Arlene is paying friends and screwing the residents in my opinion.

    Bob I lash out at Arlene being the corruption in my opinion is out of control along with the $250,000.00 a year attorney’s fees. Bob your not hiding in a bush are you?

    How can Arlene afford to go tothe high rollers section at Rivers Casino and gamble THOUSANDS of dollars away. I bet she isn’t smart enough to not have a memebers card and is she pulling a BEAVERS (using her campaign money) to gamble?

    The flyer states our children would vote for Arlene if they could vote. Thin skin and narrow minded she may be right. By Arlene giving out her dollars she didn’t lose at the casino she puts them in the easter eggs and puts her name on the eggs. By the way Arlene neither my child nor grand daughterwould vote for you. Yet like a prostitute Arlene will and would use anything she could. What a shame she would bring children into her slime campaign. Being Arlene has talked about by child and grand daughter maybe we can talk about her gambling habit, her cover up of a soon to be felon working with the village with what appears to be with the help of the Village prosecutor. Maybe we can discuss if Arlene gets free gas under the village account? I have filled many FOIA’s out and never get a clear answer. It appears the Village Clerk Marcia Pollowy is covering up that Larry Steiner’S son in law had a job held open in Public works that pays well and has insurance and I bet a pension. How many residents are out of work that would have liked to have a fair chance to get a good paying job with benefits where you could walk to work.

    Arlene brags she helped everyone try to be a bag boy at Mariano’s with no benefits good job Arlene.

    The above is my opinion, except BOB needs to put up his real name. Most of the wussy boys in high school did the same thing.

  • Bob said:

    Kevin, my name is Bob. Wait…I’ll spell it slow for you B>>>O>>>B. I know this is a big word for you. You talk about your many FOIA requests. What have you found??? Nothing!!! As much as you hope and try you cannot find any wrong doing. If things are so bad why don’t you do everyone a favor and move out of town.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Poor Mikey G your such a simpleton you couldn’t understand complex financial issues even if Arlene (who is dumber then a box of rocks) dumbed it down and explained it to you.

    Pre-tell Mikey why you think Marinano’s is a cash cow when we are only going to be getting 1/2 of the sales they bring in after they pay the state and county taxes. Do you really think that people can afford to shop there as much as you wish they would. Ain’t going to happen. Their prices are too high.

    But once again your simple mind can’t comprehend that since you’ve never been married or had to prove food for your family to eat.

    Oh Mikey I do hope some day you can really find a nice girl, get married and have to prove for her and your possible children. But since my instincts tell me that will never happen, keep on kissing on Arlene’s ass, she will get you places.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Hey Marcia errrr I mean Bob how would you know that Mr. Shuttleworth found nothing in the FOIAs? Seems that you blacked out important information.

    Harwood Hts has become a communist town. We can’t voice our opinions at meetings because Jezierny calls the cops on us. REALLY?? What are you afraid of Arlene? Can’t handle the heat then get out of the fire.


    It’s a small town people talk. Wonder why Jezierny never got married? According to the Polish women at the meetings it’s because no man wants a whore that’s been passed around.

  • norb said:

    Hey Moogolias why don’t you get a real fing job. You are a scab. You live off of your relatives. Go back to the cow and get some money you really are a scumbag moogolias.

  • peter said:

    Tell the truth now…..tell everyone how you were arrested for illegal discharge of a firearm-shotgun as our FOIA requests show. Tell us that you were also sued for MOB ACTION as our FOIA requests show. Tell us tell us please. Inquiring minds want to know.

  • peter said:

    Hey Shuutleworthless,

    Didn’t you used to heckle mougolias and now you are is ass master? What did he promise you a job as he did Puleanos on Foster as Police Chief to replace Ricchio? Lets see how you like it when your buddy tries to give SKORES a 3am license. Won’t happen not on my watch buddy. We will shut that place down soon enough.

  • janice said:

    You will never learn not to mess with greeks. Mougolias screwed you he screwed Dobryzki and IF he wins will screw us all in Harwood Heights. Good riddance to bad rubbish. Adios Mugolias.

  • Mariusz said:

    AS RUSS STEWART SAID IN THIS ARTICLE…………. PREDICTION…….JEZIERNEY WINS>>>>Mugolias gets a stiff one in the ass. SKORES gets a stiff one in the ass.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Speaking of people getting arrested how about Mikey G for DUI.

    How about Tom Wolfe getting arrested for punching a police officer.

    What time does The Heights close? How much money did the liquor commissioner aka Jezierny get from The Heights for her campaign?

    Good riddence to Jezierny and her team of con artist and crooks.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Ia it true that Jezierny hired the Village lawyer to get you out of your situation Tom Wolfe?

    Who is paying for Bush to represent you? Better not be the taxpayers. I hope his fee isn’t being hidden somewhere in the village bils. No one wants an investigation do they? Why don’t you come clean and tell us all about it.

  • Les said:

    What will Moogolias do when he loses? Why are you so jealous of Mikey? He is better looking than you Moogolias. He is more educated than you Mougolias. He has a better job than you Mogolias. You sell hot dogs at that craphole you call a restaurant. You can try and cart all the seniors in the world you still won’t win. You lie entirely too much and we are all on to you. Speaking of DUI’s how is your dad doing? Does he have to blow to start his car too? Wasn’t that in the paper about the arrest in Morton Grove? You are not concerned with public policy ONLY threats. Even IF you did win you would be indicted within the first 6 months on corruption anyways. In 6 days I will personally buy the first and last round of drinks at Vince’s as we celebrate Arlene’s victory. The scotch will flow at Vince’s next week Tuesday night. Who knows maybe pull an all nighter at Skores afterwards to watch the sulking. Baseless lies and baseless threats is what your campaign is made up of. Speaking of NASTY buildings how about your so-called house? Illegal permits for construction?

