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Innuendo as Journalism and the Incredible Shrinking Approval Ratings

Thomas F. Roeser 31 August 2009 2 Comments

When you get right down to it, there is nobody in Chicago journalism more appalling than the one-woman monopoly (Sun-Times, WTTW-TV, Channel 5) Carol Marin, the far-Left creation who is back from vacation having slurred the National Rifle Association with a false charge.

Yesterday her Sun-Times column discussed her WTTW-TV interview with Scott Fawell, the convicted aide to the jailed ex-Gov. George Ryan-and she described Fawell, who spent three years in jail having been convicted for racketeering and mail-fraud charges, as Ryan’s Karl Rove. She could have said Obama’s Rahm Emanuel but she didn’t. She is literally so twisted Left she can’t lay straight in bed.

How long are we to suffer with this dirty tricks-playing, thumb-in-the-eye far-Left-wing parody of a journalist? The fact that part of her pay at `TTW is done with taxpayers’ money is disgusting. Or “viewers like you” as the promotion goes…which I hope does not include anyone of intelligence who reads this.


The Short Honeymoon for President  Obama

I’ve never seen a shorter presidential honeymoon enjoyed by…nor an administration which has bollixed things up more than… Barack Obama’s. Which means that unless he can turn things around pronto, Obama will not just be a one-term president but an utter one-term failure like Millard Fillmore, Franklin Pierce, Herbert Hoover and Jimmy Carter.

His health care initiative has terrified not just conservatives but elderly of all political views who fear their care will be rationed and given to new recipients. And having heard of scary Dr. Ezekiel Emanuel, Rahm’s brother, they worry that the aged…as for example someone 80-plus who needs a hip replacement…will be disqualified before a federal health panel rather than a 22-year-old HIV positive felonious slack-jawed gang banger with a drug problem.

Obama has been contradicted in his estimate of the health care cost by the Democratic-controlled House Budget office. Last week his budget people admitted their March prediction of deficits 10 years out was off by almost $3 trillion. Nor has the administration in response along with its liberal media Enablers been astute: demonizing angry people showing up at the Town Halls as Nazis. (Here in this state, pantingly liberal U. S. Senator Catholic pro-abort Dick Durbin has said he does not want to contaminate his reading of the electorate by holding Town Halls.)

Exactly fifteen years ago, Bill Clinton was in generally the same position, stuck with a disastrous health care bill. Clinton, an opportunist but not a liberal ideologue, smoothly switched gears, turned to the right and changed the subject. Advocating deregulation and welfare reform along with the Defense of Marriage Act, addressing the 1996 State of the Union with the statement “the era of Big Government is over,” he saved his presidency. Can Obama do this?

Nope. Strangely for a man who advocated “hope and change,” change from this disastrous posture is not in him. His press secretary said as much the other day that people can abandon all hope that he’ll switch: that he is prepared to spend only one term in the White House, sticking it out to the last if his wishes are not fulfilled. Obama’s views are as old as Marx’s. Assuming all wealth is distributed by the government rather than through individual creativity and ingenuity, he sees economic life as a violent struggle of each against all for one’s “fair share.” Believing that capitalists have seized too much of the nation’s resources, he advocates programs of retribution (excessive regulation) and redistribution (“spreading the wealth around,” as he told Joe the Plumber). His is a zero-sum economy, which has always been and will continue to be the chief cause of poverty.

None is so blind as he who will not see. Nothing is more deleterious to the poor than redirecting resources from entrepreneurs who know how to enlarge them to government which knows only how to spend politically. But Obama is a creature of the Left-as are most of the mainstream media. If government were the superior investors, the USSR would have built prosperity rather than catastrophe. What Obama believes shorn of its veneer is in a deep and all-encompassing Marxism that is hostile to the wealth-producing sector of the country. This is slowly dawning on the electorate-in many places but not the big name university faculty lounges including those with Catholic names.

Add to this, cap and trade, huge deficits, the overseas excursions by Obama where he apologizes for America’s past presidents and the congressional lions who wanted two multi-billion aircraft of their own for junkets…a 1,000-page “stimulus bill” nobody has read in full including, by his own admission, the president…the wailing that illegal aliens can’t scrape together $300 a month to pay for health care when it’s common knowledge they send that amount back to relatives in Tijuana…the whining that mid-20s youth are not covered when we know the average kid prefers an I-pod, Blackberry and nights out to saving his cash each month for health insurance?

Change is coming via the ballot box but the question is: will there be enough time? Any other president caught in a bind like this would concentrate on the debt, would freeze spending at, say, 2% per annum. Barack Obama is not the man to do this. A Third World creature by inclination if not by birth, he has surrounded himself with two prime Mayor Daley prodigies, David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel.

Axelrod is neck-deep in conflict of interest, his old firm paying him his final settlement in large part from business generated from his present political job. Emanuel is the guy who first suggested that the $787 billion “stimulus” fund be given to Nancy Pelosi for her to decorate with as many superfluous spending programs as she desires; moreover he is the one who suggested Obama not design a health care bill but allow the Congress to craft one by itself: hence even the president can’t compute what it would cost.

They encourage Obama on with his class warfare, deriding those who make over $150,000. His anti-rich crusade is all the more ironic for his life-style, including the places he vacations in-the people who join him in festing while he lives at resorts costing $15,000 a day.

Tom Roeser is the Chairman of the Editorial Board of the Chicago Daily Observer

image “Innuendo” jacket from 1991 Single by Queen


  • Dan Kelley said:

    Regarding the liberal biased public affairs and news programming on WTTW – Channel 11, I have always liked Pat Hickey’s translation of the station’s call letter as a simple acronym for “Wilmette Talking To Winnetka.”

  • John Powers said:

    Was in Winnetka yesterday Dan. I think they are giving up on talking to Wilmette. More like, CTTJ…Carol talking to Joel


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