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Michael Moriarty: Nothing Less than a Palin/West Ticket for President

Michael Moriarty 7 April 2011 27 Comments

First overturn Roe v Wade in as many states as possible so that when Traditional America does say “No” to the likes of the New World Order, the Progressives know that America and Americans mean “No!”

Only a Sarah Palin/Allen West Presidential ticket for the Republican Party will do that.

Nothing less will sustain itself. Nothing less can maintain the American counter-revolution against the Soros/Obama Dream of “fundamentally transforming the United States of America.”

The opening quote is from my Enter Stage Right article, American Suicide.  I cite the nation’s suicide as the only follow up to Mark Steyn’s brilliant work, America Alone.

I suspect only Mr. Steyn has the soul of wit profound enough to make the reality of American Suicide an irresistible read.

The other Presidential candidates for 2012, including the recent entrance of Donald Trump into the starting circle, cannot possibly hold a candle to Sarah Palin’s pro-life credentials.

To my mind those bona fides make her God’s first choice for President of the United States.

She has, indeed, walked the walk and prayed the prayer!

As for defending America from its enemy-legions, Lt. Col. Allen West and the thrilling line in the sand he has Biblically drawn between himself and Islam, would make him, in the eyes of the New World Order, the “Bad Cop” to Sarah Palin’s “Good Cop”.

Without a “Bad Cop”, America has none of President Ronald Reagan’s “bargaining chips”.

The world knows all too well the high regard in which the troops of the American military hold Lt. Col Allen West.

The Colonel protected his own soldiers from all avoidable danger, while, at the same time, risking his military career to do it.

He is not a careerist.

He is a David.

A military man of God.

We are now in three wars of various degrees of foreign occupation in the Middle East. Only a military man close to a divinely pro-life President could possibly know both the strategy and tactics to manage those three conflicts. Unfortunately, they are actually one third of a much larger mission: protecting the integrity of America from Islam, Communism, the United Nation’s New World Order and all Progressive Americans who treat the Declaration of Independence and the American Constitution as toilet paper.

The combined blessings of a Palin/West White House can overcome all that.

The election of Palin and West alone would send the message America must hurl back at George Soros and his New World Order insanities.

The Soros, handpicked President, Barack Hussein Obama, has manipulated the United States into what the President had always promised: a fundamental transformation; but one that is morphing into the United Nations’ lifelong ambition: to entirely own and control the United States of America.

The soul of this Progressive Obsession has Socialist-redistributionist philosophy behind both its economic policies and its recently announced

Responsibility to protect”.

In other words, death by a thousand euphemisms, the most horrid of which began the Progressive ownership of America with the bipartisan, 1973, Nixon Supreme Court and its Roe v Wade Decision.

Selling infanticide to the American people as if gestating infants were some form of first and second trimester garbage to be disposed of? Is this not a “fundamental transformation” of the Golden Rule: “Do unto gestating infants what you would never have wanted done to your own gestating infancy”?

Isn’t this legalized murder and the destruction of the Judeo-Christian Civilization’s core values and invaluable gifts to the human race?

The lying hypocrisies beneath Roe v Wade and the Progressive American sales pitch make the homicidal maniacs of Islam look like paragons of honesty.

Muammar Ghadafi claimed that 9/11 happened because of “America’s hypocrisy”.

Is there anything more filled with hypocrisy and reckless disregard than a President, sworn to protect America, claiming to help the revolutionaries of Libya while at the same time refusing to support the protesters in Iran, where its leader, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, has bragged about destroying both Israel and America?

The United States has no vested interests in Libya nor is it considered as an immediate threat to the United States.

Furthermore, the “protesters” and their revolutionary army are filled with America-hating Jihadists.

What real reason does Obama have for his air strikes?

He touts his coalition of forces, with the full approval of the United Nations, to enforce the Obama/Powers Doctrine: “the responsibility to protect!”

In actual fact, President Obama is acting as if the New World Order already existed and is in full effect.

“Hands off Iran but attack Afghanistan and Libya”?!

Terrorism will obviously be a mildly veiled modus operandi for the Soros/Obama New World Order. Jihadist terror is their own daily bargaining chip. Why else would they favor Palestine over Israel?

Or Obama’s preference for Michael Corleone’s “offer that can’t be refused” over the eternal verities of the Holy Bible?

