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Krone Announces for US Senate in New York; Schumer Yet to Respond

Phil Krone 12 February 2010 42 Comments

I am at the stage of my life where I can do anything I want (that is legal, ethical and moral)having achieved my realistic goals. Last year I decided to engage in a controlled experiment with myself as the guinea pig. It would have entailed me spending most of my time in New York state. Therefore, when I was told that Dan Hynes was going to run for Governor (and that Lisa Madigan was not) I decided to give up my personal experiment to work hard for Dan, not as a paid consultant or on staff but in my own way including offering strategic and tactical advice, being on call 24/7.

Much of my advice was not taken and I was concerned from the beginning, but what I did know and believe, that Dan was absolutely the best candidate for Governor in either party. Rather I should say he was the person who would be the best Governor were he elected.

A few days before the end of the campaign I thought we would win, even if by a slim margin, but the last minute warm introduction of Quinn by Rev. Sen. James Meeks of Quinn, and the exceptional commercial directed by Melissa Costello did us in.

Conceited as it appears, I believe had the campaign followed more of my advice they would have won by a lot (as did Preckwinkle). Frankly, had David Hoffman’s campaign, which did a great job, been willing to follow more of my advice they too would have won. My efforts for Turner, Hoffman or Jackson, Connor, Preckwinkle, Hubbard and Pucinski were all based on strengthening Dan’s candidacy for the general election. The only other ‘free standing’ campaign I was involved in was for the election of Judge William Hooks, not only the most qualified jurist on the ballot for any position, but the choice of my dear late friend Justice R. Eugene Pincham.

But I wouldn’t trade having made the decision I did for all the material benefits you could imagine. The Hynes family means a lot to me.

Now that Dan lost the primary by less than 1% of the vote I will lay out what I had intended to do and aborted, though I’m thinking now of resurrecting the original plan since the general election in November in Illinois or Florida (where I’m a registered voter and official resident) have no interest for me (other than making sure Toni Preckwinkle, Lisa Madigan and Jesse White win).

What I had intended to do was to run for the U.S. Senate from the Empire State, the great state of New York. No, I wasn’t intending to run against Kristen Gillilbrand; I was going to run against veteran senator Charles Schumer and I will explain my reasoning later on in this lengthy column.

First of all, I am disgusted by the role money plays in politics, even in the campaigns of those candidates I support. Secondly I am depressed that candidates have large staffs to tell them how to think, what to think, what to say and how to say it. What to wear, and where to go. Who to speak to and what should and shouldn’t be said (there I go repeating myself somewhat, but from a slightly different angle). What happened to the days of Jefferson, Madison and Hamilton, or Webster, Clay and Calhoun, or Lincoln and Douglas, or Teddy Roosevelt, or Hubert Humphrey, Paul Douglas, Everett Dirksen and Robert Taft?

I wanted to run from New York because I wasn’t from there (like Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton), though I’d bet I’ve spent more nights in New York than Hillary had before she announced for the Senate at the express suggestion and invitation of Charlie Rangel. New York City is the cultural and commercial capital of the United States, and perhaps as the home of the U.N. General Assembly, also the capital of the world (London, Paris , Berlin, Moscow, Beijing, Hong Kong and Tokyo to the contrary notwithstanding). New York belongs to all Americans.

Also I wanted to run for the Senate in the New York because I love the entire state; from Manhattan to Niagara Falls, from Lake Champlain to Binghamton, the Adirondacks and the Catskills, Long Island and Staten Island. The borough of Queens and the County of Kings. Also, I have no enemies in New York. I’ll make them, as I go along. But I do start with hundreds of friends.

Also Chuck Schumer was born in 1950. My first visit to New York was in 1949 when I was eight. My parents took me on the Patriots’ Tour, our first family long car trip. We started in Chicago and drove to Detroit, then through Canada to Niagara Falls, on through Skaneateles (where we stayed overnight in a lovely Victorian tourist home for $2,00), then to Brattleboro, Vermont, down to Boston, Lexington, Concord, Cambridge, Quincy, Plymouth Rock, to New York City (where we stayed at the then McAlpin Hotel, at what was the outrageous price of $10.50 per night for a room with a double bed and a single). The McAlpin later became the Statler, then the Statler Hilton and is now a condominium. Its located at 34th and Broadway. From New York City we went to Atlantic City (prior to casinos), Philadelphia, Valley Forge, Baltimore and Washington, D.C., Mt. Vernon, returning through Gettysburg and Harrisburg (where we got on the original leg of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, just opened) and back home. Fifteen states, one Canadian Province and the District of Columbia in 21 days. So I can say I was in New York before Chuck Schumer was, even before he was conceived.

