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Love Him or Hate Him, You Don’t Know Him: Obama’s America—2016

Daniel J. Kelley 27 August 2012 13 Comments

Years ago, I recall discussing politics in an abstract way with the adult daughter of a small business owner who was also something of an ardent leftist. In an effort to be polite, I was doing my best to be noncommittal and vague throughout the entire conversation. The woman was proudly describing how her parents, based in New York City, always supported Norman Thomas, the perennial Socialist Party presidential candidate. The absurd irony of this situation was compounded by the fact that the woman was using a scissors and cutting her coupon bonds which had matured and were ready for redemption throughout this conversation in which she condemned and criticized capitalism.

The vanguard of the proletariat always seems content live a life of luxury and privilege while claiming to be liberating the unwashed masses. Like Obama on the golf course, these power elites are exempt from the policies which they seek to impose upon all others. I suspect that this is why many of the untalented actors and entertainment industry producers so readily support liberal politicians. It allows them to feel good about themselves while they never have to actually experience the results of the policies that they so vocally support. Their wealth insulates them from the pain that their politics inflicts upon the working class.

I attended a recent screening of the surprise box office hit “Obama’s America: 2016.” The documentary is narrated by Dinesh D’Souza and based upon two of his most recent books, including “The Roots of Obama’s Rage.” D’Souza’s thesis is that Obama embraced his father’s anti-colonial legacy and seeks to transform America into a second or third class nation as a form of retribution for America’s past cultural and political imperialism.

Obama is a proponent of failed economic policies that have left much of the Third World mired in poverty. Rather than acknowledging that centralized economic planning is a failure, Obama faults America’s industrial might as the cause of economic malaise that has crippled much of Africa. The answer, therefore, is not to abandon the discredited economic policies, but to disable America so as to level the playing field. Once America is bankrupt, Kenyan economic programs are bound to succeed!

As someone who follows politics and current events closely, I thought that I was better informed about Barack Obama’s radicalism than most people. Nevertheless, the new documentary film exposed me to much more information than I had previously been aware of. Obama is not as bad as I thought. Arguably, he is worse, much worse. If you still subscribe to American exceptionalism or believe in American ideals, you need to see this movie with an undecided voter who is persuadable.

In 2008, I was initially disturbed by Obama’s bizarre hero worship of his absentee Kenyan father which sometimes bordered upon pagan idolatry. During the same 2008 campaign, by virtue of reading British newspaper articles, I was aware of the fact that Obama’s father was less of an outstanding academic and renowned economist and more of a violent alcoholic and bigamist. He was also a Marxist who believed that a tax rate of one hundred percent could be justifiable.

Equally as chilling are the backgrounds of Obama’s leftist mother and his maternal grandparents. Obama is truly a “Red Diaper Baby.” Scarier still is association with Frank Marshall Davis, a card carrying member of the Communist Party, selected by Obama’s grandparents to serve as Obama’s mentor and surrogate father figure.

For all of the unjustified acclaim that Obama has received for attending law school at Harvard University, it is worth noting that he spent a considerable amount of time taking elective classes in Critical Legal Studies while neglecting to master the core curriculum. If his transcripts are ever located, it would be enlightening to see how Obama fared in Contracts, Constitutional Law, Property and Torts in comparison to radical chic indoctrination courses. At Columbia and Harvard Universities, Obama sought out the most extremist members of the faculty as his advisors, including virulent Anti-Semites vociferously opposed to the existence of the State of Israel. Not surprisingly, these same people view America with contempt.

To advance the industrialization of the Third World, Obama is willing to enforce punishing taxes and draconian energy policies upon American consumers and industries to drive up the price of gasoline and oil in the United States. The Keystone Pipeline will not be built during an Obama Administration, despite the obvious benefits that it would present to Americans in terms of lower fuel costs and increased employment opportunities, while Obama funds oil exploration that will benefit foreign countries.

If you consider yourself to be a regular Democrat, you also need to oppose Obama’s reelection in November. The incumbent may have found it expedient to masquerade as a Progressive member of the Democratic Party for electoral purposes, but he is not at all a traditional Democrat such as Jefferson, Kennedy or Truman. He is a radical ideologue. As was demonstrated in the healthcare controversy, he is indifferent to the survival of the Democratic Party as a viable political force, provided that his agenda is enacted into law. Dozens and dozens of newly elected Republicans are now serving in the US Congress solely as the result of a reaction to Obama’s policies.

Exiting the crowded theater, one patron described the film as “sobering.” Indeed. Even if Obama is rejected at the polls in November, America is in for a big hangover as the aftermath of his orgy of drunken spending which was intended to load America with an unmanageable debt. To the extent that D’Souza has exposed Obama for who he truly is, he deserves to be praised. Unfortunately, I doubt that the Nobel Prize Committee will be calling D’Souza anytime soon.