Finally, where did the “responsibility to protect” fit with Obama’s promotion and promulgation of abortion and the now present rate of slaughter? According to Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life there are indisputably over one million abortions in the United States per year but with a grand total, between the years of 1973 and 2008, of 50, 766,331 aborted babies.

With our first female President, Sarah Palin, and a comforting echo of both General MacArthur and President Eisenhower in her vice-President, Allen West: what could the massively manipulated Third World have to complain about with such a pair leading the United States of America and the Free World, lifting it out of the swamps of debt and duplicity into which the Obama Presidency is more and more deeply entrapping America and all Americans?

I am anticipating the next Presidential election in my former homeland as if it were the most important one in my entire and highly dramatic 70 years on earth.

The truth of the matter?

That is exactly what it is: America’s most important election in its entire history.

Should anything less Biblically conservative than Palin/West enter the White House, we have the United States, despite all appearances to the contrary, in a virtual death throw.

At the beginning of 2009, the machinery of the New World Order literally possessed both the White House and the American Congress. In a Progressive blitzkrieg, the so-called Democratic Party gave us a Socialist healthcare program and an increasingly imperial Presidency.

Without a Palin/West victory in 2012, that New World Order will again infest and infect all three estates of the American Government: the executive, legislative and judicial.

As for the Fourth Estate, the press?

The Obama Nation and the MSM that helped create it will be back with the coup de gras for what amounts to Socialist Vengeance.

This would be the greatest of American tragedies, for the United States would have aided and abetted its own undeniably American Suicide.

However, to not leave you with my rather pessimistic estimate of the American future, here are the words of the eminent and highly optimistic British historian, Paul Johnson.

The following is from an interview he did recently with Brian M. Carney of the Wall Street Journal.

Pessimists, he (Paul Johnson) points out, have been predicting America’s decline “since the 18th century.” But whenever things are looking bad, America “suddenly produces these wonderful things—like the tea party movement. That’s cheered me up no end. Because it’s done more for women in politics than anything else—all the feminists? Nuts! It’s brought a lot of very clever and quite young women into mainstream politics and got them elected. A very good little movement, that. I like it.” Then he deepens his voice for effect and adds: “And I like that lady—Sarah Palin. She’s great. I like the cut of her jib.”

The former governor of Alaska, he says, “is in the good tradition of America, which this awful political correctness business goes against.” Plus: “She’s got courage. That’s very important in politics. You can have all the right ideas and the ability to express them. But if you haven’t got guts, if you haven’t got courage the way Margaret Thatcher had courage—and [Ronald] Reagan, come to think of it. Your last president had courage too—if you haven’t got courage, all the other virtues are no good at all. It’s the central virtue.”

Today I just received a birthday present from my son and his most adorable family: Paul Johnson’s brief but highly praised portrait of the man I admire “this side idolatry”: Winston Churchill.

Paul Johnson admires the Great Knight of World War I and II England as much or more than I do!

It will be a sublime pleasure dipping into a book by an author with whom I can agree about two vastly important human beings, Sir Winston Churchill and Sarah Palin.

We both particularly like “the cut” of her “courage”.

I cannot forget, however, the “cut” of Lt. Col. West’s unwavering integrity.

Ms. Palin and Col. West have individually withstood the tests of heavy “incoming”, both politically and militarily.

Can the same be said of any of the other Republican candidates, announced or otherwise?

What a Paln/West Presidency will face as the leaders of the Free World in 2012 will be endlessly challenging: as daunting a series of tests as Winston Churchill wrestled with during World War II.

Those tests will prove to be, I am certain, exactly what both Sarah Palin and Lt. Col. West were created for.


Michael Moriarty is an actor of stage and screen, and a jazz musician, and a guest columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

image Michael Moriarity and Robert DeNiro in “Bang the Drum Slowly”


  • Jim Ridings said:

    I agree with a lot of the points you are making, but anyone who thinks Sarah Palin deserves any position of trust is nuttier than she is.

  • Michael Moriarty said:

    I would appreciate some evidence that Ms. Palin is untrustworthy.

    Michael Moriarty

  • Jim Ridings said:

    How about resigning as governor in the middle of her first term? What would she do as president, when the stress and the important decisions are magnified many times over? And the half million dollars she spent defending herself against ethics charges as governor, which was a big factor in her resignation? That’s untrustworthy. But more than being untrustworthy, she is just plain nuts. I agree with a lot of her positions — opposition to gay marriage, opposition to abortion, opposition to socialized medicine, pro gun rights, pro Israel, pro drilling for oil in Alaska and off shore — but her actions and her inflammatory words are just crazy. I would not want an unstable and volatile person like this in a position of power.