As I said, I detest the role that money plays in politics, so I decided (and this was actually before the Obama campaign) that I would use the Internet and limit contributions to $25 per person though in light of the recent Supreme Court decision I would take unlimited funds from PACS, labor unions and corporations, letting them know ahead of time that it would never buy influence, and only reasonable and limited access, and that there would be full disclosure. The key to contributions is disclosure.

Secondly I would not spend a lot on self serving 30 second commercials, more You Tube, Facebook and Twitter stuff. I would accept as many invitations as possible to discuss if not debate the issues and I would address all of the issues to the best of my ability, honestly, including the tough ones. ANd I would visit every county at least once.

I would not be strident or hateful, and I would make it clear from the beginning that I would support Schumer in the general election as my nomination would be at best a long shot. I wanted to accomplish or come close to accomplishing the feat that Scott Lee Cohen just did, but without buying it, especially with my own money, or being deceitful.

For the first time in my adult life I feel that I could be an effective U.S. Senator including having a first rate service staff to handle the real problems of real people, the so called average citizens. I find that the so called average citizen has more understanding of what’s going on than the politicians think they do.

Now to the methodology. I had intended to do one of those fly around press conferences announcing my candidacy, but instead of doing it in a charter Lear jet, I was going to get single segment commercial flights starting in New York City, going to Albany and Buffalo, and then driving around the state for a week hitting as many county seats as possible.

I was warned that it’s tough to get on the ballot in NY. I was willing to take my chances. I also knew that it was in the long term best interests of Senator Schumer not to deny me access to the ballot in the primary as the Republicans would use it against him.

If he treated me fairly and not in a patronizing or condescending way I would campaign for him assiduously after the primary as if I had won the nomination.

I had intended to work in a soup kitchen on Thanksgiving and Christmas. I would have been in Times Square New Year’s Eve for the Ball drop and then I would have gone to Miami Beach to campaign amongst the tens of thousand of New Yorkers who winter there. After the earthquake hit Haiti I would have gone there to really volunteer in once place for two weeks, sleeping in a sleeping bag.

Now I could jump in now, but I really don’t have time to do the next gimmick. I was going to have Chinese fortune cookies especially made with appropriate sayings promoting my candidacy for Sunday, February 14 which is both Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year’s. I was going to get 144 (gross) boxes, each with hundreds of cookies with special messages inside (Happy New Year: Krone for U.S. Senator, etc.) and drop them off at the leading restaurants in Chinatown for free.

My next escapade would be the St. Patrick’s Day Parade on March 17th where I would have marched with the firefighters, the police and if they were allowed, a gay float (no pun intended), and if there were no gay float then perhaps a pre or post parade counter parade.

I am not afraid of discussing any issue including the so called wedge issues. I really believe that at least 75% of the people can agree on a reasonable compromise on any single issue: Who among us is against national security, personal privacy and freedom, clean air and water, protecting the landscape, fighting ignorance, poverty, disease and hunger, etc., etc., etc.

I am seriously thinking of embarking on this project. But only if I get at least $10,000 in contributions by April 1. 2010 (April Fool’s Day appropriately). Checks or money orders from individuals can be no more than $25 or they will be returned. Corporate of labor checks can be of any size. I don’t have an internet site yet, so please send them to:

Philip S. Krone

180 N. LaSalle Street

Suite 3000

Chicago, Illinois 60601

If I don’t run, all the checks will be returned with a mass produced thank you, but no phony ‘personalized’ salutation or signature.

The reason I’m running against Chuck is because he can win in November if he wins the primary, in spite of a challnege. He has nineteen million in his warchest. The worst part of that is the amount of time he spent getting it. I don’t think he sold out to Bernie Madoff just because he received more than $25,000 in contributions from him over the years.