Daniel J. Kelley is a regular contributor to “The Chicago Daily Observer.”
image The March King, John Philip D’Souza


  • houndofdoom said:

    Reluctantly went to see 2016 Saturday, and highly reccomend it. Was afraid I was in to 2 hours of seeing the dear leader’s face and having to listen to his lying voice, and thought I would walk out.

    Thankfully, that was not the case. Learned a lot about the dog eater in chief, and also the liberals that worship him. D’Souza’s college experiences in the film w/liberals were hilarious!

    Go see it. It’s really insightful.

  • jCollova said:

    Excellent article. For liberals, especially the Hollywood types…it’s a matter of do what I say and not what I do. Do you think THEY are going to make any meaningful sacrifices in their personal lives? Much easier to just write a check and have your photo taken at a fund-raiser or being the “spokesperson” for a charity. I worked in Venezuela in urban community development in the mid-60’s. The people we were supposed to be training there had tremendous distain for American and Americans…although they drove American cars, wore American clothes and watches, watched American movies, ate American food, etc. And not a bit of recognition about their utter hypocracy while doing it. I see the same for both of the Obamas…they apparently love the good life yet critize the methods they used to get there. If they truly believed what they are promoting, they would have chosen a life of service in Africa helping the poor there instead of eating $100 a pound Japanese beef and the lavish vacations they have taken in the past four years.
    I learned a very long time ago, the very wealthy (like the Romneys) do no have to prove it, wear it or flaunt it. It’s the newly wealthy (such as the Obamas and the Hollywood types) that are so insecure they have to show the world how wonderful they are.

  • Bringing up Barack Jr. « Blithe Spirit (author) said:

    […] More on the 2016: Obama’s America movie, about his upbringing. Red diaper baby indeed: In 2008, I was initially disturbed by Obama’s bizarre hero worship of his absentee Kenyan father which sometimes bordered upon pagan idolatry. During the same 2008 campaign, by virtue of reading British newspaper articles, I was aware of the fact that Obama’s father was less of an outstanding academic and renowned economist and more of a violent alcoholic and bigamist. He was also a Marxist who believed that a tax rate of one hundred percent could be justifiable. […]

  • Big Bad Jack said:

    Like each and every marxist (I refuse to capitalize that evil word) who ever lived, obama (and virtually everyone connected to his life) is a POS. Like it or not, evil exists and has since The Creation itself. Have a nice day…and say your prayers for this once-great republic. We desperately need them, as God is not mocked. Ever.

  • Glenn and Katy Koons said:

    We went to see it tonight here in the soviet republic of Ca. Of course, it will have no impact here but if the so called 10% undecided saw it and the Reagan Dems still around but not sure of how to vote, then the impact would be massive in Nov. If the Pubs were smart; and they are the Stupid Party many times, they would ask permission to show this entire film a week before the election. Not possible of course, but that would be spectacular.

  • Bessie said:

    I went to see the movie this afternoon…What I did not know was that his brother did not share his views but was still sympathetic to his brother the President…The feelings obviously not returned by Barack the elder, cutting off his skeletal brother to live in poverty…punishment for publicly disagreeing? “My brothers keeper” indeed.

  • Texas B said:

    Obama’s Agenda is completely transparent. The plan is to use the money and wealth of this country to finance his agenda which includes using our OWN SYSTEM against us. The plan begins with punnishing us for our own sins of abstinance while the lowest stratifcation of our society continued to multiply. Those individuals, ordained with the right to vote, will do just that and make their way to the polls to vote themselves the checks promised to them by our Commander in Chief. Their large numbers will represent a majority, however, this group of our society would go bankrupt in short order if they were a business given that they do not produce more than they gobble up in free aid and other resources. So the plan is really quite simple…take from those that represent the heart of what the system calls the working middle class and the American Dream and give it to the pyrana of our society which I have so affectionately named “the dumpster bears”.

    It seems America needs to wake up. In actuality most of what is wrong can be revealed with simple mathematical equasions. The pyrana outnumber the working class and will ultimately use the very efficient well thought out system including our branches of government and our constitutional rights to outwit us with a mere elementary school education or less!

    It could come down to multiply or BECOME EXTINCT! Who’d a thunk?

  • David said:

    Pass this down to 3 people!!!

    So you’re saying that the movie (2016 Obama) which is number one all over the country is not playing in any theaters in one of biggest cities (chicago) in the country? I can’t recall that ever happening before.

    Really in Chicago? But they can put in all the theaters (fahrenheit 911)??? Why is that…it should not matter wether we live in a liberal state or not..show the freakin movie… Let freedom ring!!!!