  • TOM WOLFE said:

    All will prevail at the upcoming election. The liars will lose and the do gooders will prevail. I have to say that I am mostly embarrassed at all the unprofessionalism in this campaign. Why stoop so low? Why all of these lies? If you don’t have a legitimate agenda for running our town and only lies why run? If you were serious about running you would not try and make the opponent look bad rather talk about all the good things that you plan on doing IF elected. Instead, in a last ditch effort you try and tarnish someone else. Typical dirty politics. You even lied to Russ Stewart on your interview with him regarding Mariano falsehoods, you lie on the greek radio and Lester lies on the Polish radio. So much insecurity. Run an honest campaign and tell people what you want to do for the village not he said she said stuff. Mougolias cant do that as he has stooped so low to fabricate lies and lies instead of telling people why he is good for the village. Real estate developer? really? You must be the poorest developer. Zitella is a real estate developer-ever see his car? his house? Real estate developers are rich, powerful, and successful not a slumlord.

  • Joe Doe said:

    So LAUGHABLE that the United Party are the “winners.”

    Arlene is a CON ARTIST AND Mikey G is her lap dog.

    Yeah he was a music major that got lucky that there was a patronage job available.

    We don’t need that slimeball Rob Bush getting into contracts that will cripple this town.

    Keep laughing but it’s Arlene and her cronies that are going down. I’m sure Marcia has shredded plenty of evidence. Joan White sure got rid of the books when she could. More ripping off the residents–why because you entered politics so you could rip off the public?

    ARLENE IS A PATHOLOGICAL LIAR. SHE HAS YEARS OF EXPERIENCE being one. She slept around to get where she is today. Please stop with your bullshit. No one believes you anyway. Oh and funny how your using different names from around the hood. We all know it’s one person.

  • Joe Doe said:

    If you condone getting a DUI then you go into drinking scotch at Vince’s? Tsk, tsk

    Hmm I hope that you never had a loved one die from being hit by a drunk driver. That is the problem with the United Team they drink and party while the residents are forced to pay more and more fees. Go team you people are the epitome of what we don’t need in this town. Trash

    The Mariano’s deal is a complete bust. We got ripped off no matter how much spin Arlene or Mikey G want to stroke the public with the falsehoods they tell the truth it it’s never going to be a money maker for the village.

    Oh and keep on hoping Mikey G. I hear you have a deep dark secret hiding in your closet. Why don’t you come out and tell us what it is. No one likes skeletons in the closet do they?

  • ZEUS said:

    Mr.Moogoluias it will be a distinct pleasure not having you at our meetings anymore. Not having to deal with your idle threats or idiotic comments which as usual are all baseless. I have no dark secrets do you? Looking at the above posts would suggest something different? Get back to me in a year after Mariano’s has one year in the books and we get down to brass tacks about profitability and what the village receives. Look who speaks about being a PATHOLOGICAL LIAR-Pinnochio himself. Good Luck. God Bless.

  • Mary R. said:

    Wow. Stop all this foolish arguing and comment making. This is not the way to good government. Learn from your mistakes and change. I am embarrassed to say I live in Harwood Heights after looking at these comments for days. EVERYONE stop. ENJOY LIFE. PEACE.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Mikey it is you. Moron you just outed yourself as such.

    You do have a deep dark secret. Do you like rainbow cupcakes just might be a clue. Maybe I’ll bring you some when I go to mass on Sunday at St. Rosalie. Hope your there!

    Mariano’s is a pipe dream. Because you have no clue that 1/2 of the taxes they bring is nothing compared with the note that has to be paid no matter what you or Arlene want to claim. There are plenty of other retail grocery stores in the area. Not everyone is going to shop at Marinano’s. Once people realize the nightmare that it will be to get into that tiny lot they will go elsewhere.

    Do you even own any property Mike? NOPE keep on playing the violin and organ the seniors love it. It detracts from you talking. You sound like a complete moron when you do and your mommy Arlene and your Auntie Terry have to tell you HOW to vote since your pea brain can’t think on it’s own.

    I’ve been to meetings where your not even paying attention and voted the wrong way. Auntie Terry to the rescue scolding you that you voted incorrectly.

    Tsk, tsk pay attention!! Your getting paid by me Joe the tax payer. Why are you even in politics? Oh yeah because it’s an “easy” job where you do nothing.

  • ZEUS said:

    St.Rosalie? What would you be doing there? You are not catholic? The only reason you would attend church is to solicit yourself with no respect for catholics or religion. That is what we are talking about. You have zero respect for anyone or anything. Next Tuesday can’t come fast enough.

  • Joe Doe said:

    I’m NOT Jimmy and indeed I’m very Catholic.

    Does the Holy Water burn when it hits your skin?

  • ZEUS said:

    It is a date then. Mass as usual on Sunday St.Rosalie. We will have a special Mass next Tuesday morning come and join we love all denominations.

  • Marion said:

    What kind have town has two of their trustees battling it out on a website using false names! Disaster! Reading the article it is clear that Trustee Mougolias will turn his back on anyone if they don’t go along with what he wants. He obviously has burned every bridge and those who have carried him to the position he is in. Very sad indeed. No one wants to vote for the perpetual backstabber, no matter what he promises them. He has the right to complain about all the waste and back door deals when he has been a part of their government for nearly 8 years? Pathetic!

  • Joe Doe said:

    Please! It’s ok for Jezierny to rob this town blind? She is so polished in her “concern” over the residents that this town now looks like shit because she is pissing away money that should be spent on improvements NOT on her friends.

    I’d like to know WHO is running this town Rob Bush or Jezierny? My money is on Rob Bush and Jezierny just signs whatever he puts underneath her nose. She’s not bright so he is the man in charge, ripping us off with bad deals.

    And Jezierny is always the tie breaker vote. If she got backstabbed it’s of her own doing. One can only take bullshit for so long.

    Karma got Norb and someday Arlene will get hers.

