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How Low Can Debbie Halvorson Go in Campaign Against Kinzinger?

Jim Ridings 22 September 2010 2 Comments

How low will a politician sink in order to hold onto an office?

For the modern liberal Democrat, there is no depth too low.

Take Congresswoman Debbie Halvorson, for example. Her TV ad does not portray any of her own accomplishments (she has none) but only attacks her opponent. And she has to lie to do that.

Her opponent is Adam Kinzinger. Her TV ad has a series of unnamed citizens talking about losing their jobs, and blaming Kinzinger for shipping jobs overseas. It is no matter that Kinzinger is not in office and has never voted for, or advocated, any such thing. It also doesn’t matter that Halvorson’s anti-business, anti-capitalist votes in Congress havedone as much as anyone else to ship jobs overseas.

No, the truth never matters when an enlightened liberal Democrat is speaking.

Across the bottom of the screen, the TV ad cites a Kankakee newspaper and radio station as its source for proving that Kinzinger favors shipping jobs overseas. This lie is so big that even the Kankakee Daily Journal published a long editorial denouncing it.

The newspaper points out that this “source” was from an Aug. 10 story, quoting Halvorson on how the stimulus spending has “created a lot of jobs.” The story also quotes Eric Rayman, Kinzinger’s campaign manager, who said, “This jobs bill is just another federal bailout (and) with Halvorson’s support, has policies that have sent jobs overseas and out of state, rather than build jobs here.”

This is Halvorson’s “proof” that Kinzinger want to destroy American jobs.

“How they boiled this down to ‘Adam Kinzinger Tax Break For Shipping Jobs Overseas’ is beyond us,” the Sept. 19 Daily Journal editorial said. “This statement clearly crosses the line from stretching the truth to complete fabrication.”
The newspaper went on: “If anyone wants to quote us in their campaign ads, that’s fine. But, quote us. Don’t rearrange the words to serve your purpose. She put her own credibility on the line, since after all, we hear her say in her own voice, ‘“I approved this message.’”

But that’s not all. There is film of a Sept. 15 rally for Kinzinger in Joliet that shows Halvorson supporters carrying signs calling Kinzinger a Nazi. Why? Because they link Kinzinger to the Tea Party movement. It fits with the totalitarian and socialist belief that any grassroots movement “of the people” must be subversive, especially if that grassroots movement disagrees with the liberal dogma. Disagree with a liberal and you are called a Nazi. The irony (and liberals are immune to getting irony) is that liberals are the ones using Nazi tactics against those they accuse of being Nazis, meaning anyone who disagrees with their party line.

Liberals think they are being brave and noble and individualists, when they really are sheep following their masters. They claim to be champions of free speech, but shut down any speech with which they disagree. They wore their hair long in the 1960s to show their individualism and rejection of conformity, never realizing that long hair on men was an embrace of conformity. They claim to have invented the grassroots movement in the 1960s, but today the only grassroots they know is the grass that they are smoking.

Back to Adam Kinzinger. Just who is he? He is 32 years old, born in Kankakee and raised in Bloomington. He is a captain in the U.S. Air Force who has flown 140 missions over Iraq and has been awarded six Air Medals. In 2006, he saw a man stabbing a woman on a city street and he disarmed the man and held him for police. The victim, whose throat was cut from ear to ear and who nearly died, credits Kinzinger with saving her life.

Kinzinger’s “dangerous” policies include holding the line on taxes, responsibility on spending, and other regular conservative values. He has held numerous town meetings, while Halvorson prefers to hide from the voters. She would rather speak through false and vicious TV ads. As her poll numbers sink lower and lower, her tactics sink lower and lower into the gutter.

Congress, and America, will be a lot cleaner place after November when Halvorson and a lot of others like her are voted out of office.


Jim Ridings is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Dan Kelley said:

    This is an interesting article inasmuch as this important story has not been reported in the Chicagoland area (the 11th District includes parts of suburban Cook County).

    Rich Miller of Capitol Fax has been running interference and trying to dismiss the story about the protesters who met at Halvorson’s office after attempting to smear Adam Kinzinger.

  • Judy Ogalla said:

    Jim – great article. I’ve met Adam Kinzinger many times since he decided to run for office and you have described him perfectly. He is a young man who understands that the freedom and prosperity we have in the United States is enjoyed because we fought for it. Adam has proven he believes in fighting for it by his service in the military and now his choice to run for Congress. I hope many read your article and talk about it at the local coffee shops, we need Adam in office to protect our rights. Thanks for the article.

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