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Has Trump Assemble a Team of Liars

Don Rose 16 May 2017 2 Comments

Donald Trump is threatening to stop the traditional White House briefings by his official spokespersons, none of whom has developed any credibility with the press. Some, however, are better liars than others and may survive longer..

Trump, of course, is the Liar in Chief. All presidents have lied, but he is a Niagara of untruths spewing so fast and furiously it’s impossible to keep up. Some call him a pathological liar;  others believe he either can’t tell the difference between truth and lies or perhaps is so deluded  that he believes anything he says–even when contradicting himself–is automatically true because he mouthed it.


But he doesn’t do press briefings himself so he needs help.  Abraham Lincoln had his  “team of rivals;”  Trump has his team of liars, whom he often orders to lie but later undercuts them with a contradictory lie.

Having served occasionally as spokesman for a campaign or government agency I have the greatest sympathy for the poor fools who go out there to sell his line of the day, sometimes fully aware they are not telling the truth, sometimes fearing he will contradict them with his next tweet.

I have the greatest sympathy for press secretary Sean Spicer, who was once a respected professional representing the Republican National Committee. Like any PR person he occasionally had to do a verbal tap dance or engage in questionable explanations, but was not, to my knowledge, ever called upon to lie outright, as, for example, when he was ordered to say Trump’s inauguration was the most watched ever. He quickly became an object of derision, often satirized on SNL.

I suspect he is so awkward and goofs up so frequently–like briefing the press while hiding in the bushes– because somewhere he has a conscience and can’t lie with full self confidence.  There I go–psychologizing again.

Then there is Kellyanne Conway, his alleged campaign manager–though Steve Bannon was the real one. Conway once had a good reputation as a pollster. Yes, often she had to twist and turn to make some of her clients’ polls look good, but she never got caught lying outright until she began to speak for Trump. Soon she was barred from major political talk shows because she had no credibility–but she will always be remembered for coining that wonderful euphemism “alternative facts,” thereby surpassing the Nixon spokesman who declared certain statements “inoperative.”

But by far the best, smoothest, quickest-thinking liar is the conscience-free deputy press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders, who got tons of practice lying while serving as campaign manager for her father Mike Huckabee–a preacher, two-time presidential candidate and former governor who likely taught her the art. We watched her at work  in his campaign, then move to Trump when the Huckster dropped out–and did such a good job Trump, after winning, put her second in command to Spicer.

My best guess is that Trump, who has an eye for such talent, will eventually replace Spicer with her–assuming he doesn’t disband the team altogether because he’s still the best liar of them all.

Don Rose is a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • Yosemite Sam said:

    Because the Clinton and Obama White Houses were one hundred percent truthful with the American people, Trump’s press secretaries cannot measure up.

    Nice try, Don!

  • Mark Axen said:

    Remember when Don Rose was a Republican?
    Keep featuring him on CDOBS and I’ll make sure your subscriber list drops significantly.

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