My concern with Schumer are the following. First, he didn’t assist Carolyn Kennedy properly after Hillary Clinton resigned as Senator to become Secretary of State. Second, he shouldn’t have encouraged anyone from running against Gillibrand in the primary. Third, he’s been a U.S. Senator for more than 17 years. Fourth, having been to the Mideast, I don’t think he supports Israel effectively.

He should have been able to accomplish that which he wanted to by now. I do not believe in term limits because the voters have the right to defeat any candidate each time they run. If they don’t, its their fault. Fifth, I don’t think that Sen. Schumer has a real understanding of the real world. He was elected to the New York State Assembly just months after graduating from Harvard Law. There is not doubt that he is a highly intelligent person. He just doesn’t have real life experience. Because from law school he went directly to the State Assembly, and then he went straight to Congress and then to the U.S. Senate. He has never had a job other than being an elected official. Sixth, if he were defeated he is immediately eligible for a full pension and keeps his health insurance. I will be glad if I’m elected to give him a desk in my office suite and he can pay for his own phone, etc. So he will lose nothing.

So if you want me to run please send encouraging notes and dollars. I will accept contributions from anywhere in the United States including Alaska and Hawaii. If I get $10,000 by April 1 I will do this.

Heck, where else can you have as much fun for $25 in these difficult times. By the way, I will use a few staffers and advisors, but it will be minimal. And none will be paid, except for expenses.

At the outset in the interest of full disclosure, I was told by doctors on October 24, 2006 that I had but six months to a year to live. I’ve exceeded that prediction by three years and three months so far. If anything were to happen to me after winning my successor would be appointed by New York’s new governor who I hope will be Andrew Cuomo. And in the parlance of the Boston Red Sox fans. For Governor of New York I support two people: Andrew Cuomo, or anybody else who runs against David Paterson.

Please send checks (no cash) or money orders.

Again, the address is:

Phil Krone for U.S. Senator

180 N. LaSalle Street

Suite 3000

Chicago, Illinois 60601

Thank you.


Phil Krone is a political analyst for the Chicago Daily Observer and a Candidate for the US Senate from New York.


  • Philip S. Krone said:

    Writing from Miami Beach where it is in the high 40’s:

    Is everyone speechless or are you taking your checkbooks out?

    The Hon. David Orsmby suggested that I place this with the Chicago Daily Observer, and I appreciate Mr. Roeser and Mr. Powers putting up with my ‘shameless self promotion’, ‘wallowing’ as my favorite critic has said ‘in my own self esteem.’

    I just realized that today is the last day of the Lincoln Bicentennial, which would have been much more successful in Illinois this past year had Governor Quinn concentrated on it instead of his own campaign. The creation of the Commission was first suggested by Dan Hynes when he was first sworn in as Comptroller in January, 1999 but Gov. Blagojevich froze him out in 2003.

    Even though I won’t be an official candidate until April 1 I have to get on the case so people will know it is for real, so tomorrow I’ll meet the press in Miami, which has the second highest concentration of New Yorkers in the world in January and February.

    Back to Lincoln. His birthday is more than a celebration for me, and I heartily recommend everyone reading Lincoln books. My most recent discovery has been the biography of Lincoln by Lord Charnwood written in 1917, just 52 years after Lincoln’s assassination.

    Frankly, I’d rather be helping Dan Hynes full time this winter, spring, summer and fall, but in the absense of that, as they used to say, “Mother, I’d rather do it myself.”

    By the way money order contributions are OK. And any amount is welcome, from two bits up to $25. If you get cute and send a fifty dollar check I’ll either credit both names on a joint account or send a money order refund. I will take big juicy checks from labor unions, PACS anc corporations, but they will get no special access, nor will they have to waste their time or mine at cocktail parties. Frankly, as far as I’m concerned they can give Churck $5,000 or $10,000 and me only $1,000 or $2,000. But as the late Charlie Chew used to say: “Cut me in or cut it out.”