  • Marion said:

    I was once a backer of Mr.Mougolias but after seeing this No More! How can a small village of less than ten thousand people have such dysfunction? People vote for the LESSER of the two evils.Not who they think will do the job 100 percent correct all the time. Looking at the salary it is a part time job at best. The Mariano’s store has many people waiting for them to open, not just from Harwood Heights or Norridge but from all over the northwest side. The store on Elston is doing fantastic despite what is written here. As a harwood heights resident I go there to shop now and never see the lot empty

  • Karen Z. said:

    Antyone to vote for Mouglias has problems. To show you how dumb he is look how he debates-on a public forum so everyone can see his stupid threats and comments. I hope that midget Mark at Skores did not invest too much in your campaign cause it was well spent money. Tuesday will be a new day with the same good mayor and a few new trustee faces. A triple play would be if Szlendak loses also. This should be a reminder to all to EDUCATE your children better than previous generation to avoid pitfalls as what you are observing with the comments from Mouglias.

  • TOM Nelson said:

    The bottom line is VOTE the JEZIERNEY TICKET or you will be looking at 4 years of the above comments with Maagoolias.

  • Joe Doe said:

    I am NOT a trustee but I am their boss, a resident that pays their taxes. I’ve seen too much shit when Pabich was around to trust Jezierny. Why has she spent on poor decisions?

    She hated Fuller and opposed every good thing Fuller wanted to put in place.

    Why did Arlene say yes to buying an old money pit building as our Village Hall? Because she and Norb got something for buying that old shack. It wasn’t because it was the best option.

    Sadly that building has cost us close to $9 million dollars.

    Why did Jezierny NOT want a brand new building that would have only cost $6 million?

    Do you see what I see here? Jezierny is wasting money. She is a slick politician. She has no clue what an average household needs to run because she was too busy being on her back trying to get to the top.

    Having a job at Mariano’s making $9.10 a hour does not make an income anyone can live off of.

    Does she think of the traffic nightmares the store will bring? Does she even care about the residents that have to live on that street?

    She doesn’t seem to interested in hearing that we need a new water tower? Nope but Rob Bush needs his $250,000 a year billed hours so he could get a promotion this year.

    Do your research. Look up how much debt Roundy’s has (Mariano’s parent company)

    Look up Rob Bush and how much debt bellwood Il has. Yep, he worked there too. See a pattern?

    I want this town to thrive but she is sucking it dry. How many more years of the garbage fee do we have to be subjected to so she can pay her friend, the lobbyist for God only knows what.

    If you go to the meetings you would find out that “pulling a grant” is The Mayors JOB. She should be the lobbyist for the Village we don’t have to pay anyone. Oh but she said she is “too busy.” Really?

  • Marion said:

    And you think having Mougolias as a mayor will be different how? He’s the one that has fostered every back door deal and now calls everyone else out on it? Hasn’t he voted the last 8 years ? Good riddance to bad rubbish . He is obviously upset about the traffic nightmare as his home is directly across the street. Obviously he was only thinking of himself when voting against it, or maybe he wanted to purchase the land for himself. Either way Harwood Heights needs revenue! What stores do we have? I’m sure his uncles jewelry shop hasn’t paid their fair share of sales taxes as the store is always empty. How horrible that the only thing opposers to the current mayor have are her so called bed room mates.

  • Buzz Lightyear said:

    If anyone believes that John Doe is not mougolias then Kevin Shuttleworth is the Easter Bunny. Calling Mikey-Mouglias. Touting playing the accordion and violin-mouglias. I hear you are good at playing the skin flute and male organ. It is a noble job you are doing mouglias. VOTE JEZIERNEY. Weren’t you part of this villages past-the past eight years? To infinity and beyond. VOTE Jezierney cause a vote for Mouglias is a vote for a 3am liquor license and Puleanos as police chief. If Puleanos becomes police chief they will have to give him a wheelchair accessible van with a lift from eating all of those Twins Gyros. He looks a little pudgy these days.

  • Joe Doe said:

    Wasn’t it Jezierny who opposed development back when Fuller was the Mayor?

    Now that she got a back door deal suddenly retail is it?

    Shaking my head. This town is doomed.

  • Joe Doe said:

    I’m not Jimmy no matter how many of you think I am.

    Why should people vote for that good time gal does that mean you get to keep your patronage job?

  • Marion said:

    A quick google search should remind all the residents that the Trustee was willing to sue our town. How much do you think that would have cost the taxpayers? He called all the news stations to be available at that meeting and he painted our little town like a bunch of fools! Did he ever put out a news blast about any of the good that happens here? Nope, not a peep. Mr. Doe if you aren’t a trustee then you obviously go around in the same circles as he and Lester. How unprofessional of them both to turn on those they previously backed and to air their dirty laundry from a soapbox!

  • Buzz Lightyear said:

    Marion, you are correct. As a matter of fact just type MOUGOLIAS Harwood Heights and you will see all of his past comments regarding garbage, MARIANO’s, threats to SUE the Village and the list goes on and on. What have you done for this town in your 8 years other than turn on every person you rode their coat tails on. You turned on Fuller and now you turn on Jezierney. The best change will happen on Tuesday when Mougolias is ousted out of Harwood Heights politics. VOTE JEZIERNEY. PLEASE VOTE JEZIERNEY. Mougolias represents another form of communism.

  • Buzz Lightyear said:

    Also, the article stated that Mougolias hired an attorney to sue Harwood Heights-what ever happened to that? All lies and threats. I thought your attorney is the greek guy who is going around saying he is the next village prosecutor? You are more corrupt than Blago.

  • Buzz Lightyear said:

    VOTE JEZIERNEY. We have to make up for the 2 phony votes that he has stashed away at Clock Tower-aunt/uncle/cousin and cousins wife. Please look at the registered voters in Harwood Heights and you will see what we are saying. FRAUD. VOTE JEZIERNEY.

  • Harold Washington said:

    By looking at all these comments I would have to say that the average IQ of a trustee in Harwood heights is equivalent to a queef.

  • Mike Hunt said:

    Wait till Marianos gives out those free horse rides, those horses will shit all over Oketo in the summer time itwill smell so bad you wont be able to leave your house. The delivery trucks will be delivering at 5 am or even earlier backing in all that peeping noise will drive you insane. They should get rid of the houses across from the store, because they are Section 8 properties anyways. Jimmy will be happy because Marianos does accept the Link card. There planning on having a petting zoo on the side of the building for the kids maybe the donkeys one day will run for Mayor. If Harwood Heights pays for garbage pick up why havent they took Jimmys house?

