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Democrats Take Break from Attacking First Amendment. Set Sights on Second Amendment

Chicago Tribune 9 February 2012 4 Comments

Mayor Rahm Emanuel today said he wants state lawmakers to approve a statewide handgun registry.

The request is sure to run into staunch opposition in Springfield, where gun control issues are often as much about geography as partisanship.

The mayor said requiring handgun owners to register particular weapons would reduce the flow of illegal guns into Chicago from around the state by making it easier for police to figure out where they came from.

The registry proposal, which Emanuel said lawmakers will introduce in Springfield in coming weeks, would require anyone who buys a handgun to pay a $65 registration fee. To register a gun, a purchaser would need to provide his name and address, along with the weapon’s serial number and the place and date of purchase. The registry would be in addition to the firearm ownership standards all gun owners must already meet.

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  • Jim Ridings said:

    Now we know the agenda of Obama and the Democrat party — kill the Bill of Rights, one amendment at a time.

  • Michael R said:

    Terrible idea. I’ll be stuck in line at the currency exchange with all the gang bangers waiting to register their guns.

    Seriously, only law abiders will register their guns but crooks won’t. It’s not the law abiders who cause gun problems but Rahm and Pat will have their eyes on them. The crooks, as usual, will be free from this burden.

  • Dan Kelley said:

    Great idea! How much more money are Chicago and Illinois taxpayers going to have to fork over to opposing attorneys representing gun owners when the courts declare the ordinances and laws violative of the US Constitution because the political class opposes gun ownership?

    Gun registration was advocated by various European totalitarian regimes and dictators. It made it easier for the fascists to seize power by knowing where to confiscate the guns.

  • Greg Mc said:

    The day is coming when Democrats push the abolishment of the Bill of Rights to the cliffs edge. In reviewing history of the world it is clear to see that the Democrats want to enslave the American people and create their own society of the haves and have nots. The planning is in the works. With major media controlled by Democrats the Whitehouse staffed with tyrants and the Supreme Court loaded with judicial anarchist UT is a clear picture of what the plan is. However the entitlement is sitting at home ready to vote for all the Democrats who send them their free checks. What in the world are they going to do when the Democrats run out of everyone elses money and cannot send them their free money? But the Democrats are already taking care of this by destroying the Bill of Rights and making sure we can only worship Obama and disarming the populas so they cannot defend themselves from the government slaughter that is sure to come. Hitler and Stalin are smiling from the grave and watching the United States being destroyed from within. It’s too bad people are so stupid in this country. Maybe UT will be a good thing to let the Democrats have their way. This country needs a wake up call and this may be what the doctor ordered. A life with all your feedoma taken from you is what is needed to wake dumb and ignorant up.

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