    It only takes 400 people contributing $25 to add up to $10,000. I’d like to get contirbutions from every state, especially Maine, North Dakota, Alaska, Hawaii and Nebraska (private sorry), but at tne end of the day I want to get most of my contributions from citizens of New York: Republicans, Independents and Greens as well as Democrats.

    If you want your contribution kept anonymous fine; if not let me know and I’ll put it up on my web site which I expect to have up by April 22 or May 30 at the latest. All PAC, labor and corporate contributions will be listed too. I will comply with all the FEC rules and be proud to be the first Democrat not to squawk about the recent Supreme Court ruling, though in most instances I do support Common Cause. Transparency is the key; not the amount.

    I promised somebody I would attempt to to do my first TV appearance on Jon Stewart’s show, but I have no aversion to any talk show including O’Reilly, Limbaugh, Hannity and Beck. I beliee in the First Amendment in practice as well as in preaching. Right now I’m in the exploratory or listening stage. I think I have to register as soon as I get $1,000 but that is a silly and unrealistic amount.

    Checks can be made to Friends of Krone, Citizens for Krone, Krone for US Senate, anything with Krone in it. I’ll deposit a napkin if its got a routing number and check number on it.

    My account will be with JPMorgan Chase, a New York bank with a strong Chicago presence.

    Welcome to my ride. Please share the journey with me, and maybe even the destination.

  • Andrew said:

    The fact that you’re counting out-of-state donations in your total is disgusting. This is a New York State election, not a federal election. The fact that people from the 49 other states want you to run should not affect you running, and as a New Yorker I’m personally offended by your indication that non-New Yorkers should have some sort of say in New York politics.

    And your inability to get simple facts straight is troubling. Chuck Schumer was elected to the U.S. Senate in 1998. He has served for more than 11 years, not more than 17 years. If you want to run against him after 17 years, wait until 2016. And just because you think Caroline Kennedy would have been the best candidate to fill Secretary Clinton’s seat (and I happen to have agreed with this) does not mean Schumer had to believe this, or that his choice to not be vocal supporting her is bad. It is constitutionally the governor’s decision to make, not the senators.

    New York does not need another ego running for statewide office. Please reconsider running for an office in a state you seem to want to represent more than the citizens want you.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    A breath there Andy! Phil Krone would be the real deal Liberal. Chuck Schumer, you can bet your next egg creme, is taking dough from Archer Daniel Midlands from good old Illinois as 16% of Corporate Dough is from Agri-business – not a huge parlay in NY state for that! He also scoops in a ton of dough from Credite Suisse of BOSTON!

    Phil, I’ll send you a camapign contribution. I pledge Two-Bits/ a Quarter Yard/ $25.00! Cash it immediately! Before my sewer lines crack because of the godammn parkway trees ( Bastards!) insinuate their roots through the terra cota.

    Andy, Chuck Schumer is as big a Hump as they make them – Phil Krone is the Real Deal.

  • Andrew said:

    Just to clarify, I have no problem with taking contributions from outside of the state. That is perfectly reasonable, and it would be impossible to fund a legitimate campaign without it. But if the goal is to raise $10,000 in order to prove you have some sort of chance in an election, getting it from the other 49 is irrelevent, and truly disrespectful to the state you barely reside in but so desperately want to represent. The fact that you announced in a Chicago paper is evidence enough you’re doing this just so you can get talked about. A complete and total joke.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Andy me Lad! Disparage not the Chicago stamp; why, it is eveident in the mint dishes at the White House and other corridors of Government.

    Phil Krone does not have phony bone in his body. Now, Andy, a complete joke would be Rep. Patrick Kennedy. He jumped the shark though. He’s so . . .last nano byte.

  • Andrew said:

    Please stop referring to me as Andy. If I wanted to be Andy, I’d sign my name Andy. It is almost as disrespectful as what Mr. Krone is doing.

