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I Have Inconvenient Questions

Don Rose 5 October 2017 One Comment

Was your response to the devastation of  Puerto Rico so slow, bureaucratic and inadequate because you were too busy tweeting against football players? Or because you didn’t realize Puerto Ricans are Americans and the US has a responsibility to its territories, even if–as you so quaintly put it–“they are an island, surrounded by water, lots of water”? (Amazing observation, sir.)


Or was it because they speak Spanish–the same as Mexicans–and here they usually vote Democratic? Or did you actually believe your acting homeland-security secretary when she called it a “good news” story? Or did you believe those other toadies who told you how well they were doing? Or did you just invent the idea that that you were getting “good reviews”? (Sorry–I only saw bad ones.)

Another question, Mr. President: while you are to be commended for firing Health & Human Services Secretary Tom Price–whose elastic ethics were well known–for wasting nearly a million bucks of our tax money on mostly un-needed private jets, what are you going to do about the other cabinet member s who similarly  misused such funds? Like EPA chief Scott Pruitt and Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin (whom I always think of as “munchkin”). Will they have to repay the treasury for their misuse of travel funds? Or will you be waiting for them to hit the million-dollar mark like Price before it begins to look like bad “optics”? Or maybe you’re simply setting a bad example by jumping into Air Force One every time you get the urge to play a round of golf or have a piece of wonderful chocolate cake at Mar-a-Lago.

Yet another question, sir: You have been drumming into our inferior brains that because your opponent in the last election, the former secretary of state, used a private e-mail server instead of a government system, that she was guilty of some nefarious crime instead of arrogant stupidity. You called her–and continue to call her– “Crooked Hillary” and still encourage the chants of “lock her up…lock her up.” I wonder  whether it has reached to you that several members of your administration, current and past, as well as family members, have been doing the same thing, though not with the regularity of “Crooked Hillary.”

Should we now consider locking up Crooked Gary Cohn, your economic advisor, or Crooked Stephen Miller, your strategist, or Crooked Jared Kushner, your multi-port folioed son in law? What about Crooked Ivanka, your daughter? How about the departed Crooked Steve  Bannon and Crooked Reince Priebus?  It is said “the White House” is investigating them.  Don’t you run the White House?

Well, sir, if the White House finds them guilty, remember you can pardon them all. Except for Crooked Hillary–whom you can keep kicking around.

Finally: did you really expect us to believe you would not benefit from your new tax plan, even though it ends the estate tax, ends the alternative minimum tax and reduces your tax bracket from 39.6 percent to 35 percent or lower–all of which will net you many, many millions of dollars?

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer

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  • G. Smith said:

    How about because the supplies were there but the LOCAL infrastructure
    was to LAZY or Uncaring to DISTRIBUTE it? How about 30+ years of Democrat
    MISMANAGEMENT of Island Finances and its FAILED power grid?

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