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Mary Anne Hackett Defends Catholicism vs. WTTW Panel

Thomas F. Roeser 29 April 2011 One Comment

WTTW hosted a panel on Catholicism, Fr. Pfleger, and the beatification of John Paul II last night.

There as per usual we had the usually lopsided structure of two liberal Catholics…knowing and having interviewed both adversaries I would judge Barbara Blaine is more nominal than active… against one.

Both belong to the Catholic Left. Robert McClory is a teacher, journalist and resigned priest who’s written a laudatory book about Pfleger. McClory…a former assistant at St. Sabina’s pre-Pfleger who left the priesthood to marry… has in the course of thirty years aligned himself with the most leftward fringes of radical heretical theology: a Hans Kung-style supporter of “participatory democratization” of church structure to the extent that the holder of the papacy is only first among equals and oft-times hardly that. The rock of Peter becomes only one aspect of Church governance, sharing with bishops and…ahem….”theologians” who hold equal sway.

McClory has long been an opponent of Humanae Vitae, an advocate of relaxed strictures on abortion, a devotee of an ultra loosened concept of mortal sin…under a slanted version of what normally is known as “Fundamental Option”– where one can only commit it if he pronounces abject alienation from God—else a good Act of Contrition will clear it up…a supporter of women priests, a more “humanitarian” concept of gay rights. In essence his concept is diametrically adverse to the 2,000 plus years of authentic dogmatic theology.

The second participant for the Left was Barbara Blaine of SNAP (Survival Network of Those Abused by Priests) who should not have participated in the Pfleger discussion since pedophilia and child abuse is not been involved in that melee—just the matter of priestly obedience and insubordination.
She was obviously there to weigh in on later-discussed issue about JPII’s style of church governance…but she pitched in also on Pfleger where her clerical pedophilia views were not relevant. She was included because executive producer Mary Field feels that on every issue—politics, economics, urban policy, whatever—it is mandatory that there should be a thumb on every scale to tip discussions to the Left…believing that the marketing formulae of the station would be compromised by equal access to ideas.

However it could be said that the panel moderator, Eddie Arruza that he made a conscientious effort to include Hackett’s views. Just a shame that the station feels so insecure it can’t run a one-on-one show…but that’s good old Mary Field and her so-called employer Danny Schmidt (salary: $450,000 )

Tom Roeser with a full analysis

image Catherine of Aragon, another Defender of the Faith

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  • Michael Moriarty said:

    The Far Left Catholic congregation’s aim or target is the Church’s stand on abortion. Once abortion as a cardinal sin is reduced to a venial matter, then there really is no massive institution the size of Rome to stand in the way of a “Progressive New World Order”. Wholesale redistribution and massive reduction of human population can be instituted in the name of “a responsibility to protect”.

    No principle so identifies the difference between Rome and the rest of Christianity as the Vatican’s unequivocal, pro-life beliefs. Once the Catholic Church modifies that stand she becomes essentially like any other Protestant sect of Christianity but with an older, ritualistic tradition.

    “Thous shalt not kill” therefore and the Golden Rule become “Do unto gestating infants what you would not have wanted done unto your own gestating infancy.”

    Those are not venial matters. If murder is no longer condemned by any major institution on earth, there is the end of civilization as we once knew it.

    If the Far Left of Catholicism wish to debate that point with me here in this venue, I’d be quite willing to oblige.

    God Bless,


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