    His stated reasons for running against Senator Schumer:
    1. He’s older than him. Congratulations. Not a reason to vote for you.
    2. Schumer didn’t support a certain candidate to be selected to a position that was somebody else’s decision. Sorry, not doing it.
    3. Schumer “encouraged” people not to primary Gillibrand. Of course it was actually President Obama and Chief of Staff Emmanuel who did this with authority.
    4. He served 17 years in the Senate, and should have been able to get things done by now. This would be a legitimate argument, if Schumer had served 17 years in the Senate. Instead its just showing that Mr. Krone is so conceited and so egotistical he refuses to do a simple fact check, instead making up facts in order to further his position.
    5. His Israel position. Your only substantive argument, and one that, while I don’t agree with, is a legitimate issue argument that I will not criticize.
    6. His lack of real life experience. This may be true, but at least he has experience representing the people of New York and their interests, with some knowledge of statewide issues. Your knowledge of New York seems to be that you enjoy vacationing there and you can name several places in the state. Bravo.
    7. He will get a pension and you’d give him a desk. Not really a reason to vote for you.

    Perhaps Politico’s analysis as this as a joke I don’t get is accurate. But if this is serious, show some knowledge of the state, and maybe consider announcing your potential candidacy to a New York audience. Or run in Illinois.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Gee, Andrew, pardon me all the Hell. My you use those imperative sentence with real whiz and pop – like a real New Yorker.

    Here in the Heartlands, Andrew, we like give folks a huge welcome.

    Poor Phil seems, Andrew, to have you yanking the old welcoem mat out from under his pins before he has even agitated the gravel in your backyard.

    You see, Andrew, Phil is our pal, Andrew, and you seem to be crowding him. we don’t care or appreciate your bullying, threats and insinuations, Andrew. See?

    “Hit one and you hit a thousand,” Mug. Now, blow – while your altogther. Drift, Andrew. Take it on the Arthur Duffy.

    Tom, can we pants him?

  • John Powers said:

    Phil Krone is one of a kind. No one has more knowledge of Democratic politics than Phil.

    Working against Schumer and his $19 Million warchest is certainly a quixotic task, but it’s a democracy right?

    After spending $2 Million his primary, Illinois Dems just voted in a pawnbroker with a miserable personal record for Dem. Lt. Governor, anything can happen. We need more candidates to run against the big money in politics.


  • Andrew said:

    Sorry buddy, but your pal Phil decided to play with the big boys. He’s decided to run in our state, not yours, and we actual expect our politicians to know something about our state. And you don’t get to make up facts and ignore issues and not get called out on it.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    You still here. . .Andrew?

    “we actual expect our politicians to know something ” like Weiner? That mope couldn’t find his a$$ with both hands, Andrew.

    Phil will have you ” Big Boys” wettimng their collective britches . . .now pull your britches and drift, Andrew.

  • Dan said:

    Mr. Krone:
    Congratulations on tossing your hat in the ring, I will send you a donation this weekend – I hope you continue to write and comment on other races as the years progress, and that you continue to be a big “stick in the eye” to any medical malady!

    Signed by an appreciative conservative,


  • Andrew said:

    Don’t worry, I’m not going anywhere. You’ve yet to respond to any of my actual legitimate points. Instead your having fun with your ad hoc attacks. I think your inability to defend Mr. Krone’s errors show who is truly right on this. I don’t care to get into a personal insult competition with you or anyone else. I commented on here to address serious concerns about what looks like a barely thought out campaign. I intend to keep doing that and ignoring the garbage thrown at me.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Andrew, while you’re here then – you with the face like a constipated greyhound. You’re the sap in the family tree. Wouldn’t know your langer from your thumb except for the nail. Are you then, as thick as manure? Word is, if brains were taxed you’d be due a rebate.

    Maybe you are smart New Yorker then?

    One Knickerbocker met another carrying a bag on his back.
    ‘What’s in the bag?’ asked the first Noo Yawkah.
    ‘I won’t tell you’, said the second.
    ‘Go on, do’.
    ‘All right then, it’s ducks’.
    ‘If I guess how many ducks you have in the bag, will you give me one of them?’
    ‘Look’, said the second New York Native Son, ‘if you guess the correct number, I’ll give you both of them’.
    ‘Five’, said the first Dutch Nephew.

  • Andrew said:

    Wow, really raising the level of political discourse in our country

  • Pat Hickey said:

    What – are going to cry, Andrew? Hit the bricks.

