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Haunted Heaven: Chapter 35 of Michael Moriarty’s Memoirs

Michael Moriarty 24 February 2012 One Comment

Chapter Thirty Five:

American Family Values In The Obama Nation

The photos in this disturbing remembrance of the Third Reich, Nazi Family Values by David Jacobs, instantly conjure up my memories of 1970’s Vienna and the American filming of the television mini-series Holocaust. In that docudrama, it was the purpose of my role, as Major Eric Dorf of Hitler’s SS, to convey Nazi Family Values.

By contrast, what do I think of American Family Values for the last seventy years of my life?

In short, I think of the silent holocaust of American abortion.

“No, Michael! Please!! You can’t go comparing the two like that!!!”

Then I’ll let Mr. Jacobs explain that researchers on Hitler’s Germany “sought to understand how such a mass horror as the Holocaust had been organized and implemented, and how the Nazi movement that perpetrated this horror had begun and taken hold in Germany.”

6 million Jews were exterminated by the Third Reich.

Since the legalization of abortion by Roe v Wade, and by even a modest estimate, 50 million gestating infants have been destroyed legally by American Family Values.

All in less than 40 years.

That’s not 6 million in six years.

That’s over one million exterminations per year for 38 years.

Yet America is not or … until recent developments and efforts to create a “fundamental transformation of the United States of America” … had not been the “totalitarian society” that comes under examination in Mr. Jacobs’ Nazi Family Values. However, the totalitarian aims of the Obama Nation would not have been even a glint in the eye of William Clinton if it had not been for the Roe v Wade decision of 1973.

America sits, and has sat for 38 years, in much the same silence over the cold-blooded murder of innocent human beings as most of Nazi-occupied Europe ignored the Holocaust in the 1940’s.

Here’s Reichsfuhrer Heinrich Himmler with friends like Julius Streicher on the far left and relatives in and out of uniform.

“Gee, aren’t we nice and friendly-looking people!”

The Third Reich didn’t last for the 38 years of America’s Roe v Wade. That is why the concentration camps could only obliterate six million human beings.







To cover the horrors of the Holocaust, Hitler stressed Nazi Family Values with posters such as this:













With already 38 years of legalized abortion under America’s selfish little belt, we now have this.

And this.

After almost four decades of Roe v Wade’s legalized murder, wouldn’t the likes of the Obama Nation seem inevitable to anyone with even a remote sense of 20th Century history?

Adolph Hitler was first elected legally. It’s hard to think how that was possible. Apparently, as they say, his time had come.

In addition to the freely elected President Obama’s aggressive policies against Catholic religious values (2) and Planned Parenthood’s unstoppable pressures upon those who push back, the legalized murder of abortion thrives and arrogantly advertises itself as a “right to choose” when, indeed, it now has the Nazi Family Value of executing “the undesirables”. Those gestating Americans that have no rights at all.

In short, gestating infants as the Progressive New World Order’s “Undesirable”.

Legalized open season on the defenseless.


Because they are defenseless.

Hitler staked his entire vision upon the defenseless state of European Jews. For almost half a decade he secretly but uninterruptedly instituted the round-up and virtual abortion of all Jews in Europe.

The individually motivated but increasingly virulent rate of abortions in Obama’s Roe v Wade America, coupled with this President’s radically “fundamental transformation of the United States” is brazenly demanding a national “right of homicide”. In other words, it is the American surrender to a Progressively Totalitarian New World Order.

The Obama Nation’s “transformation of America” is forcing the United States into becoming an increasingly forgettable province within a burgeoning, worldwide totalitarian state. With worldwide legalized abortion, with the increasing popularity of euthanasia and with the growing omniscience of a New World Order that possesses restlessly and wildly undefined “Progressive” aims? We have, with the closing fists of Red China and neo-Soviet Russia, the exact totalitarian state worldwide that not only Hitler but Stalin and Lenin and the entire Communist Party had envisioned.

What about Obama’s “People’s Army”?

And for those who forget what he has said?

The applause behind the President’s militant statements reminds us of how willingly America is prepared to throw away their individual freedom and join Obama’s Civilian Army.

In one section of his analysis, Veneers of Normalcy, Mr. Jacobs concentrates upon the twisted abnormalities of Heinrich Himmler. His tailoring of the SS uniform to give its wearers a menacing but ennobling “knighthood”.

My own experience in wearing the SS uniform unfortunately leads me to the scene wherein the homicidal paranoia beneath all of totalitarian obsessions can lead the human race. In it, there is bragging about a kill ratio. Then there’s the execution by firing squad of naked Jews lined up before their mass grave. Himmler’s nausea at witnessing the dead and dying bodies. His desire for “another way” because of the messiness involved in the executions he’d just witnessed.

“More efficient methods”.

“Heydrich wants the corpses of Babi Yar dug up and burned.”

With that pronouncement, the Third Reich’s paranoid arias begin. Bouncing around the upper echelons, the inevitable nightmare of totalitarian rule, from Hitler to Stalin to Mao, this Dance of Death finally threatens Dorf himself.

Meanwhile, the main but bloody business of wiping the “undesirables” from off the face of the earth continues.

One man’s death is a tragedy.

Six million deaths is a statistic.

One gestating infant’s death by abortion is less than a statistic because that human being never really existed, did he?

Or she?

No one ever saw him or her.

Well, with these new ex-ray procedures it’s become a little more difficult to say that.

Ironically … or pathetically … or grotesquely … whichever way you wish to look at it … the hardest scene for me to play in Holocaust was the one where I and my family sing Silent Night around a piano. An instrument that my character had confiscated from his Jewish doctor’s home.

