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Governor Pat Quinn’s Leaking Raft Withstood Tsunami Bill Brady

Pat Hickey 10 November 2010 9 Comments

Governor Pat Quinn won his first election for Governor by dint of his personal honesty and respect for genuine labor. Governor Pat Quinn respects labor so much that too often he allows public sector monster unions, like SEIU and the assortment of teachers unions which operate more like Political Action Committees than real labor unions, to lead him around by the lapels. SEIU has purple painted veneer of trendy leftist social agenda’s sparkling up its public presentation –LGBTQ issues; Alien Amnesty; Anti-War; Pro Hamas; Abortion Rights & etc.

These agendas appeal to Pat Quinn’s sense of social justice, which I believe to be contrary to best interests of Illinois tax-paying voters. These agendas dove-tail with Tax Happy Budget Balloon Salesmen like Ralph Martire, who works for every tax-funded agenda and entitlement in Illinois – Planned Parenthood, Public Salaried Unions, Green Futures, Education boondoggles & Free Public Transportation. Every IVI_IPO rating is hooked to these agendas.

Pat Quinn narrowly beat anti-labor Bill Brady with the powerful aid of Chicago’s black community and local Ward and Township organizations with ties to skilled trades unions. Worth Township is a great example. Worth Township covers about 32 square miles and includes the southwestern suburbs and parts of Chicago’s Beverly, Morgan Park and all of Mount Greenwood neighborhoods – every household within the 60655 Zip Code. There are about 68,000 people of whom 83.8% are white ethnic, 7.8% Mexican or Hispanic and 5.1% black. Worth Township sits within the 3rd US Congressional District and is largely blue collar, Catholic and anti-every agenda listed in the above two paragraphs. People in the 3rd District do not lovingly embrace the idea of a marriage between Stan and Caspar, or taking fourteen year old daughter Mary Margaret to an abortionist, or helping the people, who cheered the attack of 9/11 in the streets if Gaza, commit genocide on Israel.

This is not a Progressive hot-bed of voters, but it is a community of Democratic voters who remember Truman and Kennedy and held their noses and voted for John Kerry. Pat Quinn won because Worth Township’s Committeeman and Illinois State Representative (D 36th) who took no salary while holding Kevin Joyce’s seat for Billy Cunningham, John O’Sullivan reached out to the sinking Governor Pat Quinn last January with a fund and friend raiser at Bourbon Street in Merrionette Park, Illinois, on to the successful February 2nd frostbite Primary and all the way through a very tough spring and summer when Brady led Quinn in the polls up to and including election day. Polls ain’t votes.

While running for Worth Township Committeeman John O’Sullivan also bucked the Democratic County leadership and backed Kelly Burke for State Representative in the 35th District with sweat and sweaty friends knocking on doors and making phone calls. . Kelly Burke, a sharp young lawyer and Evergreen Park home-maker, decided to run for retiring James Brosnahan’s seat. The Democratic Cook County Committee was dead set against Kelly Burke. Johnny O’Sullivan, a life long member of the Laborers Union and an Oak Lawn husband, Dad and homeowner, backed Kelly Burke and also reached out to Governor Pat Quinn.

Johnny organized more events at Bourbon Street and packed the former Handy Andy warehouse with teachers, carpenters, stationary engineers, pipe fitters, electricians, Teamsters and hoisters from the surrounding neighborhoods. On a cold wet Saturday before the election, Johnny O’Sullivan got hundreds of these same tax-paying homeowners and union members to come out for a get-out-the-vote rally in Mount Greenwood on 111th Street. Governor Pat Quinn charged up the wet crowd and they put out for the Governor.

Governor Pat Quinn had been out on a tiny raft in the middle of a very un-pacific sea of Blago/Rezko/Thompson for Gitmo/SEIU Bully Ragging and Johnny O’Sullivan swam out to that raft helped kick and paddle Pat Quinn to the golden shore.

Here are the Worth Township numbers for Quinn over Brady –

Bill Brady & Jason Plummer (REP)               43.13%     18,295
Pat Quinn & Sheila Simon (DEM)                   48.01%     20,368
Rich Whitney & Don W. Crawford (GRN)      2.99%        1,269
Lex Green & Ed Rutledge (LIB)                       0.97%             413
Scott Lee Cohen & Baxter B. Swilley (IND) 4.9%           2,078

Quinn took Brady in Worth Township by a little over 4 percentage points.

Worth Township was only one such blue collar Quinnland, but it was a significant one. Worth Township went for Quinn and in the 19th Ward of Chicago (half of which is in Worth Township)more than two to one votes went for Pat Quinn. Not only that, voter turnout was significant. There are about 68,000 people living within Worth Township and 42,423 came out to vote.

John O’Sullivan recognized that Pat Quinn respects genuine labor and that Bill Brady is and was openly hostile to unions.  Bill Brady, it seems to me counted on some sort of an anti-labor “I hate Chicago” Downstate Tsunami to sweep him over Pat’s leaky raft.

Bill Brady never courted Chicago votes – wrote them off.  He lumped all labor into the purple wrapping of SEIU, AFSCME, and the teachers unions – bad idea.