  • Michael Moriarty said:

    Mr. Ridings,

    Thank you for responding.

    So you find Sarah Palin even more DANGEROUS than many people might consider Allen West to be?!

    Sir, with all due respect to many of your own conservative opinions, the nation-wide, hysterical fear of Sarah Palin began LONG before she resigned as Governor.

    You are just playing hurry and catch-up with the Progressives and RINO’s.

    You certainly don’t sound like a RINO but your paranoia about Ms. Palin OBVIOUSLY began long before her resignation.

    I think you might actually blame her and nothing else for McCain’s loss in the Presidential race.

    Palin would frighten any fence-sitter.

    I have no doubt, no doubt whatsoever, that the Progressive World and the nations under basically Marxist control, will more greatly fear Allen West than even you fear Sarah Palin.

    That you and perhaps many others fear her is a good thing.

    Sarah Palin is Feminism at its best! Its most powerful!!



  • Jim Ridings said:

    Mr. Moriarty,
    You make more assumptions about me than you believe I make about Sarah Palin. I do not find Palin to be dangerous (just nutty), I do not have a hysterical fear of her, I am not playing catch-up with the dreaded Progressives and RINOs, and I am not paranoid about Palin.

    And my distrust of Palin did not begin long before her resignation — indeed, when she was nominated for vice president, I was elated; after all, pro-life and pro-gun sounded like the perfect candidate. And I do not blame her for McCain’s defeat; McCain needed no help in scuttling his own chances. I think, at the time, she was the better of the two.

    But her actions and her statements since 2008 have led me to think she is not right; the more she talks, the worse she looks. I need no liberals or progressives to tell me what to think about her.

    I don’t know why you would say Palin frightens fence-sitters, because there are no fence-sitters concerning Palin; you like her or you don’t like her, there is no middle. Sarah Palin is not Feminism at its best (I didn’t know there was any “best” about feminism, and feminism by most definitions has nothing to do with being feminine).

    I think we agree on how this country is on a dangerous course toward socialism, and that the Obama administration and the people pulling the strings for this “community organizer” is taking us down a dangerous path. We just disagree on Sarah Palin being the answer to the terrible dilemma we face. Maybe if she can keep her own family in order, we can give her a second look.

    Keep up the conservative philosphy and keep fighting the socialists, from Washington DC to Madison, Wisc.

    Jim Ridings

  • Stephen Jordan said:

    What if Sarah Palin and Joseph Biden were put into a room with two desks, sharpened 2-H pencils and two IQ tests? Joseph Biden, walking out with the highest score? Come on. However, on the nutty scale, it’s Biden, hands down.

  • Michael Moriarty said:


    If a RINO and the likes of Mitt Romney, son of Michigan’s old nemesis, Romney Sr., are not fence-sitters at the top of the Progressive New World Order, along with their Major Domo, George Bush Sr., the Yale opportunist, the bipartisan sellout represented by the Yale/Harvard factories vomiting out Bush Sr, his Pal, Bill Clinton … all of it culminating in the Presidency of Harvard’s own child of Henry Kissinger’s real politik: Barack Hussein Obama – Real Politik is still the most cunning euphemism for Communism – I don’t know what could surpass such Megalomaniacal fence sitting.

    The fence, Mr. Ridings, is THE NEW WORLD ORDER!!

    Not Sarah Palin.

    Where you are on the New World Order may sound clearly American Conservative Patriot, but looking down on Sarah Palin is endemic to the very snobbery that lifted the Texas good ole boys of the Bush Family into hobnobbing with the likes of Bill Clinton. Not to mention George W. Bush, Junior, saying he thinks Vladimir Putin is a “good man”.

    You just can’t take the strong medicine required to save America from the very nightmare you know is here, growing like a deadly virus and about to choke us all.

    With all due respect and gratitude for the now heated debate!