  • Tony Montana said:

    You need people to say “there goes the bad guy” -moogolias. You are all like mummies.

  • Howdy Doody said:

    Vote JEZIERNEY. Any other vote is a waste of time.

  • stavros said:

    Jimmy is at Skores bar backing for Mark the Mexican guy got promoted so Jimmy needed extra money so he is working there now. He wants the 3am licence so he can work longer to feed his kids especially his wife she can eat up a storm I remember her in high school so hot ,now shes so big. PLEASE GO TO SKORES AND TIP JIMMY NEEDS IT HIS FAMILY IS COUNTING ON YOU THE RIGHT CHOICE PARTY WANTS TO MAKE HARWOOD HTS THE NEXT STONE PARK STRIP CLUBS AND HOT DOG STANDS.

  • George Ryan said:

    It can’t be this bad in the Heights? Or is it? I think I am moving out of here. Vote Harwood Heights Dry. No more liquor in Harwood Heights. Looks like Mikey better join AA if that happens. Let’s turn Skores into an AA rehab facility just like PASSAGES of Malibu. We can call it the Betty Ford Clinic of Harwood Heights. Hell I know at least 20 people in HH alone that could use rehab.

  • Joe said:

    No wonder all the politicians in this town a dushbags. They live there!!

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Thanks Terry for the new campaign lit today. Made me feel special that you are the only person smart enough to understand the Mariano’s deal.

    Next to Trustee Mikey G. ANYONE looks smarter.

    Boohoo Arlene is always the victim isn’t she?

    Sorry THE RESIDENTS ARE THE VICTIMS OF THE BULLSHIT. We are getting ripped off no matter how much you spin and spin your lies.

    Rob Bush is slime and so is your beloved leader the only that “works” so hard.


  • ZEUS said:


  • MikeyG Buttmonkey said:

    Wow The UNITED (Coming out of the Closet) TEAM party has united. Therese Schuepfer and Mikey Gayzinski sent a letter bashing the Right choice people but want you to vote for the rug munchers Jezierny and Pollowy along with the wife beater Steiner.

    I would think that a slum lord like Schuepfer would lay low and I don’t mean on her life partner. I thought DUI butt buddy Mikey AKA Trustee Stoopid that is living in the Harwood Heights slum lord building that is voting out of a forclosed house would have layed low also. Mikey works for the County and is not registered at the correct address yet he voted, what a piece of garbage he is, a 2 faced liar. He loves to impersonate people like the liqour commissioner,also as other trustees, and he specializes in harassing seniors to put the United Team party signs up.

    Mike and Therse forgot to tell you that Volpe was fired from the police department and Arlene voted to fire her. Mikey forgot to tell you about his DUI’s and cover up. Therese and Mikey should tell you that Larry Steiner screwed all the residents out of work and kept a public works job open for his son in law.


  • MikeyG Buttmonkey said:

    It appears the corupting comes from the appointed ones that are payed so well that they needed a raise not like the one she got from Norby. Yes Arlene has converted Mary O’conner from pole cleaner to rug cleaner by rewriting an ordinance so she could have 2 paying jobs in the village. I guess as the official pole cleaner with Norby didn’t work well with Arlene so now she gets paid for pole and rug cleaning. She needs to keep her money up so she can work on that leather look on her skin, you know tan away.

  • samantha said:

    Is it too late to write my dog in as a candidate for mayor? Far more loyal and respectful than this arguement above.

  • samantha said:


  • Easter Bunny said:

    Samantha, we did get revenue from the old property in the form of property taxes otherwise if no one was paying the property taxes the land would have gone up for a tax sale.

    More about Terry. Her dad Jack was a bitter old man. When he couldn’t get what he wanted (Your no Don there Jack) he sued the village.

    Then he set Terry up to run for trustee because if Terry was in office he probably felt that she would vote YES to anything he wanted.

    Terry is not about public service. She is just like her old man bitter and money hungry. The facts are the facts that her family made money off of the Mariano’s project in Arlington Hts.


    And for the “important notice” that we received yesterday, Terry wants you to believe that even the most educated financial analyst don’t understand the deal. Well Terry your a no financial planner. You teach children about porn. What can you teach us about finances except that your dad left you a millions?

  • monkey moogolias said:

    Once again the right choice party bashes people. Mike Gadzinski does more for this village on his own time than mougolias szlendak dobrrycki put together. Jealousy runs rampant within the Greek community. If I buy a cadillac the Greek has to have a corvette. If I buy a Chevy blazer the Greek must buy an Escalade even when the sum total of the cars the Greek owns are worth more than his dwelling. Tuesday vote the only way. Jezierney.

  • norb said:

    If mougolias won office of mayor the only thing harwood heights would be good for is to take a dump.

  • norb said:

    What does terrys family doing work in Arlington heights which is not harwood heights doing excavating work have to do with anything? Mougolias you are so stupid ignorant and childish immature. You look for any reason to be heard. Good riddance Tuesday papa smurf.

  • Giusseppe Z said:

    If you put mougolias brains in a bird the bird would fly backwards.

  • gustavo said:

    Hey giusseppe good one. Greeks like it from behind just like it will be on Tuesday for him and skores. I hear mikey and Arlene are going to make all liquor licenses 12am?

  • MikeyG Buttmonkey said:

    Hey Norb after your wife left you laying there for so long why bother to talk now. How about Terry’s child molester tenants and now Mikey G lives there, is he a pedafile also. Hell with all his DUI”S and butt buddies he might like little boys also.

    Hey Ms.O’Conner almost tanning season, can’t wait to see how your leather skin is coming along.

    I am so glad to see the United coming out of the closet team doesn’t bash anyone. Well Mikey with his DUI may rear end some guy. Terry you and Arlene make a great looking couple when you show up telling your lies and that Terry doesn’t rent to felons, oh look Mikey is there also.

    Hug hug, lets all get along neighbors. Arlene can I meet you at the casino tonight around 1:00 am and did you sleep with Dr. Kosirog also. Great picture sad to see the superintendent sell out to the closet party.