  • Andrew said:

    I hope your pal Mr. Krone does not think of New Yorkers the way you do. Otherwise he can expect to get shutout against Schumer.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    I love New Yorkers, Andrew, . . .in New York! Can I get you something?

    Six Pack to go?

  • Philip S. Krone said:

    Thank you Andrew for starting the dialogue. Thank you Pat for ending it. I didn’t want to interefere with the two of you, though Dan’s comment warmed the cockles of my heart. And I look forward to meeting both of you and getting Pat’s $25 before his pipes freeze or crack. And Dan, you too.

    Now Andrew you are being actually a great help. I apologize for saying that Charles Schumer has been in the Senate for 17 years, when it has only been 11. It was the House of Representatives he served in for 18 years, so far a total of 29 years in Congress.

    I know New York well, and I will demonstrate why its time for a change. As I’ve said, I will be happy to drop out in someone else’s favor. And despite my defender Pat Hickey’s comment, Congressman Weiner (weener not whiner) would be one of them. But being an outsider should not be held against me. Bobby Kennedy and Hillary Clinton were outsiders, and while I can’t say I will be as effective as they were, I will try my best.

    No incumbent of either party deserves a free ride in the primary. Fritz Mondale used to say, “Democrats fight like cats and dogs, and when the fight’s over, there are more cats and more dogs.”

    My candidacy is not a joke, but it will include humor. I literally weep when a serviceman or woman comes back in a doffin, in someways, even more when they come back in their late teens, twenties and older with permanent physical or mental damage. And to be truthful I also grieve for those our patriots have to kill or maim who are fighting under other flags (terrorists are a definite exception). Schumer voted to authorize the war in Iraq. Dick Durbin did not.

    I am grateful that we live in a country that is exceptional in its respect for free speech and that none of us will be arrested for expressing our thoughts.

    Now Andrew, I really would like to meet you. You have my address. Indeed you could send a contribution, even $5 or $10. I am sure there are many things I can learn from you and I am willing to do it.

    So despite your rhetoric, until we meet, I’m marking you down as ‘undecided’. By the way, my first note of encouragement came from a MacArthur fellow, the second from a former U.S. Senator, and the third from a former bureau chief of Life Magazine. I am not nursing any false hopes but I am curious to see if the Scott Lee Cohen syndrome can occur with substance being a substitute for cash.

    If anyone writes to me with their email address and/or phone I promise to get in touch.

    And I do have a large ego. Its been in check for 35 years and now I’m using it, hopefully for the commonwealth. And Andrew, one of the reasons I’m not running in Illinois, is the old adage, don’t get your meat where you get your bread.

    The reason I announced in The Chicago Daily Observer is because Mr. Powers was willing to give me unlimited space. I had hoped it would be in the next days N. Y. Times but the Chicago rep was on vacation.
    Eventually they will have an opportunity to decide if I’m worth covering.

    Cheers to all. God Bless America. God Bless New York. God Bless Illinois. God Bless humans everywhere.

  • Pat Hickey said:


    There is no doubt that your candidacy will be stamped by genuine concern for the citizens, solid integrity, selfless stewardship of the Constitution and original thought.

    I hope that my two-bits in some small way give your drive to serve a a modest push.

    All the best, Pal.


    An Old Timey Ward Level Democrat and Helot

  • Bonnie Carol McGrath said:

    well, you certainly have my endorsement, phil!! and my $25 check, as well, which i will put in the mail. and if this scheme works, i will run for judge in new york! maybe i will have better luck. good judicial role models in NY–judge pirro, judge judy and judge judith kaye. good luck!

  • Mike F said:

    New York has proud history of carpetbaggers. NY’s welcoming attitude gave Hillary a nice place to plant her buttocks until she lost the nomination for Pres.

    Way to go, NY!

  • Philip S. Krone said:

    I have had great responses from New Yorkers. F-ing unbelievable.
    I’m not counting my boobies until they hatch, but its going to be a lot of fun and serious to. Thanks Pat; thanks Bonnie.

