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Peering Through The Looking Glass at Healthcare “Reform”

Mary Laney 26 June 2009 5 Comments

We Americans are now “Alice through the looking glass”.  Everything is in reverse as far as one can see.  Instead of our elected leaders working for us, we’re working for them.  And, as much as they try to sell this presidential health care plan – which they still have yet to fully explain despite hours of airtime on the main stream media – it still isn’t as good as the plan our elected leaders enjoy.

Take a look at what our esteemed lawmakers in Washington get in their health care plan.  They get to choose the Doctors and Specialists and treatments they want and they don’t have to pay a penny for it.  They get their eyes, ears, noses and throats checked.  They get their dentistry – even implants – paid for.  If they need surgery, it’s performed by the best Doctors they can find.  No need to pay for insurance.  No taxes imposed on the services performed.  It’s all free and paid for by us, the American taxpayers.
If President Obama and the Congress want to sell us on this health care plan then they ought to get into it themselves.  They ought to volunteer to end their free medical, dental and visual coverage and step into this new health care plan with the rest of us mere plebeian voters.

Our nation was built upon the idea that there should be a small government, a Republic, with elected lawmakers answering to the will of the people.  It’s exactly the reverse today.  We have a huge government that continues to grow and seems to ignore the wishes of the people.

A majority of Americans don’t want to see a cap and trade measure passed – putting yet another tax on every business while we’re in the biggest economic crisis since the great depression makes no sense — yet Washington lawmakers are moving to make it law.  A majority of Americans don’t want to see a health plan where government bureaucrats could possibly tell Doctors how and with what medications they can treat patients.  Yet, without fully explaining the health care plan, the President and Congress are moving to make it law.  The majority of Americans are against giving amnesty to illegal aliens, yet Congress is saying, “yes we can”.
We’re told to conserve energy, yet the White House keeps the Oval Office above 72 in the winter.  We’re told to tighten our budgets, yet we watch the President and First Lady fly to New York on a $250,000.00 “date night”.  We watch as AIG, banks and the Auto Makers are condemned for giving bonuses to their top people, yet political appointees on the Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac boards are awarded even bigger bonuses and there is not a word from the White House nor a peep from Congress.

Businesses are closing and unemployment is rising, yet Washington tells us the stimulus is working while common sense tells us it is not.

This isn’t at all how our nation should be. We were founded to be a country that rewards free enterprise and those who work hard. Free enterprise and free trade and the capitalistic system have worked to make this nation the finest country in the world.  Big business hires workers – yet Washington is making big business the enemy.  It is blaming the successful in the country and wants to redistribute the money they have earned through their labor.  Washington cannot create a job without taking money from us, the taxpayers.  When Washington taxes big businesses, it’s taxing us, the shareholders and pensioners.

Washington says it wants to help the little man, yet it’s doing it to the little man.

The question to ask is: why should Washington take our money, give it to a bureaucrat who decides how to spend it on some ideological fantasy?  You needn’t be a Libertarian to have the answer.  It’s better just to leave the money with the taxpayer and let him decide how to spend it.

It’s time to demand Washington lawmakers stop their frantic rush to pass more burdensome legislation and begin to listen to the people.

Mary Laney is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Kevin said:

    This is the best article I have read in a long time…….

  • Bill said:

    Yet another horror from the Obama House of Horrors. I hope the American people wake up before it’s too late and stop cap & tax, endless bailouts, record breaking debt, nationalized healthcare, huge payments to the International Monetary Fund and global surrender. Obama is a marxist and will not be happy until there is One World government, and he is running it.

  • Mike Puffer said:

    I am a 47 year old hard working professional in the Automobile business. Right now for the first time in my life, I am afraid of our
    current administration and the huge potential it has for wreaking havoc in so many areas. My income is half of what it used to be and
    it might possibly dwindle more. My daughter the college senior may
    be hard pressed to find a decent job even though she is an experienced and qualified person who started her first job when she was fourteen. Last night I was out at a restaurant making conversation with other professionals my age. I brought up y fears
    about these issues and was roundly applauded by the others who said
    that thiese issues need to be adressed immediately. They also said
    that the silent majority needs a leader with the charisma of Obama
    but the patriotism of Thomas Jefferson. All I can say is that the train is starting to rumble!

  • Deborah Calvert said:

    I’m afraid healthcare couldn’t be any worse than my recent experience:

    Sun Healthcare Group Inc’s Sunbridge Newport skilled nursing facility where my mother was harmed and died due to blatant disregard for human life. When families complain they’re breaking the law by not staffing properly and have broken equipment, the Corporate powers that be, fly in their flocks of middle management / regional employees to request to meet with you, then start to intimidate you, i.e., place visiting hours signs on all the doors to the facility that basically gives you one hour after a normal work week to visit your loved ones each week day. (Dept of Justice. Joe Fendrick called the Dept of Health, Jackie Lincer, who demanded they take the signs down within 24 hrs). I was told that Regional employees ask nurses to rewrite nursing records and add this (according to a nurse who refused to). Regional employees even include a former girlfriend of the CEO, Julie Campbell who runs their PAC (Political Action Committee) who was sent by the CEO to aplogize to me for him when their Administrator Gail Conser informed him their broken equipment caused my mother to have a stroke. This was in Newport Beach, California, the same town the CEO lives in. SUN then caused my mother months of suffering (stroke caused her the inability to swallow forever) which along with catching MRSA from them, eventually killed her one year later. All this was due to the fact they refused to repair / replace known broken equipment while under a Calif state injunction for having killed patients in Burlingame, California in 2001 . I have written documents proving top management knew equipment was inoperable and that they did nothing to respond to a critical situation. A blatant disregard for human life = wilful misconduct. (making me eligible for treble damages) -triple the damages of $1.5 Million. But the powers that be prevented that compensation. After a horrible surgery at UCLA for pancreatic cancer that was simply a miracle I survived, my attorney rushed me into mediation while still recovering and disabled, lied to me about the law, coerced and intimidated and threatened me into signing an agreement for damages based solely on SUN’s fraud. He dropped damages for SUN’s very obvious wrongful death, elder abuse, pain & suffering while I was distracted and sick, I sued for malpractice and won –sadly he died 2 weeks later.

    SUN can’t bar me for telling how they harmed my mother because I refused to sign a confidentialty agreement after mediaiton -after being told by my attorney that SUN’s CEO was on the phone from his Irvine office with attorneys in the other room and that he would cause me bodily harm if I forced this case to trial. I have absolutely no doubt that the wilful misconduct I can prove by two board members, Mr. Matros and Dr Hunker, could force the Board of Sun Healthcare to ask for his resignation.

    This is not rocket science as Buzz Aldrin would say. SUN also cheated the taxpayers of the State of Calif for millions of dollars in fines the State would have fined for my mother’s death and the four other deaths they were responsible for that I witnessed during my limited time there, had they done their jobs properly. The Dept of Justice turned a blind eye. The Dept of Health didn’t fine the usual $100,000 for her death, nor any of the other four patients there.

    However, SUN’s own medical director, Dr L Scott Stoney, wrote an opinion SUN killed her and he quit due to SUN’s management’s lack of response to his pleas for help and other families pleas for help.

    Yes, I can testify personally that SUN Healthcare Group Inc, of New Mexico, produces profits for shareholders at the cost of elder abuse and manslaughter.

    Do we really want this to continue in America?

    Deborah Calvert daughter of the late Evelyn Calvert, Newport Beach, California and former assistant to Buzz Aldrin

  • Bob said:

    Terrific column as always – Mary gets in right again

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