  • Richard Speck said:

    Arlene has gambled $453,820.00 at Rivers casino according to her signature card points. I jope Szlendak can find the missing money like he did with the last accountant.

    Someon needs to do an audit before the election so Jezierny doesn’t steal the rest of the money! Get the feds here now. Someone go to Rivers late night and get pictures of her in the high rollers area. Shegets there around 1-2:00am. Maybe the Chief can get video from the casino.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Arlene is proud she got an award from a lobbyist group?

    McAuliffe–is he her drinking buddy?

    Silestri–more of the same from Crook County government

    Avila–really? Does he live here?

    Schuefer–yuck just yuck. Buy some shampoo and use it while your shopping for your groceries at Target.

    Mikey G.–he’ll say anything, his anyone’s ass for a patronage job.

  • green eyed monster said:

    It is great to see mougolias try and rip others. Hey demetrios don’t you have a gambling problem? Your cousin the doctor at Loyola gambles there at least 5 times a week besides you. Doesn’t your cousin who owns the jewelry store on harlem stelios gamble every week. We see him there quite frequently. Yes I have a gambling problem but don’t hide family secrets. You are like an old lady knitting circle. Tuesday that great day.

  • norb said:

    Mougolias you should not accuse people of being a pedophile doesn’t that run in your family along with pot? I never beat my wife and I was a great mayor. You are a low life mougolias. Quit hiding under names. Come out of the closet.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Quit hiding under names. Come out of the closet.

    Dumbass Mikey G. these comments are not from Jimmy.

    And I’m so glad that your playing the violin. Just think of all the new business when gay marriage is legalized.

    Another thing, sharpen your violin skills. My ears where bleeding at Mass for Easter.

  • zeus said:

    Hiding who is hiding? You might be hiding after Tuesday a big upset. Don’t be jealous you can’t play instruments other than playing with yourself. Can’t wait for ,ariano’s to sell hot dogs and gyros. All those people you carted to vote actually voted united. They are laughing at you. We here section 8 is coming on oketo. Seeing as the value has dropped considerably. Tell savarino your running mate that I will do a short sale on his condo for 130. Another deadbeat who does not pay his bills. I will give you 20k for that dollhouse you live in moogolias.

  • zeus said:

    Your ears were bleeding because you take is in the asss. I hear rainbow cupcakes are the desert at 4703 oketo. Along with facials and golden showers. It is either you Lester or your wife with the rhetoric. After Tuesday u and Lester and Mark Lysakowski can all hold hands and circle jerk with all the time you will have. It was not like you did anything for this community anyway. Look it up. You lose Tuesday.

  • zeus said:

    Dumb ass mougolias running for mayor and did not even graduate high school.

  • Richard Speck said:

    Arlene/Green eyed Monster, maybe you should car pool to the casino or have the helper bus have special 1:00am runs from Vince’s to the casino. Zeuss you must be trustee stoopid being you know about taking in the asss so well. Oh trustee stoopid you are like Arlene and Therese live with mommy or daddy so you can get the house for free oh Stoopid the bank took daddy’s house, you didn’t get paid too well for your violin work. OOOh too sad. Now you live with Therese in that beautiful eye sore, hey where do you wind your car up at anyways.

    Booo Hooo to you closet people, hey 63% in the last national survey accept your type, maybe you can run a different way in 2 years. I hope Arlene doesn’t pull a Norby and drink and fall down the stairs, well the police report doesn’t say he was pushed , yet no one called. Problem solved.

    Good night neighbors good night John boy.

  • Samantha said:

    What a mess!! Look at all these slanderous and disgusting comments being made! Our town has really gone off the deep end! I have looked back at all of the meeting minutes for the last several years and have noted several things. One that Trustee Slendak and Trustee Mougias seem to vote EXACTLY the same way. Also, they both arrive late ( consersiderably so) to the meetings and don’t have much to say or report from their elected positions. I’m starting to see that these positions are less than part time. The Mariano’s deal was no different than the deals they give to even smaller chains in similar neighborhoods in Chicago. I find in the last 7 or so years economy that it is doomsday for any village to think they can get by with only property taxes and mediocre fines to their residents. Shame on any elected official who tries to block growth, jobs, and capitalism! Only time will tell if it is truly a good or bad decision. I do feel sorry for the rows of houses on Oketo avenue however they knew they were purchasing on a busy street with several factories there. Sadly those homes are now not worth the paper the deeds are printed on , and definitly not a place I would raise a family. Maybe the village can work to make a nice playlot for those residents to go to. Election Day cannot come soon enough. I hope and pray that voters educate themselves prior to going in the voting booth.

  • zeus said:

    Amen Samantha. Mougolias and sleazy szlemdak vote the same cause they are gay. Lester is the catcher and mougolias wears a strap on. Lester demetrios and lysakowski all do each other. Hopefully that bald midget from skores did not financially support mougolias cause he could use the money for his numerous law suits pending from skores dram law violations. Also the owner has had several duis and even rolled over his car and left it went home and was arrested. He hangs out at other bars after mark closes his and hangs out with mougolias and his wife and Lester. Maybe you should learn to play an instrument instead of yourself maagoolias what a nasty name.

  • zeus said:

    ANY elected official who blocks growth should be flagged mougolias does for himself or his alcoholic drug addict relatives. It would be a kick to the testes if mougolias ever won office again. To all voters make sure mougolias is never ever part of our towns politics. Never ever again. If you put a silk hat and lipstick on a pig (mougolias) it is still a pig.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Jezierny blocked growth in 2005.

    Terry tells Mikey how to vote otherwise he would have no clue. He never pays attention.

    What great work has he done for the village except play the Easter Bunny and be available for events where there is free food? Oh I know kiss the little old seniors hands and pretend to show them some attention so they vote for him.

    Yeah go United Team of drunks and a skank.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    And more things Jezierny will never tell you. The old village hall property was sold and we had to rebuy it it because she made building anything there difficult. Wouldn’t let the developer build anything that would make him money.