How can such utterly metaphysical evil occur?

The diabolical hypocrisy of it all.

The hypocrites at home are ultimately the authors of any and every genocide.

The hypocrite’s evil, in my performing life at any rate, had never run so deeply nor so shamelessly through me. The so-called disciple, Eric Dorf, of a Jewish Savior, Christ, sings praises to the Jewish Savior’s birth; but does so over a piano formerly owned by the Jewish victims of this Eric Dorf.

“Life goes on,” they say.

Indeed it did. The scene was shot and we moved on to the next nightmare.

From that point on, however, I vowed to never let Eric Dorf’s careerism enter my life at any point. “Success at all costs” becomes inevitably a loss of one’s humanity, one’s soul, one’s entire self-respect and finally the end of any viable reason for one’s life.

Such a crossroads for me occurred when Attorney General Janet Reno declared that she would, despite the Constitutional separation of powers which her ambitions challenged, “legislate” to have television controlled by the government.

The Justice Department cannot legislate! It is forbidden to legislate for very good reasons.

Legislation is entirely out of law enforcement jurisdiction. The minute the police can make up their own laws, what can you expect?

A police state.

My opposition to Janet Reno’s plans eventually led to my leaving the United States for Canada.

I broke down in that Holocaust scene several times before I could summon up the will to sing Silent Night out of the diseased soul of Eric Dorf.

I was and never will be the same man again after that experience.

For me, opposition to American abortions is the same as European opposition to the genocide of the Holocaust. Both are “oppositions” that have come increasingly under unrelentingly Progressive threat and attack.

If the Progressively aggressive, Pro-abortion President, Barack Obama, succeeds in forcing Catholic hospitals and Catholic physicians and nurses to perform abortions or be driven out of business, then any notion of an American’s “right to life”, any at all, has vanished.

It certainly is the beginning of a new religion called Progressive Christianity.

It was Bill Clinton who defined himself in his autobiography as not just a Baptist but a “Progressive” Baptist. The same may be said for his wife Hillary and her “Progressive” Episcopalian loyalties. Not to mention the farcical efforts of Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi to inspire a “Progressive, Pro-abortion Catholicism”.

This photo is the Nazi hunt for a new religion and its symbols.

From the caption beneath the photo’s appearance in David Jacobs’ article:

“Nazism needed a state religion,” Heather Pringle wrote in The Master Plan: Himmler’s Scholars and the Holocaust. “And it needed a god, or perhaps several gods, as well as suitable rituals to take the place of Mass and other Christian services. Himmler was strongly inclined to borrow these rituals and saw no better place to look for them than in the history of Germany’s ancestors—the Germanic tribes and their Aryan forebears. . . . ‘After the war,’ he explained, ‘the old Germanic gods will be restored.’ ”

In that same sense of “Germanic Gods”, out of the God of Roe v Wade a State Religion of Progressive Judeo-Christianity has been born. They can all sing Silent Night or recite the Kaddish with similarly Nazi impunity.

The so-called Citizen’s Army of The Obama Nation may very well march lockstep toward its own tyrannical insanity with its own religious zealotry. It will become the very, paranoid nightmare Shakespeare described as “dogs obeyed in office”.

Finally and perhaps most disturbingly for all of us, there is the simple docility with which humanity can walk to its own death.

However, the Lord Christ, burdened with His own Cross, marched up Mount Calvary to the torturous agonies of a Crucifixion. He forgave not only his persecutors but the entire human race as well.

He did so not only in hope but in absolute certainty that the day of His Second Coming would arrive. With the Second World War and the Allied victory, the permanent presence of His Second Coming amidst the Allies had begun.

Following the Holocaust of Nazi Germany, the silent holocaust of American legalized abortion has now so corrupted the United States that a Second Final Solution involving the “fundamental transformation of the United States” has arrived.

That new Final Solution is here with Barack Obama.

The American Era of “Aborted Undesirables” has already existed for 38 years.

Yet most Americans somehow feel that they themselves won’t also and eventually be thrown out with the apparent garbage of undesirables.

“Women’s rights”?

“Aryan rights”?

Does the ultimate fruit of such rights really differ?


The remains of one are just easier to dispose of than the much larger remains of the other.

This is all, however, the “Final Solution To The Population Problem”.

Population Problem?

Jewish Problem?

Global warming problem?

What’s a Progressive New World Order Savior without a problem?

The economic problem, you say?

That’s real?


But who and what deliberately made it happen?

It was George Bush Sr. who first promised us a New World Order.

Does that Progressive New World Order necessitate Clinton’s pro-abortion “Third Way” and The Citizen Army of a Fourth Reich?

Of course it does.


Michael Moriarty is an award winning action and regular contributor to the Chicago Daily Observer.  The above is an excerpt from his memoir “Haunted Heaven”.

Image brings to mind Wallace Stevens,  “A High-Toned Old Christian Woman”

Poetry is the supreme fiction, madame.
Take the moral law and make a nave of it
and from the nave build haunted heaven. Thus,
the conscience is converted into palms,
like windy citherns hankering for hymns 

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  • Pat Hickey said:

    This is a profoundly powerful analysis, Mr. Moriarty. The will to play God and parse out any excuse for any atrocity took root in our country in the 1970’s with abortion = health care/civil rights.

    Early this morning I read about a Conservative PM House of Commons Leader – no Churchill he – waxing rhapsodic about burning bodies to heat pools.

    Yet, every lefty gets his panties in a twist over any mention of 3rd Reich Values.

    You hit another one over the fences.

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