  • Philip S. Krone said:

    I don’t know if I ever mentioned this but I bought a genuine carpetbag in New York last year in anticipation of the possibility of doing this (before Dan Hynes decided to run for Governor). I bought it at Hammacher Schlemmer and have the receipt to prove that I’m a genuine carpetbagger. Today being Valentine’s Day (and Chinese New Year’s as well – Year of the Tiger) let me clearly say I LOVE New York and I hope they love me back.

    Last night Regina Nuessle owner of the one of the top design galleries in Miami Beach had a reception for me, obviously inviting wintering New Yorkers, and all of them ( yes ALL as in 100% pledged their support including $25 checks, including two lawyers and a Rabbi.

    If you think about arithmetic progressions (2×2=4, 4×2=8, 8×2=16, 16×2-32, 32×2=64, 64×2=128, 128×2=256, 256×2=512, 512×2=1024, 1024×2=2048, 2048×2=4096, 4096×2=8192, 8192x=16384, 16384×2=32768, 32768×2=64336, 64336×2=128672, 128672×2=257344, 257344×2=514,688,514,688×2=1,0229376.

    That’s 18 days of word of mouth. It won’t happen that quickly, but it is possible by positive word of mouth, and also being “anybody else but.”

    You have to have hope, but nothing ventured, nothing gained.

  • Norbrook said:

    If this is a joke, fine. If it’s not, then don’t bother. Please don’t use Robert Kennedy or Hillary Clinton as examples of outsiders who ran successfully. They also weren’t running against a sitting Senator, which is a small point you don’t seem to get. You might also want to understand that both of them extensively toured the state before they announced, having numerous meetings with the voters and party officials. Just because you’re having a fit of pique about Caroline Kennedy not being annointed as Senator, well, get over it. She blew herself up as a candidate in very short order when the glare of publicity focused on her. Gillibrand has been a very good senator for us.

    It’s equally true that Schumer is a good senator for us. By all means, if you want to move here, do so. Feel free to learn about the state, for real. But don’t assume that you’re going to waltz in here and and be welcome.

  • John Powers said:


    With detractors like the Norbrook punk siding against you, I am now fully supportive of your candidacy. How much do you need to get it going?


  • Fae said:

    Hola people, Happy Fool’s Day!!!

    The local sheriff was looking for a deputy, so Homer – who was not exactly the sharpest nail in the bucket – went in to try out for the job.
    “Okay,” the sheriff drawled, “Homer, what is 1 and 1?”
    “11,” he replied.
    The sheriff thought to himself, “That’s not what I meant, but he’s right.”
    “What two days of the week start with the letter ‘T’?”
    “Today and tomorrow.”
    He was again surprised that Homer supplied a correct answer that he had never thought of himself.
    “Now Homer, listen carefully: Who killed Abraham Lincoln?”
    Homer looked a little surprised himself, then thought really hard for a minute and finally admitted, “I don’t know.”
    “Well, why don’t you go home and work on that one for a while?”
    So, Homer wandered over to the pool hall where his pals were waiting to hear the results of the interview. Homer was exultant.
    “It went great! First day on the job and I’m already working on a murder case!”

    Happy April Fool’s Day!

  • Andrew said:

    Is this sham over, or did you find enough non-New Yorkers to continue your journey of public attention grabbing?

  • Andrew said:

    And wow censuring comments. This paper is a real supporter of the first amendment.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Andy, like the gent said to the bald porcupine . . .”Where’s the point, Son?”

  • Andrew said:

    Here’s the point, Patty:

    You’re opinion does not matter in a New York senate race whatsoever. Mine does. So the fact that you’re buddy thinks getting his friends to donate money to him shows any sort of interest from New York in having him run, he is sorely mistaken. He’s so dissatisfied with how Senator Schumer has not been able to get anything accomplished? Why would making him campaign in a primary make it better? And he has still yet to say how Senator Schumer has come up short, or what he thinks on New York issues. How about the KSM trial in NYC, does Wannabe-Senator Krone have any opinion on an issue that his potential constituents care about? If so, he’s yet to say anything.

    Or if you’re calling me out was on my comment about the paper editing comments, you are just truly ignorant. I have a degree in political communications, I understand the importance of the First Amendment, unfortunately perhaps you do not. Changing my words was not only a blatant disregard of my freedom of speech, an right which is the only reason papers like this can exist, but also changed my words to be less harsh on Mr. Krone. Obviously the paper has a lot invested in his candidacy, so I can only assume they will block any negative comments about it.