  • Tony said:

    When are we all going to wake up collectively. Every 4 years the same political drama goes down. No matter who win’s it’s the same agenda that remains in place. How is this accomplished, one word “division”.

    It’s time to unite people…

    If we do not change the world we live in then the world we live in will change us.


  • samiuddin ahmed said:

    In early 2007, D’Souza published The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and its Responsibility for 9/11, in which he argues that the American cultural left was in large part responsible for the Muslim anger that led to the September 11 attacks. He argues that Muslims do not hate America because of its freedom and democracy, but because they perceive America to be imposing its moral depravity (support for sexual licentiousness) on the world. The conclusion of the book, as stated by D’Souza in the introduction, is that “[t]he Bush administration and the conservatives must stop promoting American popular culture because it is producing a blowback of Muslim rage. With a few exceptions, the right should not bother to defend American movies, music, and television. From the point of view of traditional values, they are indefensible. Moreover, why should the right stand up for the left’s debased values? Why should our people defend their America? Rather, American conservatives should join the Muslims and others in condemning the global moral degeneracy that is produced by liberal values.”

    Here in “The Enemy at Home: The Cultural Left and its Responsibility for 9/11″ D’Souza’s discussion seems to be more logical and the shades of his wisdom can be felt but where as in this documentary”Love him, hate him, you don’t know him,” “2016: Obama’s America” it is an assumption by D’Souza and there is nothing wise and logical – it seems being an ardent supporter of Republican party he has just presented a theory. He has no evidences and his imaginary theory is neither fair not truthful enough – it cleary reveals that this is a conspiracy to defame Barack Obama. It would have easy for D’Souza to assume that Barack Obama being a son of a Muslim has some hidden agenda and that is to revert all Americans to Islam in one way or the other (as it is also an assumption / a theory ) that can easily be presented as it doesn’t need any evidence or proofs.

  • Eric Zuma said:

    Sometimes I asked myself why are american so stupid??? American believe everything that is thrown to them>… Danish is a smart indian guy and you guys are making him rich!!!! lol…
    I am from West Africa and I have also lived in India, and Laos, which could have been considered “Colonial Country” back 60 years ago… The true is, This mentality is dead with our fathers..
    GUYS, WE are in 2012… People have gone to the moon and now we are sending stuff in Mars. Egypt, Libia are free, South africa is united, even poor India has became nuclear, and Starving China is booming..

    YOU AMERICAN needs to relax your brain and not believe everything you are being feeds. TRAVEL the WORLD, leave the country. There is a different world out there you will learn to love and feel love.

    Us immigrant, we are very smart and know how to deal with you to suck you dry. Danish is getting richer, Thanks to you.

  • Queen said:

    I saw the movie. I brings up all of the old nonsense that was brought out in ’08 just with fancier language, a big pretty movie screen, and more lies. I think what americans are afraid of, especially white americans, is that obama is going to take their pretty little america away, and give it to…well i don’t know who, d’souza didn’t go into all that. but he implies so many questionable things, that when you go back and double check his ‘facts’, nothing has changed since his book, or the ’08 campaign. He’s still lying, he’s still part of the ultra conservative right, and this movie is still funded by a Mormon. You can string conjecture together to make it look like the truth, but it’s still lies. I don’t deny that Obama and his administrations lies as well on many points, which makes me angry. But really conservative christians, is the way to fight lies, to propagate MORE LIES!? would our lord and savior be please with that?? I KNOW he would not. The bible tells to be workman that needeth not to be ashamed rightly dividing the word of TRUTH. And it is shameful what D’souza and Gerald Molen are doing. This is why this has been labeled a MOVIE and not a DOCUMENTARY. It contains too many lies to be considered an objective knowledge building piece.

  • Monica lawinkski said:

    Everybody wondering what’s wrong with this country. We are what’s wrong how do you talk down about a man who runs this country like he’s a terrorist or even question whether or not he’s American is he evil why is his transcript from college is missing. No one questioned McCain birth place and he was born in Panama Canal. how come it was not questioned about the bush involvement in the S&L scandel under Reagan/Bush adminstration What is important to note about the S&L scandal is that it was the largest theft in the history of the world and US tax payers are who was robbed, and what did this country do they let another crook (G.W.Bush) become president who couldn’t fake that he already knew about the the attacks before it was to take place here on 911 because he was knee deep involved with it happening. It seems some of us here In This country live by double standards which isn’t right at all. To show the people who would love to see America fall that we have no trust and respect for the president of the United States where’s the unity where do we live up to The name united? After all most of y’all helped put him there by the same hatred that is bestowed upon him by y’all very own people the republicans

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