    Now Bradford has the listing and they have the first right of refusal??????? Makes no sense that Ms. Mayor is giving Bradford anything they want. This is progress?

    The old village property could have had retail stores that brought in tax revenue years ago. Thank your brilliant Mayor for stopping progress.

  • zeus said:

    Hey mougolias what ever happened to you retaining cousel to sue harwood heights when you so threatened to? Anothe baseless threat and another lie. Everyone is on to you and your lies. Wow calling people a skank and drunks? You and your friends are drunks drinking at skores for free cause you fill marks head with bullshit and lies. You gamble at rivers and so does your family and cousins. The donation of time and music to seniors is still a donation of my time and from the heart unlike you who is told by tbe seniors that you lie and only try to make the mayor look bad. Even the seniors are on to your crap? Has Steve the felon helped your campaign enough to win. You are so jaded.

  • no greeks in harwood heights said:

    To all residents in harwood height. Please look for yourself on line to see how szlendick and maagoolias vote they are identical just like lovers. They purposely come late to ,eetings in disrespect to the mayor and they disrespect the office in which we entrusted them to serve and they shit all over it. Mougolias and sleazy szlendak are not public servants they are thugs. Lester follows mougolias around like a lost dog. Please make sure these two ingrates never enter our villages government again.

  • Wonder Woman said:

    I can attest that I got the worse case of food poisioning out of Twins Gyros. Knowing the owner lives in a two dollar shack I didn’t see the need to sue the pants off of them. My doctor said the ecoli was the worse he’s ever seen.

  • butt monkey mougolias said:

    It will all be over soon my fat little friend mougolias. The fat lady is beginning to prep fir her masterpiece solo called DEFEAT. It is almost as good ad listening to the national anthem at the united center. Boy oh boy will she sing Tuesday night as your fat ass is sulking at skores with your buddy the old man sleazy szlendak. Hey Lester are those false teeth made of wood? Seeing as you are retired learn to speak English. You are an embarrassment to the polish heritage and making it worse you pal around with a loust Greek with a big mouth and lies at village meetings. Did you show russ stewart your attendance record? You lie in hopes that no one wull catch on. Adios loser and to your old man friend.

  • Samanthas said:

    As russ stewart suggests. When voting you must pick the least worse candidate. Please make sure you do your homework look on line under Mougolias Harwood Heights and you will see all the reasons not to vote for mougolias he threatens to sue the village and his voting is the same as his girlfriend Lester szlendak. Don’t make a mistake vote JEZIERNEY THANK YOU

  • Fed up! said:

    How gross that I live in this village! Airing everyone’s dirty laundry and back door deals here on a newspaper site! Where has all this “reporting” of these issues been the last four years? I too read the minutes and saw nothing of outrage over our current mayors policies. So Easter bunny, Richard speck etc.. I say your claims are baseless and are a pathetic last ditch effort to get your “men” elected. Doing a google search I do see that mr savarinos home is in foreclosure ( great another one to drive my home value down) Mr. Mogoulias’ father I presume was the one arrested for driving while intoxicated in Niles. Almost pathetic that people’s sexual orientation or the bedfellows of a mayor who is as old as the trustees mother would be the only thing brought against her. Tuesday, come fast please

  • Samanthash said:

    Thank you Fed Up. You are correct. All of mougolias friends are alcoholics,.bar owners, bar flies, pot smoking, pot dealing scum. Mougolias has no.agenda for the village other than threaten and fabriacte lies. As russ stewart told us st an interview is that mougolias is immature and has no business sense regarding the marianos deal. He dwells on a negotiation that is over and has no bearing on the village. He does not like it because it is directly across from his shed. Knowing him over the past 7 years I have noticed he has serious psychological problems that need to be addressed. In speaking with the elston Ave marianos manager who also lives in harwood heights clock tower he said that store is performing above projections which negates mougolias baseless comments that it is not doing good. Please ask the manager yourself he is a very friendly person.

  • rivers casino dealer said:

    For your information Mougolias MD has gambled over 160k since rivers casino has opened. Mougolias Jim oketo according to records has gambled over 98k since rivers has been open.

  • Richard Speck said:

    Its pretty sad that Mikey’s family was thrown out and nothing to get free for Mikey he needs to keep stealing at the County. Therese and Arlene the lesbians had to wait for their fathers to pass so they could own a house. They are free loading lesbians and should call themselves the closet party.

    Arlene keep drinking get that gout like norby. Dont forget to fall down the stairs after you lose.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Mikey’s dad lost his house and he thinks he has the right to fling shit at anyone else?

    He has a juvie record. Shame it’s sealed. He has one for DUI.

    IF Arlene wins she will continue to put us into more debit. She doesn’t care as long as her buddies are there to vote YES to anything she wants. Then it’s PARTY TIME AT THE CASINO. WOOHOOOOO

  • Easter Bunny said:

    I forgot to add that the shed that Mikey’s parents own is in seriously bad shape. Looks like it should be condemned. Most Polish people are proud of their homes and take good care of their property not this family. The back yard is disgusting. CLEAN it up. Makes the other properties around his parents house values go down. I the neighbors on Newland where happy to get rid of Mikey. All he did was harass them into putting his United IN Bullshit Team signs on their lawns.

    Yeah if your parents lost their house you could have bailed them out or brought your own house. Don’t you have any money Mikey?? Living in that nasty rat trap must be better right?

    Tell your aunt Terry to buy some shampoo and use it.

  • rivers casino dealer said:

    Mougolias be serious your house has plastic gutters and cameras. Never seen plastic gutters before.

  • Demetria said:

    I can only imagine what the reporter who wrote this article is thinking! Bunch of losers and thugs living and breathing in the heights. Thank you for making it PERFECTLY clear that the “right party” is against the LGBT community as practically every post has some sort of sexual innuendo against gays and lesbians . What the hell does that have to do with running a small town? Also, the dragging of their dead fathers and family members thru the mud have ANYTHING to do with it?

  • Hell on wheels said:

    It is a well know fact that trustee mougolias was arrested for a weapons charge and sued for mob action. Funny how that isn’t mentioned in the article. What a douche!