    But my main point remains. April 1 has come and gone. Did you get your money? And will you reveal how much of it actually came from New Yorkers. I look forward to hearing your answer, though I doubt it will come anytime soon.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Andy, No where in the Constitution does it say ‘acting like a jackass, talking like a whiney little girl is the sovereign right of every programed Progressive.’ But, then again, some of you sweet-peas hold that it is an ever evolving document.

  • Andrew said:

    Alright the Constitution doesn’t protect your comments Patty. No argument here.
    Still waiting for Mr. Krone to say something. Gotta love a candidate who refuses to respond to a voter in his potential constituency. Always a smart move.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Well played,Andrew! LMFWIAO! Happy Easter!

  • Andrew said:

    And a very happy Passover to you Pat. And to Mr. Krone, should he ever reappear.

  • John Powers said:


    We must edit your comments when you act like a such a juvenile, because it is our editorial policy. Write something like an adult and it gets published.

    Phil, how about an update? It would be great to have you in the race against the lunatics who have brought the bailout nation and the health care takeover.


  • Andrew said:

    Mr. Powers,
    While I strongly disagree with your opinion, I accept it. Obviously I was speaking in metaphorical, not literal term, which you seemed to understand through your edit. This is not a metaphor I made up. Here it is in use in an article from Slate:http://www.slate.com/id/2118042/ You may have read this article, as it talks about a journalist named John Powers, although I admit I do not know if it is you or not. The word I used was not profanity, and it was on topic, as you rules require. As for being nice, you don’t seem to enforce this with your more common commenters, so while I have tried to, it is difficult to respond to some of their statements kindly when they are not forced to do the same. I did not use the term as a joke or in an inappropriate context, so I do not fully understand what makes it “juvenile.”
    That being said, I apologize that I offended you and your editorial board with what I saw as acceptable, if slightly graphic, comments.

  • John Powers said:


    My editorial gauge is usually to reference the phrasing of a obnoxious 14 year old as juvenile. I am no where close to 14, but do recall the rhetorical techniques of that age, and edit against it.


  • Andrew said:

    Another week of radio silence from Mr. Krone. To Mr. Hickey, Mr. Powers, and all of Mr. Krone’s other supporters- why? Why should any New Yorker have interest in voting for a candidate who doesn’t care enough to respond to questions? Senator Schumer has more respect for his constituents than this, not a great impression to make.

  • Pat Hickey said:


    To your question – “Why should any New Yorker have interest in voting for a candidate who doesn’t care enough to respond to questions?” I must defer to the great Myron Cohen – “Wouldn’t Hurt.?//?…”

  • John Powers said:


    I am about as diametrically opposed to Phil Krone as politically possible. The only person who could contend for my opposition with Krone is Schumer.


  • Andrew said:

    I’m sorry, I guess you saying “I am now fully supportive of your candidacy. How much do you need to get it going?” made me think you were a supporter of his.

  • Philip Krone said:

    Dear Andrew and Patrick:

    I will call you Andrew as you wish. Many of your points are interesting but I can’t respond directly because that’s part of the book that will come later, to which you have contributed mightily. However, I assure you that one person who absolutely understands what I’m doing is Senator Schumer. And he’s been very gracious about it. Too gracious in fact. If he were more like Andrew I would be much more engaged.

    To you Patrick. I appreciate everything you say, more than you can imagine, and the fact that you paid your dues in full, without being asked was seriously one of the highlights of my effort. You will get a free book (or page proofs early). Andrew, I’m sorry you’ll have to buy yours, and it won’t be offered for half price by News Max.

    As for you Mr. Pay Pal, and you know who that is. Thanks for saying everything you have. Frankly, what I told you I meant. You and Mr. Patrick Brady are the most dangerous Republicans in the State of Illinois — because you are winnable.

    I am not responding anymore to this entry. Its almost three months old. There are exceptions of course to this rule, but if I elucidate them, I will incite the need for me to that which I don’t want to.

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