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Looks Like Biden Will Enter Presidential Race

Don Rose 28 September 2015 2 Comments

I’ve been watching presidential races since 1948 and am coming to the conclusion that none has been as confounding as this one–on both sides.  It was so simple for so long: Hillary Clinton would be the Democratic nominee and Jeb Bush the Republican. I’ll bet even Donald Trump thought so. It still might wind up that way but with the conventions a year away it might be neither.

Let’s look at the Democrats first.

Everyone expected an all-out assault on Clinton even before we learned of her private e-mail server, which was legal but extremely odd, playing into the meme that the Clintons are a law unto themselves. No one has yet come up with anything criminal, though the drip-drip-drip of revelations raise new questions weekly, if not daily, and have taken a big toll on her credibility, even among her strongest base, Democratic women.


It’s clear she mishandled the problem from the get-go, by trying to trivialize it, holding information back, destroying “personal” e-mail, joking about it, letting things dribble out over weeks and months instead of handling it the way Crisis Management Textbook 101 dictates: Get it all out immediately, every bit of it, personal and private, embarrassing or not, but show the world you have nothing to hide. And get that apology out quickly instead of waiting until the polls start to deteriorate.

Now all she can do is explain–and when you’re explaining you’re losing.

This only in part explains the rise of Senator Bernie Sanders, who draws massive crowds with his progressive message and now leads Clinton substantially in New Hampshire and is ahead by a whisker in Iowa. But even his closest supporters seriously doubt he can be nominated. Clinton still leads him in the national polls, but by lesser and lesser margins, while the as-yet undeclared Vice President Joe Biden rises higher and higher as rumors of his impending candidacy spread more widely. At the moment, Biden even beats all the major Republican contenders in trial head-to-head heats.

Every day comes a report of a meeting, a poll, a blossoming draft-Biden movement–coming not just from his fans, but from establishment Democrats who fear that Clinton may falter further, perhaps even get some kind of official ethical reprimand if not a criminal charge (very doubtful, but possible). The e-mail enquiry will go on for months more and there is no sign she has stanched any of the bleeding.

Therefore I am increasingly of the opinion that Biden–who has about a month to make up his mind–is more than likely to enter the fray. He knows he has a lot of sympathy because of the death of his son Beau, but that will not last long nor stave off an immediate Republican assault. Republicans will endlessly play a reel of his many gaffes and Democratic opponents will remind women of his namby-pamby role in the Clarence Thomas hearings. He’ll face a tough grind, whether or not Hillary drops out.

But I think he’s beginning to steel himself for the ordeal.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

image Biden on the campaign trail


  • Cora said:

    Thanks for the article. For perspective, it’s important to add the fact that Hillary continues to poll well ahead of Biden. Even her lowest numbers are more than double what Biden achieves. And Bidens popularity is as high as it’s going to be. Hillary has held a consistent and impressive poll lead in the democratic primary- both nationally and in every state except New Hampshire which boarders Bernie Sander’s home state of Vermont. Hillary is hardly imploding. There is not a single candidate – democrat or republican – who wouldn’t kill for Hillary’s poll numbers.

  • diraj said:

    Not true Cora
    Too many statements in the past from the Clintons against the black race will always hold back most of the black voters. I don’t want to see a Republican in office. Bernie Sanders will not receive a huge turnout because majority of Dems won’t vote.
    Once they choose the final two. All they have to do is show a picture of the conservative flag next to Bill CLinton smiling, which the republicans will use as their secret weapon. As a black person I like Hilliary and believe her to be a great President. I think she would be better as a Vice President, than off to presidency once voters get to see her in office. But for right now. The conservatives are cruel and devious. They will use and create so much conflicts with Hilliary and the minority race. We will need all the voters to make sure a democrat stays in office. If not we are looking at the end of the world.

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