  • abraham Lincoln said:

    That is to show you the mentality of mougolias just like a grammar school kid with talking about gays lesbians and peoples fathers. Arlene was given information regarding mougolias regarding arrests, lawsuits, schooling, properties registered to his name and Arlene chose not to use it as she is a classy woman and insists to run a clean campaign. Arlene is for growth in our village, choice, regardless of denomination or sexual orientation. Mougolias probably can’t even sign his own name unless it is done using a primary tablet and a crayon. Go United Go Arlene.

  • abraham Lincoln said:

    Keep Mougolias out of harwood heights politics forever. Vote for Arlene Jezierney.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    From Arlene’s lit yesterday:

    Tells the truth and is honest.

    BWahhahhahahaa yeah ok.

    Jimmy is not writing any of these comments. How many times do you have to be told?

    I’ve lived here LONGER then Jimmy and Trustee Stoopid. I’ve seen Norb destroy this town.

    Mikey someday you’ll get what you deserve. Dressing up in a suit and kissing little old ladies asses does no make a man.

    Hopefully, if you kiss Arlene’s ass long enough she will leave you in her will thus finally you will become a homeowner as see what it’s really like. I don’t see you becoming a grown up by doing that on your own.

    Best of luck to whomever wins. Time to think about moving.

  • abraham Lincoln said:

    Please move Easter bunny. Your outrage only shows the truth behind your written thoughts. A man plays an instrument and a liar keeps lying. On Tuesday the people will vote and the people will be heard from. You won’t get the 30k mayors job to subsidize the losses of your hotdog stand. Baseless threats fabrication deceit and lies are what makes up the right choice party and I forgot jobless candidates and foreclosures. Our offer still stands for 130k for savarinos condominium as not to devalue the other condo values in that building further. I would also hope that the 2 extra votes in clock tower help you because once they cast their votes it is considered voting fraud. Good luck and godspeed.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    Steiner was jobless when he took office and from what I recall had no experience in government. Just saying….

  • abraham Lincoln said:

    Why does tbe right choice party choose to degrade people and talk negatively about people? Not once has this party said we are going to add this this and this and we ate going to change this this and this. You have not committed to one thing for the betterment on how you would improve the HH government. The reason is because you don’t have one. Right choice degrades people call people names etc. Anyone against a store such as marianos or whole foods or whatever clearly is jealous. Who cares about Larry being jobless or experience in government. Mougolias you were not born into politics no one is born into it you don’t need s degree you need to have the voters faith in you and your agenda. I would at least hope you would have finished high school. Most of life is about truth justice and faith. You do not exemplify any of these characteristics only thug life. Grow up just plain and simple grow up this is not cabrini green.

  • demetria said:

    This town sux. I hope this dirty campaign is over with a victory for Arlene Jezierney. Such babies. I am not PRoud to say I live and vote here.

  • demetria said:

    It is strange that mooglias would talk bad about Mikey G when I remember Mikey G wore a costume Santa Claus for his childrens party. You just never know about backstabbers.

  • George Z. said:

    The title to this article is very misleading. There is no “food fight” the residents of HH are so proud that Mariano’s picked us to build that amazing store and resturaunt. That store is a godsend to us. What did we have to offer before? An aldi? The current mayor did what she had to do to entice them to come here. I’ll be voting for her on Tuesday and those she has chosen to run in her party. I can’t even stomach reading half of these comments. I hope these vindictive people don’t live on my block.

  • demetria said:

    George Z you are totally correct. Yes the vindictive statements come from mougolias his wife szlendak savarino shuttleworth dobrzycki Puleanos. These are the worms making the insiduous comments.

  • John D said:

    George thanks for the only kind words on this post. We are firm that the people will speak volumes come Tuesday. Like you we are also voting for Arlene Jezierney even before this. It is important that all harwood heights registered voters come together and vote for Jezierney. great work Arlene thanks for a beautiful store. It will compliment the village unlike your opposition thinks. Go Arlene.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    “Watch out! Don’t do your good deeds publicly, to be admired by others, for you will lose the reward from your Father in heaven. When you give to someone in need, don’t do as the hypocrites do—blowing trumpets in the synagogues and streets to call attention to their acts of charity! I tell you the truth, they have received all the reward they will ever get. But when you give to someone in need, don’t let your left hand know what your right hand is doing. Give your gifts in private, and your Father, who sees everything, will reward you. (Matthew 6:1-4 NLT)

  • George Z. said:

    The path of the righteous man is beset on all sides by the inequities of the selfish and the tyranny of evil men. Blessed is he who, in the name of CHARITY and GOOD WILL, shepherds the weak through the valley of darkness for he is truly his brother’s keeper and the finder of lost children. And I will strike down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those attempt to poison and destroy my brothers. And you will know I am the LORD when I lay my vengeance upon them.
    EZEKIEL 25:17

  • John D said:

    What a bunch of losers. Arlene just won by a landslide.

  • Blago said:

    Pete Silvestry is no boy scout. Sounds like Elmwood Park politics are much dirtier then Harwood Hts. I’m so happy that he endorses Arlene because crooks in Crook County should always stick up for each other.


  • douchebag said:

    Blago learn how to use correct English when making a comparison use than not then. Don’t worry rest assured Jezierney to win over Thug life mouglias. People who vote for mougolias vote for illiteracy, mediocrity, thievery, felonious behavior, short man syndrome, abnormal brain syndrome. Greeks threaten And live thug life. Remember those who claim to.live in harwood heights though actually live in norridge if you cast a vote tomorrow you will be prosecuted. Voter fraud watch is in effect. The names are highlighted and we await another greek scandal voter fraud in harwood heights by a couple in their thirties who live in a house in norridge. Tisk tisk don’t risk it for a felony charge.