  • Jim Ridings said:

    I don’t look down on Sarah Palin, I just think she is a nitwit — not dangerous, not a threat, and not a savior. And you are right, Stephen, Joe Biden is a million times more nutty than Palin. But I wasn’t factoring Democrats into the debate. That’s another story. Palin is goofy, but she and every other Republican are intellectual giants compared to any Democrat. Liberals are either deceivers and liars and hypocrites and phonies, like Obama and Clinton, or they are candidates for a rubber room, like Biden.
    Yes, both presidents Bush were terrible. And they were complicit in the state of affairs of where the world is going. I do not like the “world order” that emphasizes One World at the expense of America’s sovereignty and America’s interests. Obama says America is not special, and he acts as if America has to have the approval of the rest of the world, instead of acting like he is America’s president working for America. We do need strong medicine, but I think we disagree as to what that is. I do not think the silly aphorisms and catch phrases from Grizzly Mama Palin is the medicine we need.
    Continue the spirited debate. At least we conservatives can disagree and be civil.

  • Michael Moriarty said:

    Mr. Ridings,

    The heart and major body of your letter I applaud.

    This opening sentence however: “I don’t look down on Sarah Palin, I just think she is a nitwit”

    (Pause for stunned comprehension)

    Sir, who taught you English?

    That sentence of yours is not only a redundant contradiction in terms (a record-breaking one that I shall never in my life forget) but unworthy of the education that you obviously claim to have experienced.

    Since I will be campaigning in my own distinctive way for Ms. Palin, that sentence shall rest on the coat of arms I bestow to all the snobs who ever looked over their glasses and Eastern Seaboard Degrees and Chicago Style Conservatism and down upon Ms. Palin with such contempt that they have obviously lost what simple common sense they did have and uttered your still unbelievably contemptuous declaration from on high!

    May God save you from the altitude you apparently believe you live in.


  • Jim Ridings said:

    Mr. Moriarty,
    I was simply quoting your previous post about “looking down on Sarah Palin” and I responded that it was not a case of looking down (whatever you meant by that, I assume the traditional reference) but it was more a case of believing she is dumb. I don’t find that a contradiction in terms nor redundant. But then, I don’t comprehend a lot of what you say, especially the term “Chicago style conservatism.” That is a new one to me. And if people “looked over their glasses and Eastern Seaboard Degrees and Chicago Style Conservatism and down upon Ms. Palin” as you wrote, is that “a redundant contradiction in terms” or am I the only one who can do that? Perhaps you think that anyone who believes Sarah Palin is a nitwit must be a nitwit for believing that. If so, there are a lot of nitwits who will be attending the Republican convention and not voting to nominate Palin. Her 15 minutes of fame is over.

  • Michael Moriarty said:

    You are breathtaking sir.

    You are a conservative who belongs with the Progressive Poobah, Charles Gibson and the conservative snobs such as Charles Krauthammer, all of whom look down on Sarah Palin but would NEVER come up with a sentence like: I don’t look down on Sarah Palin, I just think she’s a nitwit!”

    That you do not see the hypocrisy of such a statement and bury yourself even further with “dumb” … has you on the losing end of even William F. Buckley’s guest list.



  • Jim Ridings said:

    Let’s see, you have said I am a Progressive, a snob, a RINO, and I have a hysterical and paranoid fear of Sarah Palin because she is so dangerous. Oh yeah, and I don’t know no proper English because we in the Chicago School of Conservatism ain’t as bright as them in that Hollywood School of Conservatism. And you say that … just because I don’t see Palin as the hero who will save America from the New World Order. One doesn’t have to be a liberal to see that Palin has become a caricature, and she is about as dangerous and as credible as Charlie Sheen. They both have passed the point, going from public personality to public joke.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Jim and Michael,

    I missed the weigh in, due to all the heavy lifting here at Leo HS, but I am delighted to see that the first few rounds, between two cruiser-weight intellects and wordsmiths, are Caesar’s Palace worthy.

    No broken beer bottles, or lengths of barbed wire until the tenth round.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Thank you, Pat, and I hope you find this as entertaining as I do. I always like to keep lively discussions civil, especially when there is disagreement, but it all too often gets nasty when the other party becomes angry because their point isn’t being made, or the punch isn’t landing. Life is too short to get too upset in a debate about a difference of opinion. No hard feelings given or taken.

  • Pat Hickey said:


    Your study of Lem Small was the best political read I enjoyed since Richard Linberg’s work on Big Mike McDonald two years ago. Illinois is blessed with takented writers like you gents.