A Township committeeman kicked hard and voters turned out for Governor Pat Quinn.

Pat Hickey is a regular correspondent for the Chicago Daily Observer


  • John Powers said:


    I’ll quibble with the “honesty” of a Governor who has Rezko’s CFO as his COO and at least 300 political appointees hanging over from Blagojevich in his administration.

    Quinn also chose the last two weeks of the election to hand out state money like it was manna from heaven. $200 Million for a State Owned hotel at McCormick Place comes to mind. When the State is dead broke, is it all that honest to be using taxpayer dollars to compete with private business?

    It was a good political move for Pat Quinn to hand out goodies during crunch time during this election, but I am not convinced it was a good move for the State to be digging such a deep hole when we are essentially broke.


  • Pat Hickey said:

    The big thing, John, is that Quinn reached out to the Skilled Trades and more importantly the families of the membership.

    That respect for Real Labor is what skunked Brady’s campaign from the get-go.

  • John Powers said:

    Wasn’t for lack of effort or respect, Pat. There were Skilled Trades guys walking the streets for Bill Brady right around your neighborhood, but you are right, the Unions did not support Brady in general. The members supported Brady a little more than the usual Republican candidate.

    Threading the needle to get support from Skilled Trades Unions could have got Brady elected, but the hard part was threading the needle. Many (most?) Union leaders understood that skilled trades needs a strong business environment to thrive.


  • Pat Hickey said:

    Too be sure, there were John and Brady had some smattering of support in the 19th as well.

    Correction John O’Sullivan is Representative for Illinois 35th District and Kelly Burke will soon begin in the Illinois 36th District.

    Mea Culpa!

  • township resident said:

    Mark Kirk also won Worth Township. Did the Kirk campaign do something that Brady did not? Otherwise, it would appear that it was social issues that cost Bill Brady votes in Worth Township.

    Worth Township had once been represented by pro-life Republicans then nominally pro-life Democrats and now with the election of pro-abortion Kelly Burke to state house and John O’Sullivan as committeman, it is in the hands of pro-abortion Democrats.

    The myth that the northwest and southwest side are socially conservative has proven to be false this election. On the northwest side, the pro-abortion John Mulroe got elected to the state senate and on the southwest side the pro-abortion Kelly Burke got elected to the state house. Also the support you speak of for Pat Quinn demonstrates the swing on social issues. No one could consider themselves pro-life and have voted for Pat Quinn.

    If you were to look at the results in the 19th ward, you would see that in races where there was a pro-life candidate and a pro-abortion candidate the pro-abortion candidate won every race.

    19th Ward Results

    Pro-Abortion Quinn: 62.10%
    Pro-Life Brady: 31.25%

    Pro-Abortion Kelly: 59.27%
    Pro-Life Rutherford: 36.66%

    Cook County Pres:
    Pro-Abortion Preckwinkle: 68.38%
    Pro-Life Keats: 28.09%

    County Sheriff:
    Pro-Abortion Dart: 89.18%
    Pro-Life Collins: 8.96%

    County Commissioner:
    Pro-Abortion Daley: 68.30%
    Pro-Life Segvich: 31.70%

    Board of Review:
    Pro-Abortion Houlihan: 64.30%
    Pro-Life Patlak: 35.70%

    The pro-abortion voting base in the 19th ward appears to be as high as 89.18% as was the percentage for the pro-abortion Tom Dart.

    While the rest of Illinois had a Republican wave and elected good pro-life candidates, Cook County had a Democratic wave and elected several pro-abortion politicans.

    I live in Worth Township and I am pro-life so I find these trends to be very unfortunate. Their are many good pro-life people in Worth Township, but with the victories of Pat Quinn and Kelly Burke, it is clear that pro-lifers are in the minority and the pro-abortion movement has a dominate control of Worth Township politics.

  • Pat Hickey said:

    Very well stated and presented. The issue of abortion took a back seat on this one, to be sure.

  • township resident said:

    Perhaps if Brady took the offensive on the abortion issue in areas like Worth Township then a 2,000 vote loss could have been turned into a slim victory. But would that have been enough to win him the election or would it cost him votes elsewhere? Too hard to tell. There should have been something done to make people more aware of the effect their votes would have on the abortion issue.

    The abortion issue did take a back seat in the 36th District house race. However, when Burke is up for re-election, she could lose in the primary due to abortion if the pro-life base is mobilized. Voting “present” on civil unions and parental notification is not going to save her.

    (Also, a correction on the 19th ward results: The results for the entire ward do not really tell the whole story since the eastern precinct go 80-95% Democratic in almost every election, the western part of the ward actually appeared to be more evenly divided with only a slight edge to Democrats)

  • Jim Bowman said:

    To John’s “It was a good political move for Pat Quinn to hand out goodies during crunch time during this election . . . ” I have a further quibble. “Good” is commonly said of crafty, not to say Machiavellian tactics and strategy that work. Let us look for another word. “Well-aimed”? Not “good,” please.

  • John Powers said:

    “crude” is more accurate Jb

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