  • the fat lady is singing said:

    The time has come where we seperate the men from tbe boys. The boys will be crying at skores tonight and the men will be sipping scotch at Vinces on Harlem. Drinks are on me tomorrow night as the victors will prevail. We will have done this by honesty, integrity and a sense of public service to the good people of harwood heights. Proof is on Lawrence and oketo that we can move mountains and harwood heights will flourish. Thank you one and all Harwood Heights residents fir it is you that we serve. Thank you in advance. Jezierney for Mayor Of Harwood Heights.

  • the fat lady is singing said:

    It is nice to see two fat asses one polish and one Greek standing outside for a lost cause when we know the result before it started. Richs liquors anyone good price.

  • Mary M. said:

    Running out to vote and was looking up the candidates stance in Harwood heights. Ran across this article and read the comments. All I can say is WOW! If this isn’t a bunch of people entrenched in politics and insider knowledge then I’m Santa Claus! Disturbing that one side of the fence brings up sexual orientation on numerous occasions. Yuck! Can you say homophobe? Gays and lesbians live among you jack wagons .. I’m voting for Jezerniey!

  • the fat lady is singing said:

    Mary M. You are so right mougolias and wygrecki and company can’t go one day without demoralizing people and calling them names.

  • drinks on da house said:

    Congratulations Arlene.

  • drinks on da house said:

    Russ Stewart is right once again. Thank god.

  • Thank God said:

    Arlene C. Jezierny (United TEAM Party)

    978 Votes

    Demetrios Mougolias (The Right Choice Party

    837 Votes

    Looks like everyone saw right through Mougolias. Enjoy retirement jerkoff

  • buffalo moozarella said:

    I am glad mougolias is.out of our village politics. How long will it take for them to close Skores??? Who iS the jerkoff now? Asswipe.

  • Mary M. said:

    Well that ended on a good note! One more week till the Mariano’s grand opening!! So exciting!

  • buffalo moozarella said:

    Amen mary m amen.

  • Kim said:

    I live on Oketo across from Mariano’s not in a section 8 area. Every one of you on this site is disgusting.Please stop by after the Grand Opening with your free $1.00 reusable bag so I stuff you in it. Hugs and kisses to Joe Doe I love your work,and to every one else Arlene’s booth of BJ”S will be open as well.

  • Judas said:

    Did anyone shed a tear at yesterdays village meeting?

  • Judas said:

    We are better off with no mougliias. No 3am liquor licenses no Douchebags.

  • who cares grow up said:

    Everyone please stop election is over someone win and someone lost yeah and boohoo. Let this political opinion and analysis go to rest. If you will observe that russ stewart was correct on almost all of his predictions. He calls it like it is and how he sees it. Someone has to win and someon has to lose unfortunately. So let’s grow up and all move on.
    Thank you all.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    The people that should be sorry are the ones that voted for Arlene. You certainly didn’t do your homework well enough.

    You didn’t look to see who the hell Wayne Pesak is. Yeah do we really need to have a man that is in business with Roy McCambell that robbed the Village of Bellwood blind?

    The corruption is going to keep on happening. The only winners are the patronage workers. She won and we get screwed. She does it slowly while people aren’t paying attention.

    Make sure to shop early and shop often as we need the tax revenue to pay off that loan that IS there.

    And Kim is right you all that speak ill of the good people living on Oketo are misguided and blinded by Arlene’s world. What about the kids that ride their bikes to the library or walk? All that traffic on that tiny little street is bound to end up in lots of accidents. But they don’t care as long as the party keeps going.

    Best of luck to all the residents. I shudder when I think that Volpe won. Eeekkkk she lied when she worked for the Police Department and Arlene lies about everything and once again the residents suffer.

  • zeus said:

    Easter bunny is a sore loser. What loan? You don’t like the street you live on then move the option is there. The Easter bunny witb all.its wisdom was ousted. This can only be mooglias. Instead of a classy store let’s back a 3am license right Easter bunny? Drive around with a felon and chase people right Easter bunny? The people of harwood heights were screwed by the last eight years of szlendak and mooglias callous behavior. There is no loan jerkoff don’t be late to the village meetings. You have no idea what you are talking about. Get a life.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    I’m not a loser because I did not run for any office now or ever. I certainly remember when the Felon was your big buddy. He even attended St. Rosalie’s and sat behind you and Arlene. One big happy Catholic family. The Felon was great to hang out with when he was stealing signs off lawns with you. Remember? Or you choose to forget because he is bad for your “image?”

  • zeus said:

    The only thing bad for our image is mouglias.

  • Easter Bunny said:

    You forgot the laughable factory that is our Village Hall that is bad for our image. Yeah that makes our town look GREAT.

    Thanks Arlene and the late Norby.

  • zeus said:

    Easter bunny please concede. Is it true moglias did not even call Arlene instead called Marcia? Probably sobbing somewhere…… Tisk tisk.

  • John D said:

    Never ever let a high school dropout such as Mouglias become your mayor NEVER EVER. Imagine what this self proclaimed “businessman” would do to our village. I hope we all learned an important lesson for this election. Mougolias NEVER EVER EVER EVER again in Harwood Heights politics.
    As a 19 year resident of Harwood Heights this is my solemn opinion.

  • Samantha said:

    You are all losers.

  • Buzz Lightyear said:

    Mariano’s is incredible. Awesome store awesome food. And who did not want this?

  • Sariks said:

    I know nothing of politics in Harwood Heights….but Mariano’s is a wonderful store. Jewel is now owned by investment bankers who care nothing about food or the people who shop there. (Try making a request. Hah!)
    There’s a pie shop in Evanston that sells a slice of pie for $5. You can get a whole pie at Mariano’s for $5.

  • HarwoodHeights said:

    Bradford the developer sold the parcel now and have doubled their profits on Harwood Heights. The tax sharing is not paying for the loan and is slowly draining the coffers of HH. Sure Mariano’s is a nice story employing mostly high school kids from everywhere not HH unless you are family. And did I mention that someone somehow plays more money at the Casino than XXX makes? Thank you AnGl and co for allowing us to give you more money into your coffers

  • Mike Hunt said:

    Wow! Lost the election for mayot and trustee and you learned a new word COFFERS. Uhmazimg. When does Portillo’s open? Can’t wait best hot dogs and gyros in town.

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