    BTW – I posted a You Tube of my favorite Len Small parolee – Spike O’Donnell, this AM.

    How do the Herscher Tigers look in track this year?


  • Jim Ridings said:

    Herscher usually has a very good track program. I didn’t know you were familiar with us out here. Does Herscher complete against Leo? Once Father Pfleger takes over there, Leo will be unbeatable. Of course, that depends on whether Cardinal George follows the orders given by Fr. Pfleger. Just kidding.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Herscher and Leo have competed. I used to coach shot and disc at Bishop Mac boys and sometimes girls. The Messier’s and O’Connors of the Tigers were always tough to beat. Herscher relay teams were always out-standing.

    As to the current clerical contretemps . . .this canary don’t sing.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Ha! Very diplomatic on the church topic. Bishop Mac is always tough to beat, as is my alma mater (Providence-New Lenox). The O’Connors remain a formidible force, in many fields of endeavor.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    The red-headed Messiers were slouches not! BTW – I lived in Triple K from 1975-1988; met and married my late wife Mary Cleary, whose grandparents lived in Herscher – The Duvals. Dick was a football and track coiach for the Tigers. Mary’s maternal grandparents were Oliver and Antoinette Duval – formerly of St. George. Both spoke French. Oliver was hoot.

    On our first meeting at Christmas 1978, he eye-balled by Mac Coaching coat and intriduced himself with ” The Irish are Godddam Stupid Looking bastards.”

    When it was judicious I went over to the pipe smoking old gent an whispered in his ear ” Yeah? The French, the French, that dirty race; they fight with their feet and . . . with their face.”

    From that moment we were pals. Oliver used to call me up ” Hey, $hit for brains, take me for a drive. Let’s go over to Caberry and trow stuff at your countrymen.”

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Small world. I know some of the Duval family and Cleary relatives. Duval’s quote on your first meeting in 1978 reminds me of a Humphrey Bogart quote. He said something to that effect and added that you can’t get a good conversation going until you introduce it that way. Ha!

  • Paul Mountjoy said:


    You can forget about debating Michael Moriarty.

    You are obviously in over your intellectual head.

    If you choose to debate another, you are best advised to familiarize yourself with your opponents level of education and previous works.

    You are WAY out of your element, Sir.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Mr. Moriarty, sir, I humbly apologize for even addressing such a superior intellect, of whom I am not worthy. Good luck in your life’s quest to inform the poor ignorant masses of just how inferior they are to you. It’s a shame that people do not listen to your wisdom, but when you, Grizzly Mama Palin and Col. Moonbeam take over and impose the Moriarty World Order, maybe you can force people to bend to your will. In the meantime, remember to wear your tin foil hat to prevent the satellites of the CFR, IRS, FBI, NFL and PTA from reading your thoughts.

  • Paul Mountjoy said:

    Ridings….Contrary to your first sentence in your first posting,this time, your first sentence had a intellectual tone.

    From there on, you dissolved into elementary blathering of nonsense only to be understood by the left/liberal minded cretons of low bar criteria.

    Here is a question for you to ponder…..what is the difference between a liberal and a catfish?

    One is a bottom dwelling scum sucker. The other is a fish.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    My dear Mountjoy. My observation of liberals is that they believe they alone possess all knowledge and wisdom, and anyone who disagrees with them not only are ignorant and inferior beings, they must be destroyed if they cannot be made to see the light, or cannot be forced to see the light. I will be as wildly irresponsible as you, in making my observation that you fit the definition of a far-left crazy liberal.

  • Paul Mountjoy said:

    I am running for a political office as a tea party Republican.

    Obviously, it takes one to NOT know one.

    This is my last posting.

  • Jim Ridings said:

    Finally, Mountjoy, I am quite tired of you. I have a good opinion of, and hopes for, the Tea Party, and it is distressing that you think you are the face of the Tea Party. You are not. I’ll leave you with this good thought. Don’t worry about the next election. I am sure Grizzly Palin, Col. Moonbean, Cpl. Moriarty and Pvt. Mountjoy all will be elected — as Supreme Commanders of the planet Pluto.

  • Anne Illiterate said:

    Should anything less Biblically conservative than Palin/West enter the White House, we have the United States, despite all appearances to the contrary, in a virtual death throw.

    What is this Mortal Kombat V?

    Throe, death throe.

    Interesting you mention the first dude to use poison gas in the Middle East


    one less literary

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