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From the Kranium of Phil Krone: Tuesday on the Senate, The Primaries, Dock Walls, Oils Spills and More

Phil Krone 25 May 2010 3 Comments

The New York U. S. Senate Race

I’m here at the Hilton Ryebrook Inn on the tony Metro North Line at the Democratic State Convention being run by the incomparable state chair, Jay Jacobs, and have decided not to have my name placed in nomination, though I have been accorded a more than apporpriate share of credentials, floor passes, VIP passes. I have reserved the right to circulate petitions but after fifty years in this business I do know how to count. Nonetheless, one of my principal reasons for running has been accomplished without having to do any heavy lifting; but I can’t explain that until after November.

Meanwhile the Senior Senator, my erstwhile opponent, continues to be a gracious gentleman. In any event, New York is indeed a fabulous state, and being here is a lot more desirable than having to watch the mess in Illinois.

Governor of Illinois

I am happy to see William ‘Dock’ Walls run as an Independent. I can support him enthusiastically. I’ve known Bill for 27 years, and he is truly a person of integrity, intelligence, common sense, loyalty. He knows what he knows, and he knows what he doesn’t know. And what he doesn’t know, he knows how to find. Walls for Governor and Claypool for Assessor present real alternatives to the electorate, though in the latter case I wish he’d have run in the primary. Walls, who had filed in the primary as a Democrat made the wise decision to pull out and support Dan Hynes, which is another reason I’m for him.

Reading Last Tuesday’s Tea Leaves

If I were President Obama I would have been happy with last Tuesday’s primary results. The nomination of Rand Paul for the U.S. Senate was not good for the Republicans. The election of a Democrat to fill the Murtha vacancy was a surprise. And the Sestak defeat of Arlen Specter was not a bad omen at all,

because Sestak can win in November, just as Specter could not have. Nor could Specter have won a Republican primary had he remained a Republican.

As a loyal supporter of the president I supported Sestak, even though the White House did not. And I believe there are many like me. So heads they won, and tails they won.

But regardless of what happened and what will happen, 2010 is not 2012; even a loss of one or even both houses of Congress will not have to have an adverse effect on the President’s chances for re-election. As I’ve said before, the American electorate likes checks and balances, divided government and a balance of power. And even if the Democrats win either or both houses in 2010 the case can be made that due to the number of ‘blue dog’ Democrats it is only a technical victory.

I continue to be amazed at the dual path the President is on concerning international relations, reflecting the two talons of our American Eagle, one holding a sheath of arrows, the other olive branches.

And I continue to promote the switching of Vice-President Biden and Secretary of State Clinton for the 2012 elections. Regardless of the result she becomes the titular 2016 candidate for President at the ripe young age of 68 (four years younger than McCain was in 2008).

Can the Republican Party and the Tea Party merge, and even if so, have they not, even united, become the vocal minority.

Even Democrats, Independents and moderate Republicans are disappointed, but we know that things could be a lot worse, and probably would have been.

Oil Spills and Drill Baby Drill

There should be no limit on the cost of cleaning up the mess that BP caused.

Nor should they necessarily be in charge of doing it.

At the same time, it would be wrong to cease all drilling. Where the infrastructure is properly built and maintained, where the inspections are timely and continual, where remediation is readily available if necessary, where the environment is not fragile and where the structures are not adversely affecting the viewshed, exploration and extraction should continue.

Furthermore it is time for all the great powers and the U.N. to consider necessary changes in the law of the seas, for all waters outside the 200 mile limit. The oceans are the least explored part of our planet, and the resources they hold: energy, food, natural resources are vast and largely unknown. These must be shared rationally, not fought over. It can be done. It should be done. It must be done.

Phil Krone, a candidate for the Democratic nomination for U.S. Senator from New York is also a regular columnist for the Chicago Daily Observer.

image The Love Boat’s Lauren Tewes (for Tuesday)


  • Paul McGrath said:

    Are you going to be secretary of the Navy?

    On the oil drilling, somewhere in all the blabbering I heard someone say that Canada requires that the emergency hole be drilled at the same time the actual hole is drilled, just in case. Sounds like we should do the same.

    And all the finger-pointing at Obama is ridiculous. Have the oil companies and coal companies and cattle companies and lumber companies been in incestuous and corrupt relationships with the federal government for hundreds of years? Yes. Especially during the Bush years? Yes. Did BP cause the blowout by ignoring safety in the interest of being cheap? Yes. Does the federal government have the people and technical equipment to seal undersea oil leaks? No.

    The media is chomping at the bit to show a picture of the president of BP carried out of his office by soldiers, like Sewell Avery in 1944, but that doesn’t mean it would be the right or smart thing to do.

  • JMK said:

    The failure of Obama during the oil spill is certainly as severe as the failure of Bush during Katrina. Will the media hold Obama to the same level of responsibility?

  • Phil Krone said:

    Katrina and BP are not conmparable in many ways. Here we have a private company which had a permit and created a disaster. If you are saying that the government should take over completely and send BP a bill please let me know.

    I do not think that I am qualified to be Secretary of the Navy though years ago I took sailing lessons with an Admiral of the Italian Navy. He had no sailboat experience. This was on the Adriatic off Venice’s Lido.

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